You don't like the extension? Is that what you think? With $40 million in the bank, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!

A little bit lost in the excitement of opening night Wednesday were the morning rumours that the Raptors and DeMar DeRozan were getting close to signing an extension, followed by the eventual confirmation just before game time. The specifics: four years, $40 million, with incentives built in that could push the total value over $46 million during the course of the deal.

Those numbers are staggering. DeMar is now making more money than Tim Duncan. Let that sink in for a second. The Republic made their views on a potential extension clear on Tuesday, and although I understand (and, to some extent, agree with) the sentiment behind the “wait and see” approach with DeMar no matter the contract terms, I wasn’t opposed to offering an extension as long as the numbers were reasonable for a player of his caliber.

Obviously, that didn’t happen. Brian Colangelo and the rest of the Raptors brass have made a bold statement with this deal – that they consider DeMar to be a cornerstone of this franchise, one that will be here for the foreseeable future, for better or worse, and while I do admire the loyalty they’re showing their core players with this signing, from an economic standpoint this one is more than a little perplexing.

Before I get into that, though, let me offer this disclaimer. I’m a big fan of DeMar. He’s proven to be a very useful scorer over his 3 years in the league and has shown enough flashes of dynamic athleticism that it can be argued he hasn’t quite reached his potential. On top of that, he’s been a great Raptor from an intangibles standpoint – someone who’s been great with fans and media, who seems committed to and invested in being part of the Raptors rebuilding process, and who’s clearly worked very hard to improve his game in the off-season. After the Vince/T-Mac sagas, it’s hard not to appreciate a guy like that.

That said, I really don’t like this extension. The upside of signing a young player to a deal like this is to essentially lock in an asset at a fixed price, with the hope that during the course of the contract the player outperforms its value. With DeMar, it was simple – the Raptors had the choice of extending him now, or letting him play out the year and negotiating in the offseason, when he would have been a restricted free agent and potentially sign a costly offer sheet.

If the Raptors were committed to matching DeMar’s offer sheet in the offseason, they were essentially rolling the dice that what they could negotiate now would be less than said deal. Basically, the economic argument for the extension is that Colangelo and the Raptors brass believe that signing a deal with DeMar now will end up saving them money if he has a breakout season this year.

That argument kind of goes out the window when you sign him to an extension of this value, though. By most accounts, DeMar’s best comparables in the league (in terms of production, not playing style) are scoring wings like OJ Mayo and Nick Young, and though it can be argued that he has more upside at this point in his career than both of them, this extension has him making as much as both of them combined annually.

Basically, let’s put it this way – the Raptors brass must think DeMar is going to have a hell of a year to justify $10 million per as a “discount.” I just find it hard to believe that he would command much more than that on the open market, even with plenty of teams with cap space throwing around offer sheets, and so it seems like the Raps have thrown away a year of hedging their bets with DeMar, waiting and seeing what kind of player they have, for potential savings of a couple of million dollars a year at most. For a team touting its cap flexibility going forward, this isn’t exactly the kind of move that inspires confidence in our management’s financial decisions. If any player on this team screamed “wait and see,” it was DeMar.

Colangelo explained in this interview with Eric Koreen that the market for these extensions was set earlier in the day, and that DeMar’s number is reasonable given the amount the other players in his class were making, but this argument doesn’t hold sway for me – it’s not like they were bidding against another organization, and using other team’s signings to justify your own is a bit of a sign of uncertainty in your own decision making, in my opinion. To use a parenting cliché, if the other GMs jumped of a cliff, Bryan, would you do that too?

On the bigger picture side, it also removes an asset from the Raptor’s trade toolbox that could have been used to bring in a more established wing player this season. Those Jose/DeMar/etc. for Gay or Iguodala rumours this summer feel like they were broken years ago. This contract certainly doesn’t make DeMar untradeable, by any stretch (again, someone was going to offer him $10 million this summer), but it does show that management feels like he’s a big part of the future and substantially lowers his value on the open market for a contender looking for a young, cheap scoring option this season. Basically, don’t expect any big trades from the Raptors this season besides a possible Jose move, as the team seems committed to this core group for the foreseeable future.

The bright side in all of this is that we do have a reasonably effective, young wing scorer locked up for the next four years, and that DeMar’s extension does still leave the Raptors with plenty of room under the cap after next summer. On its face though, it does seem like we could have signed a player who gives us a reasonable facsimile of what DeMar does on a nightly basis for a fraction of the cost (even with the “Canadian premium” that the Raptors pay to lure free agents), especially if T-Ross develops the way the team is hoping he does.

In many ways, though, this year just became an even bigger one than it was for DeMar pre-extension: if he’s really as committed to the team as it seems like he is, he’s going to have to raise his game a notch to not only increase his stature around the league, but also to protect the reputations of management, because early returns seem to suggest that this one might not have been Colangelo’s finest hour.

Thoughts? Post in the comments or tweet at me @garretthinchey.

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  • Arsenalist

    “Basically, let’s put it this way – the Raptors brass must think DeMar is going to have a hell of a year to justify $10 million per as a ‘discount’.”
    Nail, meet head.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      BC is even lowering the bar for himself (as he did with AB’s rebounding woes):

      “I’m charged with making this team better and getting assets and retaining assets. We’ve successfully retained an asset now … You’ve got to keep this thing rolling in a pattern of acquiring pieces that you think are pieces of a puzzle.”

      What puzzle- the never ending Lottery puzzle? Is this what the Triano era prepared us fans for?

      Not hating on DD he got paid but man the Rap’s won’t have any real financial flexibility (a BC selling point over the past Traino head coaching era & Casey era) until the 14-15 season.smh lol 

      BC is still shitting on the fan base (and its collective basketball/common sense intelligence) and calling it Kobe steak, pissing on fans and calling it pure mountain fresh drinking water.

      • p00ka

        Recognizing that there’s cap flex again for the summer of 2014, what FA wing coming up in 2013 do you think the Raps needed to keep more flexibility open for? I don’t see any.

        • Destro

          WTF irrelevant point…

          You dont stupidly spend and overpay because theres not a definitive wing available following summer.

          • p00ka

            I know you have a reading comprehension and/or ADD problem, but to help you out, my post was in direct response to:

            “Rap’s won’t have any real financial flexibility (a BC selling point over
            the past Traino head coaching era & Casey era) until the 14-15
            season.smh lol”

            Still confused about the relevance of my post? How can I help you better with your focus problem, grasshopper?

            • lakonomy

              Financial flexibility can be used in trades as well as FA signings, ya know.

              • p00ka

                So, tell me how this contract denies flexibility in trades, being still under the cap?

                • Matt52

                  It has no effect until July 1st.  But flexibility is lost after July 1st which is my gripe.

                • p00ka

                  I’m no expert on the workings of the CBA, so perhaps I’m missing something. I see that the Raps would still be under the cap, so I don’t know what restrictions they’d be subject to in a trade, that they aren’t already.

                • Matt52

                   Without the DeRozan deal, they be able to make a trade where they can receive $9.5M before having to send out a single dollar (plus whatever increase in salary cap may occur and use of amnesty).  That flexibility is now gone.  Given the new age of luxury tax and CBA rules we are entering, I think that is significant.

                • p00ka

                  Play this out so that they reach July 1 and, not wanting DD to just walk, they issue a qualifying offer. Fair? Now the “cap hold” effect from that is 150-250% (I don’t know which, but the way BC talked, it sound like the 250%) of the qualifying offer. I don’t know what that qualifying offer is, but whatever it is, it leaves far less than this $9.5M you speak of. In BC’s interview about the subject, he said that the cap hold effect would actually come close to the $9.5M, thus little or no more flexibility difference. Whatever difference there would be, it would only last as long as the 3 day window once another team makes DD an offer, which unless he crashes this year is going to come.
                  Bottom line, unless one assumes they’ll just let DD walk, talk of lost flexibility seems inaccurate, or at least very overstated. Again, I’m no expert in the CBA, and would welcome being corrected on this view.

                • Matt52

                   The qualifying offer is $8.36M.  The flexibility is also they can walk away from DD.  Again, for all the talk of potential and hard work, he is 23 and has not made any significant progress in his career while also becoming less efficient.  If he has another year like last season – or if like year 2 to 3 and regresses – then they can let him walk if another team is crazy enough to offer a huge deal and then have about $10M in cap space to work with while opening more minutes for Ross (a guy who can shoot the 3 and play D).

                  I would have much rather DD showed he was worth $9.5M a year before it was given to him considering the Raptors held all the leverage in the negotiations.

                • p00ka

                  OK, that’s an opinion of whether he’s worth that or not, but does not spell that they’re rstricted at all if they are willing to go over the cap, bu

                • Matt52

                   It is getting too skinny below, this is in reply to your latest.

                  Yes, it is an opinion of value but it is also a fact of flexibility.  Raps have less options with DeRozan now than they did by waiting.

                • p00ka

                  Well, I’ve been asking for help in defining what these fewer options are, perhaps then be able to judge their significance. To my knowledge, we haven’t defined anything yet. Don’t know what else to say, man.

                • Matt52

                   You don’t see $9.5M guaranteed as a loss of flexibility?

                  I guess I don’t konw what elsee to say man either.

                • p00ka

                  Matt, we’re having a difficult time communicating here, and I apologize. In the simplest terms I can put it, though I thought we were there already:

                  You’re speaking of “flexibility is lost after July 1st which is my gripe”. Flexibility is a general term covering many things, but I ask you, once again, to give example(s) of just what “flexibility” you feel is lost? The only flexibility you’ve brought up so far is that they can’t just let him walk, is that right? We could argue the merits of that flexibility, but are there any other moves that this contract prevents them from doing?

                • Matt52

                   Letting him walk opens up the possibility of signing another player via free agency or sign and trade.  The biggest issue is the trade route.  The Raptors could have taken on an additional $10M in salary via a trade before sending out a single penney.  If they really wanted to sign DeRozan, they still could have because they would have had his rights and the cap hold would not have had any effect on the cap space for trade purposes. 

                  So flexibility lost in:
                  1) huge commitment if he does not take a step forward,
                  2) loss of financial flexibility in trades in an environment where teams may be making numerous financial trades due to impending new CBA rules and increased luxury tax,
                  3) could have still signed DD to the same contract after using the cap space in a possible trade if BC had just waited 8 months.

                  I’m not sure how you could not see the loss of flexibility and opportunities to improve the roster just by waiting until July to give DeMar $38M….. or let him walk if he ends up turning 24 and still walking around with the potential label.

                • p00ka

                  I don’t know where you get this concept of the cap hold not counting against salary/salary cap, because everything I find says it does. See Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ, #37. If I’m wrong, oh well, I’m no CBA expert, but will have learned something. If I’m correct, this negates both your point #2 and #3.

                  Beyond that, any talk of lost flexibility seems, to me, to be centered on judging his worth, and we won’t have an accurate assessment of that until this season plays out. Myself, I’ll wait until then to judge just how good/bad a deal this is.

                  I appreciate this discussion, welcome enlightenment to where I’m wrong, but otherwise agree to disagree

                • Matt52

                   You are wrong when it comes to trades and the salary cap.  #37 has nothing to do with cap space and TRADES.

                  Say Raps had not given DD his contract.  That leaves the Raps with about $48M in cap space (including DD qualifying offer and team options on JL3 and McGuire).

                  DD’s caphold only matters with signing free agents.  It has no effect on the use of that cap space in TRADES.  That is crucial to understand.

                  By giving DD the extension the Raps can no longer do sign and trades or take on excess salary in a trade. 

                  IF they had waited until next summer, they could have done a sign and trade or trade using up the cap space DD’s contract now has occupied and STILL given DD his $38M contract afterwards thanks to Bird Rights.

                  I’m not discussing DD’s worth.  I am discussing the signing of the contract and how it killed opportunities for the Raptors to improve via trade.

                  By waiting the Raps still could have given him $38M.  They could have given him $48M if they really wanted.  Value is not my issue here – flexibility is and the opportunities that could be that go along with it and are now gone because the cap space is already used when it could have been used for another purpose via TRADE and still signing DD to his $38M contract.

                  Do you see it?  I’m talking about the flexibility lost to add another asset in addition to resigning  DD.  If BC had waited, the Raps could have had their cake and eat it too.

                  The only way my idea is wrong is if a team signs DD to an offer sheet before the Raps have an opportunity to complete a trade… and that would also require DD signing the offer sheet when BC could say, “yeah, we’ll match that but we’re going to make this trade first to really improve the team.”

                  Given the nature of RFA and the 11 day wait between the opening of free agency and the official signing of contracts/offer sheets 11 days later, I don’t think this is even a concern worth having.

                • p00ka

                  Then I stand corrected, though it sounds like this added flexibility only lasts for 11 days, and is a mute point unless a trade is available that makes sense for the Raps. They did lose flexibility. How significant that is, which is anybody’s guess at this point, but I think BC and his boys have a better grasp of the pulse around the league and who may or may not be available, that they want, and can get. You’re a pretty level headed guy, so I graciously agree to disagree to the significance of this lost flexibility.

                • Matt52

                   You raise a good point on BC having a better pulse on the league.  My only concern is things seem to often pop up out of nowhere and it would be nice to have the opportunity to take advantage.  Recent examples include Joe Johnson becoming available for Brooklyn and Harden becoming available for Houston.  Both players weren’t available and suddenly were. 

                  You are also correct the odds of something happening are likely slim but, again, I’d rather have the option of taking advantage of a situation versus not – especially when you consider they still could have signed DD.

    • Scarsville

      not that I really like the signing, but I really couldn’t care less…but I just wanted to say that in the new CBA this is going to be the norm, because teams will swoop in an sign these guys to offer sheets that are very back end loaded (poison-pill).  Similar to how we got Fields and Houston got Lin.  This is the new NBA, the rules are changed.

      • Arsenalist

        The poison pill only applies to second rounders and undrafted players.

    • Sinatras

      arse can you explain?does DD get his new contract money this year? if so, how much money would the team have saved this year by paying DD this years rate (3.5M)? then how much over the 40M contract do you think another team would have offered DD during restricted FA summer? should BC have waited to see how much over the 40M that DD would have been offered if any offer would be over 40M?

      • p00ka

        That extension only kicks in next season. He’s still on his old contract this year.

  • Pesterm1

    I think Demar will up his stats in just about ever category this year. Next game he will take it hard to the rack and get some foul calls. to up the scoring numbers.

    • The Rub

      So what? Even if he does, even if he becomes a great player this year and more than just a guy who puts his head down and drives aimlessly to the rim, he was not going to get more than 10 mil a year offers from anyone in the league.  So why offer him that much? It makes no sense, short of him transforming into DWade over a summer (which he hasn’t shown in preseason or game 1) it’s a poor financial decision no matter how you look at it.

      • Destro

        If has an improved year,scores,shoots good he would have got 10 mil from somewhere….BC didnt need to take that chance right now but i agree with him on that point…Someone with cap space was going to miss out on FAs and woulda thrown 10 mil at him….

        If he averages 19-20 points,5 boards,2.5 ast..plays decent D like he did in the opener and gets to the line 6 times he woulda got 10….

        We have to wait and see if he can be a 4th qtr closer and if he can be a playmaker as well but those numbers on the market would warrant that….

        Only thing i still dont think he can become is a 3 pt threat and thats really would take his game to the next level because it wuold force defenses to play him honest…

        • Nilanka15

          Good point about defenses playing him honest.  Even his mid-range game isn’t developed enough to be a “threat”.  Defenses pack it in and dare him to shoot.  And DeMar isn’t confident enough in his jumper to make defenses pay for sagging off him.  He’s pretty easy to scheme against.

          • Destro

            Exaggerated..after his 0 for 5 start he went 5/9 shooting mid range stuff…His baseline and elbow jumpers are consistent enough to be a threat if he were able to extend that range another 5-7 feet it would pull guys out from the post and create spacing amongst his teammates to make those drives easier….BUT lets not exaggerate his medium range stuff certainly is developed…

            • Destro

              minus the oop which i forgot about so technically 4/8 shooting…

            • Nilanka15

              His medium range has indeed developed (by DeRozan’s standards), but not to the point of being a legitimate “threat”.  I’m sure most defenders would gladly take away his drive, and let him take jumpers all day.

              I’m not using 1 game as evidence.  I’m using 63 games last season as evidence that shows DeRozan shot just 41% from 10-15 feet, and just 34% from 16 feet to inside the 3pt line.  No exaggeration there, my friend.

              • p00ka

                Key words are “last season”. If his work ethic isn’t being exaggerated, I think some work may have been done on his shooting over the summer, so perhaps last year’s stats don’t reflect the current too well. Just a suggestion, but perhaps give him, and the rest of the team for that matter, at least a few games before we make sweeping judgements of how he’ll play this year?

                It’s a great day for basketball, isn’t it? 3rd day of the season, 12 games to choose from is grand indeed!

                • Nilanka15

                  I’m just responding to idea that DeRozan’s a good mid-range shooter. He may have very well improved on it, but until we see it, it’s hard to conclude that it’s true.

                • p00ka

                  But you were concluding it’s not true, using last year’s stats, and I’m saying 1 game is not enough to confirm last year’s numbers being a valid assessment of his shooting this year, and suggesting to not make sweeping judgements on 1 game, as the kids do.

                • Nilanka15

                  I’m just responding to idea that DeRozan’s a good mid-range shooter. He may have very well improved on it, but until we see it, it’s hard to conclude that it’s true.

        • sleepz

          Also, with additions of Lowry and Jv will he still continue to get enough touches to put up those type of numbers?

          • Destro

            Do you expect JV to get 15 shots everynight and LEAD the team ? I dont…

            • sleepz

              No I don’t, but I do feel there are better offensive options this year than previous years.

              • Lorenzo


              • Destro

                it looks to me like DD wants to be leader of this team…I got that from watching him…He got yanked early in the 1st half and didnt play alot of mins…Most of it early was the 0 for 5 He makes a few of those and get some foul shots he stays on the floor….he makes that layup late…I think he will get opportunities for shots as much anyone this year and at the end of games and i think he finally wants to be that guy….We’ll see….

        • The Rub

          But what you described is Best Case Scenario.  So best case scenario is we have to match a 10 mil a year offer in the off-season.  Why take the risk?

          • Destro

            Look i didnt say the risk was warranted but i understand what BC is saying even if i dont agree…the man has faith in him (shrug)

      • Pesterm1

         ur opinon is subjective… lets agree to disagree. IMO  Demar would have gathered more than the 9.5 mil per year if he hit the market.

        • BrainColangelo

          You really think so?  With Steph Curry making $44m over 4 years?

          • Destro

            I dont get that counter point ? IF anything youd think DD would get at least 10 BECAUSE Curry got 44

            Currys ankles are finished and he stil got paid…bodes well for others in that draft class…

            • Lorenzo

              Actually he would’ve got a higher salary were it not FOR the injury problems the past 2 seasons. “Slight” pay cut.

              His salary would’ve been EVEN HIGHER… could you imagine that? Ridiculous

      • p00ka

        It’s not just that teams would have offered no more, on average. As we saw this past summer, the new CBA allows teams to offer poison pill contracts that can seriously hamper the team holding RFA rights, from signing him. This way, the Raps control the cost distribution.

        • Matt52

           That is a legit concern with luxury tax teams or small market teams who would get pushed in to the luxury tax.  In Toronto’s case though, even BC is talking about the lack of guaranteed money on the payroll by 2014-15.  The Poison Pill was not a concern for Toronto next summer.  If anything the Poison Pill might have been a blessing as it would have given the Raptors even more flexibility with the first 2 years of his deal capped at $5M. 

          • Destro

            I dont consider this poison pill backloaded stuff relevant when you had a shitload of capspace to deal in….

            Those concerns are when ur up against the luxury tax and need room to spend….

            • Matt52

               Isn’t that what I said?

  • Bffff

    this contract is absolutely horrible.  DD hasn’t done anything to deserve such a contract (see your own comparison to Duncan).  Scary part is that this contract will hamper the team going forward.  I’m really pist off that BC pulled this crap.  Hopefully my angst turns out to be misplaced and DD outshines all expectations, but I think that we’ve nailed our future to lady mediocrity for a looooooooonnnnnnnnnnnng time.

    Time to fire BC!

  • Mark

    Am I the only one who thinks Demar is not a very good basketball player?  He can barely dribble, he has no finishing ability, whether in the paint or on jumpers, and he’s lost on defense.  How is this possibly worth $10 million?  Sigh.

    • Destro

      He needs to finish with contact more but i disagree with his shot….It has improved he shot,mind you he only shot 37 % but thats cuz he missed his first 5 shots after that he was about 55 % the rest of the game….

      I think his jumper is fine,he knows where he can get off from…his baseline J is good and he can stick the elbow jumpers its basically stuff from outside he needs to have in his arsenal to open up the lanes to the basket much more… 

  • J14

    it’s 38 guaranteed could go upto 42
    & we will start paying him that after this season.. this season he still in the last year of the rookie contract..
    I dont think it’s that bad at all w/ a possibility to be a good as he improves

    • Nilanka15

      “I dont think it’s that bad at all w/ a possibility to be a good as he improves”

      Couldn’t we say this about every player though?  Doesn’t each off-season come with a “possibility” that a player will be better? 

      At some point, tangible results need to outweigh the hope.  And in 3 seasons, DeRozan has improved so much that he’s still a below average player (based on PER).

  • yahoo

    tim duncan salary comparison is inappropriate

  • PBJake

    For DeMar, the only way to prove himself worthy of this contract is to make the all-stars in 2 years, by the middle of his contract term. Anything short, no one will be happy.

    • Destro


      If he puts up 20/5/3 with defense contract is fine….

      Lets make a comparison to bargs…

      Your paying a big man to shoot low 40s who doesnt rebound or defend particularly well….

      At last years production it sucks but i still think he can be better and i did flashes of it in pre season and Wed…HE needs to finish at the rim tho for his improvement to really take shape…

      • Nilanka15

        If DeRozan puts up 20/5/3 with defense, the contract will be a steal!

        But that’s a big “if”….

        • LamarVannoy

          Exactly.  Of course it will be a solid deal if he improves across the board and has a career year.

          The question is if he throws up another 16/3/2 with low 40’s FG% and sub-par defense then it’s a really crappy deal.

          Don’t get me wrong, I hope he’s awesome.  I just don’t understand why this couldn’t wait till after the season.

          • FAQ

            I suspect that DD’s agent told BC that if his client didn’t get a juicy extension that would be tantamount to dumping him from the team…. and the consequences would be disastrous for both the player and the team. 

            • Destro

              DD held no leverage so thats not true…

        • Destro

          Truthfully i dont believe hes far off those numbers right now…If he can stick his jumpers at a 45-50% clip and get to the line he’ll get there….His rebounding aggression already looks better and his D contrary to what the liars are spewing was pretty good against a George the other night….If he maintains his aggression and can be a 4 quarter player every night and be somewhat of a Robin to Lowry then im ok with the deal….Like i said other post the 0 for 5 start and the non calls skewered the box score truthfully he had a decent game…

      • Lorenzo

        His scoring will probably increase since this isn’t a D-League roster anymore.

        Something like 15ish points is what hes going to average, as his minutes will probably drop.

        • Lorenzo


        • Destro

          If hes aggressive going to the basket and shoots well he’ll get alot of shots and get the ball….As long as he stays aggressive he’ll score more…

          • Lorenzo


            Kyle Lowry physically exists. You know, that one guy that can score more than one way? And oh yeah! our improved bench exists too!

            “If Johan Petro is aggressive going to the basket and shoots well he’ll get alot of shots and get the ball….As long as he stays aggressive he’ll score more…”

            see what I did there?

            ~”IF IF IF IF IF”~ Get reeeal kid.. Ill believe it when i see it

    • FAQ

      Nobody on the current Raps will be an all-star because this is a blue collar team with players that have peaked and plateaued. Casey is forced to use a large rotation of players because he can’t be confident who will have a hot hand or able to defend man-to-man.  Nobody is going to emerge as an all-star on a team that will likely not make the playoffs… so no use deluding.

      • Destro

        I woulda agreed and it is only ONE game but if Lowry can maintain anything close to this pace for 40 games coaches will have no choice but to put him in…

  • Canadian Paul

    Although PER doesn’t tell the whole story, it does take into account the scoring prowess of a player AND his intangibles (assists, blocks, etc.). A player like Demar can barely crack the 12 mark, well below the league average of 15. Usually, players at the 12-PER level are specialists, good in one area and bad in all others (3-points shooters, rebounders, etc.). Demar is about average to below-average in all of them.

    Would you give $10M to Mario Chalmers, Nick Young, Courtney Lee, C.J. Miles or even our own Linas Kleiza?

    • Detroit Basketball

      Yes, only if BC is the general manager

      • Lorenzo

         is that you Mr.Dumars?

  • sleepz

    Its all about the asset retention man!

    Like BC pointed out earlier, just look at all the other players that got extended. Demar was drafted 9th so he is just making similar money to every one else in that draft class that got extensions. It’s the going market rate and we are an organization that takes care of our own players that we have nurtured into budding stars.

    We locked up Andrea Bargnani the same way and look how great that has turned out! These contracts will be huge bargains in a few years and we’re in the process of assembling a championship type nucleus or at the very least have a lot of moveable assets for the future, because these players have serious trade value around the league.

    Why wait until the off-season to re-up him when another team might offer him a poison pill deal and now you can’t match? That would be awful as he would leave for nothing and we couldn’t get anything back in return like when Bosh didn’t tell us he was leaving.

    • Mark

      If he leaves we have cap-room and (hopefully) Terrence Ross to take his place.  This seems like a better plan to me than committing 40mill to a mediocre player.

      • j bean

         In the future if Ross becomes better or if a better option than DeMar becomes available then you can deal with that situation. At the trade deadline this deal won’t hinder any chance they have to improve the team. BC was faced with the current reality that Ross isn’t better, DD is his best option and he likes the fact DeMar loves Toronto and playing here. He is only 23 and could become better as he enters his prime. This was a decision made with imput from the rest of the organization and yes an under valued contract is attractive but in this case they never wanted to risk losing him.  

    • sleepz

      Bryan Colangelo should be out the door at the first given opportunity.

      He’s had a lot longer on the job than most GM’s would without much success to back him or provide evidence that he can build a winner.

      The players he is locking up with extensions and building around (outside of JV) shouldn’t be. It makes no sense at all.

      As Raptor fans we deserve better than this garbage. Same story with him. This man has no idea how to build a winning team and the sooner he is gone the better it will be for the franchise.

      • Destro

        Playoffs breh….I think its about where this team finishes this season…All these contracts to end up in 11th place would spell his end….

        • sleepz

          Not so sure. In the off-season the talk was about if he doesn’t make the playoffs he won’t get an extension.

          Listening to some df the media lackeys in this city it’s now about the Raps coming close or contending for a playoff spot.

          I think this team would have to be bottom 5 for him not to at least get a few more years extension.

          Its a crying shame.

      • Dan

         If he is giving Demar 10 then how much is he going to have to give Lowry cause Lowry is a lot better then Demar but he’s also not a max contract guy. Based on what you gave Demar you are setting yourself up to over pay other guys now too. I think Bryan needs to get over his Ego and stop trying to convince the fans and himself that his players are better then they actually are. He even got less for Bosh than Babcock got for Carter. I have no idea how he is still employed.

        • Lorenzo

           And I have no idea how this isn’t the ROTD!

    • Pesterm1

       you nailed it my friend. THE POISON PILL ….. the number one reason this contract was handed to Demar. If we risked Demar on the market he owuld have been acquired with a poison pill offer out of our reach.

      • Theswirsky

        umm does the poison pill even work on 1st round restricted free agents? 

        Isn’t it for 2nd round draft picks who don’t have the same salary structures?

        • Matt52

           Great point and one which I forgot.

          It is essentially the Gilbert Arenas Rule.

    • mo

      Remember when Raptor fans argued whether to give Bosh a max deal? Max for him doesn’t look so bad now. By Bosh leaving town, he essentially saved the organization from themselves, and they proceeded to shoot themselves in the foot right after. 

      • sleepz


  • The Rub

    Remember when Amir’s contract was the worst on the team?  I miss those days.

    • Sam Holako

      That distinction was eclipsed two years when Kleiza got his, and this year when Landry got his.

      • mountio

        Agreed. This contract is bad .. but Landry’s is AWFUL. He makes Demar look like a bargain at $10 mm / year.

  • vino

    Derozan extension = mistake

  • Brandon

    I think I pretty much disagree with everything in this article, in that the good is fabricated and the bad doesn’t go far enough.

    Derozan is one of the worst players in the league. He’s a disaster on both ends. This contract was about Colangelo’s ego. It’s his draft pick, so of course the player must be great even if he isn’t. The fact that the massive bureaucracy that Colangelo reports to didn’t stop him indicates they don’t know anything about the NBA, which is comforting.

    I was hoping they’d get rid of him and staff the position with an NBA player, but that’s blown to hell now.

    What happens to Casey if he stops giving PT to this guy?

    • Nilanka15

      I thought Stefanski was brought in to help prevent these type of idiotic decisions. 

      I guess BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!! was right all along.  He’s just another yes-man…..[sigh].

      • Lorenzo

         Whoawhoawhoawhoa, I think you should reconsider that last sentence…

    • Dan

       “With all of the due-diligence that we did and with all of the
      information that I’m privy to, we feel that this is at or near where he
      would have been next year”
      He’s privy to information that we are not privy too. Which is code for yes men that have their head up his ass. Thanks to the hundreds of web sites on sports stats and advanced sports stats. Plus cable which allows us to see the game ourselves we are now privy to all the same information and weather you go by per box scores or just watching him play he is clearly a below average player who’s best season was in his rookie year as the 5th man in the starting line up playing about 20 minutes a game.

  • PBJake

    The problem with DeMar’s play is that we’re not seeing enough flashes of his so-called potential or high-ceiling. When Andrea came in the league, we would periodically see some spectacular display of his “Il Mago” plays, reaffirming that the skills were always there at his disposal, the only matter being his ability to harness it. There was even a debate at one point as to the whether we got him for a cheap contract at one point. We all remember the 13-game honeymoon from last season.

    DeMar, on the other hand, may have improved many facets of his game, but it’s hard to get excited about his future just by watching him play on the hardwood. Rarely do you see something extraordinary out of him that makes you go “this is DeMar DeRozan”. The best aspect of his game, scoring, comes from contested mid-range jumpers and force-driving to generate fouls and getting to the line, which I’m never really a fan of. The only highlight of his career I can remember is having the most beautiful dunks in the dunk contest and still getting duped.

    • Destro

      Its funny if he had gotten 6-7 FTs the other night and made that spinning layup he woulda finished with 18-20 points and they win the game i think some of this talk about him is completely different….

      Im willing to wait and see this season…

      • PBJake

        I was at the game, and I can tell you this, the crowd was into it. Hell he would’ve brought down the house if he had made that layup. Finishing at the rim is still one of his “still developing” skills that should make him a lot better and also a lot more watchable going forward.

      • PBJake

        I saw at least 3 plays from DeMar that were legitimate fouls, but the refs let it go. The good side is that he’s driving harder than ever and his attitude towards the refs seems a lot better with less complaining about the calls.

      • The Rub

        So if he was a better player and helped us actually win games people would be less upset about his ridiculously large contract?

        Ya I guess I agree with that.

        • Destro

          POint is its 1 not willing to judge a players season by 1 game where he wasnt that bad despite not finishing…

      • Dan

        e year before. Explain how he has improved. All his drives were still line drives and those elbow jumpers he has been streaky with since his rookie season. He baceme a better free throw shooter but thats the only real improvement
        Look for yourself if you don’t believe me

        Now look at Ronnie Brewers first few seasons from rookie to starter.
        He was better then Demar in every catagory.
        Your the first one to not buy Bryans Crap on Andrea and tell everyone look at the stats watch the game your self. Do the same for Demar. Yeah he can score 17 points but it takes him 14 to 15 shots to do it.

        • Destro

          False he started cold and then went 5 for 9 after that thats plus 50%
          Problem is Andrea should be shooting well above low 40s with all his supposed advantages,typical good big men should be in the 48-56 shooting range….When AB is at SG efficiency levels its not equal its worse…He is capable of making baseline and elbow jumpers consistently if he mixes those in with aggressive pentration he’ll be fine…..tbh im not concerned with his offense at all…

      • Dan

         If he he went to the free throw line 5 times and made 4 plus hit that spin move lay up, he would have had 16 points on about 42 % shooting. same as his stats last year and worse then the year before

        • Destro

          ugh stop splitting heirs geek

          6 trips = 12 FTs he hits a few of those layups he missed thats approx 10-12 pts thats 22 pts 5 boards 3 assists and a WIN and you aint saying shit….

      • mo

        20 pts isn’t enough to change the way fans think of him. Now, if he had a Harden-like performance (30+ pts, 10 rbs, 4-6 ast), it would be a different situation. But it’s fair to say that we haven’t seen flashes like that from Demar in 4 years, not likely to happen in the future

        • Destro

          Harden was nice but its one game….

          • mo

            Harden has shown flashes he could do it in OKC. Andrea showed flashes of being a top level scorer prior to his deal. Demar has shown none

            • Arsenalist

              Apparently his points per minute was higher with Durant and Westbrook on the bench, so the theory that he was only good because he played with stars my not hold.

              • mo

                True, but usually when OKC’s top players are on the bench, the other teams top players are on the bench as well. Regardless, Harden showed he had the skill set to play at a high level while Demar is still a work-in-progress. Often it was Harden who would take over the end of a game rather than RW or Durant.  

              • Lorenzo

                 Harden is going to be a superstar, just wait and see..

            • Destro

              His second year in the league he averaged 17 points lol…With bad shooting and lack of range..but i guess you were asleep that season…

          • Matt52

             Make it two.

  • bruder

    we could get sonny weems to do EXACTLY what demar does for 1/10 of the cost. Ok maybe he will average a few points less a game but who the fuck cares. the only thing this guy does it dunk on an open rim, cant dribble  cant shoot, cant defend, barley rebounds and gets stuffed by big men every time he tries to get into the lane. management is a joke. 

    • Dan
      Sonny weems with equal minutes and shots would easily match what Derozan averaged the past two years. Bryan didn’t re sign him because he didn’t draft him and didn’t want people to see a second round pick from denver was better then his face of the franchise pick. Just like James Johnson was traded so he couldn’t take minutes from fields.

      • Matt52

         Now this is just hating to hate.

        BC didn’t draft Weems but he traded for him…. in the same deal that brought Amir.

        JJ was traded because he wasn’t happy with the role Casey envisioned for him.

      • Destro

        You think a GM would sabotage his own team because he didnt draft a player ? Absolutely beyond stupid posting…

        • bruder

          i don’t put anything past BC, the guy is an egotistical man baby with daddy issues. “look at me daddy, im doing so well, please daddy be proud of me.” we need STABLE management not some guy trying to play GM to please hid pappy. guy is killing this franchise. 

      • what the

        where is the pooka police ? this guy should get a ticket what the

      • what the

        where is the pooka police ? this guy should get a ticket what the

      • what the

        where is the pooka police ? this guy should get a ticket what the

      • what the

        where is the pooka police ? this guy should get a ticket what the

  • PBJake

    Here’s the kicker… if Derozan gets 10 mil a year, how much does Lowry want when his deal expires? Max?

    • mountio

      pretty much .. yes. (although he has a good chance to be close to max with or without this deal imo …)

    • FAQ

      Lowry is using the Raptors as his springboard for a max contract… either with the Raptors or elsewhere.  He can’t be in love with Toronto so much that he would devote the remainder of his playing career in Canada.

      • Lorenzo

        Where do you get your sources? Or is it just a hunch based on interviews and game tape?

  • 511

    Watching highlights of Tony Parker taking that last shot to win the game for the Spurs, TWO nights in a row …

    The way these things go, DeMar should’ve been taking that last shot Wednesday night. If he missed, the same conversations are probably going on but at least he tried. If he hits and we pull it out in OT, the conversations everywhere about this topic would be a whole lot different. Could’ve been huge. 

  • Nilanka15

    I wonder if the terms of DeRozan’s performance incentives will ever be public knowledge.  I’m curious to see what (in quantifiable terms) Colangelo expects in terms of year-by-year improvements.

    • FAQ

      DD must transform himself into a go-to player in the crunch to collect on the incentive carrot… because now Casey may not have full confidence in DD’s abilities to produce in the last seconds of a game.

  • FAQ

    BC is forced to lock in still “developing” players with big contracts to stay in Toronto.  Examples:- Bargs, Amir, and now DD.

    Essentially, what you see is what you got for the next 3-4 years with the Raptors.  Maybe trading Jose will result in a surprise.

    DD’s contract?!  I told you there would be surprises…!!!!

  • all the SG of SF on this list who would you rather have signed over him. 

    • p00ka

      I don’t see any that will be available, which spells serious offers would have come DD’s way.

      • exactly. 2014 is more of the same as well.

      • sleepz

        Then let them offer it to him and if the offers are too big let him go.

        These contracts he has given to Demar and Andrea previously are ludicrous.

        You as a GM are going to overpay a player because a team might offer him a poison pill deal? Let them. We were the team on the other end with this Landry Fields contract and the Knicks took the smart approach and said goodbye. If he was a player that was integral to winning they would have kept him.

        These aren’t all-stars or even players that have come close to being recognized as one of the best in the league at thir position. They are also not winning you games consistently so let them walk.

        • cesco

          Let Andrea walk three years ago at 10 m/year ? why ? because Bosh was going to stay and attract big FA’s to TO ? . I think that flipping hamburgers is more suited to you than being a GM .

          • sleepz

            Let his inefficient game walk. Has nothing to do with Bosh, although its funny how you don’t make comparisons between the two players now that you see the real difference between them (night and day my friend). You pay good players not scrubs or average players being touted by our GM as a ‘developing talent’ or ‘siginficant assets’ to our team.

            Your an Andrea fan not a Raps fan anyway so I expect your talk.

            • cesco

              Bosh was going to get max money if he stayed . The
              team would have been threading water forever . No fifth pick in 2011 for sure . No big Val , the best hope since Carter left to be contenders in the league in a couple of years  . In a few months we will now for sure whether this is going to be a team better than any team with Bosh in it . I know for sure it will be but the proof will be in the pudding .

          • sleepz

            And if you recall my friend it was BC who upon coming here said he was going to build a contender and with his cache around the league would attract FA’s or get players to stay.

            He’s done a fabulous job of accomplishing this no?

            Basically waving the flag giving extensions to guy’s who “want to be here”LOL

        • Destro

          The poison pill thing is funny…If you have max cap space that doesnt factor into anything…

    • Rpsfan95

      great point, 2013 fa class is awful

  • Bendit

    That last para makes no sense…how does his sense of commitment equate with him upping his production this year to help the optics of the deal. It is already known he is always putting out. The question is his ability to significantly improve his deficient areas no matter how hard he works. Personal opinion as well: he is not a scoring option in crunch time player. 

  • Skeptical

    I like DeRozan well enough, but that’s a lot of money for a player who (so far) hasn’t earned it. He isn’t a star, and doesn’t appear to have that potential. He probably isn’t even be a starting guard on most teams in the league.

    What concerns me about the contract isn’t just the price, or wondering how much room he has left to improve, but how hard it will be to move later if the Raptors want to go in a different direction. How many other teams were looking at DeRozan and thinking that’s the piece they were missing? How many others think he’s worth that price?

    Ah, that’s the life of a Raptors fan though.

  • kumarbrosyaman

    Fuccckkk you Brian Colangelo. You managed to pull this shit off, again. Now go suck your papas balls!

    • Lorenzo

       U mad bro?

  • Roarque

    I understand that lots of you like to talk about how much money a professional athlete earns but there are fans who simply do not care. I want to see effort on the court and talent being developed with expert coaching. If the effort and the coaching are positive then the team’s growth will be proportionate. The we can all watch the Raptors climb up the league standings and have a post season that will be entertaining for us.

    I also understaand that many of you think that salary restrictions are important to the development of a winning team. However, Toronto is a rich market and the Raptors are going to be able to pay a star player whatever they need to pay him to develop a winning team.

    Givin DDR this contract does not mean he won’t be traded. His contract is not going to prevent anything. His contract is going to say that young talent can come to Toronto knowing that they will be treated fairly by economic standards.

    Now can I please watch some round ball?

    • p00ka

      Bingo!! One game into the season and there’s far more talk about salary than the game. When the game is discussed, it’s 95% about the negatives. Hardly anyone talked about the great game Lowry produced, or the incredible promise JV showed in his very first game. Damn, we have real men’s b-ball back and it’s just about all whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbit talk.

      • FAQ

        Lowry could be gone in 2 years only using the Raptors as a launching pad for a max salary and demand for his PG services elsewhere…. ever think of that?

        • p00ka

          And the Apocalypse could happen on Dec 21st, but I’ll enjoy life until then.

      • Nilanka15

        Not trying to pick a fight.  Just asking an honest question.  If the Raptors did something you didn’t agreed with (whether on the court, or off it), would you feel comfortable criticizing them?

        You tend to take the glass-is-half-full, which is commendable, but sometimes things don’t always work out for the best (as Raptor fans, we know this all too well).

        • p00ka

          I understand you have no idea just how critical I can be, but when completely surrounded by incessant “glass 3/4 empty” criticism, some simply senseless, I have a huge tendency to go against the grain/flock. Honestly, if the overwhelming sentiment here was as much the opposite, you’d likely see me trying to balance things the other way, ;). As a wise old man once said to me, balance, grasshopper, balance. I see far to much leaning to the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbit side, and I guess that’s where my quest for balance gets focused on.

          • Nilanka15


          • Nilanka15

            But then again, with this approach, the Republic is kept in the dark as to what your genuine opinion is 😉

            • p00ka

              lol, point taken

            • FLUXLAND

              Fence sitting MF. Been calling him out for months.

              • p00ka

                HAHAHAHA,,, been calling me out with all your novel sized snits? LMFAO. Pathetic little worms have short memories for times they’ve been had, eh. Excellent self preservation technique!! Fn stalking loser.

          • FLUXLAND

            Sheriff p00kaka finally admits he pa”trolling” the comments.

            Wait, WHO THE F are you to think you get to “balance” the comments section? Who even asked you what you see leaning anywhere? God complex much?

            You show up here and decide you going to be balancing things and setting rules? Reeeallly now?

            Tell me are you wearing this right now? Or did Mommy make you one with the Raps logo?

            • p00ka

              Fkn little weasel can’t stop being what he says I’m being, when I’m not. How fn stupid is that?

              Show me where I’m trying to set rules for what people post, which is what you do every time you come and grace us with one of these little snits of yours. You’re fn hilarious, claiming I’m doing what you’re doing in your very post, when you can’t find anything, within a few months, of me doing what you say.

              • FLUXLAND

                “if the overwhelming sentiment here was as much the opposite, you’d likely see me trying to balance things the other way,”

                you are a clown and exposed as such.

                • p00ka

                  All you’ve exposed is your own stalking pettiness, and your stupidity, little one.

                  Since when does providing the opposing view constitute an attempt at setting “rules” or being a “cop/sheriff”? Perhaps in your small minded world, but not the rest of the world, so who’s exposing themselves as a “clown”? Pardon me, clown is inappropriate. You’d be the dumbass that is so bent on his cop/sheriff sniveling, that he can’t even see past his butt hole in determining what fits is script and what doesn’t.

                  Gawd, you’re a pathetic loser.

                • FLUXLAND

                  “providing the opposing view”

                  Blatant lie.  You provide no view at all. You admitted as much.

                  All you do is ask people for sources for their opinions. You are a spineless worm.

                  “but when completely surrounded by incessant “glass 3/4 empty” criticism,
                  some simply senseless, I have a huge tendency to go against the

                  So when you don’t like what you see, you set about to make it as you see fit –  aka setting the rules according to your twisted reality.

                  You will be continually called out. Carry on. You can keep trying to flip this any way you want. Anyone with half a brain can read you exchange with Nilanka and see the writing on the wall.

                  In short, you Sir, are the definition of a cunt.

                • p00ka

                  “Anyone with half a brain can read you exchange with Nilanka and see the writing on the wall.”

                  Anybody who reads what you do into it, must only have half a brain. For example:

                  “set about to make it as you see fit –  aka setting the rule”

                  Explain, please, how in your twisted logic, that presenting the opposing view is an attempt at setting the rules. C’mon fool, tell us your brilliant logic, that only those with half a brain can understand.

                  Being the slimy hypocrite that you are, you’re on an unending anger ravaged mission to set rules for what I post though. Get some anger management help, lad, before you get your mind any more fluxed up.

      • sleepz

        Plenty was discussed about the game. Lowry and JV’s debuts we re great. The troubles the team had in the last 5 minutes defensively, etc.

        Why as fans however should we turn our heads on a decision like giving Demar a significant contract extension and not voice our opinions on this?

        To me that was far more telling and revealing to me about this team, its’ GM and the future of this franchise than a Pacer win that shouldn’t have been if they defended down the stretch or Casey made some personnel adjustments on West and covering the p and r.

    • FAQ

      Was DD’s generous contract a surprise to you?  Now pls be truthful.

    • kumarbrosyaman

      “I also understaand that many of you think that salary restrictions are important to the development of a winning team.” — really u just wrote that with what in mind? maybe i am being a bit mean right now, but god damn brother.

    • Lorenzo

       Oh yeah? And who’s gonna pay? Rogers and Bell? Haha, we’ll see.

  • golden

    Quick question: has BC EVER signed ANY Raptor to less than market value? 

    • kumarbrosyaman

      you know i thought about that for a sec. the only reasonable contract i can remember is the one he gave out to tj ford, 7M/year was an ok value at a time.

      brian colangelo to me is a very polarizing figure. on the one hand he is a very creative trading gm, on the other hand he is an incredibly innefficient cap manager and weak player-agent negotiator.

      if there was one sequence of actions that would scream typical colangelo that would be the grand signing of hedo turkoglu. a very dumb one imho, followed by a spectacular trade.

      • cesco

        Andrea at 10M/year was an ok contract also . Many may have disagreed at the time but after Bosh left , he became the main scoring option playing center a position he was not suited for . We will see what he does against the Hump to-morrow , who makes 2 M/year more than him .

      • mo

        He’s a terrible GM. He was given a blank slate 5 years ago, cap space, Chris Bosh, #1,#9#13,#5 picks and this is the best he can do, a mediocre team with the ceiling at getting eliminated by the HEAT. We won’t be getting any more high lottery picks nor any cap space to pursue free agents/trades. 

        • Lorenzo

          Only good things I can think of is drafting JV against gthe grain (which he did excellently), and obtaining Lowry (which he also did excellently).

    • Dan

       Not on purpose. I would say Anthony Parker and before he got injured Garbajosa were great contracts for what they brought to the team.

  • enlightenment

    Terrible article.

    “Obviously, that didn’t happen.”

    You cant just put obviously in front of a statement and make it true. Your article is supposed to explain why you believe that wasnt the case, yet ‘obviously’ was used way before your explanation to why you think the Contract is unfair.

    “DeMar is now making more money than Tim Duncan. Let that sink in for a second.”

    REALLY?! You know very well Tim Duncan, Parker, and Ginobli ALL TOOK smaller contracts to make their team better. It was well documented when they signed their extensions. Anyways Tim Duncan is the worst comparison ever, one player is a 23 year old, the other is squeezing the last drops of whats in his tank. How do you think that comparing contracts is reasonable here? Let alone adding a dramatic flair at the end.–nba.html

    ” To use a parenting cliché, if the other GMs jumped of a cliff, Bryan, would you do that too?”

    again, REALLY?!?!?! You mean to tell me that the NBA market, made up of 30 NBA GMs, DOESNT DICTATE THE PRICE OF A PLAYER? Obviously a smart GM takes the temperature of the room, and follows suit. Clearly BC saw at least ONE team with the potential to sign Demar for more.

    ” it’s not like they were bidding against another organization ”

    Except if we miss the extension, then yes, yes it does become a bidding for an RFA. Which as landry fields; asik; hibbert have all shown us that when someone wants an RFA they do it with the intention that the other team cant sign (hibbert got max and stayed).

    The last thing we want is a Demar with his foot half way out the door all season long, and a huge payday waiting for him by a team with capspace. Demar wouldve been one of the top FA’s next season, and we know that we have to compare capspace to who is available during the year. The same way our capspace got us Hedo Turkoglu, because he was honestly the only semi-competent player available that year.

    I found this article full of sensationalism, I realized without even looking at the name that it was not written by the regulars. I suggest you shore up your arguments a little, and stay away from sensationalist spins.

    • mo

      “Demar wouldve been one of the top FA’s next season”

      2013 Free agents- Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Al Jefferson, Bynum, Josh Smith, Tyreke, Brandon Jennings, Paul Millsap, Tony Allen, Kevin Martin, Monte Ellis, Ginobli, Nikola Pekovic, anyone with a PER over 13, ect ect

      Come back to reality, I don’t think teams see Demar any different than O.J Mayo, a top lottery pick wasn’t a top free agent in a weak class. O.J, a 24 year old, was handed a 4M one year deal, so please don’t reference to the fact that Demar is being paid on potential. 

      • enlightenment

        Out of those freeagents, who plays SG better than Derozan?

        You can argue, Ginobli (I doubt very hard, he is leaving the spurs though), Kevin Martin (12M and old), and maybe Tony Allen (cant compare talent IMO, though I do believe he is a steal and in fact I would love to pick up Tony Allen.), possibly Tyreke (will probably worth more than 10M, 20-5-5 in rookie season can convince teams to maybe bid close to max)

        Overall if we talk about actual feasibility to acquire the SG free agent that teams around the league are looking for, Demar being offered 12 M seems to be a very very likely scenario.

        On OJ: My thinking is you are only comparing them based on their stats. They really are not that similar at all… Size difference, Age difference, Ability difference… OJ mayo also signed at 4mil for 1 year so no, OJ wasn’t paid for potential at all, whereas Demar is being paid for the potential of a 23 yearold 17ppg scorer.

        (also OJ is 25 in 3 days making him about 2 years older than Demar)

        • mo

          You make good points in which there is a clear possibility Demar could be worth 12M if things go right this season to another team. Let’s examine the scenarios of allowing Demar to become a RFA:

          Great season by Demar: Hits the open market, receives offers ranging from 12M -14M. We are forced to match and pay an extra “2-4M” by passing on the extension deadline. 

          Solid season: Shows YoY improvement. Hits open market. Forced to match 10M-11M contract. No savings/loss on passing deadline. 

          Similar season to 10-11: PER of 12, hits open market, receives offers  ranging from Landry Fields dollars to Rodney Stuckey (8.5M). Save a few dollars. 

          Worst case scenario, you pay an extra 4M (14M) for a really good player who turned into a borderline all star. 

          Best case scenario, you save 10M and already have his backup ready with a season under his belt and invest that 10+M into Lowry who might end up being a max player. 

          The odds are Demar doesn’t turn into an all-star; plug Demar’s numbers into the season finder, very few players actually posted below average PER by their third season and turned into an all star.  Joe Johnson is probably the exception, but I don’t like those odds of Demar being the next Joe Johnson and the risk-reward (10M savings vs 4M extra) seems right to take a gamble and wait it out. 

    • Dan

       I say let the other teams sign him for more then. Once they see what he offers as an NBA player outside of being athletic then they can be stuck with him. The guy can’t shoot, Dribble play d or create for himself or others. How long of career is he going to have once he gets older and needs to rely more on the skill side. Look at Arenas and Marbury and Francis. All those guys had more NBA skills then Demar does but they were done by 30 when they could no longer just run faster or jump higher. I would take a Gerald green or Nick young over Derozan any day. That’s before you factor in the 10 million a year going forward. They are better shooters and dribblers. They just have had to play with more talent so they got recognized for what they were earlier. One dimensional players who are better suited as scorers off the bench. Look at Nick Youngs stats his last two years in washington once he became a starter and the 1st or 2nd option. Then go look at washingtons record. Those two seasons were better stat wise thend demars past two.

    • Garrett Hinchey

      Thanks for the criticism, “enlightenment.” Feel free to write your own article and submit it, I’m sure we’d all love to hear your thoughts on the extension as well. Apologies for the “sensationalism” but I don’t think that I’ve gone too far astray from what most people here think about this extension.

      I don’t want to make a habit out of responding to goofy posts like this but let me address your concerns:

      – I guess I could have moved the “obvious” further down in the article by my explanation. Semantics, but I’ll give you that one.

      – I realize Tim Duncan took less money to stay in SA but I was just using his name as a benchmark for the type of players that command contracts of this range in the league. I could have easily used other names there, Steve Nash comes to mind. Just trying to illustrate the size of the deal in comparison to other players around the league.

      – Sure, other GMs help dictate a player’s value, but if you think that offering a player a big contract he didn’t earn because you think at least one other team will is sound management technique, you’re way off. It’s thinking like this that’s resulted in players getting uber-inflated contracts, and if you’ll notice, the most well-run teams around the league (Boston, OKC, SA, etc.) don’t hand out deals like that. As a Raptors fan I’d assume that you’d rather compare our management to them then a team like Golden State. 

      – It is important to take into account that we weren’t bidding against another team here. We could have offered DeMar 8 now, and if he didn’t take it, run the risk that he would go for 10+ in the offseason. Instead, we offered him 10 now and decided that it was worth spending the money rather than seeing his true market value (and how he develops this season). I don’t think anyone believes he’s getting the max this offseason, so if another team threw 12 million at him, what’s the issue? If he proves he’s worth it this season, we pay it then, with more certainty.

      Finally, don’t you see the irony in comparing DeMar getting a huge contract to Turkoglu? You’re telling me that move made sense in hindsight?

      That’s all from me here. Thanks for the criticism, I’ll try and tone down the “sensationalism” from here on out.

      • enlightenment

         Garrett, Im sorry if my response hurt you in any way, but I feel I made solid arguments, and thus its far from goofy (again more sensationalism)

        -On using words like ‘Obviously,’ Im glad you agree it should go AFTER your explanation.

        -Steve Nash wouldnt have been a better comparison, and Im glad you realize how bad Tim Duncan was to bring up. How about finding someone in the same draft class collecting the same style of extension with the same ‘unproven potential’ tag… oh Im not sure, how about Jrue Holiday? $46 M for 4 years. Or how about Taj Gibson??? 4 years – $34 Mil. Those are fair comparisons. I dont know why youd bring up Steve Nash after my complaint was about comparing a 23 yearold to a vet squeezing his last bit of juice..

        – Other Gm’s dont HELP dictate, it is their collective opinion directly which decides the value of a player.. and wether that player was overpaid or underpaid. You HAVE to (just like anything in economics) compare the price with the market value.

        -It is very possible that we did approach DD with 8.5Mil initially, its very possible that DD’s agent knew and argued on behalf of the price hike potential if left to an RFA decision (probably also argued by pointing at Jrue’s contract). The point is, you cant assume we literally just ‘dished’ out 10 mil, ESPECIALLY when we didnt extend until 5 hours before the deadline…

        ” so if another team threw 12 million at him, what’s the issue? If he proves he’s worth it this season, we pay it then, with more certainty.”

        Well the issue is we couldve extended him for 10 million…

        – clearly you missed my point with bringing up Hedo… Im saying teams overpay for the free agent crop at hand. If a team needs a SG and Demar is the only starter-quality in the crop, they will dish out more money then necessary, EXACTLY what we did when we outbid Portland for Hedo. My point is that ALL teams do their best to fill their holes with what is available, and many times will overpay to fill it. I never once argued that the Hedo move made sense, only that it HAPPENS IN THE NBA, and if we want to keep Demar at the least possible price extending now is probably the best idea (not to say it isnt a risk, it is.)

        I promise im trying to be civil here, my apologies for calling it a terrible article, that probably set you off (it would to me). I commend you for writing a solid opinion piece, but there seems to be a lot more that you fail to take into account. (specifically Demars Agent)

        • enlightenment

           Also, If I had the opportunity, I would take up your offer to write my own article.

      • WhiteVegas

        What do you think Curry would have gotten in RFA if he wasn’t extended? I’m betting someone would offer him the max, despite his paper ankles. His $44M seems like a lot for such an injury prone player, and it is, but the NBA is like the stock market and you pay for future potential, not current value.

    • WhiteVegas

      This right here. I could easily see some desperate team offering Demar 4 yr $48M in the offseason to try and pry him away from us. Teams would know we’d match a $10M a year offer, so they’d have to start higher or not even bother.
      It’s not great value when all you look at is advanced statistics, but it makes a lot of sense when you look at who will be available, what teams have money, and what other guys from this draft class are getting paid.

  • That right Demar; be proud to be compared to your USC brother Nick Young, Mayo. They are excellent players. And so are you D. Enjoy the season, and getting paid.

  • Nitchka262

    Over paid by 2mill a year if compared to Mayo & Young. If he played defence 8mill a year would be justified but he does not. Tough to justify, yes he works hard and is coachable so his upside better come this year or next to make this contract palatable.

  • no diss

    i really hope he shuts everyone up this year, his stats last year have to be taken in with the fact AB was out all year and as someone said earlier he is pretty easy to scheme against.. this year im thinking lowry will rub off on him big time as well as he wont have to wait for calderon to set him every play because teams will be heavily focused on lowry and AB. he should almost have as much freedom to roam as his rookie season but with a more improved mid range.. his D is still suspect but again i think lowry will rub off on him on that end of the court.. also he has improved his handles a lil bit iv noticed, when he gets cut off he’s still trying to attack unlike previous years where he has to kick it back out and reset the offence through jose.. his contract is large but are we all not use to overpaying americans to stay by now? dead horse

  • j bean

    For everyone thumbs down on the contract can you name a player who would have been a realistic acquisition but because of DD’s extension the deal can’t be done? 
    There isn’t one. JC is expiring which is 10 mill and by the way why not more of an outcry when he got his deal? They are comparable by being about the 20th best at their position. 

  • Simonkinglaw

    A) 38M not 40.

    B) he was going to get an offer for 40

    C) can trade the contract (both theses points are yours)

    D) he could have gotten a higher contract offer with a good (not great) season (see EGordon at 58M/4)

    E) would have been trying to shoot his way to that contract all season

    F) he’s a hard worker and good person who *wants* to be here and has been buying in to Dwayne Casey system and playing defense …

    • mo

      A) 500,000$ over 4 years. Not enough savings to even sign Magloire. 

      B) Who cares what he gets? He’s not worth 40. In an auction, you don’t pay what someone else is willing to pay, you pay what he’s worth to you. Why draft Ross if you are going to resign Demar?

      C) Requires you taking back significant dollars and most likely another team’s bad contract. 

      D) You don’t pay on expected performance. By that logic no one would be a free agent, you would lock them up for a premium with the fear that they would raise their value during the season. Brandon Jennings and Tyreke would be signed to max contracts by now if that was the case. 

      E)That is a reflection on Casey. If he allows a player to hinder the team’s chances at winning for his own personal gain, then he deserves to be fired. Still an unlikely situation

      F) Stop it with this inferiority complex raptor fans. You don’t pay guys who want to be here. Hedo wanted to be here, enough said…

      • Lorenzo

         Spot on, except Hedo verbally said he wanted to leave (thank god)

  • Mos_jef

    We’ll know if this was a good decision when this season is done. Demar showed a nice crossover and more aggression on help defense and rebounding (except for a lazy swipe at a long rebound in the 4th). He’s got a ways to go on shooting range and passing. I still have faith that he’ll keep improving.
    Here’s an article that provided a more balanced analysis of the extensions for this draft class:

  • Statement

    This is a terrible contract extension, period.

    This is up there with Hedo, at least Hedo had an above-average skill (passing)

    • mo

      Demar is the new Hedo/Calderon for us Raptor fans. We will argue and fabricate trade scenarios for the next 4 years about trading away Derozan. He will take the brunt of the criticism from the media about his ability and contract and finally when his contract is done…we will re-sign Ross to a 10M contract. The cycle must go on for Colangelo

      • Destro

        Demar is NOT Hedo….

        • Nilanka15

          But his contract is just as ugly…

  • This deal could turn out to be a bargin if Derozan decides to take his game to the next level. He has talent but does he have the drive and confidence to become great? If he decides to concentrate on taking the ball to the hoop and forget about his jumpshot he will get better numbers this year. He will get better looks when he decides to take it to the rim. 


    everyone on here is going off about how overpaid demar is now and we should have or could have signed someone else.

    WHO IS THIS PLAYER?!?! i’d be glad to see anyone come up with a list of players we could get for the same amount of money that WANT TO COME TO TORONTO.

    no, i’m not the biggest derozan fan and yes, the contract was a little pricey, but you’re signing a 23 year old who still has a high ceiling, knows the system, has chemistry with his teammates, very healthy and doesnt miss a lot of games, good size at the 2, is a gym rat, and has shown to be very coachable with his change of offense from shooting 3s to attacking the rim this year. they know what he can do, and they know what hes still capable of doing, and paid him accordingly. thats how you build a reputation around the league for a team looking to attract talent to your organization. Colangelo is trying to build a squad that will DEVELOP TOGETHER and demars extension is based more on what he will bring to this team over the next few years, rather then immediate dividends. can you realistically say we were playing for a championship this year anyways? 2-3 years i can confidently say we’re sitting near the top of the eastern conference.

    • p00ka

      +1 !!!!!! We could use a little more of this reasoning around this cabbage patch, but the whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabbits are eating it all up. There really is a plan being executed here, with players’ characters being a big part of the equation. You can teach skills and systems/schemes, but you can’t teach character. They’ve spent a lot of time in the gym with him, and I have a feeling they know where he’s headed a lot better than any of us armchair Head Coaches/GMs.

  • Tee

    There s something everyone is failing to mention..
    We actually signed guys that were drafted by the organization.BUT the difference between now and the past is that we have more than two on the team at the same time.

    JV Bargs DD Davis Ross

    17 years as an organization and this is the first time thats ever happened!?
    Dont you guys understand how important that is!!?

    Everyone is complaining about locking up a guy that wants to be a raptor because it too expensive…

    ASK your self this: How many free agents would we have signed with the money we saved? like Hedo like Kapono?

    What is our organization’s history with players that we draft?Damon S. Tmac vince Bosh…(the common thing is that they were all drafted by us and let go in their prime im not comparing ability)

    This organization has to start somewhere…You guys think you should sign players that can help you win the Championship!  Yeah, maybe if your the lakers!!!  We are looking to gain respectability first.  That comes from not letting your players walk.  Baby steps.

    You dont go from a pontiac sunfire and then trade it in for a fucking Benz! you have to trade up slowly.

  • Destro

    So we couldnt beat the Pacers but the fckn Bob kitties could….

    • WhiteVegas

      The World Champion Heat lost to the Knicks by 20. The Knicks started Jason Kidd at SG. Should we go ahead and call the Heat the worst team in the league, or am I jumping to conclusions?

  • golden

    Where to begin?  So, first we get cute trying to sign Steve Nash and end up swallowing our own poison pill with Landry Fields.  Now, we’re afraid of all those suitors lining up to poison pill us 2 years from now, because we’re afraid that Demar’s market value will rise somewhere close to elite/max level, so we poison ourselves yet again?  Honestly, I’m thinking that we should trade everybody for draft picks because at least the rookie scale contract is fixed – but I’d be worried that we’d draft guys who never would have been drafted, so we could overpay them too? 

    How many general managers does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 

    • cesco

        Apparently the poison pill only applies to second rounders and undrafted players so it cannot be used for first rounders like DD.

  • eatadic

    demar fucking sucks…im officially on the fire colangelo bandwagon after this.

    demar cant crown anyone.cant play d.cant shoot a 3.cant dribble….3 dudes pack the pain on his drives and he has no vision to find the open man or just simply stop and pop….dudes garbage….i was excited this season would be his last so both jose and his expiring could net us a max sg/sf.

  • eatadic

    bargs is the only decent underpaid baller we got on discount…..and lowry….the rest of em is overpaid retardation………….demar aint even near bargs level of skills…..yeeesh.

    yung gunz yo.

    • Nilanka15

      Joshua Reynolds is baaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

  • Rosh_7

    what’s the concensus on the whole “poison pill” trend that teams were offering to make sure teams could’nt match? (ie what we did to the knick’s with landry’s contract and the rocket’s did to the knicks with lin’s contract?)  is there any advantage to paying more now but making sure his contract doesn’t hinder us down the road?