Utah Jazz 140 Final

Recap | Box Score

133 Toronto Raptors
Dominic McGuire, SF 33 MIN | 2-3 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 5 PTS | -10Played adequate defense, but has hands made completely of stone. I don’t trust him at all on the offensive end right now, and it was a bit upsetting that they rode him for offensive possessions rather than giving (an admittedly cold) Ross a chance to space the floor.
Andrea Bargnani, C 49 MIN | 5-17 FG | 8-9 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 19 PTS | +117 shots for 19 points in 49 minutes is not what you need from your “scorer” when your top player is out. Alas, he avoids an F because he managed 8 rebounds and played decent defense by his standards. He also seemed to care in the 1st and 3rd quarters…not sure if he’s out of shape, but seems to wear out quick right now.
Jonas Valanciunas, C 16 MIN | 3-3 FG | 4-4 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | -1Played well offensively when he was in the game. Was quick to foul against tough Jazz bigs, though, and Casey lost confidence in playing him on defensive end, hence Gray playing (yuck).
Jose Calderon, PG 50 MIN | 8-16 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 17 AST | 20 PTS | -8Very strong game for Jose, although I fear what playing 50 minutes is going to do to him. 20 points and 17 dimes with some decent off-ball defense is more than you could have hoped for.
DeMar DeRozan, SG 60 MIN | 16-33 FG | 4-7 FT | 8 REB | 6 AST | 37 PTS | -9DeMar had an A++ through the first overtime, but his shot selection really deteriorated as he wore down after 60 minutes. SIXTY! As it is, he tied his career high in points and narrowly missed it for rebounds and assists. 37 points on 33 FGA doesn’t look great, but he should have had 10 more FTA, and he was awesome until 50-min mark.
Ed Davis, PF 18 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 9 REB | 0 AST | 4 PTS | -6Nine boards in 18 minutes does it for me, plus he played some nice help defense. Amir got the nod in crunch time because he was playing better offensively, but Davis continues to impress as the fourth big with his rebounding accumen.
Amir Johnson, PF 38 MIN | 5-8 FG | 1-3 FT | 14 REB | 2 AST | 11 PTS | -4Amir had a few big dunks and played well with Jose, as he is wont to do. His six fouls came in 38 minutes, so it’s not even a bad game in that regard. His 11-and-14, with seven offensive rebounds, were a much needed addition. He held Jefferson in check until late as well.
Linas Kleiza, SF 30 MIN | 7-16 FG | 3-3 FT | 7 REB | 1 AST | 20 PTS | 0Kleiza could have ranked a lot higher if we just took his second quarter, where he dropped 17 points in 12 minutes on just 10 shots. From there, though, he went 1/6 and fouled out in 30 minutes.
Aaron Gray, C 4 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | -8Call me a hater, whatever. He threw a pick-and-roll feed off the back rim and didn’t help defensively, which is supposed to be his value. He did nothing.
John Lucas, PG 14 MIN | 3-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 7 PTS | +8Finally broke out of his shooting slump by going 3/6, including a HUGE three to send the game into triple OT. 14 minutes show he doesn’t have trust of Casey right now though.
Terrence Ross, SG 3 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | +2Missed his only shot attempt in three minutes, a wild try he had to take to try and salvage a tipped inbounds pass at the buzzer. Not his fault. He must be doing something wrong in practice to get no run, though.

Five Things We Saw

  1. With under 10 seconds to go in the fourth, the Raptors led by three and opted NOT to foul and send the Jazz to the line for two. This is ALWAYS the right call but coaches rarely make it. Disappointing to see Casey botch this one.
  2. DeRozan seriously should have had 20 free throw attempts. Dude got mauled over and over but just seemed to get no respect. His reputation will eventually have to catch up to his game, as he’s been aggressive taking it to the hole for some time now.
  3. Kleiza had an insane second quarter. 6/10 for 17 points. A little taste of his role with Lithuania.
  4. Really unclear why Gray was the choice rather than Jonas when Amir fouled out. Sure, Jonas was foul-prone when he was in, but he’s also a much more capable offensive player (and probably not any worse defensively).
  5. Primo Pasta and Sauce has a poor Glycemic Index, which is why Bargs seems to fall asleep in second and fourth quarters. Poor carbohydrate availability for energy production.

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  • Brandon

    Very impressive game. Great win for the Raps. At this rate, all of those big contracts are well on their way to being justified.

    • KaioKev

      OH! For sure. There no doubt in my mind that the path this team is taking, with the contracts their signing, is the right one. Its good to see that the fans are just as happy as the players are.

    • ZZ


    • Mike, Prague

       Dude, they lost.

      • Lorenzo

        • what the

    • No Remorse

      Tremendous result, great finishing by the bench towards the end and Casey with on-point subs once again. That deep bench really shows with Gray and McGuire dominating key possessions. BC’s knack for spotting rare talent should get him the EOY. All I can say is Miami better watch out.

  • Frank

    Casey lost the game with his retarded substitutions.  Shocking, given that it has been an issue all year.  Amazingly for once he actually figured out teams played better if there is always a starter on the floor.  Who knew?

  • Sick

    Why is D-Mac getting 11 times more mins than Ross????

    • Phat AlberG

      Because the coach is a Idiot

  • BrainColangelo

    I caught the end of the game…  seeing Aaron Gray on his ass while the Jazz drive baseline to ice the game was a stark reminder of why that dude should be permanently on his ass.  7 foot mountain trying to draw a charge on Mo Williams (I think)…  dissapointing.

    • BrainColangelo

      Now watching the start of the game…  Bargnani  was hitting shots on offence but was very listless on D.  

      • Nilanka15

        You just described his last 6 years.

        • FAQ

          I thought Bargs played a decent game .. given the opposition.  Bosh was a lousy defender too but not a peep from you ckskrs.

          • Nilanka15

            Bosh was a far better defender than Bargnani.  No justification/statistics required to backup this claim.

            • FAQ

              Bosh had better supporting players to help his game… so obvious.

              • Nilanka15

                Better supporting players like Jamario Moon, Joey Graham, Luke Jackson, Derrick Martin, Juan Dixon, Fred Jones, Uros Slokar, PJ Tucker, and Pape Sow?

                • what the

                  he didnt have your boy gary forbes

                • FAQ

                  Okay, so Bosh was slightly better than Bargs… but both wanted/want to get out of the Toronto mire.

                  Good players just don’t want to play/stay with the Raptors.  Wonder why?

                • Nilanka15

                  It must be the parking.  $20 for 3 hours?  WTF!

  • BrainColangelo

    Also…  how much better would James Johnson have looked on this team than Dominic McGuire.  He hurts the team with his lack of skill from the wing.

    • Ghotte

      Do you realize how absolutely turd Johnson looks on Sacramento?

  • Me

    Perfect example of when Bargs box score looks ok but doesn’t tell the whole story.

    • Destro

      5-17 looks good ?

    • ad

       Bargs box score doesnt even look good. 49 mins and all he could muster up was 19 pts, 8 reb, and 1 ast? Cmon he couldnt even get a double-double. Look at what jefferson and even millsap put up in similiar minutes. Those are what core pieces are supposed to produce at the PF/C position. Bargs was not productive at all.

      • Destro

        Even worse than the stats his defense again bites this team in the ass in OT…That pick and roll D with Calderon was putrid and gave Mo Williams a wide open lane to the basket each time or a kick to a wide open 3 pointer….We should never be defending pick n rolls with those two…its horrible to watch…Whats even more lame is bargnani fading out to the perimeter on shots when he should be in the paint fighting for rebounds….Guy is a joke.

        • The Truth

           I think Jefferson was also his defensive assignment when he hit that dagger 3 to send it to OT In the first place.

          • NikolaTesla1

            He wasn’t even on the floor dingbat. It was Amir’s cover.

  • J14

    yeah took him 8  games to figure that out.. next time he needs to learn not to put a cold Aaron Gray in when u have JV playing Ok or even a Ed davis. & sub bargs out for offense defense situation

  • drizz

    lol @ things we saw #5

  • FAQ

    Good game… nothing to complain about… now the players know what kind of effort they need to generate to stay in the game.  Still no Jell-O.

    Utah played securely and they are a jelled team of smart players.  Congrats.

    Now we await the return of Kyle, Fields and Anderson to make their contributions.

    Big test tomorrow… and too tired for any sex tonight.

  • Sheptor

    Worst closing team in the NBA…that is all I can say. Pathetic! I don’t care who is injured. We are afraid to win, it is something we believe should happen to the other guys.

  • Live game analysis from our correspondent in Wales: http://bronasvalanciunas.wordpress.com/2012/11/12/raptors-1-5-vs-jazz-3-4/

  • Dc

    Milsap did what bargnani is supposed to have been doing as a #1 overall pick the last 7 years. I really hope that somehow BC can do us one favor before he gets fired as gm and cons utah for a milsap and bargs trade. Derozan was literally getting hacked all game and Im pretty sure if he had the name lebron on the back of his jersey attacking the basket like that he’d have some type of record in ft attempts. But what the hell was that dumbass shot in the second  overtime tho? Amir, Ed and Jose played good games. And kleiza had his regular scheduled explosion 1 of every 5 games. Is casey really as good as a coach as we thought. Idk. 1-5 and looking like one of the worst teams in the league at this point hopefully it’ll get better but I doubt it. 

    • pran

      “But what the hell was that dumbass shot in the second  overtime tho?”

      that was the cross over 360 fadeaway. Is there footage of that? It was so unnecessary but I want to see it again……

      • ckh26

        Yeah.. that was amazing… Are the Raptors the only team that doesn’t try to take the ball inside to either get the shot or a foul. Really that was a Barishnikov move by Derozan. Back away.. spin and launch a prayer.

    • Dan

       Andrea was the 1st pick in the draft. Milsap was the 47th pick in the same draft. How BC still has a job is incredible. Now that they have Lowry Andrea is not even the best player from that draft on his own team. Fans need to start emailing mlse about firing Bryan. Or he should just do the right thing and step down himself. Look at how quick he fired Sam Mitchell. How many Coaches are going to keep taking the fall for this teams lack of talent year after year. Sick of hearing all his sales pitches. We were rebuilding now were building the next phase is developing. What a joke.

      • Nilanka15

        The next phase is “stagnation”, followed by “rotting”.

  • Lorenzo

    It made me sick seeing them just give up in the 3rd overtime like that…

    Seriously? This is supposed to be an NBA team. P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L-S. The Raptors obviously didn’t want to win this game badly enough and didn;t even bother to fucking try at the end when it was starting to get dragged out. Too bad! That’s your fucking job!!! WIN FOR FUCKS SAKE!!

    I swear if I was at that game, I wouldve body tackled Lucas into the third row when I saw him laughing it out with Jefferson near the end when the game was still winnable

    Just trade everyone

  • DigBick

    This team is cursed I tell you cursed!! Jefferson is 1 for 25 from 3 point land and he hits a 3 to tie it! It’s the curse of Bryan Colangelo!!! ooooooOOOooOOOoo

    • Nilanka15

      When you give up WIDE open looks (no matter how poor the shooter), you’re playing with fire.

  • Jamshid

    The herd needs to Calm down … 
    We are missing 2 starter … we have 7-8 new faces this season … 

    Your expectations were too high … 

    The herd was listening to the likes of Matt52 all summer raving about how great this team is and how amazing the future is and …
    Now, the reality has hit them. Matt52 is depressed and wants to trade AB !!! What are you going to get back for it ? Where is the scoring comes from ? They don’t realize why Amir and AB can not play alongside Lowry yet !!! It is called going from a pass first PG to a shoot first PG.  Going from a guy with whom you played with for 6 season to a guy who you played with  ONLY 4 games !!!You guys need to calm down and see what the season has to offer. The damages are done already. Draft picks are chosen or traded ( How miserable does Ross look like ??? He is our #8 pick even higher than DD) . Big contract have been given away and … There are no real assets in this team and …Just sit back and enjoy the show … Maybe you learn a thing or two about not listening to mouth pieces of the organization. 

    • Copywryter

      You say the team has no assets yet open by saying we’re missing two starters.

      You tell the herd to see what the season has to offer but then say the damage has been done. 

      You’re contradicting yourself.  Stop it.

      And we’d get a quite a bit for AB. Coming off the bench or on a deeper team he’s a matchup nightmare. Plus his contract isn’t horrible. Lots of GMs would see what he brings (on paper) and bundle some talent and picks for him.

      • Jamshid

        “You say the team has no assets yet open by saying we’re missing two starters.”
        How are these 2 point of facts contradicting each other ?? Think about it …

        “You tell the herd to see what the season has to offer but then say the damage has been done. ”
        Again, not contradictory … Damage has been done in terms of the future of the club and … Still, this has nothing to do with the season !!! Again, think about it …

        You are the one who needs to Stop it. Stop panicking and acting like this is the end of the world. This is what this team is … They will get better with the return of Lowry and Fields and as time goes by … But that does not mean they will be competitive in this league. 

        With this management and these players, they will never be competitive in this league.

        • morons

          the herd the herd the herd. Do you ever stop with this shit? did the herd stampede over your head and make you permanently retarded? christ

        • FAQ

          Ditto …… except your “herd” is my “tribal honking fans”…..

          • Jamshid

            It is indeed 😉

    • Nilanka15

      We need to stop using these Raptorific excuses.  The TWolves are 5-2 without Rubio and Love.

      We’re losing games not because we’re missing Lowry and Fields, but because we’re not playing smart basketball.  Too many blunders in crunch time, whether it’s poor shot selection, missed defensive assignments/rotations, or subpar execution.

      Even with the injuries, we should be 3-4 right now, not 1-6.

    • FAQ


  • Copywryter

    It was nice to watch a Raptors game that wasn’t awful. Win or lose. 

    Utah had more turnovers than we did yet we lost to a team that hadn’t won on the road. You can see that they have some young pieces despite being just about as mediocre as we are. I wonder if they’ll be a playoff team in the West. 

    We blew another 10 point (+) lead. Again. Third time this year? Fourth? Poor defensive effort or perhaps we’re just vulnerable at the 5. Not blaming the rook entirely but he’s a bit of an overmatched foul machine right now. 
    Nice game management from Jose and Utah didn’t seem to exploit him on defence. 

    Ty Corbin looks just enough like Michael Jordan to make you think ‘that guy looks like MJ.’ 

    • Scottbbaird

      Agree with everything but your last point.

    • j bean

      Jose wasn’t exploited on defense except when it mattered. For the last 3 minutes of regulation and in overtime the tandem of JC and AB showed why they can’t share the floor with the game on the line. The Net’s game was the same story. How many times can we watch the same story repeat it’s self before something is done to change the outcome?

    • Dan

       Jose was pretty brutal in the 4th. Giving him the ball with the game on the line is sadly the best option but a shitty one. The guy will always just stand in the top corner and dribble out the shot clock trying to survey the court waiting for someone else to get open so he can give it up and let them take the shot. He rarely creates for other people because he cant beat anyone off the dribble without a pick. Look at the overtime where he dribbled it out had nothing so then just gave it to demar outside the three point line where he had nowhere to go with it. Apparently he has never heard the rule no lay ups. He either gets right out of the way when he is in the paint or he give the softest tap for a three point play.

    • FAQ

      Ditto ….. and Jose is the heart of the team… believe it.

  • rod

    Relax you guys, Raptors will be a few games over .500 by the all-star break.

    • Copywryter

      A few games over .250 you mean. 

  • Raghibismael

    tough loss….anyone in the monkey pack blaming this game on bargs needs to be caged.

    • Ghotte

      Shocking lack of ability as a go-to player on the Raptors though, isn’t he? It was DD asking for and taking the big shots. Bargs is not to blame for losing this game. It was defense. Time and time again, there were breakdowns. 

  • p00ka

    Loss is a downer, but great game and much to have enjoyed. Yet the angst is unbelievable. Enjoy basketball anyone?

    • FAQ

      I did ….

  • Scottbbaird

    Every time they run a pick/roll with Jonas, he rolls hard, hands up, in good position.

    The (very) few times they made that pass tonight, nothing but good things happened. He either scored or got to the line (and scored).

    Quit looking him off and give him the damn ball.

    And start Linas over Anderson, Fields, and f*ing McGuire.

  • Phat AlberG

    Start Ross at 2 and Derozan at 3 

    • EmarErozqn

      Agree! And give JV more run.

      Nice game by EMar, his post ups look stronger against mismatches like foy (and best when he actually establishes post position).

      • EmarErozan

        Doh-misspelled name.

    • Jamshid

      ^^^^ This I really like.

    • Ghotte

      Ross doesn’t have a bit of a clue out there. 

    • EmarErozan

      How bad is a team that trots out Landry Fields and Dom McGuire as starters at SF.


      I read Bronas’s post… Good point re Dom McGuire blowing the break. Don’t see why he didn’t give the ball up to EMar who was up ahead of Dom and unlike Dom can finish a fast break.

  • ad

    Ive seen this movie way too many times. I’d be stunned if the raptors miraculously made the playoffs this year with this group. Not that I was expecting it anyways, but I was hoping to be pleasantly surprised. That doesnt work with Toronto sports teams unfortunately. Anyways, why isnt ross playing more? I mean, they drafted this guy 8th overall to sit on the bench? Let the kid play. How are they going to evaluate what they have in him? Nobody liked the pick when it was made so theyre not giving him the chance to prove people wrong? I thought they should have drafted drummond and used him as a trade chip personally. Right now, its not looking good for ross.

    • mo

      How many times did 5 teams from one division make the playoffs? It’s not likely going to be us, Philly, Bos, NY, BLY are all better teams are projected to make it and I can’t see Indiana AND Atlanta both miss the playoffs to this Raptors team. 

  • Jamshid

    Amir Johnson played 2 good games along side Calderon !!! Will he regress when Lowry is back ?

    • j bean

      He’ll be coming off the bench with Calderon so why would he regress when Lowry returns? 

  • nba_socrates

    I hope colangelo drafts another jumpshooter next year with the top pick, just brilliant

  • JHP

    The way I see it there are only two teams the Raptors have to worry about.  Washington and Detroit.  I think Washington will turn it around and win 19/20 games but Detroit looks impressive and could fininish with 10/12 wins.  So to really contend for one of the top 3 positions they need to have no more then 10/12 wins. Right now they are on track but a late season surge could see them giving OKC a top 5 pick.

    I think it’s the 11/23 when they play the Pistons.  Should be a great game !!

    Tank on 🙂

  • NyAlesund


    In your opinion AB was the worst player of the night?

    I am fed up about this team is not able to win a contested game. If we see how the Jazz as played down the stretch we see Mo Will beat Calderon on a dribble penetration, serving Al Jeff or other teammate in the paint or also serving Millsap…. for an open shot from three point line. The Jazz didn’t do nothing special but took advantage of their talent. They played as a team finding the easy shot.

    The Raptors not. Despite some nice performances the team relied on personal plays and rarely I saw the ball movement expecially down the stretch. I saw DD forced some dribble penetration, I saw Calderon forced some entry pass, I saw AB out of the game and when he decide to play he committed mistakes not able to finish to the rim or worst not attacking Favors.

    It appears to me that this team doesn’t know how to do down the stretch. I am really hoping that Lowry is the right guy, otherwise this season is going to be another painful one.

  • NyAlesund

    Trade AB? Trade Calderon? I make a proposal. Can we trade Brian Colangelo?

    • The Truth

       As I see it the only way Bargnani will ever get moved is after Colangelo is gone.

  • Andre

     i say they start someone else other then AB… Bring him off the bench and see how that works..

  • Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell us exactly what the Raptors’ record in overtime games the past few years is? It seems we always lose if it goes to OT.

    Nice to see JLIII break his jinx.

  • Kujo

    Raps ran out of gas in that 3rd OT.  Utah got way too many easy looks inside.  Jefferson, and Milsap just took over the game.

    It’s mind boggling to see Aaron Gray out there on the floor instead of JoVal.  It’s also mind boggling that Ross can’t get minutes over McGuire.

    This is a game the Raps should have won.  This team has no closers (maybe Lowry is one), and just doesn’t know how to finish games.

  • Dan

    Calderon should get bumped down to a B or C for his fourth quarter. He had three or four turnovers and his shot blocked two or three times plus missed most of his shots. He is terribly passive in the 4th when the game is on the line. Demar had two terrible turnovers which led to a 3 pointer and then the clear path foul. Huge turn in the 4th. Andreaafter the 1st quarter was terrible too. Dwayne Casey’s coaching has been brutal this year too. Playing 12 guys a night. Running an iso for Demar outside the three point line to try to win the game in overtime. Demar all night was effective playing 17 to 18 feet in. Once you make him handle to much he makes bad choices and turns it over or takes tough shots. 

  • iamorange

    Was at the game and it felt all the way through that they were down.  But look up at the score board and they were up 3-5pts.  Can’t say I’d give Jose any more than a B-.  Calderon had a great box score, but was just bad.  Blocked 4 times (twice on fast break layups), plus another few turnovers where he jumped in the air and threw it away.  Also called for a tech.  He played terrible defence, and not once in 50 mins of play did he try to penetrate/drive the lane.  Not once.  Tough way to lose, but we had no business hanging that close in the first place.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Casey needs to continue playing Jonas Valunciunas even if he is in foul trouble.  It’s the only way that he will learn.  It does no good for neither him or the team if he just plays 16 minutes.  If he fouls out, so be it–the Raptors have a huge glut in post players anyways; however, just sitting him down for 3/4 of the game is simply a waste.

  • p00ka

    I’m starting to warm up to FAQ’s “Morontonians” term, though directed at a different group, I think. Fn morons who need to validate themselves, through criticism, more than enjoy the competitive and entertaining game we saw last night, despite the bloody disheartening loss.

    As an aside, for those still shouting about Ross’s minutes, and whining about him not getting minutes over McGuire last night, are you fn loonie tunes? He hasn’t the size/strength to deal with Marvin Williams for god’s sake, but you would have sent him out there to cover Milsap at the 3? doh

    • Nilanka15

      Yeah, we might’ve lost the game had Ross played…

      You’re worried about hurting Ross’ confidence?  I could argue that sitting him has the same effect on his confidence.

      • p00ka

        And I could argue, arguably far more likely, that the coach knows a lot more about both his psyche and physical abilities right now.

        • Nilanka15

          Relying on a coach’s expertise, who’s successfully led his team to a 1-6 start, isn’t very convincing.

          • p00ka

            And what, pray tell, is more convincing about what you “could argue”?

    • FAQ

      Ditto ….. L0L

    • j bean

      Strange post. You call out “the morons who need to validate themselves through criticism” while at the same time you are criticizing the fans who express their opinions on the team like somehow you are above them.  Sounds like you could be seeking the validation you accuse them of needing. 
      Because I enjoyed the game doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to disagree with decisions made and comment on the players performances.  

      • p00ka

        “Because I enjoyed the game doesn’t mean….”

        Have you read the comments here and those to the morning Blake article? How much enjoyment do you see being expressed about an entertaining, hard fought throughout, basketball game? How about all that enjoyment being expressed about the game DD played for the vast majority of 60 minutes?  There’s criticism (a little balance and fairness with it is cool, but difficult), everybody’s prerogative, then there’s what’s transpiring here. It could be called many things, but “criticism” hardly does it justice, imo.

        The thought that I might be seeking my own validation here? *ice pick in the forehead*

  • j bean

    What is your big hangup about what other posters have to say? Make your comment about how you appreciated the virtues in a hard fought game. If everyone just made their comments in an attempt to please you the board would lose it’s soul.