DeRozan said:

“At the end of the day, this [Toronto] is where I got drafted, this is definitely where I want to be…”

Wednesday at midnight is the deadline to extend him, or else the best the Raptors can do is make him a RFA by offering him the qualifying offer next summer. The fact that they’ve left it this late is already an indication of where re-signing DeRozan is on the the priority list. For people they like (ahem, Bargnani) they do it well before their time, but for DeRozan it’s going down to the wire. He hasn’t exactly endeared himself to the organization or the fans based on his play, so at this point the decision to extend will solely happen based on the improvement the Raptors see him making, rather than any sort of record.

I remember his first summer league where he showed traces of being a player who could amount to something by this time, and I recall the improvements being recommended at the time being of the nature of ‘ball handling’, ‘mid-range shot’, and ‘defense’. Here we are three years later and those three aspects remain to be improved in any significant manner. You can check his shooting zones all you want, I know off the top of my head that he hasn’t evolved as I’d hoped he would.

Trading him is an option and I recall the Bulls wanting him in a deal last year, so his three-year old NBA career has peaked interest around the league. I’m just not sure if it’s as a starter, which is what he’s slotted to be here. In fact, a common vein in all the Raptors’ losing seasons (and this is true for losing teams) is that most of their starters would never dream to start on any respectable NBA team, and right now DeRozan fits the bill. It’s for this reason that they should not extend him until he’s given them enough reason to believe that he’s capable of being a starting shooting guard in the league. He’s got one more year left to prove it, and the Raptors hold all the cards. A good season means the Raptors extend the qualifying offer with a chance to match, and a bad one means waving good bye. The worst-case scenario is that he improves and blows his currently perceived ceiling, gets a mind-blowing offer, which the Raptors don’t feel comfortable matching. I’ll take my chances.

With Calderon coming off the books, and potentially DeRozan as well, the Raptors would be close to $19M under the cap next season, and would have the chance to go after an elite level player like Monta Ellis, expected to opt-out, next summer. I’m just throwing a name out there, but you get the idea: if you’re not getting a surefire starter for years to come, no point extending DeRozan because money’s better spent elsewhere.

The flip side of the coin is that if you extend him right now you might put yourself in a position to buy low, but that’s a gamble at best, only because DeRozan hasn’t been able to distinguish himself from his build of player. Let me put it this way: if there’s a legitimate debate that Nick Young is better than you, then we got a problem. The Raptors did do just that with Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani, and neither quite panned out the way they had hoped. DeRozan, at this point in his career, has shown less than either of those two.

The insurance at the two isn’t great. There’s Terrence Ross and Alan Anderson, a rookie and a D-Leaguer which will greatly help in keep DeRozan’s minutes up this year. Even that’s not a guarantee, the way Casey benched DeRozan last year in the fourth at times speaks to either tough love or a pure sense of frustration. Either way, it’s the right approach. It’s a long way off from what was visioned by Bryan Colangelo when he was drafted, when he was compared to another ninth pick he had made, Amare Stoudemire:

“Amare was a little different. He was very raw. DeMar has got more refined basketball skills. He’s got the physical tools to be like the player who everyone says he reminds him of and that’s Vince Carter. He’s got that raw physical talent that can be honed to come together. The question is what can he become as DeMar DeRozan the basketball player? We’re excited to be a part of that.”

Casey did give DeRozan some lip-service (other quotes in link too):

“DeMar’s one of the most talented wings in the league and he’s learning every day to be efficient,” Casey said. “He understands that, he’s getting to the foul line, doing what we ask him to do, going in the low post.”

There’s still hope, and I think another year of trial sounds just about right to see exactly what we got here. The Raptors are in a perfect position here and should do nothing on Wednesday.

Team Note: Magloire is staying with the organization despite being cut. It’s called pulling a Triano.

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  • Andre

    He hasnt really proven anything to deserve an extension. I think this should wait this one out and if they dont see an improvement, trade him. 

    • FAQ

      BC got TRoss to replace DD… so obvious.  DD will be packaged with Jose and both traded by the February trade deadline.  Just watch.

      • Lorenzo

        Don’t get my hopes up, it probably won’t happen and Colangelo will extend DeMar to some fucked up contract that will anally probe our salary cap

  • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

    Extend DD (4 years 32/35 mil range)
    B.Colangelo has declared in several interviews his intention to keep flexibility on Raptors salary cup.
    However IMO extending  DD contract now is the right move to do before the 31st because you are not overpaying in case of a great year (hope so) nor you get a toxic contract if the player doesn’t improve his efficiency.

    Of course DD ideas are different and maybe he is looking for a better deal in USA. Considering his age Demar has still time to sign a better contract in future, so let’s see how will end.

  • Theswirsky

    Ofcourse Derozan wants to stay in Toronto.  Where else is he going to get a juicy contract for doing very little? 

    • Destro

      bruh He’ll get 10 mil a season somewhere whether here or not…

      • frankthetank

        i doubt that he would get 10 million a year.  Max would be 8 million and more like 6 million a year on a long term contract.  If Nick Young is wort 6 million in a one year contract and Nick is Demars best comparison at this point.  The range per season would be 6-8 million a year.  

      • Lucas

        I don’t know, O.J. Mayo has a $4 mil / 2 years contract, and Nick Young has a $5.6 mil / 1 year contract. Those are VERY comparable cases — not necessarily in their style of play, but in their quality (or lack thereof) of play.
        Also note that their teams (Memphis and LA Clippers, respectively) let them walk away, and those are the contracts they received in the open market.
        I’d be okay with extending DD for however many years, as long as we’re paying about $4-$5 mil a year. I just don’t see his agent accepting that.
        That being said, because he will be a RFA (if we don’t extend him), I can see a team overpaying him to try to pry him from us. If they offer him $6-$8 mil I’d probably match if he had a good to really good season. Any more than that and he’d have to have entered that borderline all-star territory this season, otherwise it’d be a no-brainer to let him walk.

        • tmk

          Exactly. Also, if we offer a contract around $4-$5 million a year we’d have to read all about how he felt “disrespected”. No thanks.

          If he has the same season (or a tiny bit better) there will be someone out there who might just give him 7-8 million a year and I think that’s the minimum he will accept…unless he gets desperate. At this point I’d rather let him walk. Yes, he can score, get to the line and all that but I think he’s easily replaceable.

          • Destro

            Why would you assume you read about him ebing disrespected ? None of his quotes regarding this situation would lead you to believe that yet you think that anyway ?

            • p00ka

              He was pulling a Destro

              • Destro

                Wtf do you mea puling a Destro ? Show me he was pulling a destro prove it to me ? What sources do you have he was posting like you ?

              • what the

                DO YOU HAVE A LINK FOR THAT? or are you just trolling

        • Destro

          4-5 mil per year so less than what ur giving kleiza lol

          Yall talking about market rates than using low ball numbers lol

          • Lucas

            You’re absolutely right, but that’s the point. If we extend him, that’s financial security for him now, and a ton of uncertainty for us (not to mention a loss of motivation for him to try hard this year).
            So if we extend him now, it should be for below market price. A contract at $5-$6 mil might be acceptable; $7 mil is a gamble; $8+ mil is a huge gamble, considering that would be on potential alone.
            If you disagree with that last sentence, Destro, tell me this: if he was 31, had the exact stats he has now, and you HAD to give him a 3 year deal — how much would you give him per year? No way you give that player a penny more than $4 mil, if that. Anything he’s offered above that is purely on potential, which he has no guarantee of fulfilling.
            I’m a bit of a lurker here, so you probably don’t know my views as you do some others. I’m no hater of any players on our roster, but I’m a realist by nature. I think Bargnani is a fundamentally flawed player, but one which has fewer holes in his game than DD, and whose skill level is MUCH higher right now. I view DD as a below average player at his position, with the potential to become a borderline All-Star down the road (in 4-5 seasons, IF he keeps improving every season).
            I don’t want to just let him walk, but I certainly don’t us to get burdened with a $7+ mil contract for a below average player. If he improves enough to be above average, I’d love to keep him at a decent price (as much as $7-$8 mil, unless he REALLY tears it up this year, and becomes a solid defensive players).

  • Brian B

    trade him.period.

  • We’ve got the dumbest fans in the league it’s embarrassing. People will be eating a lot of crow this season. 

    • Witness

      I agree.. DD is still young with a good work ethic… He may surprise a lot of people who are hating

      • Brian B

         good work ethic?????
        on what do you base that claim?

        • Destro

          His coaches,teammates and GM seem to think so

          BUT you need more proof then that to prove something you couldnt prove in the reverse ???

          • KJ-B

            POINTless arguing wit T-Dot fanz that were in love with Sonny Weems when I kept telling him he wasn’t an NBAer–but needed to go to Euro League and come back over here in a couple…but they said nooo, he was better than Deebo–ahahahaaa!!!!

            • KJ-B

              “telling him, telling y’all” — getta my drift???

          • FLUXLAND

            Wait, wait, wait.

            The same “coaches, teammates and GM” that spin things to sell tickets, as you always say?

            Bias much or…?


    • RaptorFan

      I agree…..dumbass fans who think a guy like Demar is easily replaceable…..SMH….he gets to the free throw line, throws down exciting dunks and is only 23….his defence will improve (especially under a coach like Casey)…..i’m not saying we should sign him to a ridiculous contract (see AB and Jose) …but you either trade him (like OKC did to Harden) or sign him…..WE CANNOT LET HIM LEAVE for nothing!…letting him walk is not how you improve in this league

      • Nilanka15

        His defence will improve?  That sounds like blind optimism, rather than justifiable analysis.  His defence hasn’t improved in 3 years.  What makes this season special?

        • WhiteVegas

          It’s his first full season with Casey. First training camp with Casey. You can already see it’s making a difference in his offence. First season playing with a PG who can play defense. That’s what makes this season special, the Raptors aren’t supposed to be terrible this year.

          • Nilanka15

            I admit it’s just preseason, but it hasn’t made a difference in the past 7 games.

            • Destro

              fair to say you expect full court presses in pre season?

              • Nilanka15

                Nope, I expect one to NOT lose track of their man (repeatedly) in the preseason.

                But perhaps, that’s asking too much….

                • Destro

                  pre season *loser horn*

                • Herman

                  if this was your boy gary forbes youd want him extended 4 years 40m

        • RaptorFan

          while we’re giving up on Demar….why not give up on Andrea as well???….. lets face it….we’ve invested many years into our “core” ….why kill the optimism now when we finally have a training camp under Casey…..lets be honest….i’ve noticed Andrea’s defence improving (and i thought that was near impossible)….i think with Demars athleticism he can improve as well…..


          Blind Optimism is a pre-requisite to being a Raptors Fan… LMAO

          • Nilanka15

            I gave up on Andrea a long time ago, lol.

            For the sake of the Raptors, I sincerely hope DeRozan turns into the player he needs to be in order for this franchise to take the next step.  Call me pessimistic, but I just don’t see it happening.  But I’ll gladly eat my works if I’m wrong.

            • joman

              Being a pessimist who will gladly eat his words is kind of a easy position to take. You get to wave the flag and be a troll, all at the same time. Cheeesy.

              • Nilanka15

                Saying anything critical is trolling now?  Let’s see if you can misuse any more words in a pointless reply.

                • KJ-B

                  You’re not being pessimistic–you’re just being you…No problem there…Going all in on that Deebo Kool Aid… NBA HIStory has been a lot kinder to 6’7″ swingmen who liked going to the charity stripe that could jump out the building than 7′ jumpshooters!

                  Expecting 22.5 ppg+ which is good for $10 mil/yr+ ALL DAY!!! And he’s gone get most burn on the squad…and lead em in steals if pre-season was any indication.

                • Herman

                  YES, just ask the POOKA POLICE

            • Herman

              Trust me you and C.Barkley will be eating your WORKS

        • Herman

          DD has to be playing like GARY FORBES I think before he gets a extension

    • Statement

      You sir, are an idiot and a troll.

    • Destro

      Agreed Julie Kahner is right about raps fans….

  • Nilanka15

    “if you’re not getting a surefire starter for years to come, no point extending DeRozan because money’s better spent elsewhere.”  Bingo!

    1-dimensional, inefficient, no-defence, scoring wings are easily replaced.  Losing DeRozan will have a negligible impact next year. 

    • RaptorFan

      WOW….. scoring wings are easily replaceable?  Do you mean with a guy like Gary Forbes??  LOL….Julian Wright? Antoine Wright?….McGuire??…..WRONG …they are not easily replaced and good luck getting them to go come to Toronto!!  This is why you dont over pay for a guy like fields……this is the reason!!

      • Nilanka15

        lol, none of the guys you mentioned are scoring wings. 

        Is DeRozan head-and-shoulders better than Jordan Crawford, Nick Young, Ben Gordon, Jason Terry, JR Smith, Klay Thompson, Shannon Brown, Alonzo Gee, etc.?  The answer is a resounding no.  Why lock up a player to a long-term contract who hasn’t earned it?  SMH at fans who think wearing a Raptors jersey makes them better than average.  But hey, he throws down “exciting dunks”!!!!!!!!!

        I do agree that he’s an asset though.  You don’t let him walk for nothing.  Either extend him, or trade him.

        • Destro

          Klay Thompson NO everyone else YES…

          • Nilanka15

            They’re all debatable….which was my point.  We treat DeRozan as some sort of superstar-in-the-making, but evidence suggests he’s a dime a dozen.

            • Destro

              No theyre not..YOU wouldnt take Alonzo Gee over DD…nothing but hyperbole..

              No one is saying superstar in the making…

              • Nilanka15

                I admit I’d lean towards DeRozan because he’s a little more proven than Gee. 

                But give Gee 35 mpg, and 14 shots, and even YOU should admit, that reaching DeRozan’s 17ppg wouldn’t be too difficult of a task.  And the same is likely true for all the players I listed above. 

                Give ANY semi-adequate SG lots of minutes, and plenty of shots (without worrying about defence, rebounding, or creating for others), and DeRozan’s 17ppg almost looks like an underachievement.

                He just isn’t anything special.  Sorry.

                • Destro

                  So you wouldnt take him over DD so it was an exaggerated hyperbolic statement,thank you!

                • Nilanka15

                  I said DeRozan isn’t head-and-shoulders better than Gee, meaning it’s not an obvious answer. I haven’t changed my stance there.

                • Herman

                  KINDA LIKE AB13

        • RaptorFan

          “I do agree that he’s an asset though. You don’t let him walk for nothing. Either extend him, or trade him.”

          Only thing that we definately agree on….. the only player i would take from your list above (for our 23 year old starting SG/SF) is Klay Thompson…..

          Shannon Brown? Bed Gordon? ummm…..i think you undervalue DD…..but thats okay….its your opinion and i respect that

        • Herman

          NOW if DD was EYETALLIAN

      • Dan

        Gerald Green, Nick Young, Louis Williams, Sony Weems. Leandro Barbosa, Carlos Delfino. All guys who can easily replace Demar.
        Both Wrights and mcguire were brought in for defense. Forbes when he was left to just fill a scoring roll actually put up decent numbers. He was often used as a point guard and struggled. There are wing players on almost every teams bench who if given Demars starting spot, minutes and amount of touches and shots can equal or better what he brings. Demars minutes are given not earned because the Raptors were trying to force his development and prove he was not a wasted pick. He does not have the shooting, play making or defensive ability to be a decent role player. He becomes a high volume shooter. Alan Anderson ended up finishing most games because he is the better basketball player. Demar is just a better athlete who is younger so on a rebuilding team he is given alot more minutes. If anderson were the same age He would be starting. 

        • Destro

          Alot of comedy in this post….You could say the same thing about alot of raptor players on the roster presently…Alan Anderson a better player and would start over DD ? lol


          • RaptorFan

            I forgot about the Alan Anderson part ….lol….its just pure comedy!

        • RaptorFan

          i do respect your opinion…..however, i would keep Demar over all the names you listed above….just my personal opinion. 

          You say there are wings on other teams’ bench that can do a equal or better job than demar??…..okay maybe you should send a list to BC

  • BlakeMurphy

    Agree with you 100% Arse. Other than helping “smaller markets” retain players (Ha ha), the major advantage of the RFA system is that it allows team the freedom of this 4th year so judge a player.

    I will say I’m hopeful…maybe not with his jump-shooting efficiency, but recall his rate of getting to the line this preseason as referenced in my pre-season wrap, and it’s clear he at least knows where his bread is buttered.

    • Nilanka15

      According to Chisholm, DeRozan has already regressed in his FTA from the start of preseason, compared to his last 5 games.

      • BlakeMurphy

        I’m not sure where he got those numbers but his FTA by game were 10-3-3-5-10-9-0, so I’d say yes, the 21min appearance against Memphis was a red flag, but he certainly didn’t stop getting to the line, merely didn’t for one game. His FTA/36 and FTA/FGA were both way up in the preseason (7.9 from 5.45 and .53 from .37, respectively).

        • BlakeMurphy

          correction: 9-10-5-3-3-10-0

          • Nilanka15

            Hmmmm, interesting.  Yeah, not sure where Chisholm got his data from.

            • Blake Murphy

              Well my mistake on his “data” it’s technically correct but I still feel his conclusion is off when you consider his rates for the preseason as a whole. Fta/Fga is more telling than just fta, and one ft=0 game doesn’t change much in grand scheme.

            • Destro

              He got it from same place most raptor writes/media drones get there stuff from…

              There ass.

            • Herman


        • Destro

          So basically he had a bad pre season game…OH ok lets quote articles by over analyzing writers THEN…. 

  • not sure his offensive abilities are an issue but he still trails his man badly on defense.
    Extending is not a bad decision: at what price point is the question. 4 yrs. $32 m. yes, but not $10 m. p.a.

  • Just Say No To DeMar

    I don’t think the Raptors should extend DeMar DeRozan… but offering up Monta Ellis as an example of an “elite-level player” who could replace DeRozan is ridiculous. 

    • tmk

      Well offensively he is an “elite-level player”…but overall…ya I agree with you.

    • Statement

      I was going to bring that up too, but Arse qualified it by saying “just throwing a name out there”

    • Destro

      Monta Ellis is not an elite player…

  • c_bcm

    The problem with the scenario where we let him play the season out and then re-sign him in the summer (or match other teams’ offers), is that may out-perform this season, a’la Hedon’t. The motivation to get a big contract is very strong, and has lead to anomalous seasons for players in the past. I would much rather trust the previous 3 years of evidence over a single 4th year.
    So I let DD play out the season, and then offer him a contract based on his first 3 years in the league, and largely ignore his stats from season. Maybe something like 6-7 mill/year for 3 years, which gives him an opportunity to re-up during his prime if he’s earned it.

    • ShowandProve

      too athletic not to become a better defender under casey. i like your logic, if we signed now i would like to see 6-7 over 3 years. Logically they resign him after this season for around the same and an extra year. I think deroxens offensive abilities fill a role on this team… hes a good free throw shooter when he gets to the line

  • pran

    by wednesday. HELL FUCKING NO!!   

    He can’t play defense, is still inefficient (better than last year though because of that improved post game), can’t make other teams pay for sagging off him b/c he doesn’t have a jumpshot, is still a below average passer.    

    This article is dead on when they say the raptors hold all the cards in this situation.  

    we wait to see if he can put it all together (I believe he has all the tools), but if terrence ross outplays him, we need to shop him along with the rest of the ill-fitting pieces on our roster(bargnani,calderon) 

  • Philoveritas

    I personally think that DeRozan will get a qualifying offer but should be extended…I would extend him on a shorter deal maybe 3 years 20 million. Still offers Demar flexibility and 6-7 mil a season is probably his market value.

  • j bean

    Have better players coming in than you have going out. 
    Buy low, sell high.
    The gm that can do those two things will keep his franchise at the top of the heap.
    If BC believes DeMar is the answer xtend him if there is an opportunity to buy low. An under valued deal is always a big asset if a better option becomes available. 
    I think the chance of DD making strides this year are better than the chance he goes the other way. 

    • Nilanka15

      What about the chance of him remaining stagnant?

      • j bean

        Stagnant is going the other way. IMO.

  • Statement

    Personally, I think that Demar will improve his scoring efficiency this year, given his focus on getting to the line and avoiding the 3-pt shot and the fact that he won’t be the number 1 scoring option.

    However, that’s really the only skill he brings.  He is a bad defender, poor rebounder, has tunnel vision and bad handles.  These things can’t be ignored.

    He is an asset because of his scoring, just not one that I would want to invest a lot of money in.  No way should this guy get $10 mill or whatever, or else we’ll just have another Bargnani situation on our hands.

    • j bean

      Offense sells and a more efficient DD in the 18-20 ppg range can always be moved if a better option presents itself. It’s not like his defense is so glaringly poor like a backup pg we know making over 10 a year. 

  • ad

    No way the raps sign him to an extension. He has SO much to prove. Its great that he can get to the free throw line, throw down exciting dunks, and hit mid range jumpers. What else can he do? His defence, rebounding, passing, and ball handling is suspect at best. The raps are fooling themselves if they think he is a core player at this stage of his career. He has got a lot to work on. They should have traded him for a wing upgrade in the offseason while some stupid team thought he had vast “potential”.

  • frankthetank

    Demar isn’t a finished product.  Hes still 23 years old and that use to be the age players entered the NBA before they all started leaving college early.   Raptor fans are so polarizing there’s not enough who see the middle ground.  Demar has athletic ability to be one of the best NBA shooting guards.  THe question becomes does he have the ability to learn the skills and IQ to be successful at this position.  I would have to say you let him have another year and see what he brings to the club and then sign him inbetween 5-8 million a year contract if he has a successful year.  
          All these guys on the forum who say Andrea’s contract is bad are plain stupid.   10 million for a 7 footer who scores and initiates your offense is a very reasonable price.  Look at Brook Lopez he’s getting 14-15 million a year and he is no better then Andrea or javalle Mcgee who doesn’t even start or the Dandre Jordan for the clippers or Hibbert.  I bet the fans of those teams don’t continue to slander their signings as the raptors fans do to ANdrea.

  • Nilanka15

    As knowledgeable Raptors fans, let’s all make a concentrated effort to watch DeRozan on the defensive end this year.  Not just when he’s guarding the ball, but when he’s on the weak side, chasing and fighting through screens too.

    • RaptorFan

      agreed…. i think you’ll notice an improvement (however small it may be)…..Casey is a really good defensive coach….. there’s no reason to believe Demar can’t get better defensively – especially with training camp this year

  • I say they need to sign him now and try to get him cheap. If he continues to play around where he has been, then he is a role starter at worst and you may have overpaid some but not a max. If you don’t sign him and he goes off just enough to warrant a max deal, then you are screwed and you have to pay but all the while knowing he still isn’t a max deal player but you need to keep him. That is a no win situation because you still know he is not a Lebron/Durant/Kobe type of player but you have to pay to keep a decent starter. Max deals on a so-so starter kills the budget, go ask Atlanta.

    If you sign him now for anything less than the max, it isn’t that horrible! If you wait, could have a Joe Johnson situation! 

    • Nilanka15

      I will personally guarantee that there’s 0.00% chance anyone even considers a max offer for DeRozan.

  • Oxnumbernine

    Why the rush? The two parties can work on a deal when the fog has lifted and DeMar’s future role is clearer.
    There is absolutely no way I would extend DeMar for a 4 year, $32-35M contract at this time, as someone suggested. That’s more than Wilson Chandler money and Wilson Chandler is a much better player if the two players do not see progression or regression.

    I don’t think DeMar would accept a 4 year $16-20M extension now as the memory of the Landry Fields’ signing is still too fresh in his memory.

    I’d rather wait until Summer 2013 before offering him an extension.

  • BlakeMurphy

    FYI, per Eric Koreen negotiations are still ongoing between Raps and DD’s reps. Wolstat from the Sun suggest 4-32 to 4-36 range, and Ty Lawson just got 4-48. Thoughts on 4-32? 8M seems steep given what he’s shown us so far…if that’s the price tag, I’d be content to wait it out, doubt he’ll get much more than that as an RFA even with a strong year.

    • Statement

      8 million is too steep.

      He hasn’t shown us anything that Nick Young couldn’t.  Unless you are going to sign him to below-market rates, let him be an RFA and if somebody gives him a stupid, Bargnani level offer, you laugh (privately) and let him go.

    • Statement

      Then you let Terrance Ross take over, who can’t be a worse defender and rebounder and is already a better shooter.

    • Nilanka15

      Based on production, $8 million seems steep.

      But based on teammates’ salaries (Amir’s $7 million in 2014, or Fields’ $8.5 million in 2014), seems about right.

      • BlakeMurphy

        Both had deals average about 6/yr. Both of those guys, because of defensive value, have been “worth” more in the past two years. So even if we figure in a bit of inflation and assume SOME improvement, I think 8 is much too steep.

        The extra year on the rookie deal exists for this purpose. With some guys, you just don’t know with certainty their value after 3 years.

        • Tee

          i think your being too narrow minded…too steep for who? the raptors? your assuming we amass world class talent at reasonable prices.

          Nba teams that want to contend spend big money.

          • BlakeMurphy

            Yes, but does he help you contend? It’s not just the $, but the opportunity cost of spending it. E.g. if you can replace DeRozan’s production by next year with T-Ross (not the worst assumption given his shooting touch in college and D potential) at half the price, why commit those $s to DD now?

            Again, I LOVE DD…have a Compton High jersey. I’d just rather wait the extra year, learn more, and if he improves like a 4-32 deal would suggest, I’m OK having to pay him a tad more at that point.

            • Tee

              Ok…I think we are in agreement then.

              but note if u go with ross a back up SG will also cost $

    • mountio

      4-32 is bang on. Assuming he plays about the same as he has to date (with a marginal improvement, but nothing that anyone can call drastic) – then I would do it. Im not sure I would bother now, because I think the odds of Demar breaking out beyond this are slim

  • Statement

    Destro is to Derozan as cesco is to Bargnani.

    • cesco

       If DD had a 61.2 EFG % on three pointers in his third year like Andrea had , he would have got his extension of 8 mil/year by now .

    • Herman

      DESTRO would continue to watch the raps if DD was traded, but CESCO wouldn’t if AB13 was traded

  • Jesse Khaira

    Extend em’ before the James Harden thing happens to us. There aren’t many 2-guards in this league and DeMar seems to be blossoming and finding his niche in the post as a guy who can complement Bargnani in leading the team in scoring on alot of nights. I advise the Raptors to pick him up ASAP at a good price.

    • Ihatehaters

      There aren’t many 2-guards in this league??

      • Tee

        look it up and compare each starting SG to Demar, i think you will be surprized

  • Tee

    Can we all agree that Demar is a top 125 player (i think top 100) in the NBA?

    List every starting SG in the NBA look & at their production…Demar by process of elimination (im guessing) would probably be top 15-20. 

    Supply and Demand..

    The Mavs, Grizzles & G.S. will offer him 10mill/season if he puts up anywhere close to 18ppg as a 6″7 SG, You think they care if hes worth it?  

    The raps dont have a starting caliber SF and people want to get rid of a SG!?

    Hes f*cking 23 years old, you have to gamble that hes worth it (and forget the cap you enter into the lux if you have to).  If not you have to replace an 17ppg scorer, in Toronto thats not as easy as one would suggest.  

    • Destro

      Dogg these idiots dont understand shit….I been said someone will give him 10 mil per season…If harden gets a max he’ll most def get 10….


      • hater

        smh at comparing demar to harden foh dummy

    • FAQ

      If DD is flawed, then let him go to flourish with another team.  I suspect he will be riding the bench with another team after he shows them what he can’t do.  Coaches will not tolerate incompetence.

  • Destro

    Some of yall actually wanted Steve Nash here lol….thank God that didnt work out…

    • FAQ

      Nash would have put bums in the ACC seats… even if he only played 12 minutes per game.  Morontonians are… you know……

  • Mark

    I would extend him for the right number.  For people saying he hasn’t proved anything I disagree.  He has shown enough to me that he is obviously a starting level player moving forward.  Offer him 4 years and 30 Million and go from there.  If you wanted Fields for $20M over 3 than clearly DeRozan is worth that.  If he wants more than play it out next summer. 

  • FAQ

    Hmmmm… does anybody think that giving a SG or SF more than 3 seasons to “develop” is appropriate?  I can see giving a promising big man more than 3 seasons, but a SG, who can’t dribble…. ummmm, no.  Sorry, but I think Raps need instant talent at these positions.

    Unless DD explodes this season, he should be traded or let go. His future is in his hands because enough is enough.

  • Newguybri

    Unless I’m misunderstanding, If you trade DD now, you only get back at most a contract worth 150% of his salary, or $5 million. If you sign and trade him, that’s a three year contract (at least) which means a team would have to want him pretty badly. To go that route would mean the Raptors take back someone with a bigger contract. Can anyone identify even a remotely potential suitor for a deal like that? I couldn’t. 

    If he’s packaged with Amir, or Jose or whoever, you then have to take back other non-desirable expiring contracts, or players under contract for future years, which means either taking a chance on guys that won’t be around after the season anyway, or locking up a bunch of that hard fought salary cap room. 

    My guess is the most favourable alternative would be to flip DD’s expiring contract with someone else’s expiring contract. That would serve as a partial season tryout. If the player you get back succeeds, then TO hopefully retains him, otherwise he can walk. 

    The more likely alternative would be that TO doesn’t find anything suitable in a trade for DD (assuming they don’t want to take back a bunch of salary in a sign and trade) and he walks at the end of the year.

    I agree that it would be great to trade him and avoid “getting nothing back in return,” but I don’t understand a move to take on salary for any marginal talents or worse, trading for other all-potential, no production players. When a player leaves via FA, you aren’t getting nothing for them, you get the salary cap room of their contract, and the ability to apply it to someone else.