• j bean

    I like the green with blue trim. Demar started last year with extra range but lost it as the season went on. If he can be consistent from 15-18 he’ll have a big year.

  • Pesterm1

    I hope Demar goes into Beast Mode this year and brings his game to a new level. He is my fav. Raptor and I would hate to see him traded. 

    • ad

       Why? All he has shown is some scoring ability and nothing else. Terrible ball handling skills. Raptors would be a better team if they packaged him in a trade for a rudy gay type.

      • Pesterm1

         I dunno exactly. Just really followed him going into the 09 draft. Watched him grow as a player over the last 3 years. I dont need a reason to call him my fav raptor.

      • TheDowJones

        that would NEVER happen…keep dreaming…everybody keeps hoping the raps will make a trade for a big name guy. GIVE UP THE HOOP DREAMS PPL!!! lol big names dont want to play here, especially on a mediocre team whose goal isnt championship every year. Until the raps start to spend MAJOR bucks on salary with no flinching about going over the cap, and when trying to target ‘superstars’ they dont just go after 1 name but a few they will never be relevant like in the VC years. The franchises best hopes are in guys like Demar and Terrence Ross developing into above average talent. Dont even mention Andrea plz, he’s my third option on a good team at best. I say trade every player for money and MLSE get in the bidding for an NFL franchise lol. Any takers?

        • Wiley

          It’s funny reading these comments now lol Raps got Rudy AND Demar

  • NyAlesund

    This is nothing. He showed some pretty shot against…………

  • The Fox

    Looks like he gained some muscle…also don’t mind the Dirk Nowitzki fader either!

  • Chris

    We see non-NBA highlights like this from DD every year…

    • ad

      Exactly. Then he comes to camp with the same shitty ball handling skills. Just trade him for a good sf already. 

      • Mess

        Hilarious. I mean, it’s such an obvious answer. If only BC would have thought of that before Iggy got traded. Quick, someone call Memphis and say we’ll give them DD for Gay. Problem solved. 

        /sarcastic rant over

      • TheDowJones

        lol ad im deliberately going after your comments. Demars game isnt that good, but I’d have him  as my 6th man any day. But that doesnt mean he cant improve. Him and Ross have the heighest potential on he roster smart guy. And how many teams in their right mind would trade a GOOD sf for derozan? NONE, thats how many. The raps were trying to trade for Iggy before the draft and if they could have pulled it off they would have. And dont sleep on the drew league. Big names play drew every year so its good competition and beats playing against YMCA ballers like you to get some burn. lolol. And dont mean to pick on you unbright one, my bad if it seems that way cause your not the only person on here without a lick of ball knowledge

  • Enlightenment

    Meh, still such an ugly shot

    • james

      Matches your face.

  • KJ-B

    Growth can be very subtle and sometimes these comments show that some folks may not have played too much ball…If he can’t school summer league players THEN I’d have reason for concern…

    What I’m seeing in all the clips is that he’s setting ppl up to score and has a better idea of exactly what he wants to do with the ball when he gets it–in other words NO HESITATION–those lil subtle changes from ok to better, better to good, good to great are what the summer is all about…I say he’s now making the jump from better, which we’ve seen in the last couple years to good–hopefully borderline ALL Star…but hey it’s the East…
    …I’d love to see y’all hit a Dirk fadeaway in Drew League semis 😛

    • TheDowJones

      KJ-B your one of the few ppl on here with some sense bruh. lolol this kills me, im outtie

  • Pesterm1

     “Growth can be very subtle and sometimes these comments show that some
    folks may not have played too much ball…If he can’t school summer
    league players THEN I’d have reason for concern…”
     what comments are you referring to ?

  • Mess

    The only real thing you can judge from that video is that DD has indeed bulked up, not saying that he’s a beast now but relative to last year it looks like he’s gotten stronger. 

    From the clips it’s hard to tell if that helps him, I see him driving to the basket maybe 2 times, once with some ugly dribbling. He can get away with that in summer ball but if he tries to dribble in between 3 players in the NBA that ball will be gone pretty quickly. 

    His shot is not pretty. Just because the clip is edited to show only made jumpshots, does not mean that he’s improved. 

    • TheDowJones

      Mess another unbright one on here. But you know what, Im not gonna get at you too harshly cause even though I dont completely agree with your logic, you back your arguements with some decent points. First off who cares what someones shot looks like. If it goes in thats all that matters. DD mid-range game has ALWAYS been decent. In fact thats the first thing I noticed from him as a rookie. Almost RIP-Hamilton like. But its his 3pt range that needs work which you can judge from the video.

      This video is edited but you can check out the unedited version on ballislife.com but I do believe he was on of the top performers of Drew this year. Dont sleep on drew league either because big name dudes play in it every year because its better/safer competition then playing against YMCA type ballers.

      I dont think your very good at evaluating talent bruh cause if you were, you would know that you dont need good handles to be a successful 2/3 in the league. What makes you a good 2/3 is can you create your own shot and can you defend. Do you really think Kobe has/had sick handles? If so your a lame. Kobe had/has enough handles to create for himself and mix that with athleticism and you have a GREAT SG/SF. Vince Carter was the same case in his early years smart guy. Vince didnt have sick handles, he was athletic with a crazy first step with ok handles.

      Stop joining the bandwagon and learn the X’s n O’s before you try to spit ball knowledge. Also I believe John Wall, Ron Artest were 2 of the names in that Drew league clip playing. I think there were 3 or 4 other NBA guys that played too. Look it up folks. Dont you hate it when non-athletes all of a sudden become coaches and scouts lol 

      • Mess

        True, every knows it doesn’t matter what his shot looks like, but it looks pretty similar to his shot last year that bricked a ton of threes. 

        So does Demar have enough handles to be a successful 2/3? Most of the time when he starts dribbling in a spot it ends up with him taking a long 2. When he gets the ball on the move he can get to the bucket and yes, he can pull up pretty nicely for a shot. But he definitely does not have Kobe or Vince’s handles. I think the only move I’ve seen him do is that spin, other than that he just uses his athleticism to get to the rim. 

        But hey, I hope he’s improved, I’m just not going to base it on a summer league video…NBA players or not, it’s summer league. 

        • Matt52

           Not only does DD not have Kobe’s or Wince’s handles, he doesn’t have the explosion to consistently (consistently is the key word) dunk on, over, or around his opponent off the dribble.

          • TheDowJones

            lol your right matt52 he doesnt, but not even Kobe had ‘Winces’ explosion or handles as VC was in a categorey of his own. Nobody has brought what VC brought to the game but Lebron and Blake Griffin. I wasnt comparing DD to Kobe or VC but just using them as an example to prove my point that you dont need disgusting handles to be a good SG/SF as they had other aspects to their game that opened up other opportunities while on the floor. As long as you dribble with decisiveness and control, and possess a left hand your good as far as handles goes.

            And bruh not many ppl in the league possess the ability to dunk on, over, or around consistently. There’s not even 20 players in the league that can CONSISTENTLY, as the ones who used too are now old or retired.

            • Matt52

              ummmm bruh, I am not sure how much nba ball you’ve been watching. Guys get dunked on, around, and over all the time. I am not talking spectacular, mind blowing, top 10 plays of the year. I am talking about using the dribble to go around obstacles (and sometimes over at the rim) and finishing through contact. for a guy with physical ability playing the wing, that is not a reach…. bruh.

        • TheDowJones

          Hell naw. I agree with you he doesnt have nearly the amount of handles of a Kobe Bryant or VC. But does he have enough to be a successful 2/3?  Good question, and the only way I can answer that is that he has enough. What will make him a better PLAYER isn’t a prettier jumper or better handles, but better game IQ and knowing how to read and react to defenses.

          Players with good handles dont just have good ball control but have the ability to react quickly to what the defense shows them. Now back to what I was saying about him being a better player. DD game isn’t beating ppl off the dribble. Ray Allen is a future HOF’er and his handles weren’t good. Personally I think DD would be a better SF then SG because of his slashing ability and his spot up game plus athleticism. If he continues not to hesitate when making moves, learns how to work the baseline, gets a back to the basket game, shoots the 3 like he shoots the 2 (meaning stop aiming and just square up and get the ball up), and continues attacking the lane he will be an All-Star.

          Now bruh yes I did say all-star but is he there yet, only the season will tell. But did he show signs of everything I said above in the video, yes he did. Can you judge his game solely on the video, no you can’t. But I will say that comparing this summer league tape to other summer tapes years prior, his game vastly improved. Will it translate to the NBA, again only time will tell. As for his 3pt shot lastly. His shot isnt bad, nor is it good. But all he needs to do is bump his percentage up to 30-35% and teams will have to respect it which will then open up his game in a MAJOR way. And he has the mechanics to do it. I’d love to see the raps trade him for an all-star in a heart beat, but thats not going to happen, and who cares if they can get what they want out of DD. This iis contract year for him so bet your ass he comes out ballin this year. I call it from now he will be the raps leading scorer this year over AB.

          • Mess

            I counted 5 things he needs to do to become an All Star – and they are all about scoring. I’m sure the Raptors wouldn’t really complain if DD turned into a Monta Ellis or Kevin Martin, but I’d like to see a more well rounded game. 

            And it’s not just handles, you need good footwork to keep your defenders off-balance and then DD can use his athleticism to go by them. Kobe has the best footwork in the league, of course that’s after years of hard work and dedication.

      • B-rocula

        You say you don’t need handles just to be able to creat your own shot….. That was probally the dumbest comment I’ve ever heard on here …. How can you create your own shot with bad handles? Unless you play in the post or have a crazy first step it is impossible and even if you do have a crazy good first step teams will catch onto that and take the lane away … Your on here telling people there not bright and to learn something about bb before talking when u obviously don’t know a ton yourself … And honestly demar and rip Hamilton wow one of the worst. Compairisons I’ve ever heard in my life Rip was amazing at comming off screens and shooting and hitting 3’s does demar do either of those well

  • Pete Largo


  • TheTyrant

    Nice… Excuse now as i take a dump.

    But seriously, a few more pounds is good.

  • Statement

    A little off topic but is anybody else kind of insulted that Colangelo compared Quincy Acy to Reggie Evans? 

    They are both black guys with long beards who play the same position.  That’s all. 

    I’d like to think that the casual fan would be able to look past that (maybe not, however).

    Acy is a much better shooter and isn’t in the same universe when it comes to rebounding.

    • Mess

      But if you look past their looks, aren’t they both energy and hustle guys who know their role and play within it?

      I agree Acy has more of an offensive game (NBA mascots have more offensive game than Reggie) but Reggie was a fan fav and BC is basically saying to TO fans “don’t worry you’ll enjoy this guy too.” 

      If this was happened few years ago I bet BC would be comparing him to JYD. 

      • CJT

        Exactly, I think what he said was Reggie Evans with a free throw.  I have to admit I thought it was a bit insulting at first and got the feeling that Acy thought so too.  But ultimately I think what he was saying was he is the kind of player that Toronto fans appreciate.  A hustle player.  I think he is more multi dimensional than Reggie but brings the same type of grit as well.

    • Who’s ball is it?

      Yes ,see Bargs and Dirk

    • Matt52

       In terms of their game, I agree.  It is a disservice to both guys for the reasons you give (Acy not the rebounder, Evans not the offensive touch).

      The intangibles appears to be an area they have in common though.  Both guys work like dogs and they are great practice players in terms of intensity.  Also both guys appear to be really respected by their teammates.  Evans we know from time in Toronto and there are a number of Youtube videos of Acy’s role and leadership at Baylor.

    • p00ka

      Insulted? Because your interpretation of the 6 word description he gave on the guy he just drafted doesn’t jive with your detailed assessment of the player? Sheesh, he didn’t mean it personally, so no cause to feel insulted.

      That aside, I believe he said “Reggie Evans with a scoring touch” which should satisfy your apparent need to have “much better shooter” acknowledged. On the rebounding half of your insult concern, he didn’t specify in what way he was equating Acy to Reggie. Maybe he was just trying to give fans some recognizable reference to the kind of hard working character guy he is, as well as meaning that he’s an undersized (VERY similarly built), high energy PF that will fight for every possession. If so, would you feel that is inaccurate and go so far as take it as an insult?

      • Nilanka15

        I assume the “insulting” aspect stems from the fact that the biggest similarity between Acy and Reggie is their physical appearance….

        ….similarly to saying, “Jeremy Lin is Yi Jianlian with a passing touch” <—[an exaggerated example for illustration purposes].

        • mountio

          ya .. sure .. except that Lin and Yi’s games have no similarities, whereas Reggie’s and Acy’s have many (undersized PF, hustle guys with limited offensive games). Ya, Reggies a better rebounder (but hes a better rebounder than 90%+ of PFs out there) and a worse offensive player (hes worse than 99%+ of PFs out there) .. so I dont exactly think these are distinguishing ..

        • p00ka

          I can’t even fathom how someone could interpret “he’s a Reggie” as “he’s a black guy with a beard”, but we all have our triggers. Now, if the comparison was made to James Harden, that I could see. The comparison I see, as others have, is stated above, and I see nothing wrong with it, and certainly nothing to get exited/insulted about.

          • CJT

            I don’t get the feeling that the poster was insulted, but more that it was an insulting comparison to Acy.  i.e. the one dimensional game thing and the appearance etc.  I personally don’t think that is what BC meant but can understand that if you are going to throw comparisons out there to try and pump up your new guy maybe Reggie Evans is aiming a bit low. 

            • p00ka

              Doesn’t “anybody else kind of insulted” clearly imply “I feel insulted, anyone else?” rather than “Acy should be”?

        • TheDowJones


    • mountio

      Im with pretty much everyone here. When comparing him to recent raptors (or former raptors period) – I dont think there is anything better than “Reggie with a scoring touch”. If you have a better former rap comparison .. Im all ears (maybe Pops MB – but not sure Acy would be flattered by that!).
      They are both undersized PFs who are hustle guys with (even Acy) limited offensive games.
      As was covered in a forum, Jason Maxiel is my personal choice .. but I cant imagine BC introducing Acy as the next Jason Maxiel … !

  • FAQ

    DD is a dud dude…. but let’s give him another half season before trading him because 3 seasons is enough for a SF to “learn” and show his stuff.  He’s no all-star player and may never be……

    • TheDowJones

      Dont call him a dud yet bruh…in terms of what you need on a nba roster his PPG is pretty good as he’s the teams second leading scorer, but needs improvement on a team like this. His efficientcy rating was like 12.something which isnt that good considering he’s a starter. But its not hard to get it above 15 which is league avg. But your right, 3 years is enough time to judge his game, and I’d be pretty pissed if he comes out crappy and they dont trade him, but dont be surprised if they trade him and he rips the league up somewhere else. I swear when he got drafted watching his highschool tape he was the second coming of Kobe.

      Also yeah 3 years is enough time to judge someones game depending on when you enter the league. When your coming in 1 year out of college your body and mentality is still evolving so some guys dont show huge improvements until 4-5 years in. Put depending on the player you have is the risk or not trading greater or less then the reward is what you have to ask yourself. Is the risk of keeping DD past the trade deadline greater then the potential and growth he has as a player??? Thats the million dollar question

      • FAQ

        DD feeds of Jose, and when Jose is adios by the trade deadline, DD’s game will vanish, as should he.  DD has not adequately developed to be a force at SF, and BC will try to flog him off with Jose.  If DD explodes on another team, good for him, but he’s not anything special on the Raptors.  Real talent reveals itself quickly, not 3 or 4 years of development.

        • Nilanka15

          “Real talent reveals itself quickly, not 3 or 4 years of development.”

          Totally agree.

          • mountio

            +1 ..guys who can play in the league will show themselves to have the ability to be the top 3 or 4 players in their draft class within the first couple of years in the league. We only have one guy who has done that.
            The rest (DD, Ed) are 2-3 years into the league and you might be able to argue they are top 10 in their draft class if you are lucky .. that should tell you something ..

            • CJT

              I suppose that’s why he was picked 9th and not in the top two or three.

            • player

              …and just who is that one guy fan boy?

        • “Real talent reveals itself quickly, not 3 or 4 years of development.” 
          How about Steve Nash?

          • Nilanka15

            There are obviously exceptions to the rule, but we Raptor fans seem to think that EVERY draft pick is the exception.

  • regulationg.raptor

    The raps need to be little patient with DD. i think he most definitely improved during the offseason, but not drastically. i can see him having a real breakout year the following season. can see him knocking in just under 18pts per game with a better field goal percentage and better defence.  


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