Even Jonas was confused about how to watch this game. But hey, 6 and 1!

Even Jonas was confused about how to watch this game. But hey, 6 and 1!

Raptors 120, Grizzlies 106 – Box

I don’t have a ton to say on this game seeing as there was literally no way to watch it if you weren’t in the building – I don’t have a huge problem with every preseason game not being broadcast but I will say that it seems like strange policy to me to do every game besides the final one. In any case, though, let’s take a look at the box score and see if we can pull a few nuggets of information out of there. So this is what it was like following basketball before the Internet!

Raps beat the Grizzlies and finish the preseason with a 6 and 1 record. The win last night wasn’t particularly telling – a loss would have said a lot more about the Raps, who played more or less their entire group of regulars against a Grizzlies team that sat four starters, including Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol. Ed Davis and Alan Anderson were the players on the Raptors roster that didn’t see the court (besides Jamaal Magloire, who was waived today as many expected) – ED was being held out of the game for precautionary reasons because of a bruised hip but should be good to go for Opening Night. No word on why Anderson didn’t play as far as I can tell.

Our old friend Jerryd Bayless started for the Grizzlies and posted a very Lowry-esque stat line, finishing with 17 points, 7 boards, and 5 assists in just 19 minutes of action. The Grizzlies “starters” in general performed quite well as a group at the outset of the game, jumping out to a big lead in the first quarter against the Raptors’ first unit. These slow starts are getting to be a bit of a pattern for Toronto now and it’s something that coach Casey is going to have to find a solution to before the regular season starts and we aren’t playing other teams’ depleted rosters.

As for our stats, it is nice to see the team put up a big number of points on a regular basis, with 120 tonight. DeMar had a quiet game but I’d imagine that’s largely due to being guarded by Tony Allen for the majority of his minutes – I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to watch their matchup live as it was one of the things I was looking forward to most from this game. Another nice game for Jonas, who picked up 15 and 7 against the likes of Jerome Jordan and Hamed Haddadi, and Bargnani picked up 21 with a just single board, which I’d say is troubling, but it’s not like we aren’t used to stat lines like that from Bargs.

Lowry had another excellent stat line, with 18 points to go with 7 assists and 4 rebounds. We’ve written about him at length this pre-season but I just wanted to re-iterate how exciting it is to have a guy like this on the team this year; he’s a bulldog, an emotional leader and an excellent all-round player and a big reason why this team is thinking playoffs this season. T-Ross got a lot of burn last night and proceeded to shoot 12 times (with eight 3-point attempts!), making 4 of them for a 10 point night. It’s tough to evaluate Ross’ game last night based off a box score, but it does seem like he’s still adjusting to the pace of the NBA, like most rookies. Luckily for him, this is a deep squad this season and he’ll have the luxury of being eased into the game, unlike DD who had to start from the outset. Another great game for Amir, who picked up 15 points in 14 minutes: he’s had a great preseason and seems to be finally realizing some of the potential it seems like people have been waiting years for.

As for the excellent pre-season record, it’s certainly nothing to sneeze at (it’s the best mark in franchise history) but more important than the result is the tone this team has set over the past couple weeks. It’s clear that coach Casey isn’t going to let these guys take a night off, and it seems like we have a group that’s bought into the “all for one and one for all” mentality that’s going to be their key to success this season. The team appears improved at every position from last year and it’s left me (and most Raptors fans) more excited for this season than any in recent memory. The pre-season may be meaningless, but it is a lot more fun when the team is winning!

Regardless of your thoughts on the pre-season, the wait is finally (almost) over: the regular season starts on October 31st (Wednesday) at home against the Pacers. Four more days!

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  • BlakeMurphy

    I believe Double-A was held out simply because Casey had expressed a desire to get T-Ross big minutes, specifically against Trick or Treat Tony.

  • BlakeMurphy

    Re: Jonas, worth nothing as well that he had 4 TOs and 5 fouls, so not all rainbows and rose petals, or some equally stupid saying. When I saw that I figured “Meh, Gasol and Z-Bo are tough” but it’s at least a little troublesome against Jordan and Hamed.

  • FAQ

    Sooooo… do ya think this Raptor squad is game ready for the regular season.. or.. NO JELL-O …??!!!!

    • p00ka

      (F)u….g (A)ss……g (Q)ueen calls Raptors’ fans Morontonians

      • Grown ups everywhere

        Why don’t you 2just meet at a park somewhere at sort this out? Either way enough with garage on here.

        • p00ka

          Yeah, turns my own stomach, but the only language some trolls understand *sigh*

      • Destro

        for the most part hes right…..at least 95% of the Raptor fans online….

  • Jesse Khaira

    This squad will be fine. I don’t think Casey is showing all his cards as far as what the Raptors want impose on the opposition. Although the squad is young, that is not an excuse in today’s NBA because look at OKC, those guys are even younger. We need to commit to these guys and look to extend DeMar… hes really developing his post game kind of the way they sat Lebron in the post in the finals. If Casey sits DeMar on the post more often, Andrea can have more room to operate on the perimeter and Lowry helps plenty as a rebounding guard to make up for Andrea’s rebounding woes due to him not bein able to be around the basket all the time.

    • onemanweave

      Andrea operating on the perimeter isn’t such a great idea. He’s not a good three-point shooter and seems to me he keeps getting worse at it; he’s not quick enough to defend perimeter and you’re hoping the pg can rebound cause he cant.
         I’m not for AB or against him. He has some good qualities and bad ones, but tailoring your lineup so he can operate outside is a very poor idea.

  • Jesse Khaira

    Raptors starting lineup of the future: Lowry, T-Ross, DeMar, Bargnani, Jonas. The style of the team calls for above average 3 point shooting from all wing positions in the lineup and I’m eager to see whether Fields can find his 3-point shooting form. Casey won’t be hesitant to go with a young T-Ross this early on.

    • mountio

      Agree with the concept. Fields looks good as a glue guy .. but cant shoot. DD is finally admitting that he doesnt have a good long range shot and is hitting the post (which is great). BUT – we ned a shooter to spread the floor as Lowry drives .. I dont think you will see much of Fields / DD together as the season plays out. More of Ross (or even Jose at 2 or LK at 3) to spread the floor

    • what the

      I can’t wait to see that lineup

  • Roarque

    There’s nobody who wants DDR to step up more than I do. Maybe his Mom. Oh, and Brian Colangello. This has to be his season. If he comes through in 12/13, we’re all going to be hip hopping on that wagon ’cause the Raps are going to the playoffs and with this bench the team could win a series or two.

  • Mark

    I think the Raptors are what they are. A below average team from a talent standpoint who will need to out work and execute other teams to win games. I think there hopes of making a playoff run really on obviously good health and being able to protect home court. A solid home record is a must.

  • EmarErozan

    I wanted a report on the game and after reading the box score analysis above I feel the same way.

    • BlakeMurphy

      Give him a break, there were 0 streams available (I think I heard there was one low-quality Memphis radio feed somewhere)…not much he can do with that.

    • Garrett Hinchey

      My apologies, being unable to watch the game in any way – like last night when neither team chooses to broadcast the game – does limit our options somewhat. We don’t exactly have a travel budget…

    • mountio

      Im with Blake and Garrett above. With no video available (the highlights on sportscenter looked like they were from a guy with a video camera in the first row) .. theyve done well with what they had ..

    • Bendit

      Tsk tsk…I like blueberries on my pancakes but cant get them sometimes. Please! These guys do the best they can. 

  • JHP

    Well Wednesday it starts for real.  If they stay healthy and work hard I think they will hold their own.  BC needs to have results now and not later.  I believe Jose will be traded by the deadline.

  • AnthonyF

    Of course the important thing was that AB had only 1 board……. Yep following on-line and seeing a terrible first quarter means everyone has their daggers ready…..  How about noting that he was 6 of 9 (3 three pointers and 7 times to the line) & 20 points in under 18 minutes or that he scored 20 points over the last 10 minutes he played????? 

    No let’s obsess over the 1 rebound!!!!!

  • Destro

    His rebounding is more important than his inefficient scoring…

    • j bean

      Come on man, you and I are usually on the same page but I’ve accepted AB is going to contribute probably without decent rebounding numbers. As long as the team isn’t losing because of it I can live with it. If they don’t compete in the win column and his shooting percentage and rebounding are glaring problems very few of his backers will object to backup role but if they win I’m happy.

      • Destro

        No i cant get with that EVER..hes a C/PF
        7 foot 260 lbs…1 reb is inexcusable,he doesnt rebound cuz hes lazy and refuses to put himself in a position to do it,that “its not a problem we know what he is” exscuse is BS times infinity….If your big man wont rebound bench him or trade him PERIOD…Rebounding is fundamental in this league along with shooting..you CANT WIN without good rebounding and if were only getting it from a rookie front court player and NOT from a 7 YEAR vet its a MAJOR problem….and you will find this team will never get to another level when one half of its starting front court doesnt rebound….You have a size advantage not being used….

        Im surprised when fans and posters think his rebounding is not an issue…i really am….You need ur front court players to rebound to win in this league…If your satisfied with 40 win seasons and first round exits the next 10 yrs,then maybe ur ok with bargnani averaging 5 boards a game because hes too got damn lazy to do any better…..laziness will never be ok with me….

        • Nilanka15

          Agreed. How do we define “winning”? 35 wins? 55 wins? The latter seems highly unlikely with a front court player eating 35 mpg, while staring aimlessly into space whenever that ball’s in the air.

        • Philoveritas

          OK so if Andrea snatched a few defensive boards right out of the fingers of Jonas and as a result JV ended up with only 3 boards you’d probably be saying that Jonas is garbage. Team rebounding is all that matters as far as winning a game. If Toronto is consistently giving up more than the average number of offensive rebounds to their competition or if they grab a consistently smaller number of defensive boards you can probably say that rebounding is part of why they are losing games. I couldn’t be bothered to look up the stats though I’ll leave that to the geeks.

          • Destro


            Fans like YOu are part of the problem,because you create mindless absurd scenarios where teammates have to still rebounds from each other…Bargnani can average 7-8 boards on top of what Jonas does its called not allowing OFF boards…

            and no team rebounding is important in the concept that BOTH of your front court players are doing it,NOT 1 of them and your guards doing to too circumvent a lazy assed PF NO that then becomes an issue…because you wont be able to reply on Lowry and your SF to outrebound other teams bigs…which is why you need YOUR bigs to be the best rebounders on the team….

            Stop lying son..bargnani rebounding is pussy,its terrible,it hurts the team and allows idiot fans to create excuses and smokescreens for it….NOOOOOPE its a problem and it will hurt this teams ability to jump up into a contender and imma talk about it….    

            • p00ka

              ….. and have fun, eh

  • Destro

    the PG on this team is a better rebounder than the PF

    Inexcusable and soft….and dont tell me its not an issue IT IS an isse even within the team…

    If his rebounding isnt an issue why is the new head coach trying to institute a reb per qtr quota for this guy ? Because he is trying to find ways to motivate him to do his JOB….

    Its gonna hurt seeing Andre Drummond putting up 15/10 regularly and playing great D…We coulda have the next D-Rob/Duncan front court..but our idiot GM opted for a 6th man wing (Ross) and to hold on to a 7 ft pussy….

    • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

      That’s why he is getting 11 mil $ a year while you are sitting your fat “lazy” ass all day on the same moronic giggle.

      • Destro

        0 All Star games…

        Rookie is better !

        U mad faggot…GOOD 🙂

      • Nilanka15

        Gotta love the “he makes more money than a layman, which makes him awesome” argument 😐

    • mountio

      Not drafting Drummond had nothing to do with AB. It had to do with (in some order). Lazy reputation, lack of post moves / ability to shoot, JV already drafted.
      Im not saying I agree with it (I would have taken him and at least traded him (either at the time for a lower pick and player or later down the road) .. but lets not blame AB for everything you feel is wrong in the world …

      • Destro

        Oh ok then so who do we blame for his lack of rebounding ? Cuz thats my beef is with him..Who gets the blame ? Does Lowry now get the blame or is it JoVa Whos taking HIS rebounds THIS season…..

        Ab is too blame for the logical criticism he receives…..

  • Jamshid

    James Harder to Rockets !! Wow !!! I guess they found their back court now after Lowry left. OKC managed to get Kevin martin’s expiring contract plus lamb and 2 more first round and one more 2nd round.

    What did we get for Bosh ?? a first round pick turned into JJ and then gone …

    • nba_socrates

      I think OKC got the better deal. Harden is not even proven, he just ate of Durant and Westbrook and was found wanting in the finals where he choked. OKC get Kevin Martin who is an instant offence and a better scorer than James Harden + Jerry Lamb very talented rookie. Rockets GM is a big fool to also give away two first round picks when rockets are going to be struggling, soo thats two top 5 picks for OKC. Seems to me like the rockets were more desperate than OKC when it should have been the other way around. OKC get richer and richer.

      • adf

         I kinda wish the raps couldve offered derozan, ross, and a 1st for harden +filler. I wouldve done that in a sec. Raps need a player of Harden’s caliber badly. Unfortunately, reality is not so kind.

        • nba_socrates

          hes not even an allstar, and is totally overhyped. Look at his performance in the finals. Hes also one dimensional and he was just lucky to be in OKC system which suited him. He’s nothing more than an 18ppg player, does not deserve this superstar billing.

        • Nilanka15

          That’s waaaaaaay too much to give up for 1 year of renting Harden.

          • Jamshid

            Isn’t he going to be restricted FA this summer for Rockets ?

            • CJT

              yes.  He will be offered max money by someone and the Rockets will match.

              • Jamshid

                Then it is NOT a one year rental !!!

                • Nilanka15

                  My bad.

                • CJT

                  Yes.  I was supporting your comment. I know it’s the first time and mostly the last.

          • Herman

            now if we only had Gary Forbes to offer