Raptors fall to Indiana Pacers in season opener, 90-88 | Toronto Star

It all came crumbling down as the Raptors found a way to give away their home opener, losing 90-88 to the Indiana Pacers in front of an energized crowd called a sellout of 19,800 at the Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night. DeRozan, whose new deal will kick in after this season, keeping him under contract in Toronto for five years, missed an easy layup with 22 seconds left, the last, best chance for the Raptors to steal a win after they went through an unimaginable 4:21 scoring drought to end the game.

Valanciunas soars but Raptors will only be relevant in Toronto if they win | The Globe and Mail

It is foolish to suggest that because of Gary Bettman’s lockout, Toronto Maple Leafs fans are going to suddenly glom on to the Toronto Raptors, any more than the fact that Toronto Argonauts have managed to make the playoffs in the eight-team CFL – woohoo! – suggests Leafs fans will beat a path down to the Rogers Centre for a little three-down football.

Raptors, DeMar DeRozan agree to four-year contract extension | National Post

His quiet voice confirmed it: He knew he was about to become a rich man, having just signed a four-year deal worth US$38-million, with incentives that could make it a richer pact. If that is not cause for celebration, little is. However, he could not give off any impression of happiness after a rather mood-ruining loss — one in which he missed a key layup down the stretch.

Raptors give Toronto a much-needed breath of fresh air | National Post

Well, good for Toronto, anyway. Nash’s first game with the Los Angeles Lakers strongly indicated that his coach should be fired, the misguided offence scrapped, and the whole grand experiment handed over to somebody who might know what the hell they’re doing. Like, say, someone who can coach Steve Nash.


From the rookie who earned a double-double in his NBA debut, to the team’s hardscrabble new point guard, to a jam-packed crowd at Air Canada Centre, the Raptors season-opener had all the makings of a positive vibe not felt by Toronto sports fans in quite a while. It had everything, that is, except a victory.

Fouling Out: Six Personal Thoughts on the Game – Pacers 90, Raptors 88 | RaptorBlog

Kyle Lowry is the best player on this team, and it’s not even close. He’s an exciting catalyst on offense and he appears to be the best defensive point guard in franchise history. (Sorry, Alvin.) His numbers in his first official game as a Raptor were nothing short of awesome: 21 points on 6-of-11 shooting, eight assists, seven rebounds, five steals (!) and two turnovers.

Valanciunas picks up double-double in debut | Toronto Sun

With 1:21 left in the second quarter in Wednesday’s season opener against the Indiana Pacers, Raptors’ rookie Jonas Valanciunas trudged off the court after being replaced by veteran Aaron Gray, his head down, his body language decidedly downcast.

Raptors Final Score: Pacers Edge Raptors 90 to 88 | Raptors HQ

Kyle Lowry was sensational in his Toronto debut posting 21 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists and 5 steals. His play set the tone for his teammates who repeatedly looked to attack, even if they didn’t necessarily connect.

West’s Heroics, Hill’s Game Winner Lift Pacers Over Raptors 90-88 in Season Opener | 8 Points 9 Seconds

I suppose the only downside is that this might be the best Pacers’ game of the year. Oh, they will certainly play better. (Let’s hope so anyway. It’s gonna be a loooong season covering such slop otherwise.) But in terms of excitement, drama and good times, this was about as good as it gets on the opening night for most of the National Basketball Association.

Opening Night Realities | Toronto Star

Forty wins, plus or minus two or three, looks like a reach for this group. Getting past 30 seems a more reasonable goal. At least most eastern teams aren’t Indiana. The going gets a little easier in that respect. Then again,15 of the next 21 come on the road for the Raps. Coaxing more than seven or eights wins out of that schedule will be asking a lot based on what was delivered opening night.

Inefficient Toronto Raptors Lose Home Opener in Heartbreaking Fashion | Bleacher Report

David West absolutely destroyed Bargnani in the low-post, and his face-up game made Bargnani’s look like dog food. Bargnani, who has been battling the flu the past few days, really showed he was truly sick as his stamina down the stretch left much to be desired.


For a franchise that has not seen much success in the NBA over the past few seasons, the Toronto Raptors team and front office are a dedicated and determined bunch of people. Pacers edge Raptors 90-88 to spoil Toronto’s opener

Pacers’ Hill beats Raptors with late shot | CBS Sports

“As the game got tighter I felt like I was getting loose,” West said. “The game slowed down a little bit and I was able to get some good looks.”

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16 Responses to “Morning Coffee – Nov. 1st Edition”

  1. Andre

     I blame Landry fields and terrence Ross. They shot horribly, thats why the raptors had to go with 2 PG and Derozen at the 3. They CANNOT score that way. Jose cannot beat his man and i feel derozen couldnt buy any calls from the ref.

    • FAQ

      Refs were allowing heavy contact… no more pussy soft calls in the NBA??!!!

      Let the bigger bodies fight it out and the small bodies will get crushed this season.

      I like it….. 

    • OvertheWall

      Please don’t blame a rookie.  And also, Landry IS a good glue guy, just give him time.  Stop picking scapegoats.  Fact of the matter is, Bargnani sucks, period.  So, blame him.

  2. Brian B

    Can’t expect to win playing a stiff like Anderson 19 minutes. He shouldn’t even be dressing for a real NBA team. I fail to undertand why they dressed himn over McGuire- why sign a defensive specialist & not dress him? he does you no good on the nbench- and last night, the defence was so poor they could have used McGuire- he hardly could have been worse than DD or Fields.

    DD did nothing to earn his extension – same lack of effort of defence, same reckless shot selection.

    I’ll give AB points for playing ill, but he still is clueless about how to play team defense – gave some nice effort man to man, but gets caught out of position repeatedly.

    • FAQ

      Casey used a big player rotation to see who could cut the mustard.

      No surprise that Lowry played big as did JonasV.  Jose was a big contributor too but Bargs was exhausted by the pace of the game with his shots hitting the front of the rim in the 4th quarter which is a sure sign of leg fatigue.

      Win or lose, the blue collar Raptors did better than expected.  Next game in Brooklyn will be interesting because DD had better produce big time now.

      If the NBA refs are allowing more contact, players like DD will suffer!

  3. Rapsfan

    Anderson was one of the bright surprises of the night. He shaked a few defenders, played solid one on one D and provided much needed energy. Blame the Landry Fields of this world. The reality is David West is a beast in the paint. His clutch performance was impressive.

    • Nilanka15

      Agreed.  Anderson was very easily our best wing last night.  (This isn’t an endorsement for Anderson, but just pointing out how utterly putrid Fields, DeRozan and Ross were last night).  I mean, they couldn’t have played any worse.

      • FAQ

        But didn’t you notice that the refs were allowing a lot more contact and not making pussy foul calls?  That’s what diminished DD’s game … a lot!!!

        Wonder if refs were told to allow more contact for this season… I like it!!!

        • Nilanka15

          I prefer refs to swallow their whistles too.  Makes the flow of the game much more interesting to watch (I loved the early 90’s Knicks basketball, Pat Riley style). 

          But I think last night was just an anomaly.  I don’t think it’s a concentrated effort by the league.  Just the luck of having 3 bush-league officials that night.

  4. voy

    T.Ross looked real nervous last night.  Hopefully next game Lowry or Jose can hook him up with a few easy baskets in transition to loosen him up a bit.  Still, I think you gotta give all rooks at least half a year to see how they are progressing.  JV’s immediate impact was a surprise to me but cant be considered the typical impact a rookie is going to have on a team right away.

  5. Slap Dog Hoops

    12 points, 10 boards and a block in his NBA debut:  Jonas sure made a strong statement.  can’t wait to see more from him.

  6. OvertheWall

    As long as Bargnani is here, the Raptors are a joke.  Please, I can’t believe some people voted him as the best player on this team.  People who can’t defend & rebound PLUS can’t score EFFICIENTLY is not a good player.  Please, PLEASE, Colangelo, trade him for some pieces.
    Demar’s contract may be big, but I don’t mind him as MUCH, because he at least attacks the frigging basket and gets to the FT line.  He needs to put in more effort on D.


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