This state looks like a gun. Or a flag.

I totally forgot I had to do the pre-game post for today so here goes: I got nothing.

If the Raptors win this, I’d be surprised. If they get blown out, I’ll also be surprised.

Matchup I’m looking most forward to: Lowry versus Westbrook.

Given the way Lowry’s playing, this is setting up to be a nice little tilt in the early season. Westbrook’s explosiveness versus Lowry’s hound-like defense, there’s plenty to like here. I think our man is going to have a fine game, and get to the line 10 times.

Matchup I’m not looking forward to: Durant versus Fields

If that’s how Casey sets up, and given the options at the three it’ll likely be that, Fields is in for a ride. Best defense is a good offense might be a strategy Fields could employ, but he’s sorely lacking in that category so there you go. I think our best wing needs to guard their best wing, so I would switch DeRozan on Durant, grab some popcorn and observe. That’s how it should be.

Matchup I want the Raptors to desperately win: Valanciunas versus the bitch

Perkins is a bitch. Period. I want him destroyed and Valanciunas is the man to do it.

Matchup I fear: Bargnani versus Ibaka

If Bargnani has a big game against Ibaka, I will forgive all his sins. However, the outcome of a struggling offensive player going up against one of the best defenders in the league is easy to see, but I’ve been surprised before, like the time I got served a buttered bagel when I had explicitly asked for cream cheese.

OKC is favored by 9. I shit on those nine points. Raptors 98, OKC 96. Lowry the MVP.

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  • Nilanka15

    I think the Valanciunas/Perkins matchup will be a good one.  It’s the 1st time Valanciunas will be going up against an offensively-challenged foe.  Hope that keeps him out of foul trouble (assuming he avoids the moving screens).

  • ibleedpurple

    “…but I’ve been surprised before, like when I got a buttered bagel when I had explicitly asked for cream cheese.” Beauty line there good sir. 

    This should be a fun game regardless of the outcome. The Raptors bench will have its hands full with Kevin Martin and Co. I expect Mr. Anderson to perhaps keep Martin in check. The one thing we can be certain of (for the first season in Raptors history) is a strong defensive effort. Hard to contain KD or Westbrook but the Dinos will give it a hell of a shot. Go Raps Go!

  • ad

     Im most worried about okc’s bench destroying ours. Especially if casey sends out that offensively incompetent unit of calderon, anderson, mcguire, davis, and johnson. Looking forward to lowry vs. westbrook though. That should be fun. I think it’ll be a close game but the raps are longshots to win it. Just not enough high end talent to overcome okc.

    • The Rub

      I don’t know why Casey feels like that 5 should all be out there at the same time.  If you subbed them in while still keeping one of Lowry, Bargnani or Derozan on they wouldn’t look so pathetic on offense.  It’s basically garbage point or nothing with that 5.

      • mountio

        Totally. Simple solution to me, which would also appease some of the “AB off the bench” supporters.
        Most nights (unless AB is on fire), start him for the first 6-8 mins and then take him off for Ed (and LF for TRoss or AA). Then bring him back in just after the start of the 2nd, when you are taking out DD.
        Lowry should play the most minutes, but maybe sits off the last half of the 2Q.
        That way you try to have at least one (if not two) of KL, DD, AB or JV on the court .. which is necessary to keep the offense flowing ..

        • Nilanka15


          Me likey.


          That was the wat Trianon was playing AB7 on 2 years ago. I remember everyone was happy because he was fresher and was sitting on the bench 4/5 minutes only than back in.It was a great idea and thats the best way to do it. I would not play him more than 32 min per game as a rule.

  • j bean

     If the Raps can come out hot, score 30 1st quarter points and take a lead they will have a chance. If there was a time for AB to come out of his funk it’ll be tonight against an excellent defender inside or out. 
    Durant has been trying to duplicate what LJ did in the finals and play more of a playmaker role and it’s not working. Hope he keeps the experiment up. 
    I like the Raps bench against the Thunder’s. 

    • Destro

      I think its been proven already when they come out hot and score in the 1st qtr,it dont mean shit…..

      • p00ka

        It’s been proven already that when you speak, it means shit…

        • Destro

          Its been proven you are a piece of a shit…

      • j bean

        Do you think they have a better chance for a win if they have to come from behind? Play the underdog role all game and then snatch a victory in the last 3 minutes. 

        • Destro

          Nah but i dont think it means they have to play 4 solid quarters and not have any bad second quarters like in Brooklyn…

          • j bean

            I guess you mean they need four solid quarters.

  • BlakeMurphy

    McGuire – I’d expect to see doses of him to help handle Durant, as his MO is basically his ability to adequately guard these long dynamic 3/4s.

    Arse – good thing we got Strides for scheduling, eh?

  • Guest

    Ibaka is only one of the best defenders in the NBA if you look at his box score. If you really watch the guy, he’s leaving a lot to be desired. I think Zach Lowe can say it better than me though, so go read his Grantland piece about Ibaka.

  • Looks like the game is now on TSN (not TSN2).

    • Nilanka15

      You mean the geniuses at TSN have finally realized that fans might care about the Raptors more so than the KHL?

      • mountio

        I cant describe how embarassing it is to live in this country when I turn on Sportscentre and see KHL highlights ahead of the NBA …

        • Nilanka15

          C’mon now….nothing says “great TV” like a good ol’ fashioned Donbass Donetsk vs. Sirbir Novosibirsk matchup 😐

          • Statement

            “Sirbir Novosibirsk “…..

            Good lord, I had to google this to make sure you weren’t just typing in random characters.

            The last time TSN was any good was when they were showing Blue Jays baseball.

            Now they are awful.  I feel like Bob McCown should be on TSN radio, as I feel he would embody the typical TSN fan.

            • Nilanka15

              After last night’s game, maybe TSN had it right with KHL coverage…

        • Hockeycentral is the worst right now.  What a waste of time.  There is CFL on TSN2 tonight so I am glad they did not put that on TSN.  I have TSN2 but am travelling so now I can watch it.

        • Destro

          Anything to do with sports and sports networks in this country is flat our embarrasing…They would put Curling on TSN before the Raptors and its very sad because it gets better ratings….outside of Toronto this country can burn for all i care…

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Raptors have beaten OKC twice in a row at OKC (Amir’s game winner)- seems like OKC has played down to the Raptors, but OKC now needs a win at 1-2 and will be playing to win no matter whom tonite’s opponent would have been.

    As good as OKC currently is and as bad as the Raptors currently are- OKC own the Raptors next draft pick- BC in action trading away the future for the present once again ala the JO deal and the present currently stinks at that.

    OKC 103 Raptors 90

    • Dude… the JO deal was a disaster. I don’t know how you can compare that to the Kyle Lowry deal which was a steal. You win some, you lose some. For the Lowry deal BC deserves props. It’s the polar opposite of the JO deal (for which he rightly deserved scrutiny) 

      • Destro

        ugh hes not comparing the deals itself but comparing how he gave away picks for the main principles…Cmon man!

        • pran

          im almost 90% sure that bcstefanskigots2go is 100% destro…..

    • Scarsville

      really dude…you’re a moron! 

      Don’t really care if you’re trying to stir up shit or not, but your comments are just plain stupid.

      Lowry is a potential All-star….every year we hope that we find a Kyle Lowry in the draft…hey guess what we just used our draft pick to go and get him….no more hoping!


    • FAQ

      I predict …. a surprise…..

  • IROR

    Raps match up well for sure, probably because Bargs takes Ibaka away from the rim.   Hope you’re right with your prediction!

  • enlightenment

    Love your mood today Arse! 😉

  • Lowry’s success defending Westbrook, and (to a lesser extent) Valanciunas/Perkins will be decided by the mood of the officiating crew.

  • Matt52

    “I shit on those nine points.”

    Oh, that made my otherwise dreary day. 

    I am looking forward to McGuire’s contribution on Durant.

    I think Bargnani breaks out.  Ibaka isn’t going to have fun leaving the key.

    • Statement

      This has been said before, but I think it’s appropriate.

      Bargnani is going to go off for 6 rebounds.

      • Destro

        16 pts/4 rebs/9 stupid faces

      • Matt52

         Really?  Wow.

        I think 40 points is more likely than 6 rebounds on any given night. 


  • FAQ

    Arse says:- “If the Raptors win this, I’d be surprised. If they get blown out, I’ll also be surprised”.

    I’m surprised that my “surprise” meme worked so fast..!!!

    Would you be surprised if the final score was Raptors 98, OKC 196 ??!!!

    • hater

      id be surprised if u ever said anything intelligent. dummy

      • FAQ

        ^^^..hate & hater..^^^

  • Scarsville

    Demar on KD???   yeah that’ll work…put your worst defender on the best offensive player in the league…

    great suggestion!

    oh and just in case you didn’t realize it…that doesn’t ean that KD HAS to guard Demar…although I’m sure he’d be fine even if he did

    • Destro

      Worst defender plays Power forward….

  • Emersonfamily_

      What am I missing?  I’ve heard Anderson referred to here as a ‘D-leaguer’ and worse.  Is this the same guy I saw play against Minnesota?
       He plays defense. He has an outside shot. He makes good passes.  Fields and T Ross may come on and totally eclipse him. Hope they do. For now, though, why not give him a shot at starting?  If you want Durant to think about his man scoring, he’s about the only option we have at the three.
         He may (Jamairo) Moon us eventually, but for now, he sure looks like a player and that’s more than we can say about the alternatives.

  • chrisbem1

    It will be nice for JV to get some minutes against a big that isn’t a great offensive player.  Perk is a bitch, and while I don’t think JV will kill him, at least we won’t see so much AG.  Two teams at opposite ends of the spectrum this season- Raps hoping to make the playoffs, OKC hoping to win a title.

    • Jjbond

      Lol perk would whoop his ass tho

  • 511


  • Jjbond

    Raptors, please don’t get a top 3 pick in the draft this year, but pick number 4 would be nice so we could have it :$. Funny how a bad team would give up an only top 3 protected pick to us, the Oklahoma City thunder. Good luck raptor fans!

  • Destro

    Durant shitted on Valanciunas sumn terrible…

    • hater

      everyone gets posterized dumb fuck. d-wade, duncan, etc. 

    • Nilanka15

      Jonas pulled his arm away at the last second.  I kinda wanted to see him go for the full block attempt.

  • Guest

    How does Bryan Colangelo still have a job in the NBA. Rob Hennigan is trying his best to throw the season and he still gets better results then BC. Raptors ownership needs some true basketball fans who won’t fall for BRyans used car salesman BS. Fields is the new Garbajosa and Andrea the Next Nowitzki. Despite no rumors ever getting leaked of other gms wanting his players he getts calls all the time from gms who know just how good his players are.

  • DaTruth

    Fields needs to find a suit for the bench

    • Jamshid

      Fields will be fine. He is better player than these stats are showing. He is not worth 6 million a year but he can easily give us 6-8 point a night, 5-6 rebound and 3-4 Assist. He will fine his way and will average those numbers at the end of the season.

  • EmarErozan

    I will like the raps better once T. Ross takes minutes from Landry “Shoots wildly From the” Fields and Allen “Unwatcheable” Anderson.

    TRoss is sooo much quicker than Emar.

    • DaTruth

      Fields is scared and timid and is not Shane Battier type Bryan!  Yes he like’s white girls like Battier but he’s not Battier on the court, he’s more like Bambi.

  • FAQ