Calderon: Who would’ve thought he’d be great coming off the bench? Hunting down his shot like Sandy does trees, this guy was the eron part of Forderon reborn.  Is it me or did he seem to create 20-feet of separation on every shot?  Thing with him is his legs, if they’re fresh enough, he’s consistent enough.

Bargnani: Going up against Westside he went inside – on D and O.  On D he moved his feet, and on O he got his fair share against West.  The latter did have the better offensive game, but with Granger missing all you had to do was make sure he didn’t have a career night.  He didn’t.  I’ll look past the shooting and rebounding if all he does is compete.

Lowry: Sets NBA record with 47 steals in a quarter.  Or it seemed like it in the first half, Raps had 10 steals then and Lowry had 3, a good reason they were tied despite letting Indy shoot 51% in the half.  The 12-0 third quarter surge was his doing too.  It’s nice to have a guy you can dump the ball to and expect something positive to happen.  I thought that drive that he got fouled on right before the TV timeout in the might’ve saved the game as it earned momentum.  It turned out some ill-advised pull-ups later on killed it.

DeRozan: Starter 0-5 and then started to dance.  Defense was…better…offensive was…predictable, and more worryingly missing when it counted.  Despite the Republic thinking the extension wasn’t deserved, he got it and responded with a night off.  Good move at the end there with the game tied, too bad he blew the layup.

Davis: Played like a guy out of prison desperate for some action.  Got in there like a big man, got some rebounds, made people feel him whether they wanted to or not.  Nice showing for Dolorous Ed.

Valanciunas: Started off slow only to throw down a massive jam off a put-back.  Solid double-double.  Got burned by Roy Hibbert pretty consistently but didn’t back down and continued to fight on D.  Even hit a couple nice jumpers which will be a pleasant surprise all season.

Fields: The only purpose he served was having 15% of a single Pacer’s attention throughout the game.  When he was in, it was basically 4 on 5.

Johnson: I’m worried when he plays center and you saw why, he’s just not strong enough.  Still got 7 rebounds but somehow all I remember is that ill-advised jumper in the fourth.

Ross: Forgot his sweet stroke in his condo.

Lucas: Came in to oversee the worst offensive stretch of the game for the Raptors.  Let’s hope this is the anomaly, not the preseason.

Andersen: Hey man, do you look at DeRozan and go, “If he can get one, so can I”?

Gray: Was brought into handle Hibbert….after Hibbert had done all his damage.

The Good: Lowry

The Bad: Fields

The Ugly: Gray

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  • Sheptor

    Painful loss…I do not blame Bargnani for the final play. I thought it was a bad play call to begin with.

    • Destro

      That last 5 mins was full of atrocious play calling…

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      AB has never made a game winning shot- he’s not clutch just out of touch.

      Casey already has caved in his 2 rebounds per quarter request now he wants King Bargs to just box out- wow, and still talking  AB’s name in the same breathe as NBA champ DNowitzki to the fan base.lmfao smh

      Casey: “One thing I’ve come to understand, and we did the same thing with Dirk [Nowitzki in Dallas], he’s never going to be a great rebounder,” Casey said. “Turning him into a rebounder is like turning [former Raptor and current Nets forward] Reggie Evans into a three-point shooter. That’s not going to happen. But the one thing he has to do is box his man out. Do not let his man get the ball. That’s the deal we have. That’s [what] he’s got to give us on the rebounding side.”

      Dirk’s career stats:

      Dirk averages 8.3 rpg for his career and outside of his rookie year has never averaged less than 6.5 rpg in any season. Plus 9 out of 14 season’s Dirk has averaged no lower than 8.4 rpg a season with his high being 9.9 twice.

      Bargnani’s career stats:

      Bargnani has averaged 4.9 rpg over his career with a high of 6.2 in 2009-10.

      • eatadic

         u fucking clown….we get hate go be a good faggot and go fuck yourself.

      • NyAlesund

         You are stupid!!! There is not other explanation. Shut up!!!!!!

        We all of us understand your LOVE for AB, but shut up. Untill your favourite player is part of this organization is useless that you remember every time how you LOVE him.

  • Destro

    Dwayne Casey’s bad coaching in the 4th qtr absolutely lost this game…no adjustments on defense at all…

  • mobchester

    Why didn’t DC put Dominic Mcquire on david west

    • Destro

      good point here….You sit McGuire who you could have used defensively and you dress Kleiza who doesnt see the floor at all….

      Pound the rock !!

    •  dude was in his suit lol

  • Destro

    Overrall thoughts :
    Team played decent in spurts,help D was terrible most of the night…Val looked good..
    Even tho DeRozan stat line isnt impressive i like he kept trying to get to the basket but hes got to finish and NOT rely on the whistle cuz clearly the refs do not respect him….

    Calderon played great,perfect role for him…and obviously Lowry is the star of this team..his statline is ridiculous the way he can impact and really dominate a game on both sides of the ball is fun to watch….

    But again my real problem is the coaching….No adjustments in that 4th qtr stretch,you cant keep letting West abuse bargnani and not double him or switch Val onto him…clearly bargs couldnt handle him and Casey did nothing about it,thats really where the game was lost…

    Casey can coach .500 teams he will never coach elite teams in this league,too many small time mistakes….

    • hater

      you werent saying that bout casey last year dummy. every1 makes small mistakes u watch the playoffs last year dummy? done by every coach even the elite 1s. its up 2 the players to execute the plays and they didnt and now u rippin on casey after 1 game smh.

      • Destro

        Yes because Casey made some glaring mistakes…

        You cant keep letting a guy hit shots and not change up the defense on him,D West making all those buckets is where the game and momnetum changed…thats a coaching error….

        but but you knew that already lol

        • Phat AlberG

          Even though I don’t agree with some of things you say I have agree with you with this one.  Casey last 5 mins of game was bad, you can’t go 1 for 8 to close out the game.   

    • Tinman

      Agree, Demar has gotta quit looking at the refs. That’s why there’s no respect. Personally I think it ridiculous refs gave him no free throws. But he’s gotta quit lookiing to the refs. It won’t help. 

    • Ghotte

      Everyone was aware the offense would take time to gel with 3 new starters in the 1st unit yet you are ready to throw Casey under the bus after one game. Guess Casey is a horrible coach due to all the defensive and offensive breakdowns in the game. 

      Nevermind that the Raptors were competing and in this game up till the end. 

      • pogi

        Don’t blame the coach, Bargnani sucks. Raptors mgt never learned from their mistakes.

    • Dan

      I agree with you on Casey not trying to double West was poor coaching. Derozan I think is just terrible and can’t believe he is getting an extension at 10 million a year. His stat line is pretty much what it always is. Just tonight he didn’t get bailed out on his terrible drives with a foul call so his points were lower. Go look at his stats on Other then from year 1 to year 2 when his numbers went up just because his minutes and shot attempts went up, he has not improved. Even that second year his fg% went down.What is your opinion on guys like CJ Miles and Ronnie Brewer. They basically have similar games then derozan. Only they make way less and are more efficient and play better D. Check out the stats they put up when they were given a starting roll and starters minutes. The only difference between them and Derozan is they never had GM trying to sell the fans that they were a number one or two scoring option.

  • Rick

    Not blaming the loss on this, but who else thought that the ball was out on Gerald Green and NOT Calderon? TSN provides crappy replay footage, but it sure looked like Green’s finger hit it last to me.

    • unknown guest

      Didn’t feel like homecourt the way the refs called the game.

  • Destro

    So we still think Fields is a glue guy ? lol

    How many games til he starts getting booed at home ?

    • mountio

      i give it 2 more. He was awful … even for a guy making $1m / year, let alone what hes making

      • Dan

        With the exceptions of Calderon and Lowry the entire team shot terrible. Fields shot wasn’t falling but he didn’t force it. He missed six shots. Andrea Missed 11 and Demar and Jonas missed 9. Fields still played good d and he made good rotations. If you watch him without the ball he does a lot of good things. He was the only starter with a plus rating last night.

    • Buschfire

      HeySues! One game and the bags out on Fields already? Give the guy a break, not just him the whole team and coach Casey. Fine some players played poorly, so the coach screwed up at the end of the game. THIS IS THE FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON and dammit that game was probably more exciting than majority of last season. We may not be the best team, but we’ll be a fun team to watch if we can compete like that night in night out.

  • DC

    Being a little harsh on derozon there aint ya? I mean yea he had an off shooting night but he was pretty active on D and drove to the bucket a couple times and got hit it looked like but the ref never called it. Your lovefest with king bargs is your downfall in this. Were you watching the same game I was? WTF was bargs doing defensively the 3rd and 4th qt? He missed 3 crucial buckets the last 3 mins of the game and again another 3 reb game. If he’s not shooting good, which he wasn’t all game Why the fuck can’t he board more? O thats because he’s a lazy mofo. David West shitted on him try and tell me something different. No way you can. We probably win this game if king bargs plays less and Ed D plays more. Lowry fucking balled out there and its sorry such an effort had to be wasted. Fields. LMAO smdh. WTF did we sign him for again? I don’t care if it’s one game you can throw him in with the kapano colangelo puke signings.

    • Destro

      Typical DD hating…most ppl in here cant be objective they have horses in this race *shrugs*

      he should have been at the line 5-6 times,refs werent giving it to him…That spin move at the end was great he got to finish it tho and not rely on whistles…

      His aggressiveness is enough to win him some passes…he played alright on D he was aggressive despite losing his man a few times early on….

      but the haters will call it by the boxscore….

      • DC

        Exactly don’t think the refs really respect him yet unless he’s getting mugged. He played a decent game shot just wasn’t falling tho. Gotta lot to work on to earn that 40 million. I think he won’t not live up to it due to hard work. You can tell he puts in work to get his game better just don’t know if he has the talent to get to that level. 

      • ad

        DD fucking sucks and is not deserving at all of the extension. If our GM wasnt a fucking tool, he would never have gotten it. Look at paul george. George ABUSED derozan the entire game on defense and offense. Thats a core wing player. DD is a bench player. Sorry to say but fed up with this team relying on him to be something hes not.

        • ad

           As a sidenote, george had 15 rebs. 15!!! i cant remember derozan ever getting more than 5.

          •  And you know Paul George is 6″10

          • Destro

            Overreaction breh

            If DeRozan finishes and gets a few FTs its a win his numbers look better and you probably dont react this way…..As long as he stays aggressive and shoots at a near 45% clip im fine…We didnt lose the game because of him….

            Truth is neither him and Bargnani were that great,yes im putting it on BOTH of them….they didnt lose the game but they need to be better….

          • Destro

            He outrebounded Andrea tho…

            • SR

              Andrea outrebounded West by 50%.

              • Destro

                and was outrebounded by Lowry by 50%

        • Lorenzo

          Paul George is a million times better than DeRozan. I guess he deserves the max, right? I mean, It’s only fair if they do?

          Smh… 10 mil a year… kill me now…

          • Destro

            and wait for it….this gonna hurt too…

            Valanciunas is already better than Bargnani and after ONE fcukn game is a better defender and rebounder

            SAD aint it…

            • Lorenzo

              I’ve known this

            • Phat AlberG

              The raptors started losing when stop calling plays for Bargnani and that’s the fact!  The dude had one touch in the last 5 mins of the game.    

              • Destro

                Stop it ! He shot 4-15 he was bricking everything after the 1st qtr,thats a bold face lie breh and you know it….

              • unknown guest

                AB didn’t have the legs anymore.

            • eatadic

               sad youre a fucking idiot….keep pitting teamates against each other you fukwit….jesus christ you dumb fucks are retarded.

        • Phat AlberG

          Paul George is 6’10 2 guard that can put the ball on the floor and shoot. 

    • Tinman

       “Being a little harsh on dero- er Bargnani there aint ya? I mean yea he had an off shooting night but he was pretty active on D and drove to the bucket a couple times”

      • Destro

        Bargs was hit and miss on D..he had some spurts where he was good,moved his feet blocked some shots but he had moments where he was bad and caught in no mans land and truth be told he made a huge mental gaff on the GW basekt by Hill…..

        Good and bad *shrugs*

        • Lorenzo

          He has no lateral quickness on D. His defense was good all night except for that last couple minutes when West turned into Chamberlain. Shoulda switched JV onto him as Hibbert was non-existant in the 2nd half scoring ZERO points. Thanks to Gray.

          • Destro

            False..he missed  a ton of assignments def and THEN got torched by David West in the 4th qtr….Sorry breh im not giving dude a pass cuz yall aint watching properly…He made a couple of plays off the ball blocking shots..but he missed a shitload of assignments defensively that led to easy baskets….yall need to start focusing on him defensively to see the mistakes…He made a bad one on the GW shot he rotated off the ball to the wing leaving George a free trip down the lane to shoot that floater….

            He made a couple of plays but overrall his D was cheeks…

            • Lorenzo

               Idk, for the time I was watching him he looked good

              • Destro

                You dont watch without rose colored glasses tho…

                He scored 5 pts after the 1st qtr….He didnt have a good game like some of the pseudo lying analysts are stating…

            • CJT

              I agree that he missed some assignments on D, but isn’t that what plays are drawn up to accomplish?  Picks, cuts, quick passes etc. to get the defense moving and force missed assignments.  Is there anyone you can name that doesn’t blow assignments on D?  Not giving him undue credit here, just saying.  Also on the last play, what would you have said if he did plug the lane and the ball was dumped to West to make the game winner?  You would have blamed him for leaving West wide open. 

    • CJT

      what game were you watching?  AB was the only reason they were in the game in the first quarter and he was efficient as well.  He had several blocks on West and played good D on him until the 4th when I agree he got abused. 

      • Destro

        4-15 is efficient ? He played ok but he made alot of mistakes….

        • SR

          He had some good man-D on West.  West heated up in the 4th going at Amir, not Bargs.  Bargs came in and had some good man D on West but also got way out of position hedging some screens (although help should have rotated onto West).

          • Destro

            Ugh NO it was bargs getting cooked by West….Bargs all game long was late helping or not helping at all…..This improved D is only seen and acknowledged by his loving supporters from RR…

            • CJT

              it was both.

        • Phat AlberG

          hey 7/8 from the strip and he got David West in trouble in the 1st quarter and they stop calling plays for him and that is not his fault.

          • Destro

            ill give him THAT one thing he did well was get to the line….

        • CJT

          what was he in the first quarter?  I thought he was exhausted in the second half and probably shouldn’t have been playing.  But he was very good in the first quarter.

          • Destro

            Games are not won or lost in the 1st qtr…he scored 11 pts and in classic bargnani fashion died in the 2nd half….

            • CJT

              I disagree with this statement.  I fully agree that last night he died, he was obviously exhausted and had no legs left. 

        • Shawn West

          For all your talk, I’d like to see you play Bargnani one and one you 400 lb shithead!

  • mobchester

    Derozan didn’t do shit , the refs cost us this game big time and davis west shit on bargani in the 4thquarter , why didn’t Casey made a defensive adjustment

  • voy

    sure it was a loss but for the first time in a long while we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  sure we may have just entered the tunnel but with some vision you can see how this has a chance to play out. 

    – KL looks like a demon on D.  Gotta wonder though how many times some prick ref will ring him up for 4 quick fouls in 3 minutes.  still, impossible not to like what he brought today and can hopefully bring for the entire season.

    – JV looks good, I think.  Too many jumpers, in my opinion, but its nice to have a centre who looks like he can fill that spot for the next ten years.

    – We need a swingman.  I think we can possibly use jose’s contract to maybe fill that role or at least add another decent piece.

    – Hopefully we can have a good draft next year and then use bargs as a trading chip for one of the final pieces to elevate us into a pretty good team.

    – Not happy with DD getting almost 10 mill a year.  Hope that doesn’t eat too much into next year’s financial flexibility.

    – Really enjoy watching the young guys work.  And reaaaally enjoy having young guys on the team who look like they can make life miserable for the opposition. 

    – Only concern is dont want a few tough losses to poison the team atmosphere.  Learning to close out games is something every team that wants to be good needs to learn.

  • Max

    Fields is bordering fucking Rasual Butler right now.

    • Destro

      Rasual Butler wasnt getting 20 mil over 3 seasons….THIS is worse.

      • Ghotte

        Give the guy a chance. All he has to do is play good defense and contribute when needed and he’ll be a valuable cog for the first unit. Yes, he sh*t the bed today but it’s probably the exception. 

  • Destro

    Colangelo really fucked up again…4 yrs 42 mil

    smh this guys an idiot to be sure,what is the damn rush ? Why not wait to see what he does this season first ? I think if he blew up this year he’d get 10 mil per but why give it to him NOW ???

    BC is an absolute moron…

    • DC

      Exactly Colangelo should of def let the season ride out first. Thats alot of money to put into a player that hasn’t really done enough yet to deserve it. He’s think of that p word (potential) which is the same mistake he did with Bargs.He ends up paying middling players based on where he thinks or hopes what they will be. He did it with bargs, calderon, fields, kapono, now derozan. He gm’s like he’s playing nba 2k13. 

    • Lorenzo

      Hey look, we agree on something. i’m now officially on the “Fire Colangelo Now” bandwagon.

      So many fuck ups these last couple of years… this is the last straw…

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Terrible breakdowns for those clutch minutes. 

    Val had a great test – Hibbert. Give him some more muscle, and he’ll surpass Hib.

    Bargs – who looked like Bela Lugosi – played too much coming off a flu (34+ minutes) – didn’t like how Casey managed his minutes. He had no legs on those later shots, especially in the 3rd Quarter.

    Demar gets a pass for being over-excited by his new paycheque. 7,8,9,10 mil over four years, more my speed. 40 million too much, but this new CBA doesn’t seemt to be stopping the ridiculous contracts.

    Lowry. One word … wow.

    Casey needs to work on the Offensive side. Good D for most of the game – last 5 minutes excepted.

    Sucks to lose. Indiana didn’t win this contest – Raps gave it to them.


    • FAQ

      At least Raps didn’t dig a hole in the 1st quarter…. just the 4th quarter.

      The go-to players were Lowry and Jose… while the rest of the team faded under the pressure.  You could see them tiring as their shots hit the front of the rim.

      Casey has a lot of work to do with his wing players… they were… inadequate.

  • Tinman

    Great to have basketball back, caught the last three quarters. Gut wrenching loss, despite solid effort.
    Hated the way the refs called last quarter, seems none came our way. Gonna have to earn them. Odd that neither Demar or Jonas got to the stripe. Both seemed to have gotten clipped a few times.
    Jonas took his fouls like a pro – Demar has gotta play through 

    • FAQ

      Refs were permitting hard contact and many players were ending up on the floor on their butts.  Soft pussy cats like demar will get squashed if the refs are now allowing hard hitting and no fouls.  Makes the game a lot more exciting.. I like it!!!!

  • ad

    Some observations
    1) Our wing players are fucking useless. All of them. They are so bad Casey is forced to play owry and calderon half the game.
    2) BC is a complete idiot for overpaying derozan and giving him an extension which he did not deserve. Why? Because derozan wanted to be here? Are you fucking kidding me?? Were rewarding players that want to be here. This team has become a complete joke.
    3) JV and Lowry (besides boneheaded players late in 4thq) were awesome and will help this team stay competititive
    4) Derozan and Bargnani hurt this team more than they help it.
    5) Ross looks like nothing special even though its just one game.

    • Destro

      Casey played Lowry and Calderon half the game cuz they were the best offensive players tonight..Calderon was hitting everything you cant take him out…

      You are overreacting tho on DD….Fields was bad,Anderson was OK but you have to let some more games unfold….if DeRozan stays aggressive i believe it will come IF it doesnt ill accept that either way he got overpaid but DD wasnt as bad as your stating….

  • J Xgodblessx

    2pt loss on a game we should have won leading most of the 4th
    aside from jose no offensive production from the bench that was awesome in preseason
    bad shooting nights from AB & DD
    fields was just 0

    still after all this only 2 pt loss against a good team & a come from behind fashion as well

    Hopefully this means that if more things goes right in the next games it will mean more WINS

  • Statement

    Why did Colangelo extend Derozan?  Good Lord, where is Alex Rucker t slap some sense into Colangelo.

    What is it with this guy and the undeserved extensions.  Man, I’m pissed at that.

    There goes the dream of Derozan walking as a free agent and an actual productive player coming in.

    This team is already hard to follow and it’s the first fucking game.

    • Lorenzo

      And there goes my dream of trading him for another player, as this signing has fucking obliterated all opportunities of a swap for the next four years. Fuck you Bryan.

  • Jamshid

    CONGRATULATION to DD for milking the Cash Cow, Toronto Raptor …. 
    THANK YOU BC for proving me and your other critics right that you are a GM who over pays for average player …THANK YOU BC for proving once again that so called ” Financial Flexibility” under your management means NOTHING when you give these sort of salaries to players like DD.Matt52, You are an expert on financial flexibility ?  Do we still have a any money left ? 

    • Destro

      Heres the question now..Why did you draft T Ross ? It obvously wasnt to replace DeRozan ?

      • EmarErozan

        Drummond had too much raw defensive ability for our team.

        • Destro

          Drummond will be the best big man in the NBA in 3 years…

          • Lorenzo


          • Nilanka15

            Drummond may not even be starting in 3 years.

      • Herman

        he drafted T ross because he thought he would fit good alongside steve nash (who he DID NOT sign) BC is a MORON

        • Lorenzo

          Um, no? He drafted Ross because Casey said he wanted him.

          • CJT

            And stefanski was very high on him too.  It was interesting to see them discussing Rivers and his lack of defensive ability etc. on that draft special.

  • voy

    – wouldn’t mind seeing derozan in the post a little more.

    – 4rth Q definately needed to me managed a little better. too many outside shots

    – derozan needs to start hitting those floaters from 2 ft away from the basket. I’m cheering for the guy (even though I dont like his contract) but I’m wondering cant he finish in traffic or did he let the moment get to him?  with that contract he needs to learn to become a closer

    – homecourt, last shot of the game, I hoped bargs would have leaned into the shot and man instead of letting his defender push him off balance while attempting the fade away.

    – want the team to continue with the young guys. worse thing you can do now is trade a draft pick or a young piece and commit major $$ to a 30 something small forward who can drop 15 pts a night. stick with the youth movement

  • FAQ

    {{{{{{{{{{SCAAAARRRY}}}}}}}}}} reffing …!!!!!!

    Lots of hard contact and no calls. Wonder if refs were told to allow more physical bashing and not creating high school pussy play.   I like it!!!

    • unknown guest

      Did seem like a pre-90’s game.

  • Jamshid

    Based on what AB, DD, Amir and Fileds are getting paid, next year Lowry should be either MAX ( 15 million) or at least 13 million per season. This makes a whopping 45 million between 5 of them :). Add Jonas to the mix and Ross to the mix ( unless we want to trade our picks away), we are talking about 51-52 a year 🙂

    • ad

       I bet you BC is already looking at extending ross. 5 yrs/ 90M. Book it.

  • knickz

    great to see my boy calderon play good off the bench. these guys on real gm who hate on calderon are the most pathetic human beings alive. hate pollutes the mind

    • what the

      i can’t wait until that fuc$er Calderon is gone from this team

      • noz picker

        same goes with our new $10+ million p.a. man demar derozan and worth every penny

      • Alb Perjet

        what… he hit 2 important threes to keep us in the game… were u watching him… b/c of him demar was sitting in the sideline biting his nails…

  • knickz

    one game and some of you guys are already throwing in the towel, relax, 82 game seaon

  • EmarErozan

    I like ERozan. But that’s way too much money.

    Watching the Lakers game now – we will regret losing out on Lillard.

    • Lorenzo

      Regret? Regret what? We had no chance of even getting him… because we decided to beat the Nets in the last game of the fucking season where Uzoh got a triple-double…  FUCK

  • Borat

    They should have worked the clock more to dump it down low hoping for a foul or higher percentage bucket but Jose lofted that shot, horrible I thought with the game winding down…Barfgangi is 7 feet tall playing good minutes and hauls down 3 rebounds?, brutal!!!…he’ll never play D and rebound, get him outta here for anything, the league is full of chuckers, at least get one that rebounds and plays some sort of D. Derozan can still evolve but not in this environment, they should have waited for an extension, at least make him a bit hungry. Get rid of BC and the euro’s!

    • Jamshid

      Why would you want to get rid of BC now ? We have no first round pick next year ( went to Rockets), have couple of big long term contracts that will restrict us for few years, couple of Rookies , Ross, Ed … that do NOT seem to have the bright future and … Keep BC and let him live the circus that he created. Lowry is dreaming about his Max deal tonight 😉

  • Adriiian

    I believe in DeMar… He will deliver. Missed his first 5 shots, but started hitting. Trying to get to the rim, he should have definitely got 1 or 2 calls at least. Not his fault. You can tell his game and jumper are improving.
    Too bad we lost, but I’m still optimistic about this season. Bargs coming off the flu was hot at the beginning then went Antarctica cold. Landry = 0. Lowry = WIN.
    Other than that. Let’s go RAPS

  • Theswirsky

    And now we know why Colangelo is known a “players GM”

    • unknown guest

      Sam Presti he is not.

  • j bean

    I have been so looking forward to the start of the season and I’m pumped with seeing the Raptors stay with the Pacers and just miss starting the fans off with a win. Let’s remember how good the Pacers were last year (5th place overall). Yes there were a lot of mistakes and some poor performances but there is a lot of ball left to be played. The good is that they were in position to win in spite of the negatives. There will be some changes made and some lessons learned that will help them close out games when they have the lead. These things take time.
    The comments I’m reading about how crappy everyone played make me wonder if they thought the Raps would start whacking the top teams out of the gate. Let’s get real. The schedule is tough and eight wins after twenty games would be impressive.

    • Destro

      Frustration…Your up double digits with 5-6 mins to play you have to close that out….thats basically what it comes down too…

      • CJT

        AGreed.  That was the one thing that I was impressed with in preseason.  They were able to withstand the late push and extend their leads.  Hope to see some quick improvement in this area.

    • leftovercrack

      Also, I think part of the negative reaction is the DD extension and what it means for the Raptors. We now will have almost no cap space in the offseason to acquire new talent and we likely won’t have a first round draft pick either. This is our team for the foreseeable future – it’s tough to see how we can upgrade – and the whole moral victory thing for putting up a good fight against a good team is no longer enough. Championship teams have trios of stars (Lebron, Wade, Bosh. Howard, Kobe, Nash) but we have locked longterm Fields, DD and Bargnani, who scored 0, 10 and 16 points respectively. This loss just emphasized a feeling of being stuck in mediocrity. I’m sure we will win the next game and the downer mood will be lifted   

      • Nilanka15

        Well, we do have Calderon’s $10 million coming off the books, plus Kleiza looks more and more like an amnesty candidate.  That’s $15 million in total.

        And let’s not forget that one of Amir or Davis needs to go.  It’s redundant to keep them both (waste of resources).

  • FAQ

    I’m surprised… pleasantly.  This game confirms the Raps are a blue-collar team with no game-changing go-to player.  Yes, Lowry and Jose looked good on offence, and they hung in on defence…. but what do you expect from a Rap team that still hasn’t jelled with so many new players.  Casey will be challenged to coach optimally with this indeterminate bunch.

  • p00ka

    LOL, the pathos swirling in these comments are a barrel of laughs.
    :’-)  whaaaaaaaaaaahahahaha

    PS. did these idiots shouting down Bargs D watch the game, or were they playing with their G.I. Joe figurines during the game and read the boxscore later? sheeesh, un-fluxing real

    • Destro

      He made alot of def mistakes….ALOT.
      His offense was invisible after the 1st qtr

      • eatadic

        kill yourself faggot.


      *rattle, rattle*

  • ad

    Just reading tweets from hollinger and basketball “experts”, the raps are even more of a laughingstock after the derozan extension. Also, now we have less flexibility in the offseason to add to our team. Why is BC such an idiot? Is it because he really thinks he cant get anybody to come to toronto so he has to overpay to keep players that want to be here? Just makes no sense. Sooooo pissed.

    • Lorenzo

      Me too bro. let’s be mad together

  • hateslosing

    The big positive here is Val, first regular season NBA game against one of the tougher covers at center (Hibbert is a real big man) and he far exceeded expectations. If he averages anywhere close to what he got tonight he’ll be the rookie of the year (though A.Davos had 21 and 7 in his debut). The biggest positive I saw is that he wasn’t getting pushed around at all inside, which is going to be key anytime we play a team with a big center.
    We should have won this one but it’s tough to win games when the other team shoots more than 10% better than you. Bargs needs to get in shape, he played good D up until West exploded but he is still getting no lift on his jumper. He hits a couple of those mid ranged shots and it’s a different game.
    I hated the 2 pg line up. I know that we need our better shooters on the floor at the end but I think we missed Fields on defense. His size and length seem to bother the opposing team. He needs to get in the gym with the shooting coach and fire off a couple thousand corner threes a day until he’s hitting those consistently. It also felt like we didn’t get into our sets as quickly when both Calderon and Lowry were on.
    Derozen needs to pass it. Dude is a huge black hole and gets tunnel vision on drives. The offense stalls whenever he touches it.

  • Krytha

    Damn son, Lowry was working on a quadruple double…

  • Ion66

    It’s just the first game of the year. I’ve watched a few higher end teams than us really struggle so far with major changes to their rosters, and new, younger players in some cases. I keep hearing “The Celtics will be there at the end of the season”..and “The Lakers just need some time to gel”, not the doom and gloom I read here! We didnt get whupped by any stretch. Based on what I saw with the Raps, I’m hopeful for where this team could be in a few more months. Give them a chance to develop some solid chemistry and we’ll be fine and win our share.

    • Destro

      Meh They had chemistry in this game tho…They were up 8 mid way thru the qtr,game was in there back pocket just finish it out thats the frustrating part….NEw faces still same old classic Raptor style loss of giving it away late….

  • eatadic

    unlike the faggots in here playing the blame game and trying to pin it on 1 player……i say it was an awesome game and we play like that this season we make the playoffs.

  • nba_socrates

    Should the raptors sign Derozan for 40 mil? Is he worth that much?

  • FAQ

    No Jell-O ….. just wait….

  • Alb Perjet
  • Konanas

    Bargnani had a lot of problems defending West in the 4th quarter and didn’t do anything in offence at that time. It’s easy to talk after all, but i think DC had to try to throw Ed Davis to defend West at some point in the 4th

  • 511

    Opening night. You could see, easily, that some of the players were just plain over-amped by the moment. That wasn’t the case with Bargs; thought he played (for the most part), well. Only problem — and it was an obvious one — was that that flu that he’d been hit with sapped him out, bad. Second half, his legs were SO not into his shots it was ridiculous. (Casey should’ve seen that. Maybe he’s not super-coach yet.) 

    But TRoss was over-amped; he couldn’t hit the side of a barn door. He’ll settle down. Fields was scatter-brained/ in shock. Same for Amir in a way; I think it was so important for him to show that all his hard work and focus will pay off this year that he had shot-jitters or something … or … or … maybe the whole DeMar getting signed thing had him a little freaked out. Because … I have to admit, I said here a week or so ago that ‘I really hope they got DeMar signed’ or some such … which I had re-thought a bit since (because, after all, how much better was he gonna get this season that his price was going to be pushed so high it’d be ridiculous …) but … I never, in my wildest goddam dreams, imagined they’d give him TEN MILLION F***ING DOLLARS A YEAR … for FOUR YEARS!!! 

    I mean … I don’t even KNOW what to say about that. I really don’t. I wanna bash out gots2go-style but … I’m gonna let it settle for a couple days. Because I can’t make any sense of that shit. At all. 

  • NyAlesund

    Great game. Intense.

    West was unbelievable and we have to give him credit. He played like two years ago before he got injuerd. He was unstoppable.

    Probably the big mistake on D was not double him. Off couse we would have risked some open shots but Casey decided to stay on single coverage. I don’t have nothing to say on AB (he tried to contain him) because West showed his enormous talent (but honesty there was an offensive foul in his penultimate basket when push away with his arm AB). People forget how consistent he was, and now he showed again.

    AB was on his leg down the stretch.

    Field played a really bad game, I am wondering if it was an accident or we have to expect more on this. I hope not.

    Lowry, Val, Calderon very consistent, DD had a strange game. ED and AJ has given a good effort.

    We lost the game for bad offensive calls. I don’t remember a clear open shot (last three/four minutes) and defensively we paid the West’s show.

    • unknown guest

      There was a play where West drove his shoulder into AB and zero foul called and this was typical for the night. Casey should have made adjustments, yes, but I agree with you that the officiating was just terrible.

  • Kujo

     Yeah, it’s only 1 game, but I’m sorry, Fields is just a scrub, and don’t expect much from this season.  It was an awful signing.  That being said, I don’t think he can be any worse at other point this season.

    Man, I hope Terrence Ross can prove to all the doubters (myself included) that he’ll a be a solid contributor to this team.

    I was somewhat surprised that  Kleiza completely out of the rotation.  Alan Anderson is a head of him on the depth chart? Yikes.

    Good effort from Bargs is not good enough for me.  He was still  4-15, and he only had 3 rebounds.  Just not good enough.

    I was impressed by JoVal.  We finally have a real center.

    Kyle Lowry is clearly the best player on this roster.  He’s my new fav Rap.

    Good effort overall.  Let’s hope this team can consistently play with type of intensity, and energy.