Raps host Real Madrid tonight. I’m guessing the basketball team’s quality isn’t anywhere close to the soccer team’s. This should be a good run tonight as we get to see how the boys are looking.

We’ll be making massive conclusions based on the first quarter of this game, and by the time the game is over the Raptors win total, playoff projection, All-Star attendees, and everything else should all be clear.

The intra-squad scrimmage happened and Ross/DD was something to watch:

“You know they’re going to go at it,” big man Davis said. “They’re both two guards and then all the hype and then you’ve got guys like me egging it on so it has been fun.”

And apparently Ross, rookie or not, has not backed down at all.

“It’s always a hard thing for rookies but he’s taken it well,” Casey said. “He and Quincy both come in and mix it up every day and that’s what you want your young guys to do. Come in with energy and when everyone else might be dragging a little bit, you’re coming in being a rabbit. He’s done that.”

One of two things will happen here, 1) Ross will make a strong case to start ahead of DeRozan, 2) DD will come close to making the All-Star team.

There’s no in-between for DeRozan, either he explodes into the player we hope he is (doubt it, though), or Casey benches him in favor of someone with more upside.

See you at 7pm.

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  • Tinman

    Am trying to find a feed for the game – so far can find none.

    • Johnn_19_2000

      The game is on NBA/Raptors TV at 7pm

  • Brain Colangelo

    Prediction – DeMar impoves big time. Ross’s arrival will force him to do the things he does better than Ross, slash, play off ball, score in transition and get to the ft line, on a consistent basis. As a result and because of an impoved physique, he will be much more effective.

    • Brain Colangelo

      Impove = improve … Sorry

    • Johnn_19

      Although Ross is getting rav’s for his D on DeMar, DeMar scored 22pts in the game!

  • Abhinav Prakash

    if anybody wants to come to the game email me at abhinav.prakash@mlse:disqus .com I am hosting a large group for todays game and you can get some discounted tix to see it in person!

  • No JV and Lowry tonight

  • Employee

    The Grizz barely beat these guys with their starters playing heavy minutes last week.  Don’t expect an easy win.

    • The Rub

      Ya but NBA teams couldn’t give a damn about beating some Euro team in the first game of preseason.  I doubt the feeling is mutual on the other side.

  • Matt52

    The Celtics lost 97-91 on Friday.

    I don’t think the European games are a given anymore, Real Madrid included.

    • CJT

      agreed.  Also I bet we see some Maguire, Acy and the others that are fighting for a spot in the NBA for some minutes to evaluate.

  • Lurker

    Can someone post a web feed for this game?

  • barenakedman

    Try atdhe.eu.eu/basketball

    • j bean


  • RaptorReuben

    Expect to see a lot of Mcneal, Mcguire, Magloire, etc. tonight. So far, from watching the Celtics, Hornets, and Magic play, they’re ‘end of bench’ guys have been playing regardless of score. Coach trying to see which guys are going to fill the final spot. 

    I’m very excited though to see Ross, Acy, and Fields get some action.