6 Responses to “Raptors Funny Pic Thread”

  1. drizz

    The Raptors Republic is now under a coup.

    I am the sole member and leader of said uprising.

    Here are my terms:

    1. Jonas Valančiūnas will release a musical track of the rap variety composed of gangster Lithuanian.
    2. Andrea Bargnani will renounce all ties with pasta sponsors.
    3. Terrance Ross will contractually agree to not grow nappy dreads then shave them off and join the Miami Heat.

    My demands are non-negotiable and will be enforced as of January 3rd.  If my terms are not met, I will refuse to buy ACC beer and may be forced to smuggle a mickey of appleton rum on my person to be later mixed with watered down fountain coca-cola.

    Viva la revalucion.

  2. Akevinwright

    @drizz I know a lot of ppl use the “lol” liberally in everyday conversation butI’m not one of them….I really just lol at your post


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