If you were left heartbroken by the failed pursuit of Steve Nash, you can rest easy knowing that we got the next best thing: Jamaal Magloire. He might lack Nash’s ability, marketability, or personality, but all that is made up by his sheer determination to make an impact has a second-quarter situational sub playing every fourth game. It’s hard to pinpoint Magloire’s role on the team, as we’ve already got the poor man’s Rasho role covered by Aaron Gray, which leaves Magloire resembling something like an older Pape Sow. Ah, Pape Sow, I remember when he was bandied about as a future big in the rotation.

Training camp is two weeks away and some bodies were added to the roster: Chris Wright and Jerel McNeal. I don’t know who they are, I recall seeing Chris Wright at some point but to be honest, I didn’t pay any attention to him.

By my count, we have 18 players in training camp right now:

C: Valanciunas, Gray, Magloire
PF: Bargnani, Johnson, Davis, Acy, Wright
SF: Fields, Kleiza, McGuire
SG: DeRozan, Ross, Anderson, McNeal
PG: Lowry, Calderon, Lucas

Feel free to figure out how the active/inactive list will shape up, Assuming McNeal and Wright get cut, that leaves the Raptors with a decision to make regarding the final cut, and that’s perhaps to be between Lucas, McGuire, Acy, Anderson and Magloire? The likely destination for Acy is the D-League, so yeah, something to think about if you care to think about it.

The above depth chart indicates what I think will be the likely 10-man rotation. However, Casey’s unlikely to adhere to any norms here just because there’s massive amounts of gray areas between starter/rotation, and rotation/reserve players on the roster, at least for the small forward, shooting guard, and you might argue, the center position. The only people on the roster that you would, at this point, call developing players are Valanciunas and Ross, so those are the two players that I think will be allowed to play through their mistakes more than others.

The empirical evidence on which to predict performance is limited even though Bargnani, DeRozan, Johnson, and Calderon are key players that are returning. That’s because the impact of Lowry, Valanciunas, and to a lesser extent, Fields, is completely unknown, so it’s difficult to go out on any limbs at this points. That doesn’t stop Vegas though, here’s what they’re thinking:

So we’re lumped with the other dross of the NBA, which I think is a bit presumptuous. At least give us the benefit of the doubt and put is in the 151 range? Oh BTW, if you really want to know who’s going to win the next election, look no further:

If you’re looking for a pretty succinct Eastern Conference analysis, tenforthewin has you covered.

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47 Responses to “Roster Fodder + What’s Vegas Saying About the Raptors?”

  1. Matt52

    Acy being cut would be surprising. He has guaranteed contract for two years. To be sent to D-league my understanding was they still stay on Nba roster. They would take up one of the inactive slots.

  2. Afimi Sinting

    “the mighty Q to the d-league” that would be some dumb shit ,if we are sending anyone to the d-league it should be the euro kid …and also it’s not his fault that he was picked 4th. lol

    • Sheptor

       Because all presidential elections are rigged..it’s the same mask on two different faces. Agenda is set my friend…doesn’t matter who gets in anyway.

      • CJT

        I wonder is some of the guys on here will try and tie this comment to a draft night conpsiracy or two.  Could be exciting.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!


        Both Republicans & Democrats (especially on the Federal Level) are controlled by the very same Global Corporate Lobbyists, International Special Interest Organizations (ex AIPAC, JINSA) & Multi Nationals as well as US Presidential (s)elections are rigged via Diebold aka Preimeir Elections- HBOs Hacking Democracy  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnR6j7Llwq0

        The agenda is set ie One World Government, and it doesn’t matter who the face of the Company (America) is as the agenda will be implemented by consent or conquest.

        Btw ever since 1980 a Bush or Clinton has been in the White House as President or VP while Obama is a continuation of both- freedom or freedumb?

        Media =’s Medium =’s Hypnotizing Minds

    • minks77

      It’s like George Will said on “Here’s The Thing”: the republican all-stars stayed home. Like an NBA Dunk Contest the choices were decidedly second tier. 

      I find it hilarious that he’s in total sound bite mode on 60 minutes. Didn’t answer a single question, just responded with basic party platform lines. Guess he’s not elegant enough.

  3. CJT

    Apparently JV is in some sort of walking boot.  He must have sprained something this week sometime.  No official word on it yet.

    • Nilanka15

      If he can walk around town without crutches (as captured in the twitter pic), I’m not too worried about it.

  4. Lino Dinardo

    Mild Calf Sprain, happened at a work out yesterday, but is nothing serious, as was reported on 590

    • wrooster

       It’s a calf sTrain, not sprain. You don’t sprain your calf like you would your ankle. I’ve had this injury, but I’m surprised these young guys are getting calf strains as I didn’t get one of those until I was in my 50’s (from too much running and not enough stretching).

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Just like AB’s calf strain that lasted the parts of 2 seasons………….

      Time will tell but I don’t get a good gut feeling about Val’s injury as I feel that it will linger all season long and stunt his 1st year development.
      I wonder if the Rap’s trainers have the fellas stretch/warm up before workouts?

      • 2damkule

        of course not, don’t be so dumb.  in fact, i have it on preeeeettty good authority that the training staff makes it a point of emphasis to the guys to NOT warm-up or stretch in any way/shape/form before going full out in games, practices, madden12, etc.

        also, they recommend eating a LOT of fried shit & mcdonalds before games, staying up late & getting shit-faced the night before early games, and recording themselves performing satanic rituals on kittens, then posting said vids to youtube.

      • Gradgrind101

        Full stretching before games/workouts is considered to be old school. Current trend on stretching is light dynamic stretching before games/workouts and thorough mostly static stretching afterwards. Also because of the location, calf strains are often chronic so maybe it’s a previously undisclosed injury.

        A strain is a tear of the muscle tissue and it could take quite a while to fully heal. Most commonly it is caused by over-stretching before significant activity.

        Maybe BCStefanskiCaseyGotsToHireBetterTrainers!!!

  5. ad

    Just wondering how are teams like washington and orlando ahead of the raps? MIL also? I think the raps suck, but I dont get why those 3 teams are considered to be better. Also, ATL at 67-1 after losing Joe Johnson? Cmon. Cant take these odds seriously.

    • Tinman

      Really don’t matter – tell you what you pick any of Tor, Orl, Mil, or Wash and I’ll give you a million to one odds. Minimum bet is $100.00

  6. BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I see both McNeal & Wright as camp bodies with very little chance to make the team.

    While Magloire & McGuire may be battling for the last roster spot depending on if the Raps keep 15 or 14 players both could be gone come the regular season.

    • 2damkule

      that’s why i come here, for insight i just can’t get anywhere else.  do you have any other pearls you’d care to drop? 

      for me, i have a sneaking suspicion that KL will play PG for the raps this year, and that bargnani is going to score some points.

  7. Statement

    Vegas is on drugs when it comes to Chicago, they are too high and Denver is WAAYYY too low.

    How is Denver so low, they were only a few wins below L.A. last year, are returning basically the same team except they swapped out Afflalo for freaking AI.

    Man I wish I had enough balls to make a bet, I would clean up.

  8. Tryingtobet

    So for example, if the lakers have a 77.5% chance of losing and I think that is too low, how do I profit.

  9. Qazynga.com

    Lakers going to win it all, 6th ring for Kobe, first for Dwight he did the right thing signing with the Lakers, it going to be a great season!

  10. minks77

    I think ATL and Chi are seriously overrated. Lou Will is more jason Terry than Joe Johnson, just don’t get it. And Chi Town has had so much turn over and without DRose til March?? this is a lottery year for them. 

    Washington is getting slept on I think. John Wall is only getting better and if his shot starts to drop, watch out now. All Star. And their front line? Nene and Meka down low with Vesley 1st big off the pine? Those two are going to eat JV alive in the post. 

    Biggest concern is their wings. Jordan Crawford and Bradley Beal gunslinging from the perimetre is a big question mark. 

    I like their chances better than Toronto’s for a low playoff seed this year.

  11. j bean

    If his shot starts to drop Wall could be all star? Guess we could say that about a lot of guys. Washington has problems scoring and they’ve done nothing to address that.

    • minks77

      Have you ever seen John Wall play? Dude is one of the most incredibly fluid rim crashers in the league. Works magic. he’s got some non knuckleheads in the post who are serious vets for the first time and while I agree they’ll still have issues scoring from the backcourt (they’re really looking at Beal for too much off the bat IMO) you could say the same about the raps. JWalls long range isn’t great but he’s no DeMar and he’s got much more of a shot at an All Star berth than anyone on our team. 

      • j bean

        If AB’s shot starts to fall at a more efficient rate he is a lock for the all-star game. DD is scoring 17 a game and his shot is not falling. If his shot starts to fall he is also under all-star consideration. The all-star game is all about scoring so if Wall starts nailing his jumper yes he could make it the same as all the other guys who could be all-stars if their shots started to fall.

  12. Statement

    Has anybody used matchbook.com before?

    If the odds above represent the general thinking behind teams, I believe that Denver is undervalued and Chicago and the Lakers are overvalued.

    I would like to put my money where my mouth is, but I do not want the straight bet of “who’s going to win the championship”.  I would like a scenario similiar to owning a stock or options contract, where I buy low and sell high or sell high and buy low.

    So for example, Denver has low odds of winning a championship but runs into a hot streak so that their odds of winning the championship go up.  I own a contract that I purchased when their value was low, but the value of the contract goes up, given the hot-streak.  I would then sell the more valuable contract for a profit, during the seasons.

    The reverse with L.A. The odds of them losing are 77% currently, but I think they will be worse such that the odds of losing increase to 95%, how do I “short-sell” this trade? 

    I think matchbook could work for that, but I’m not sure, I don’t quite understand the site.  Anybody know any good sites I could make trades like this?


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