I don’t have the rights to use any Media Day pics.

Toronto Raptors’ media day was yesterday, and in light of that I’m pushing back my reaction piece to Hollinger’s Player Profiles to instead react to some of the more intriguing quotes from media day. I wasn’t present myself, so I’ll credit the source (or transcribe for videos I watched on Raptors.com) wherever it’s applicable.

Bryan Colangelo
“There’s that feeling that there could be something special about this group. But time will tell.”
“This year, you’ll see a little bit less of a leash when mistakes are made.”
“We’re now moving forward and accelerating this process. We hope that that includes playoffs.”
Via: Eric Koreen, The National Post
Reaction: These quotes are all in response to different questions thrown his way, so it’s good to see that, at the very least, he’s proclaiming a consistent message. Regardless of whether or not you think the Raptors actually have the talent to fight for a playoff spot (for the record, I do), it’s encouraging to hear about a shorter leash for mistakes. Of course, I doubt the leash will be too short with Jonas Valanciunas, but it may be speaking more to the more experienced younger players like Amir Johnson, Ed Davis and DeMar DeRozan. I hope the accountability is primarily focused on the defensive end, as well, since while the team’s defense was far better than its offense last year, I’m still of the mind that it should be the team’s primary focus.

Ed Davis
“I like it (my shot) now. It’s going in more.”
Via: Ryan Wolstat, Toronto Sun
Reaction: This was something I had hoped to see more of in Summer League, as it’s the main thing holding back Davis’ offensive game. It’ll need to drop often for him to even get a chance to use it much, as he’ll be in a five-man dog-fight for minutes at power forward and center. His defensive instincts are pretty strong and he’s a very capable rebounder, nearly in the upper echelon, but his offensive game outside of short hooks and put-backs has been unimpressive. This was his first real, full off-season to work since his time at UNC, so while this quote is cutesy and humorous, it also needs to be true.

Jonas Valanciunas
“Since I was a kid I liked to play hard, I like to compete, I like to win. I think that’s helping me. I like the taste of victory.”
Via: Tim Chisholm, TSN
Reaction: Well I sure hope so. He echoed some of Bargnani’s message that this season isn’t about individual goals but is about team goals, which is nice to hear from a rookie player rather than the usual platitudes about carving out a role or establishing themselves or whatever. I don’t doubt the organization has been very clear with Jonas about how he’ll be handled, so perhaps he’s just secure enough in his role to know it won’t change too much and he can put his focus on winning. Casey also called him one of the fastest dive-men off a pick-and-roll he’s seen, so that’s an unrelated plus.

Dwane Casey
“If there is going to be one difference in our look offensively it will be using the 3 ball.”
Via: Michael Grange, Sportsnet
Reaction: This was one of my key takeaways after analyzing the roster changes for the team, and it’s a key area for the league’s 25th best offense since they ranked 19th in three-point percentage last season and 20th in attempts. Generally, three-point shots are higher-efficiency shots, at least compared to mid-range or long-two jumpers, so an increased focus on corner and elbow threes, especially assisted ones, fits well with the personnel on the team. It’s yet to be seen if DeRozan has improved his range, but Ross, Fields and Lowry are all additions that can hit from deep, and Lowry’s presence should also allow for Jose Calderon to shoot more (with the second unit) and Andrea Bargnani to see less defensive pressure.

Dwane Casey
“Spent some time this off-season at Seahawks training camp, impressed by the organization. I would recommend any coach to attend an NFL camp to see how meticulous they are with the time they have.”
Via: Michael Grange, Sportsnet (paraphrased via Twitter)
Reaction: Pete Carroll jokes aside, you have to love a coach willing to take on new ways of improving his process and improving his coaching. NFL training camps sound like hell, so if I’m a Raptor and I see an exhibition schedule with long gaps between game days, I’m getting my cardio up to snuff in a hurry. In a camp with this much competition for playing time, Casey is fully within his rights to push these guys and see who steps up to the challenge.

Jose Calderon
“(He) wishes fans/media understood, after all these years, that he is a ‘team’ guy, that he’s earned that respect.”
Via: Eric Smith, Sportsnet Radio (paraphrased via Twitter)
Reaction: I’m with you Jose. Commenters will let you know I’m a Calderon apologist, but you never hear a discouraging word come from his mouth (directly, at least), and he’s remained the ultimate good soldier. It obviously sucks for him for the franchise to continually bring in new heirs to the point guard throne, and it’s likely doubly frustrating since this comes in his walk year and threatens to hurt his market value. Still, even if his legs and defense can’t keep up as he ages, there is always a place for offensively gifted, team-first guys. Here’s hoping he plays out the year with the team unless Colangelo can use him to acquire a piece for the long-term.

Terrence Ross
“I think I got picked at the right spot, the Raptors knew what I could do, they drafted me for a reason. Playing on the West Coast, not a lot of people had the opportunity to see me as much as they saw the Jeremy Lamb’s Austin Rivers. I’m OK with that, it’s no big deal to me because I’m in the right position I think. I’m just going to play my game.”
Via: Ryan Wolstat, Toronto Sun
Reaction: This is more of your typical rookie-speak to start the year. It seems like he has a bit of a chip on his shoulder, and hopefully that is something that drives him to carve out a role early on. He has the potential to be a great defender and dangerous transition weapon, though a lot of his potential impact is mitigated by how Casey decides to dole out minutes with a crowded wing group. I’m high on Ross, but admittedly it’s more based on reading and Summer League than any impactful viewing of his games at Washington (though a friend who worked for UW assures me he’s the real deal).

Dominic McGuire
“I’m a defensive stopper.”
Via: Raptors.com
Reaction: Damn right. Everyone seems to agree he’s a great fit for Casey’s style, and I could see him carving out a nice role as Casey’s go-to bulldog on the wing. He can guard almost every position capably, so there’s potential for Casey to use him as a closer of sorts, depending on match-ups. Beyond that, with his versatility and defense I could see Casey using him as a means of punishing other players. It reads as an odd role, but what I mean is that if DeRozan, Ross, Fields, etc, make mistakes or have lapses, McGuire can be the guy Casey turns to as a means of leveraging floor time as a motivating factor. This works with McGuire because he seems to know his role and doesn’t seem like the type to moan about minutes.

DeMar DeRozan
Nothing specific.
Via: Raptors.com
Reaction: I didn’t want to transcribe any particular quote because his entire session flowed through topics and had a common theme. He seems to have worked hard and really learned from his time with the USA Select squad. He seems ready and from other quotes earlier in the week, he seems to understand the career crossroads he’s at this season. I’m a fan, but he’s definitely in a position where the franchise is done waiting and developing him, and he needs to establish himself as a great player rather than a good, occasionally great, occasionally poor, player.

I know there are probably a lot more good quotes, but I watched the Raptors.com videos earlier in the day and don’t remember anything else really sticking out as comment-worthy. There was a lot of your typical training-camp speak, best shape of my life, we’re gonna be much better kind of talk. It’s okay to get excited about it, but if you take it to heart you’re accepting a reality where 30 NBA teams make the playoffs and 10 teams win the Championship.

Proceed with caution, but it’s certainly okay to be optimistic coming out of media day…that’s the whole point. A week in Halifax should provide some good information from the beat guys (Koreen is my guy, but you’re free to follow whomever’s coverage you prefer), and the intrasquad game to close the week will be fun. Real Madrid is the first big test (and don’t think they’re not a test, they’re good) on the 8th.

What quotes have you particularly excited or particularly annoyed?

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  • Puffer

    Nice job Blake. 

    The real test is to see if Casey can do something with this team offensively. We know he’s got defensive chops and more talent that way this year. Now he’s got offensive talent so it’s on him if the team doesn’t do a better job of putting the biscuit in the basket.

    I’m most interested in seeing how Ross, JV, Davis and Lucas perform in the first month (I think everyone else is a known factor). I think that will tell us something about the rest of the season. At least two of them need to do well for the Raps to have a shot at the play-offs. 

  • 511

    Damn, I love this time of year. 

  • Daniel

    I watched the Media Day last night on NBA TV and I had been struck by the feeling of witnessing an YMCA roster and not an NBA team. These kids will get destroyed on the court. This team is one of the worst ever assembled in Toronto. Casey will pull his hair out after the first month of the season. Now I understand why Sarver didn’t want anything to do with Colangelo at the end of his tenure there. I hope he’ll resign or be fired during the season so a new GM will have time to rebuild this roster and make some moves before the draft day.
    Now fire away. We’ll see who’s standing in March and keep their poster name on this blog.

    • p00ka

      Media day strikes you that seriously/deeply, eh. Maybe you could have avoided the aggravation by sticking to TMZ.

    • Nilanka15

      I’ve never seen anyone this angry over Calderon being demoted before (including Calderon himself).

      • Daniel

        Nilanka, you are the embodiment of a long-held belief I have had in the paradigm theory: when one is right or wrong about one thing he/she is usually right/wrong about anything. Our ideas are not just bricks placed beside each other or on top of each other, but they become bricks only when they have a house to fit in. Your house is completely slanted and ready to fall.
        I said multiple times Jose is gone for me and that he will be fine. I also said that Lowry is no better than Jarrett Jack or Bayless, and that we’ll win 23-28 games this year. You said Lowry is a top 10 PG in NBA and that we have a chance of winning 40 games if everything goes right (the biggest cop-out in professional sports). But then you made a remark: “you don’t know how Romney made it so far” which piqued my interest. As strange as it sounds, your view on Romney is part of the same paradigm as your ideas on basketball that you displayed on this post. In short, your world is not the real one but the one you believe it ought to be. I believe Romney will win the elections in a landslide. It doesn’t matter anyway because no country can pay 16 trillions dollars of debt and growing by 1 trillion every nine months, but that’s beside the point.
        I guess we’ll see shortly whose ideas are correct and whose ideas are wrong. 

        • Nilanka15

          To be clear, is it my 38-win prediction, or my view that Romney is a complete ass-clown that you view as “slanted”?

          • what the

            you also predicted your boy gary forbes was an allstar and many other dumb predictions

            • Nilanka15

              I’ve never once mentioned Forbes in any prediction whatsoever, but nice try.

              Actually check that.  A very weak try….

        • Nilanka15

          And for added clarity, I should point out that my comment about Calderon above was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  I thought that was obvious by the fact that your original post that I replied to made no mention of Calderon, or his demotion.

        • B-rocula

          Las Vegas odd makers would strongly disagree with you but what do they know …

        • Brain Colangelo

          Romney in a landslide? The visible minority and female communities of the US wil have something to say about that.

    • Gman

      I read your post just now and I was struck by the feeling that I was witnessing somebody in the midst of a biochemical meltdown…or perhaps you’re a tweaker.  Either way, to take a single event where the team was probably told to go out, have a good time, and be yourself, and project that over an entire season is just about as crazy as crazy can get.  

      On paper, this is a playoff team.  Now that doesn’t mean they’ll make the playoffs considering their in toughest division in the league.  Remember again that the Raptors over the last three years have dealt with more injured man hours than virtually any other team in the league.  One of the great additions is the sport science guy from the Lakers.  A guy who they head hunted because of this very problem.  Now he’s had a little time to work with the guys so hopefully that pays serious dividends in the injury department.

      We have no idea what kind of product we have here until we see what kind of chemistry they have on the court and whether the core members can stay healthy for most of the season into the playoffs.  Lowry as our new floor general brings a much needed swagger and respect to this team.  He’s gonna bleed red for the Raptors.  He’s gonna tooth and nail it and demand that of every other guy on the floor.  

      I don’t know about you Daniel but I say it’s about f%*&()ing time!!

      • ad

        I strongly disagree this is a playoff team on paper. The top 6-7 teams in the east are playoffs teams on paper which the raptors are not. On paper, this is a team that could potentially fight for a playoff spot in the 7- (more likely) 8 range. Its very unlikely this team makes the playoffs and I see them as more of a 35 win team at most despite the BS BC continuously spews out. I’d give them maybe a 20% chance to make the playoffs if everything goes well and BC makes some solid additions during the season. Also, other teams around them would have to falter as well.

        • Destro

          Yea thats going to be the death of this team..because off the top i can name 8 teams better and another 2-3 who are equal talent wise…This team will have to play above there heads to make the playoffs but im glad that BC and everyone is saying what the exact goals are for this season….

        • Gman

          We have no idea how good this team is because we’ve never seen a team who was this devastated for this long over injuries.  Nobody seems to talk about this.  There have been times over the last three seasons when we might have had one starter on the floor.  That’s craziness.  There is no chance in the world that team wins anything.  

          And as you know these are extended injuries to our best players.  

          What happens if OKC had lost Durant and Westbrook for half a season?  Lakers had lost Kobe and Pau?  

          I’m not saying were in their league and I’m exaggerating for affect but there was nothing you’ve said in your answer that addresses this.

          At the very least concede that this would have been a playoff team if it remained healthy in previous seasons.


      stop crying?

  • Nilanka15
    • ad

       Hey, its depressing being a toronto sports fan. I remember back in March they were chanting “lets go blue jays” at the leafs game. Just a continuous cycle of medicority/shitiness in Toronto sports due to bad ownership/management.

  • kuzzybear

    I am a Derozan fan. I am pretty sure you don’t get invited to the USA select camp and train with the Olympic team unless they feel you have some long term chance of making that squad. These are not Raptor execs making this decision. Players ho attack the rim are the kind of guys that can score and set things up for their teammates. Let the guy play and do what he does best.

    • Nilanka15

      There is some “rumours” that Jerry Colangelo might’ve pulled some strings (at his son’s request) to have DeRozan included on the Select team.

      • CJT

        Of course there are. 

      • The Rub

        Maybe, but did you see some of the other members of that team?  Not exactly the next coming of the Dream Team.

      • p00ka 2-0

        where are these rumours coming from? and can you provide some links?

        • p00ka

          LOL, another happy customer intent on flattering me.


          Someone pissed off enough at me making a fool of him/her, is intent on showing us he/she can do better,,,,,,,, at making a fool of himself.

          In either case, and whatever your usual alias is, I’m happy to be of service :).

        • Nilanka15

          That’s why I said rumours in quotation marks.  It’s pure speculation.

          • Dobsully

            Or maybe you just made it up

            • RapthoseLeafs

              No – they were flying around the blog sites.

              Then again, a lot of stuff flies around these blog sites.


  • Gman

    Great write, just a quick tweak.  He said there would be less of a leash.  I’m assuming he’s going to let the rooks go out there and make the mistakes in the early part of the season that will hopefully pay dividends in the latter part of the season.  

  • j bean

     It’s easy to talk about playoffs and winning but if it isn’t backed up by the multitude of things that have to click for success in this league then it’s nothing more than cheap talk. I admit I’m prone to homer-ism and have been fooled before but don’t these guys exude a sense of confidence that this team will not just talk the talk but walk the walk? 

  • p00ka 2-0

    I think Antone Walker should do a movie or a book …and I can also see this happening to DeMar, the taking care of friends and buying toys part.  

  • Mark

    Those who say this is a playoff team on paper need to explain which of the following they are going to beat out.

    1.  Mia  2.  Bos  3.  Indy  4.  Brooklyn  5.  NY  6.  Atlanta  7.  Philly  8.  Chicago

    I simply don’t see how they are “better” than any of those teams and I can’t say they are clearly better than the Bucks, Detroit or Washington either.

    I think they could make the playoffs but it would be on some level due to another team falling apart due to injuries etc. or the Raptors overacheiving dramatically.

    Without Terrence Ross becoming an All star or DeRozan averaging 25 PPG I think the Raptors are a 33-38 win team which will come up short. 

    That being said I only hope for a competitive team night in and night out and they should be that.  Lets be honest the Raptors are most likely never going to challenge for a championship.  In 2-3 years if these guys can make the conversation in October about getting home court rather than a playoff birth that is all we should ever expect.

    • Lorenzo

      Brooklyn, Atlanta, and Philly are all horrendously overrated, and very beatable.

      Sixers got worse. Bynum is a bum.

      Atlanta has been a “meh” team for the past five years, except this year they’ve finally lost Johnson and added… Kyle Korver in his place… with Lou Williams backing him up…
      -Will they even make the playoffs?-

      The 2012-13 Brooklyn Nets are the 2011-12 New Jersey Nets + Joe Johnson. OH YA OH YA #4 SEED DEFINITELY YUP YUP.

      • RaptorMan

        It is probably:
        1. Mia  2.Bos 3.Indiana 4. NY 5.Raptors 6.Chi 7.Nets 8.Atlanta

        We might even make it to 4 since NY is a really OLD OLD OLD team …

    • mountio

      atlanta not making playoffs

      • Mark

        Considering josh smith and horford are clearly better than any Raptor beating them is a stretch. Thinking the 76ers might buckle isn’t crazy but they have the bet centre in the conference now and a ready replacement for gigs in turner.

        Not saying the playoffs are impossible for the Raps if things go well but on paper arguing either of those teams is not as good as the raps is foolish. Could Jonas be a stud and could bargs blossom into a star? Sure. Tell me why it’s more likely than turner, holiday or Teague doing te same thing. Your all painting a worst case senecio for other teams while assuming every raptor is healthy and improves. We are adding to rooks and a solid PG. but PG was hardly an issue.

        A winning record would be a huge accomplishment if not a miracle.

        • Douglasoakwood

          And sorry, the biggest laugh. Brooklyn?

          Deron better than Lowry
          JJ better than DeRozan
          Wallace better than Fields
          Bargs has the edge here over Hump
          Lopez and Amir. Haha

          Obviously this is a simplistic look at things but come on bud. They have 3 players who you could agree are top 3 at their position. Definitely top 5. We have 0. I’ve got news for Raptor fans…Lowry is not our best player. He is not better than Andrea. They are both not in the top 10 at their positions.

          Do the math. The Raptors are not in their league.

  • p00ka 2-0

    So! Mr. Blake all that and nothing from or about the raptors franchise player #7 the one this team is being built around .

    • p00ka

      Since it’s about “intriguing quotes”, perhaps you can help Blake out and point out the intriguing quotes that #7 made, and Blake missed.

      • Thecaptain2000

         what intriguing quote did #7 make?

        • p00ka

          That’s my question since the sad sack using my tag is questioning Blake as to why #7 wasn’t mentioned, in an article about “most intriguing quotes”. Clearer?

  • Alb Perjet

    @pooka 2-0
    I was gonna ask that question too, and @blake murphy: I am with you
    about all
    the playoff statements and Calderon statements – assuming a healthy season. My
    view on the Raptors this season: Bargs will Average over 24 pts/game and about
    6reb/game this season, Derozan should be at about 20pts/game and 4 reb/game.
    And I believe our second units will be Top 7 in the NBA and will be crucial in
    keeping us close against Bos,Indy, Brooklyn. I am not worried about ATL, PHI,
    CHI as they are one (player) injury away from being out of the playoffs.

    One thing
    that would piss me off is if the fans start jumping in bandwagons about the
    other team on our home court… it was shameful with Lin, and by reading some
    of the comments (in this article) it might happened again.

  • KJ-B

    Re: Shorter leash comment this year — The Raptors moved to 12th from, was it 30th last year due to the underhyped work of one James Johnson… Not sure if we have a player to do all that he could… Which is where I hope there’s a shorter leash on #7 when his man is lighting up the raps, night in/out… Hopefully we see more Special Ed — He + Valunciunas could be a special 1. 2 punch/anchors back there a la true NBA power front line.

    • KJ-B

      “12th from, was it 30th in overall defence”…

    • Jamshid

      I be very curious to see how both James Johnson and Bayless do this year. 

  • Jamshid

    I love this time of the year at RaptorsRepublic. Everyone is excited. One predicts this team will win 45 games and will make the play off. Matt52 claims that Fields contract was a bargain and he will prove the whole NBA wrong !! Another one claims that we will be even top 5 team in East and … Then rolls around Nov and Dec and all this disappears. We go back to gloating about our “financial flexibility” for future and make plans on how we can get the likes of Gay in the off season and … 

    • p00ka

      looking forward to the season are ya?!!! good on ya!

      • babyface

        you are starting to sound like sarah palin you dumb fuck

        • p00ka

          Nice to meet you. I tried to set the vocabulary bar low to relate to guys like you, but I guess I set it way to high with Sarah. I’m sorry that angers you, so I’ll try to dummy it up a little more next time.
          Enjoy the season! 🙂 GO RAPS!

    • Matt52

       Now you are cherry picking.  The comment was a joke which I thought was made clear with the “lol” and  other places  throughout the same thread.

      Jamshid I thought we had made progress but clearly not.  You still stalk the forums and drag them on to the homepage, and you continue to have an unhealthy obsession for me.  I feel bad for you. 

      • Jamshid

        Was it a Joke ?? So Do you think Field is over paid ??
        As far me picking on you, well, it is too easy. You make comment in every single thread and you are a poster boy of a delusional fans that BC likes to see 🙂 Plus, getting these sort of reaction from you is priceless and too easy 🙂 It seems like you are checking the site and waiting for me to pick on you. I told you before, it is nothing personal but seeing how you react is what makes it entertaining. 

        • Matt52

           You must be cognitively delayed.  I’m not sure how many times I have to type Fields is overpaid.  C’mon man.  The ingredients for bath salts are now illegal in Canada – that includes western Canadian universities.  Please, for your own sake, put down the bath salts.

          I guess it is better to be a poster boy of a delusional fan BC likes to see versus being a poster boy for a delusional human being psychologists and psychiatrists like to see. 

          • Jamshid

            LOL, Matt, once again, you make this personal and when things are not going your way, throw the insults and show your true face. Well done pal 😉 As I said, you are too easy to get a reaction out of 😉 Now, again, check here and look for me everyday, every hour.

            • p00ka

              Panties in a knot again, eh. Identify a little much with the bitch in Fatal Attraction?

            • Nilanka15

              How do you not see the hypocrisy of calling out Matt for “making things personal”, when it is you who identifies him by name in EVERY SINGLE one of your posts?

              It would be like Pepe Le Pew telling Sylvester that he stinks.

            • Matt52

               You don’t get the issue here?

              Firstly we have a difference of opinion on the state of the Raptors.  That is cool.  I disagree with a lot of people on many things both Raptor related and not, yet neither I nor the other people literally stalk one another – online or in person.  But ignoring this prerequisite to normal mental health, you are boasting and bragging about calling me out on an issue where we agree.  Do you not see the sickness here?  I’ve always felt Fields was overpaid.  Let me retype that for you: I’ve always felt Fields was overpaid.  Just to make sure the message gets through: I’ve always felt Fields was overpaid. 

              This is in response to your statement above:
              “Matt52 claims that Fields contract was a bargain and he will prove the whole NBA wrong !!”

              I do apologize the tongue in cheek nature of the post you are dragging from the forums never registered with you.  In your defense that is a common mistake when reading pixels.  Unfortunately it is tough to condone the statement when I clearly said later in the thread that I felt Fields was overpaid.  What did I say?  Fields was overpaid.  One last time just to be clear, please?  Fields was overpaid.

              Secondly, you are once again claiming I have made this personal.  I hate
              to break it to you Jamshit you made this personal when you had people
              in the forums, myself included, call you out on your posts in the
              forums.  Then you threw hissy fits saying you were done with the site
              and going surfing only to come back and go through the same nonsense a couple of weeks
              later except this time you were going to be in Europe.  I called you on
              your b.s. because your IP address had you at the University of Calgary when you were claiming to be abroad.  Soon after you were banned and then I get personal messages in
              the forums telling me that there was a lunatic going by John and
              Jamshit continuously talking smack.  C’mon Jamshit.  You really want to claim this is personal on my end?     

              I do feel bad for you.  You were banned from the forums and it is the best place for civil Raptors talk online.  You often ask questions in the main page threads in an attempt to start discussion totally irrelevant to the posting which are ignored by people.  Now that I think of it, I might be one of the few people who take the time to talk to you on anything Raptor related.   On the other hand though people do take the time to let you know how nuts you appear to be so I guess that must count for something…. I’m just not sure what.

              I have a feeling soon even I will grow tired of the song and dance considering you are at the point of blatantly making things up.  Who will you speak with then Jamshit?

              • Jamshid

                LOL, Get some help pal because you sounding delusional.  In the mean time keep on checking the comment section because you never know when I will expose the flaws in your fantasy arguments again and will prove how far off from reality you are. Till then, relax and stop the name callings, personal insults and …

    • Gman

      Sorry Jamshid.  This season is different.  On paper we’re better than we’ve been in years.

      • Jamshid

        I hope the changes that look good on the paper also translate to the floor and we do see a better team.

    • Beaverboi

      We’re trying to get Gay in the off-season??

  • FAQ

    I think the Raptors will surprise us this season.

    • Bboca

      If you are expecting something it isn’t a surprise.

  • howlonghowlong

    One quote that caught my attention from Casey was that he wanted an 8 or 9 player rotation.  Yet he keeps mentioning Lucas?
    8 deep?
    PG: KL/JC
    Wing: DD/LF/LK
    Big: AB/JV/ED
    You’d think TR, AJ, and JLIII will all get minutes?  Just don’t see know how we’re going to end up with a 8-9 player rotation.

    • j bean

      I like a 9-10 player rotation for this lineup. If you are in the rotation but constantly screw up your coverage or don’t fulfill your role offensively then the next guy gets his shot. If you aren’t a rotation player and all you have to look forward to is garbage time that means the guys ahead of you are doing a good job, the team is doing well and all you can do is stay ready for when your time comes.

    • Jamshid

      TR will have plenty of minutes because they really want to capitalize on his 3 point shooting. AJ will also get minutes because his hustle is contagious and we have no one else that can bring these sort of energy. JLIII will not get much playing time. I think he is here for when Jose  or Lowry are injured or if we trade Jose.