We’re playing OKC

Prediction: Raptors 98, OKC 96

This state looks like a gun. Or a flag.

I totally forgot I had to do the pre-game post for today so here goes: I got nothing.

If the Raptors win this, I’d be surprised. If they get blown out, I’ll also be surprised.

Matchup I’m looking most forward to: Lowry versus Westbrook.

Given the way Lowry’s playing, this is setting up to be a nice little tilt in the early season. Westbrook’s explosiveness versus Lowry’s hound-like defense, there’s plenty to like here. I think our man is going to have a fine game, and get to the line 10 times.

Matchup I’m not looking forward to: Durant versus Fields

If that’s how Casey sets up, and given the options at the three it’ll likely be that, Fields is in for a ride. Best defense is a good offense might be a strategy Fields could employ, but he’s sorely lacking in that category so there you go. I think our best wing needs to guard their best wing, so I would switch DeRozan on Durant, grab some popcorn and observe. That’s how it should be.

Matchup I want the Raptors to desperately win: Valanciunas versus the bitch

Perkins is a bitch. Period. I want him destroyed and Valanciunas is the man to do it.

Matchup I fear: Bargnani versus Ibaka

If Bargnani has a big game against Ibaka, I will forgive all his sins. However, the outcome of a struggling offensive player going up against one of the best defenders in the league is easy to see, but I’ve been surprised before, like the time I got served a buttered bagel when I had explicitly asked for cream cheese.

OKC is favored by 9. I shit on those nine points. Raptors 98, OKC 96. Lowry the MVP.

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