A terrible photo choice.
A terrible photo choice.

We’re trying something a little new with the quick reaction today. I was tweeting from the ESPN Daily Dime accounts during the game, and submitted the following five 35-word chunks after the buzzer for inclusion in tomorrow’s Daily Dime. I’ll share them below and add some thoughts at the end. Arse will check in tomorrow morning with longer form thoughts.

Kyle Lowry. While he didn’t score in the fourth he kept the Raptors’ heads above water late in the second and in the third. He lead the teams in points, rebounds and assists with 22-7-5.

That was…
That was…sloppy. The Timberwolves turned the ball over 24 times for 32 points and had a -9 offensive rebounding margin, giving the Raptors far too many possessions.

Alan Anderson, who earned a contract with a 17-game tryout at the end of last year, has emerged as the first wing off the bench. He scored 18 points, 10 in the fourth quarter.

Andrea Bargnani shot just 4-of-16, continuing an ugly start to the season that has him at 33% shooting through three games. His only other appearance in the box score was a lone rebound.

Defining Moment
Both teams employed their second units to start the fourth quarter, where Toronto extended their lead from six to 13 over a five-minute span with an 11-4 run. The Wolves went 1-for-6 with three turnovers.

The Raptors played a pretty good game, although their defense wasn’t quite where you’d like to see it. They did force the 24 turnovers, but a good number of those were unforced errors on the part of the Wolves. The offense clicked and the guards in particular played aggressive and played well.

Lowry – see above, played another great game and deferred in the fourth since others were hot. Leads the team in rebounds with 22 through three games, which is a testament to him but an indictment of our bigs.

DeRozan – another strong, aggressive game for DeRozan, who finished with 22 points and seven boards. He’s taken 16 free throws through three games and surprisingly has 15 rebounds, too.

Fields – another near-zero offensively but his work on defense forced multiple turnovers. All the hustle in the world isn’t going to keep people from turning on him if he doesn’t start scoring a bit, though.

Bargnani – see above, a terrible game for Bargs. Kirilenko is a tough defender but having no assists, steals or blocks and just a single rebound in 24 minutes is unacceptable, even for him.

Valanciunas – another tough test with the bull Pekovic, but Valanciunas held his own. He took a shot in the chops for a charge drawn, which was nice to see, and he had a 4-4-2 line with a block, making up for some poor shooting (2/8).

Anderson – see above, this was probably Anderson’s best game. He still takes too many shots given his role in my mind, but tonight he was effective. Single game plus-minuses are misleading but Double-A was a ridiculous +20 in 31 minutes, if you care.

Davis – Davis missed an easy dunk and an easy layup he should have dunked, but was otherwise decent with six points and seven rebounds. That kind of softness around the rim costs the team easy buckets, though, and from a selfish perspective, takes away easy points Davis could be adding to his stat line (read: it costs him money).

Johnson – Amir’s wet jumper hit for another long two tonight, and it appears 18-feet is now comfortably within his range. Amir had 9-5-3-2-1 but even that versatile line doesn’t do his game justice, as he was also a very active defender.

Calderon – Jose played just 14 minutes, chipping in seven points and three dimes while avoiding getting torched on defense, thanks to J.J. Barea leaving the game early with a concussion. Having Lowry and Lucas means Calderon won’t have to play heavy minutes on the business end of back-to-backs, which should keep him fresh through the season.

Ross – Ross got on the board with his first career points, a nice long two off the dribble. It was his only hit in four tries in what was another difficult game for him. He picked up three fouls in just five minutes in the first half and only got in for garbage time after that.

Lucas – Lucas played just six minutes since the Wolves were a little too big to run two point-guards against. He missed his only shot and I almost missed that he was in the game.

McGuire – played two minutes of garbage time, blocking a shot. Hooray!

Gray – no minutes. Message heard, I hope. #TeamAnti-Gray
Kleiza – out with a family matter. Hope all is OK.
Acy – inactive but looked fresh.

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  • Matt52

    I liked the lack of Calderon and Lowry playing together in this game.  It is a good combination in small, limited, situational doses but that is it.

    • FAQ

      Lowry = Street-baller….. Calderon = Play-maker …. so obvious.

      Are we witnessing another Ford redux?

  • Lorenzo

    A pretty boring and sloppy game. Demar looks like a completely different player from last year so far. A good thing.

    Valanciunas needs to get bigger, his body is holding him back from all sorts of things out there

    • Kate C

      JV is a rookie, he needs all kinds of things… mostly experience, which it seems he will get. It takes time (years) to substantially increase body mass… give him some time.  I like what I’ve seen so far in hustle and instincts – the rest will come with time.

    • Nilanka15

      Jonas seems to be a quick learner.  I think we’ll see a more effective player once he faces these teams for a 2nd time.

  • Miska Vlasics

    Demar is playing at a good clip…I like the trend. Lowry can flat out ball…in 3 maybe 4 years JV will be crushing the self esteem of many an NBA big. But he does need to get bigger…that’s clear. 

    I don’t know if we will make the playoffs or not but I can tell we aren’t going to get blown out too often and when you are in games anything can happen. 

    Optimism comes in baby steps in this town….

    • FAQ

      Raptor offense will not jell properly if KL continues his street-balling ways.

       Looks great for the hero-worshipping t.h. fans… but does little to develop an offensive system.

      • p00ka

        Occasionally you disguise it, but you really are nothing but a troll trying to stir up shyt. Get a fn life

        • FAQ

          Lotsa shyt here, p00 ….  you t00…!!!

  • J14

    yeah liked that the 2 PG pairing wasn’t forced too much specially on the 4thQ
    hopefully we’ll see the same great production from lowry & DD consistently
    bargs will should/hopefully be better as the season progress
    hopefully ross will get the monkey off his back w/ that 1st basket
    Jval needs ths growing pain experience early so that he’ll be better later this season
    fields should work out w/ AA lol

    • Nilanka15

      Yes, it was Summer League, but Ross looked like a completely different player back then.  He was more aggressive, was looking to dunk on people, and took good shots (rather than the dribble pullup long-twos he’s been chucking lately). 

      Right now, it seems like the kid’s struggling with his confidence more than anything else.  I’m sure he’s seeing his fellow rookie teammate earning plenty of praise and playing time, while wondering why he himself hasn’t been as impactful.

      • FAQ

        Perhaps he regrets being drafted by the Raptors and realizing that he may not get the generous playing time that DD got … plus $10 Mill p.a…!!!

  • Tim Holmes

    Bargs has been terrible but the team is still playing well, that is an encouraging sign,
    when he gets it together look out. Ditto for Ross, Fields and Kleiza.

    Is it too early to call Lowry the best Raptor ever?

    Demar is not just cashing his cheque, nice to see him playing well after his big pay day.

    Overall im exited as ive been in years! GO RAPS!!!!!

    • Kate C

      I’m might be a touch too early to call him the best Raptor of all time. I’m putting him 4th for now, with room for movement.  😉

      • pran

        im gonna go head and pencil him 3rd after vince and bosh.

        • Kate C

          I was thinking Tracy McGrady as possibly 3rd, but “as a Raptor” I believe you are right. I stand (write) corrected.

          • pran

            T-mac really hit his stride after signing with orlando, but I can see that argument.

          •  Even still, Damon Stoudemire would be 3rd! Not T-mac. He just didn’t fulfill his potential.

      • FAQ

        ^^^.. tribal honking fans.. ^^^

        • Marc

          ^^^ not a fan of anything ^^^

    • FAQ

      See my comment below about Bargs shutting down because he doesn’t fit in with the gross confusion on offense.  He’s pissed off and who can blame him as he endures team rebuild after rebuild… and now he’s being ignored on offense.

      If Casey expects Bargs to adjust his game to the Lowry-DD style of play, forget it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Bargs asked for a trade to a more organized team that can benefit from his unique skills. 

      The current edition of the Raptors is just a potpourri of streetballers doing their own thing.

      • Nilanka15

        Bargnani asking for a trade would be a godsend.

        • FAQ

          So you agree that the offense is haphazard and reduced to street balling with Lowry leading the way??  Is Lowry another Ford??

          • Nilanka15

            Ford was a good player before the Horford incident.  Nothing wrong with going back to the Ford comparison.

            But for the record, Lowry being compared to Ford is like comparing Rondo to Dana Barros.

            • FAQ

              Okay…. but now, do you agree the offense is haphazard and reduced to street balling… with everybody doing their own thing when they get their hands on the ball trying to create even though the defense has not been spaced??

              If Lowry can’t run plays like Jose, the rest of the team will get iced watching his acrobatics.

                Remember how it was with Vince?

      •  Ignored on offense, the guy took 16 shots! He gets his hand on the ball almost each time they come down court. He has no right to be pissed about anything. He is missing open shots!

        • FAQ

          Many of those shots were taken late into the clock, and others were improvised badly.  Bargs just looks like he doesn’t fit in with the loose street balling.. led by KL and DD.  The offense is broke and needs repair.

          •  If anything, I prefer this offense than last years offense. If bargs can’t jell with how this team is playing, then that is on him. This style seems to be working well and for the most part has been a world more entertaining. Last year was a bore and a losing style. This year so far has looked well, just a bit unpolished.

          • Matt52


            You mean the offense, which through 3 games, is averaging 97.7ppg good for 16th and an offensive rating of 11th in the league?  All the while the leader in field goal attempts (Bargnani) is shooting 32.6% and has only taken 8 free throws?

            Of course this is in comparison to last season where the Raps were 28th with 90.7ppg and 24th in offensive rating.

            Yeah, it is broken….. and there is certainly no signs of improvement either.

            • Nilanka15

              I wanted to post something with raw numbers, but was too lazy to look them up.  Gracias!

            • FAQ

              Do you honestly believe the Raptors can maintain these numbers and the other team coaches will not figure things out and not be able to stifle the Raps haphazard offense?

              Stop Lowry and/or DD and Raps are dead meat as it is now.

              • Matt52

                 So now your argument is blown to sh!t you are just going to forecast the future with your doom and gloom? 


                Crazy thought: Bargnani won’t continue to suck which should make up for any drop off in Lowry or DeRozan.

                Crazier thought: Lowry is that damn good.

                Either way, right or wrong on my end, I would hate to have your mindset following the Raptors.  Exciting basketball has finally returned to the ACC, the Raptors have competed in all 3 games thus far with an opportunity to win, and they still aren’t even playing their best ball.  Boo-f’in-hoo!

              • what the

                “stop Lowry and/or DD and Rap are dead meat” thats where your boy spreadfloor/ab13 comes in and does what he is paid to do, the “COMPLICATED” stuff

          • what the

            What? don’t you like our new batman and robin, it’s ok guy AB13 can be Alfred or maybe Batgirl is better.

      • RaptorFan

        just curious to see the group of guys on the raps you’re referring to as streetballers…..

        I think Casey expects Bargnani to know how to play in his 7th season…..If we’re still making excuses for Bargnani maybe we should send him to this magical place where he’d be an all-star…..

        Lets face it!

        Bargnani doesnt have what it takes to be the man on this team!  He should be 3rd in line behind Lowry and Derozan in terms of shots (he shoots 32.6 percent as a big man so far this year!!!! – averaging 2.3 rebounds) this is UTTERLY RIDUCULOUS and needs to be pointed out

        NO MORE EXCUSES…. if you cant get the job done….sit out and watch Ed Davis get it done for you Il Mago

        • FAQ

          Yes.. street ballers… because it’s the PG and even the SG who must set the offensive plays… instead of just doing their thing when the plays are broken.

          At the start of the game, Lowry tried to pass the ball instead of ball hogging … but that soon changed after he sunk a couple of three’s and a few drives to the hoop.

          LOWRY IS NOT A PLAY-MAKER and neither is DD.  Are we watching another Ford-Calderon redux??!!!

          Let’s watch what happens at OKC.  I suspect Casey is urging Lowry to run plays, and if he doesn’t or can’t then Jose will be back at the helm.


          • Matt52

             You are talking about the same Lowry who is averaging 7.0 assists per game, right?  I really want to be sure we’re talking about the same guy.

            • FAQ

              How is he getting his assists… are these assists on set plays or passing after being stopped on failed drives and bailing out.. successfully?

              • Matt52

                 I’m not sure how much success he is having racking up assists when Bargnani is shooting 32% and Fields is shooting 21%.

                Try again.

          • RaptorFan

            i used to think you somewhat knew what you were talking about……. YIKES….. you’ve clearly lost your mind!  Lowry is the starter and is in no way threatened as the starter of this team (right now). 

            Suddenly i’m proud to be a tribal honking fan instead of a lonely troll like you!!

            You dont know what a play maker is….you dont even know what a baller is….Please tell me your not advocating benching Lowry for Jose!!!

            Seems to be like your the one trying to start up this PG controversy….. except you lose because there’s too much seperation between the two this time. 

            Kyle Lowry is TJ Ford with a sweet Jumper and a deadly 3 point shot!  Its over now…. move on

            • FAQ

              Would it be unacceptable to you if Jose was the starter and got everybody involved with set plays… and then Lowry coming off the bench to change the game tempo with his drives, steals and scoring?

              • Matt52

                Why would any fan think that is a good idea considering Jose has led the Raptors to a .304 winning percentage the last 2 seasons.

              • what the

                you are a  madman !!! hell no

  • Krytha

    Lowry is a beast. 

    • FAQ

      ^^^.. tribal honking fan.. ^^^

  • Destro

    Lowry is averaging 3 times as many rebounds as Bargnani…


    • Kate C

      A great example of how good rebounding is mostly about “just go get the damn ball”.

    • FAQ

      Bargnani seems to be shutting down because he doesn’t seem to fit in with the freewheeling streetballing play of Lowry and DD.  The rest of the newbies are totally disorganized and are just improvising on offense.

      Nobody spots up Bargs and when he does get the ball, he attempts to either drive to the hoop, pull up and shoot or loft shots from the arc.  He’s pretty much on his own in the offense.

       Casey is forcing everybody to work  on defense, but offense is suffering with all the ball hogging as players attempt to create on their own.

       ED and AJ are just flailing about in desperation.  Raptors are just not jelling on offense. Casey…??!!!!

      • j bean

        Bargnani isn’t shutting down, his shot hasn’t been dropping but that will change. He could be a little anxious as he sees his starting role in jeopardy and he could be a better fit on the second unit.
        Call it street ball or free wheeling whatever, Lowry brings a different attitude and style of play that is refreshing to watch. It’s still all about winning and if it produces success in the win column that will keep me happy. 

        • what the


        • Destro

          No he has quit the last 2 games….When he doesnt score he quits on the game…

          •  well he is also getting double and triple teamed when he does get the ball. I don’t think he is quitting but it does seem like he is not interested this year or something. He needs to get over it because there is a lot more team around him this year. It is no longer the Bargs show!

            • what the

              another one WOW! so no AB13 this year?

      • RaptorFan

        Sounds like your making excuses for Bargnani…..he’s just playing like garbage…..missing open shots, rushing game tying shots, no help defence…..its pretty embarassing to watch….

        • Matt52


          I’ve defended Bargnani numerous times over the years.  I can’t defend him now.  He is sucking – pure and simple.  I do think he will snap out of it sooner than later.  He is taking over 14 shots per game.  He is also getting good looks.  He is just missing both on jumpers and drives.  To blame this on Lowry is ridiculous.

          • RaptorFan

            I’ve defended Bargnani since he was first picked…..thats almost 7 years!!!….I give up….he needs to get the same treatment as anyone else on this team…..

            He hasnt accomplished anything to warrant special passes

            AB has 7 rebounds in 3 games – that is incredible for a PF!! (incredibly horrible)

            ALSO i would’ve liked him to step up and take on the challenge of guarding brook lopez in the NJ game (since everyone keeps saying he’s such a good man to man defender) —– but he didnt and that shows he refuses to be a leader…..we left it up to JV (a f’kin rookie!) and smaller defenders such as Amir and ED….This is a joke and nobody’s talking about it!  If Bargnani was such a good defender why didnt they just switch him and JV on defence  …..did everyone forget that Andrea spent the last 4 years defending starting centers???? 

            so basically we have Aaron Gray finishing out the game in NJ …..i dont want to see this again!…… if Bosh, Aldridge, etc. can play Center….Andrea should be able to for spurts throughout the game

  • leftovercrack

    Lowry and DeRozan, with Calderon and Anderson coming off the bench: all of a sudden we have a good back court. I didn’t see that coming, at least not the Derozan and Anderson part. But kudos to DD for making us mockers look bad. Now if only we could get an elite SF and Jonas a year or two more experience and we’d have a real team. If I was Colangelo I’d wait until Bargs gets on his next 13-game hot streak and see if I could trade him for a SF, give the PF minutes to Amir and Ed who deserve them

    • Kate C

      Conceptually, I like this idea. What good SF do you think might be available that we could get for Bargs?

      • leftovercrack

        That is the question. The way he is playing right now it is tough to imagine them getting an upgrade at SF for him. But as I said, maybe if he gets hot again. You can’t teach 7 feet

        • Kate C

          Suggestion I just read on twitter – if MEM doesn’t have a good year, will they start rebuilding?  Would Rudy Gay be a good/possible addition?

          • Destro

            You wont get Gay for Bargs…not even with Calderon thrown in…

  • Jamshid

    Great to see Ross and Big Val getting some minutes.

    • Kate C

      Very happy to see both rookies get minutes. Best way for them to learn the NBA game. It will not be pretty (T-Ross with several rookie mistakes) but it’s the best way for them to learn.

  • paul

    “Gray – no minutes. Message heard, I hope. #TeamAnti-Gray”

    Murp…your are a head challenged idiot.
    Give sombody a word processor and look out.

    The team played a destryed team and did well. enjoy it…with a shot of reality.
    Please….this is to much sometimes, really.
    Such hatred from such nothings…

    • BlakeMurphy

      Huh?? There’s not hatred, I’m sure Gray’s a cool dude…I just don’t think he has any business playing 18 minutes like he did Saturday when he’s the 5th best big on the team. Not sure how that is “too much” or not reality or hatred or makes me an idiot (now, responding to comments…THAT probably qualifies me).

      • Ppellico

        He played 18 minutes because in THAT game, a REAL game
        against really BIG NBA men, your above heroes did nothing to control the paint.

        And yet you bitch and form the anti-gray society. And then
        tonight, after a win against a hobbled, broken team…you put forth
        analysis…as IF there was something learned from it. The ONLY analysis is they
        beat a broken team and better NOT take any bragging rights from it. They are a
        seriously confused offensive and defensive team. And Casey had better fix it.

        Lastly…if anybody on this blog enjoys seeing Amir take far
        out shots, it only proves what a mess this team is. As is its fan base.

        Its like rewarding bad behavior. It’s what we call
        enableling. Its why husbands keep beating their wives…they just keep coming
        back with dinner on the table.


        • Ppellico

          but don’t get me totally wrong…I am enjoying Amir and his pick n rolls as well as his sudden hard body on offense.
          He is playing like he has heart this year, but he had better do it every night…something Gray gave you but you seem so willing to toss away.
          His defense still needs to be brought up…he still cannot keep out the better centers.

          • BlakeMurphy

            Pekovic is 300lbs and averaged 14-7 last year in just 27 minutes. I’d call him a real NBA big man.

            And yes, Gray is a big body who tries, but the team has to play 4-on-5 offensively when he’s in the game. Small doses only, please.

        • Destro

          Sorry in the Brooklyn game you needed offense which Gray provides none which is why he cant close games for you when ur behind….

  • FAQ

    Don’t get too hyped up with this sham win.

     No Love.. no Rubio.. no Barea…. because if Minny had these players the outcome of the game might well have been quite different.

    It was a tainted win and everybody knows it.. except for the t.h. fans who rejoice mindlessly.

    • leftovercrack

      You are pretty much the definition of a downer

    • hyperdouche

      It’s okay to be happy sometimes

    • Kate C

      Seems to me a tainted win is still a win, no? Good happy feelings for team and fan, still scores 1 in the W column. I don’t see a lot of downside here.

      • CJT

        Also, nobody was feeling sorry for us last year when we were decimated with injuries, they were all still loses.  A win is a win. 

      • FAQ

        I bet the Raptor coaches aren’t overjoyed that injured Minny stuck with the healthy Raptors until the 4th quarter.

        Raptors are just not jelling properly… and some players just don’t fit or like to play streetball with Lowry and DD.

         Bargs just looks pissed off with the disorganized freewheeling play.  He just doesn’t fit in with Lowry and DD, and neither does Jose.

        I suspect all is not well in the House of Raptors… just watch.  

        • Destro

          Maybe true but you have to consider alot of teams play down to there compeition knowing there missing there best players they dont play at there best…fact of sports

        • RaptorFan

          My thinking exactly!  We should get rid of JOSE (Olay) and BARGS ……”bye bye….take your 30 percent winning percentage with you both…..you guys sucked on defence, unreliable on offence and both make approx. 10 mil a season” LOL…..imagine the savings (we could sign a player to MAX)!

          • FAQ

            Hey, junior… does it make you feeeel good proclaiming “We should get rid of JOSE (Olay) and BARGS….” … as if you were a fantasy GM… and most likely only a nerd who only wears b-ball gear and has never stood on a gym court and played competitive b-ball???

            • RaptorFan

              Hey senior…..your the one crying about the new style of play…..get used to it Gramps!  You’ve been here for a while…. i understand its hard…..sometimes change is tough.  I promise you’ll be okay!…lol.. now go change your depends and watch the new b-ball we have in T.O 🙂

              Stop crying over players who contributed very little to winning basketball in Toronto

    • KJ-B

      That’s called the NBA–where injuries happen…nobody takes it easy cause your guys are “hurt”..

      • FAQ

        I predict that Minny will squash the Raps … with Love, Rubio and Barea all playing … when they meet next.

        • RaptorFan

          I predict that your a Wolves fan in sheep clothing….lol

  • Tee

    Anyone notice Derozan has better handles this year?

    • Tim Holmes

      Yeah, that is the most important evolution in his game.
      Not comparing but Jordan and Wade had/have good handles but not great 3pt range.

    • FAQ

      I hope he continues improving because his big contract only appears to kick in next season…. while he only pulls down $3+Mill for this season.

    • what the

      ask Nilanka

  • raptorsdd10

    we are making the playoffs..mark my words

    Man i am still scratching my head over the Fields signing and drafting Ross…horrible

    We need a SF..and we need to not give up on Bargs…but if we really want him out, I think filly would give us Turner for him…Bargs/Bynum inside out game would be scary…if we can find away to snatch Gay we would be a top 4 team in the east…i just don’t think Calderon/Ross/Ed/1st rounder would be enough

    • FAQ

      Fields left the Knicks for the money, and Ross is getting squeezed out with little playing time.  Fields looks discouraged now and I bet he is wishing he had stayed with the Knicks.

      Did BC assemble this bunch of players for trade bait strategy..??!!!

    • Nilanka15

      Turner has been just as much of a letdown in Philly as Bargnani has been in Toronto.  He hasn’t lived up to his #2 overall pick (at least not yet).

  • Tonious35

    I’ll give credit where it is due, this T-Wolves team does not suck that bad to lose to a double-header-exhausted team like the Raps, but they don’t have Rubio and Love.  If those Two were playing, expect this result to be a bit different

    • j bean

      The Raptors have won around 15 of the last 16 games with the T-Wolves. If they had Rubio and Love chances are it could have been closer but probably still the same result in the win column.

  • NyAlesund

    Bargs horrible. No question. It is not the lone rebs. He was bad in every aspect of the game.

    I don’t know what’s the matter. A classical bad period or the inability of playing this basket. It looks like out of the sistem. Lowry is different than Calderon and maybe this has an effect on his game.

    Off course we have to wait some games before judging, but if the situation going worse or remain exactly the same is better for everyone to trade him. It is possible that this basket is not fit for him.

    Great to see DD playing well. It lookes like confortable with this kind of the game. Consistent even behind the arc. Very good news. Lowry excellent.

    Val has need time. He is a rookie.

  • Canadian Paul

    Didn’t watch the game, but it seems to have wet the bed again. He’s now the proud owner of a 6.7 PER and 2.3 rebounds per game. I guess 7-feet doesn’t bring much anymore.

  • Nilanka15

    Gotta give credit where credit is due.  DeMar’s last 2 games have been very impressive.  He’s hitting his shots, not forcing anything, playing under control, and getting into the passing lanes….just a solid overall game.  If he can continue this pace, he’ll be worth every penny.

    • what the

      thank you Jesus, I’m hearing it from NILANKA, next CHARLES BARKLEY

      • Nilanka15

        I’m not a “hater” or a “fanboy”.  I acknowledge good play, as well as poor play.  A foreign concept to some.

        • FAQ

          Getting a raise in salary from $3 Mill to $10 Mil must have motivated him… ya think?

          • Matt52


            But unfortunately it does not motivate everyone.

  • Nilanka15

    Even before his 18-point outburst, Anderson has very clearly been the best SF on this roster so far (that’s more a knock on Fields, Kleiza and Ross than a glorification of Anderson).  But gotta respect this guy.  A former D-League/Euroleague castaway who knows his role, doesn’t make many mistakes, and plays respectable defense.  Kudos to AA.

    • mountio

      I have to agree. I was hacking on Casey for not playing Ross in NJ (which I still think was a mistake .. you gotta get the kid some run) and giving AA lots of burn.
      AA was very solid against Minny. However, for the medium (and definitely long) term, I dont want to be relying on AA to be a material portion of our offense. We need to get T Ross out there, get his confidence up and back to the player we saw in the preseason. Benching him doesnt help that.
      As for Landry – Im not sure what to say. The guy is at least a legit NBA bench player … but he really doesnt do anything well. Hes awful at the offensive end.
      100% collateral damage from the Nash pursuit .. very, very dissapointing.

      • Nilanka15

        It seems that Casey/Colangelo might be more focused on winning games this year, than developing Ross for the future.

        •  It would be nice to develop Ross but maybe he just needs to sit a while and see how this works. Who knows, Ross might end up being a stellar 6th man near the end of the season.

          I truly think AA should start over Fields now. AA just seems to be so much more agressive offensively and fits the offense a bit better. Sad to pay so much to Fields as a bench player but sometimes you overpay one guy when you find a gem somewhere else. AA is really looking solid and might fit really well with DD.

        • mountio

          It does .. and I disagree with that (or at least disagree with the notion that you cant accomplish both). Ross is BY FAR the most talented out of AA, LF and himself. As a result, if this team ever wants to have real success, its going to be with DD and TR, not AA or LF. Same goes for JV vs. AG.
          That doesnt mean forcefeed guys 30+ minutes if they are sucking it up .. but it also doesnt mean giving TR DNPs either.
          If we end up losing a game or two extra early in the year, thats a fair price to pay imo

  • Dan

    The past two games Dreozan has made me eat my words. He’s looked good and made simple plays. If he keeps this up he will change my opinion of him for sure.

    •  He just needs to play the same role from here on out. Get into the post and get to the line. Keep that up and he could change a lot of minds!

    • FAQ

      So what’s the reason for the improvement … getting a $7 Mill pay raise?

      •  Maybe its the natural progression of a 3rd yr pro but was stunted by a year with the whole lockout situation. Plus it is a lot easier now for DD to do certain things now that there is a bit more talent around him.