Landry Fields Interview Translation

What he really said.

He did an interview, here’s what he said.

Describe past week.

It’s training camp man, and Casey’s a hard-ass so it’s a little tough.  But whatever, it’ll be fun.

How difficult has it been?

I thought I answered that.  Casey’s a hard-ass, he makes us do a lot of work.

How is this training camp different than the ones you’ve been part of in the past?  Three coaches in three years and all.

It’s really not, but I guess I should say something that makes this one unique.  I suppose the coach is trying to bring in different things with different players, so in that sense it’s different (but not really man). Casey’s a hard-ass, though.

You a Shane Battier type of glue-guy player?

Shane Battier is my ceiling, like the best-case I can be. I play hard and I’m going to say that I don’t care about stats and want to be effective which is what Shane Battier would say, so there’s your answer.

You OK with giving up stats (mind you, you don’t have many to begin with)?

For sure, I do the little things ‘n shit.

Lowry, DD, Bargnani, thoughts? Where you guys at with gelling ‘n stuff?

Gotta dress this up.  All three are “great scorers”, hopefully my face didn’t give me away when I said that, yeah?  Lowry can be a good leader, he seems serious.  We’re counting on those three to be good this year or we’re fucked.  I can get a few hoops here and there, but those three better bring it.

Lowry, a leader for real?

He talks a lot so he’s prolly the leader.  Jose sounds alright, quieter and seems to know his stuff.  We’ll see I guess.

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