He did an interview, here’s what he said.

Describe past week.

It’s training camp man, and Casey’s a hard-ass so it’s a little tough.  But whatever, it’ll be fun.

How difficult has it been?

I thought I answered that.  Casey’s a hard-ass, he makes us do a lot of work.

How is this training camp different than the ones you’ve been part of in the past?  Three coaches in three years and all.

It’s really not, but I guess I should say something that makes this one unique.  I suppose the coach is trying to bring in different things with different players, so in that sense it’s different (but not really man). Casey’s a hard-ass, though.

You a Shane Battier type of glue-guy player?

Shane Battier is my ceiling, like the best-case I can be. I play hard and I’m going to say that I don’t care about stats and want to be effective which is what Shane Battier would say, so there’s your answer.

You OK with giving up stats (mind you, you don’t have many to begin with)?

For sure, I do the little things ‘n shit.

Lowry, DD, Bargnani, thoughts? Where you guys at with gelling ‘n stuff?

Gotta dress this up.  All three are “great scorers”, hopefully my face didn’t give me away when I said that, yeah?  Lowry can be a good leader, he seems serious.  We’re counting on those three to be good this year or we’re fucked.  I can get a few hoops here and there, but those three better bring it.

Lowry, a leader for real?

He talks a lot so he’s prolly the leader.  Jose sounds alright, quieter and seems to know his stuff.  We’ll see I guess.

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20 Responses to “Landry Fields Interview Translation”

    • j bean

      If you expect something it’s not a surprise. If they aren’t better than last year I’ll be surprised.

      • Theswirsky

        I’d point out its easy to be ‘suprised’ if you don’t know what ‘won’t suprise’ you.

        – the Raps being good or better this year could be a suprise
        – the Raps being the same this year could be a suprise
        – the Raps being worse this year could be a suprise

        FAQ has simply covered everything.  Which I guess after his 3-30 debacle is what he is going for.

        • p00ka

          Since he has repeated the exact same phrase, stand-alone as it is here, about 15 times over the last few weeks, I’d be surprised if he’s doing anything but senselessly prodding for childish kicks.

          • j bean

            I’m surprised we fell for it. He must be getting a real kick out of our responses.

  1. Pesterm1

    I bet $100 dollars on sportsinteraction that the Raptors will make the playoffs. It was paying 5.5 so I could win $550. My friends laughed when I told them but F*ck it. I wont be buying them drinks when I win. 🙂 he he he

  2. Cherry Jonathan

    is it just me or does he come across as kind of a dick?? he’s so sarcastic, and he acts like he’s some kind of veteran that’s had too many interviews.. LF needs to get over himself

    • p00ka

      Are you referring to the actual interview, or Arse’s “comical” (cynical?) translation?

  3. lakonomy

    ^^^^^  :).

    Always amuses me how people will believe anything, even blatant sarcasm, just because its in print somewhere.

    H.G. Wells’ novel, War of The Worlds, was broadcast as a fake news story in the mid-1930’s. Police stations across America received frantic calls asking about the alien invaders.

    Click the actual interview link, folks, and forgive Arse his sarcastic humour. 

    • lakonomy

       Or were Pran and Cherry just being sarcastic, and now I look like the sucker? hmmm….

      • Cherry Jonathan

        i was being sarcastic..however i def’ think he likes jose better than lowry. im not sold on lowry either. he DOES come across having a bit too big of a chip on his shoulder in my opinion. hope im wrong cause hes good! 
        i like landry fields

  4. Ppellico

    Man! Really hoping this guy makes me laugh every night. He has one of THE best crack up personalities and hopng he brings it every night.
    He is going to help keep this team loose and fun.
    He’s been one of my favs in the NBA as far as bench members and guys that make their fellow players better.
    Well…and I hope he does well on the floor as well.

  5. Lorenzo

    I hate watching interviews, the questions are generic, boring, and have been asked many times repeatedly.

    “Oh so Jonas, how has the adjustment been since coming to Toronto?”

    “Oh so Quincy, how do you like Toronto?”

    “Oh so Terrence, who do you think is the most competitive player?”


  6. CJT

    I was kinda hoping that with training camp starting up etc. that there would be something worth writing about.


  7. GuesSSSst

    I aint a Canadian, a North American (?) either, but posts like this makes RR site worthless in negative sense, so it was last article (huh) ive read here, bye.
    Salute Arsenalist.


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