Have a drink, we’re handing out awards.

The Sonny Weems Award
This is the guy who you ignore in training camp because you’ve never heard of him, or have done so in the slightest passing. He’s got some ‘tools’, looks like he should be able to do something positive, but given the depth and rotation, is likely consigned to the bench. He ends up surprising, perhaps even usurping someone for a few games before being anointed as part of that elusive ‘core’, only to be soon after flushed down the toilet.

I nominate Dominic McGuire. Mostly because the three is a question mark and this guy’s got the potential to win the hearts of the fans by diving for a loose ball in a 102-78 game. Toronto loves that.

The Jose Calderon Award
Oft times you see a guy come off the bench to perform at a level (albeit against the second unit) that surpasses your expectations of him, and that warm place in your heart calls to see more of him, perhaps even in a starting capacity. It’s pure nature, perhaps even resigned to being part of the human psyche. Your better half tells you that these thoughts should be put away lest you be called for having a ticket on some bandwagon, so you stuff these feelings aside. Then one morning, someone else has the same thought and the whisper turns into chatter, and soon the chatter into roar. It’s only a matter of time when this honest soul, who had made a fine living on the bench, is expected to perform in equal measure against exponentially better players. Of course, he falters and sometimes fails, and now we look silly.

This man is John Lucas III.

The Hedo Turkoglu Award
Naught has been there a summer where a signing didn’t disappoint, and so we are forced to pick one from the crop of the present year. Granted, there can be no one worse than Turkoglu. We could’ve signed a blind one-legged dwarf and he would’ve had a greater impact than what Turkoglu did, but when naming awards we must strive for the best and be bold, so it is reasons pure to heart that this award is named such. The signings of this summer aren’t highly questionable like in years past, so the chance of true regret is low, which bodes well for our heroes, yet alas, we must pick a man.

It has to be Landry Fields, who had a sluggish preseason and didn’t show much of the three-point sniping that he was acquired for. The abhorred preseason isn’t an indicator of much, but I find it hard to convince my skeptical self that he can shoot close to 40% from three again. He may be able to boast of other traits that weren’t expected of him, like defense and ball-handling to make up for it, but in the shooting category, he may be a disappointment. Still, even if he shoots 11% from three and has 30 game-losing goaltends, he’s nowhere close to the stain that was Hedo.

The First Year TJ Ford Award
Named after the enigmatic point guard best known for dribbling, dribbling, dribbling, and dribbling, the first-year version of this award is given to a player who instantly gratifies, much like the employees at the Rail. He paints himself as the “missing piece”, a cog in the wheel that not only facilitates the machine, but puts it on his back and runs with it. He can shoot (sometimes), and looks like he plays defense, wears his heart on the sleeve, and unlike the winner of the Sonny Weems Award, has actual talent. The first year is a breeze, but it’s the year after that question marks may arise.

Kyle Lowry is TJ Ford. With defense, strength, and less the ball hoggy and chronic injury.

The Chris Bosh Award
Awarded to the guy your emotions have switched off to, and the heard doesn’t get too happy or upset about no more. There were times when you looked to him to be ‘The One’, and then your expectations settled to something more reasonable, before you finally convinced yourself it’s best to take what’s given, which isn’t too bad. This award is a mixed bag of cacophony, where on the one hand the player is being recognized for continuous and consistent service, yet askance gazes are being cast at the mystical creature so much was expected of.

Andrea Bargnani, take a bow. If there’s going to be a lifer Raptor, it’s not Jose but him.

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  • Theswirsky

    While I do agree that Lowry is very TJ Ford like,  I’m always curious how TJ got the ball hog or scoring pg moniker.

    While in Toronto he averaged 9+ assists per 36.  His assist % for those two years were higher than any single year by Jose  (44.8 and  44.4 for TJ,  while Jose’s best year was last season at 44.2)

    TJ may have been alot of things, but a ball hog was not one of them


    • Nilanka15

      From watching Jose play the point for the past 7 years, it seems like we’ve been spoiled into thinking that his pure/traditional PG play is the norm.  As a result, anyone who doesn’t play like Jose, is remembered as a ball hog (I’m guilty of it too).

      • mountio

        Agreed. In fact, Jose’s alawys looking to pass first is perhaps one of his biggest detriments. Even the most traditional PGs need to be able to be a threat to score – this draws help defense and gets their teamates open shots. TJ was perhaps a little out of control (and certainly undersized on D) – but he got his teamates way more open layups / shots than Jose did. I see similar signs in Lowry

        • unknown guest

          TJ was slight of build, which is too bad with all the injuries (and let’s not forget the spinal injury). Wish he was still in top form. Lowry is brawnier and hopefully will be less injury prone.

      • FAQ

        If anybody’s jersey number is to be retired I think it should be Jose’s #8…

        • Nilanka15

          I might lean towards Jose too (but that’s if I had to choose).  I honestly don’t think any Raptor, past or present, deserves their number in the rafters….yet.

    • The Rub

       TJ may have been a lot of things, including always better than Jose

    • unknown guest

      It could be a perception that he would go 1 vs 5 at times (especially without Bosh on the floor), he’d force the play and turnover the ball, and his play was seen as “reckless”, while Jose was seen to protect the ball more.

    • Destro

      Its funny aint it….HIs first season he averaged 8 assists per game(5th in the league)
      as you say his per 36 (which these geeks love to quote) he averaged 9.5 dimes both of his seasons here YET the haters will lie and tell you hes a ballhog anyway…

      Either you go by the metric stats you love to quote and shut up or admit your a hater and hated TJ because he was better than Calderon and thats why it took a clothesline from Horford to give Jose the starters job…

      • Theswirsky

        how does that make any sense with what I said?

  • Wick-tory BABY

    yup, calderon really spoiled us 

  • ZZ

    Wait wait… Landry wasn’t acquired for the 3 shooting… Everyone knew he had an off year (not this bad), he was acquired for his off the ball scoring

    Fields != Kapono

    • unknown guest

      good thing Fields (and his GF) > Kapono!

  • Jamshid

    LOL, Great Read Arsenalist. Now, you have made the herd mad 🙂

    • p00ka

      Yet the only people responding are the cynical, angry herd rejoicing.

      • FLUXLAND

        Thanks for that valuable basketball insight Sheriff Poopie.

        Anything else to add or are we pa”trolling” the comments section again, fighting for the “true fan” side?  You got your cape on today?  

        • p00ka

          Thanks for sharing your basketball insight, Sheriff Hypocrite

        • p00ka

          PS. this “true fan” quote that you keep repeating is interesting. I’m not sure I’ve ever used that phrase, but if so, have not for months. Is that the best you have to respond to my posts? Some 2 words I “may have” said months ago? Where’s Dr Phil when you need him? Get over it, petty little one.

  • FAQ

    Chris Bosh Award??!!!!…. I still remember all the tribal honkers crying out that they ‘love’ Bosh and that he will return their love and stay in beautiful Toronto, just because of the outpouring of love.  Wonder how many are still posting here… under new names.

    Perhaps they are the one’s who passionately hate Bargs, because Bosh didn’t stay… or some screwy psycho logic lurking in their spurned brainlets.

    BTW… It’s likely that the Pacers will not show up for the home opener on Wednesday… hurricane weather.

    • p00ka

      Trolling: “To use the internet to start problems, insult, or hurt others. An action that only usually affects the person trolling.

      Usually a very bored, lonely person with no friends. Or a punk ass kid.”

      • FLUXLAND

          WheeeoooooweeeeoooooWeeeeoooooWeeeeooooo…”Zeigen Sie mir Ihre Papiere!!!”

        • FAQ

          Methinks “pooka” is a twisted  woman who has an obsession for propriety on any forum she habituates … she’s a clean freak who must be obeyed or else she becomes tr0llish-like …. so obvious.

          I think she has the h0ts for me because of all the attention she heaps on m0i…!!!

    • RapthoseLeafs

      “I still remember all the tribal honkers crying out that they ‘love’ Bosh
      and that he will return their love and stay in beautiful Toronto, just because of the outpouring of love.  Wonder how many are still posting here… under new names. …”

      First up … I don’t love the players. Maybe their spouses … HELLO Ms. Elaine Alden!! lol

      Second up … I still have the same moniker. By the way, that love for some “other halfs” doesn’t include CB’s. 🙂

      As times passes, I’ve tended to ease up on some past (and gone) Stars? If Vinny should land his a$$ in the Basketball Hall of Fame, I’d expect/hope he lands there as a Raptor. As for Bosh – if he should land there – I don’t expect it’ll be as a Raptor. Chalk that up to the Lebron/Wade factor – and championship(s) that tend to seal the deal. 

      That being said, CB was one of Toronto’s better players – in their relatively short history. Whether BC made an error in not moving him sooner, that’ll be left to the analysts, fans, and trolls. Suffice to say, I’d imagine BC has learned something from his errors, in hindsight.


      • FLUXLAND

        “I’d imagine BC has learned something from his errors, in hindsight”

        20 years in the L… show me some proof, anything at all, that this is the case.

        Still running RnG with skinny ass, undersized, unconventional/jack of all trade dudes. Nothing has changed, at all.

        • Nilanka15

          I would say hiring Casey might leaning towards a change in philosophy (emphasis on “might”).  A defence-first coach seems like the last type Colangelo would hire.