Toronto Raptors 89 Final
Recap | Box Score
107 Boston Celtics
Dominic McGuire, SF 17 MIN | 1-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 2 PTS | -8

Tasked with guarding Paul Pierce, he did as well as we’d expect him to. One should beware of expecting too much from scrubs, so I’ll heed that advice and leave it at this: defensive duties aside, if you are a starting SF on the Raptors, at the very least you’ll have to spread the floor and unfortunately, nobody seems to do that, least of all McGuire.

Andrea Bargnani, C 26 MIN | 5-14 FG | 4-5 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 15 PTS | -22

15 points on 14 shots and 4 turnovers. He had some moments in the third where it looked like a revival was upon us, but when you step back and take a look at his overall game, all you’ll see is a selfish player playing for himself. Casey even helped him out by committing to a cross-switch of sorts, just so he wouldn’t have to guard Garnett.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 19 MIN | 1-4 FG | 1-1 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 3 PTS | -7

Had issues guarding Garnett, as expected. Garnett’s early points were less his fault and more poor communication by the Raptors, worst of all was communication on the screens. I hate Garnett, but he’s a legend and this was a lesson for Valanciunas. There’s lot to be learned from Garnett which has little to do with actual basketball – psychological approach to the game, demeanor on the court, and of the sort. Jonas should take note, because he’ll need to have that to realize his potential.

Jose Calderon, PG 28 MIN | 3-7 FG | 2-3 FT | 2 REB | 9 AST | 10 PTS | -15

Only took 7 shots and that’s a shame because Rondo’s defense was off, and the only guy on the Raptors that looked to have an advantage in any matchup was Calderon. It’s too bad he tried to play the role of distributor, when in fact he should have been hoisting up 20 shots.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 24 MIN | 5-10 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | -5

Pierce had him sealed off in the first half and he couldn’t find his usual avenues to the rim. I don’t recall seeing a single post-up by DeRozan – against any one. Call it the Celtics fronting whenever he did try to post-up, or there simply not being a game-plan to get DeRozan going, you just feel he could’ve had more from this game.

Ed Davis, PF 21 MIN | 2-3 FG | 3-6 FT | 9 REB | 3 AST | 7 PTS | -11

Beast mode. Great game by Ed, very active on the glass which has been the norm. Kept possessions alive and if his backcourt partners could’ve controlled a few more tap-outs, he would’ve had three more rebounds. Defensively, he played well and cleaned up on offense whenever he could. He’s playing the role that’s defined for him to perfection.

Amir Johnson, PF 16 MIN | 0-1 FG | 1-2 FT | 3 REB | 1 AST | 1 PTS | -5

We got injuries everywhere and you expect a guy with his experience (8th year) to deliver something more than this. He’s inconsistent and if Bargnani is getting slack for his performances, there’s no reason Johnson shouldn’t, regardless of his effort level. It should be said that there wasn’t enough done to involve him in the offense today, but then again his game is so limited and stuck to the pick ‘n roll that it’s difficult to do so.

Quincy Acy, SF 12 MIN | 1-1 FG | 4-4 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | +5

Garbage time PT. Looks like Reggie Evans.

Linas Kleiza, SF 24 MIN | 3-9 FG | 4-7 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 10 PTS | -9

He should be doing one thing and one thing only on offense: posting up his man, taking a few dribbles, and unleashing a hook-shot. Everything else looks like a bad idea. He did supply a punch in the second/third quarters when the Raptors looked to compete, but it was too little. This isn’t a case of hindsight being 20/20, he was a poor signing then and remains one to this day.

Aaron Gray, C 2 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 PTS | +4

Came in with 1:45 left in the game.

John Lucas, PG 26 MIN | 5-11 FG | 2-2 FT | 0 REB | 3 AST | 15 PTS | -4

Good one from Lucas, hit some threes which Raptor fans are thirsting for; produced something of significance in the Raptors second/third quarter run. This was going to be a tough road game and likely a L from the start, let’s just hope this kickstarts him.

Terrence Ross, SG 24 MIN | 4-6 FG | 0-1 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 10 PTS | -13

I don’t recall him scoring any points whatsoever so I was shocked to see him have 10 in the box score. On further observation, he appears to have scored all 10 in garbage time which explains why I have no memory of this. He’ll come around eventually, nobody can be as useless as he’s been this year so it can only get better. Forget the offense for a second, where’s that defense he was touted for?

Five Things We Saw

  1. Celtics shot 74% in the first quarter. Dribble penetration from everyone, easy kick-outs for jumpers all quarter long. Poor communication in the first quarter by the Raptors and it’s getting harder to explain why a Casey-coached team is starting games like this.
  2. The Raptors made a great run in the third quarter, which had the deficit hovering around 2-5 points after being down 16 earlier. Paul Pierce’s five consecutive points pushed the lead back to 7, and for me that was a turning point.
  3. This game had very little energy until late in the first half when the Raptors made their comeback, thanks to some great play by Lucas, Davis, and even Kleiza. The second unit was key in buckling down and slowing down the dribble penetration. They forced turnovers, were aggressive going to the rim (unlike the starters), and outscored the Celtics bench 16-0 in the second.
  4. Rondo had 20 assists somehow. I can’t explain it.
  5. This game looked to be coming into the fourth quarter quite close, especially after the Raptors’ third quarter opening. Unfortunately, the third ended with the Celtics going on a 13-2 run where the Raptors committed three turnovers (two by Bargnani) and missed two long jumpers.

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  • Brandon

    Amazing victory for the Raps. 20-point blowout of a playoff team. It don’t get no better than this. 15 points on 14 shots too, that is efficiency. I’m trying to dig up my all-star ballot because I’ve got some voting to do.

    •  ummm the raptors lost

    • Dc

      Brandon keep these posts coming man after every raptor “victory” It still amazes me that people can’t tell the sarcasm. lmao. Anyways shitty game from the raptors. Feel like imma be saying that alot this year. Is it still not time to fire BC yet? 

  • Phat AlberG

    You can’t win with Jose & Andrea!  These guys play with no heart and no passion get rid of them.  

    • BlakeMurphy

      You can say that about Andrea, but if you feel that way about Jose, you clearly didn’t see the Pacers game earlier in the week. Jose gives more of a fuck than most.

    • Your crazy to think Jose hasn’t played his heart out. If anything, he has carried this team from losing by 20 each night.

    • Gregast

      How can you put both Jose’s and Andrea’s name in any sentence that has a descriptor like passion or heart or unselfish or …you get my point, right? 

    • FAQ

      But this is NOT a ‘winning’ team… it’s a ‘losing’ deevelopmental team… what’s all this talk about ‘winning’….??!!!!

  • mobchester

    They played already I thought the game was at 7 now wonder why we lost

    • drizz

      yeah what the fuck is with these shitty early games?

  • tmk

    It’s only, what, 9 games into the season now? or 10? But this is getting so boring. I was so excited for the season to start and then I’m greeted by the same old junk. Other then Lowry, JV, and occasionally DD (throw in Calderon for the bench) this team is terrible and completely unexciting to watch. It’s the same as last year.  Hell, I think if Lowry and JV play enough with this group they’ll transform to become just like the rest of the team. Also, other then Lowry (we’ll see about JV) our starters are bench players.

    I know one player isn’t going to change the team, but honestly, the more I watch Bargs the more I want him gone. Maybe I’m over exaggerating, but the guy’s a cancer, he kills whatever “image” or “philosophy” BC is trying or Casey are trying to sell.

    The win in Indiana I thought was a good turning point but it really isn’t, it’s just like last year when we have those impressive wins then go back to sucking.

    • Lorenzo

       Couldn’t agree more.

    • FAQ

      Don’t you think that Bargs, and Jose too, want to get traded??!!!

      • tmk

        Bargs? I honestly don’t think he gives a damn whether he gets traded, benched, amnestied, sent to the d-league…or whatever.

        As for Calderon, I’m pretty sure he would rather go to a winning team. I also hate seeing him waste away on this team.

        • Theswirsky

          If the caliper test has any truth it proved Bargnani is oblivious. 

          He’ll let the embarrasment and reality of a demotion slide right off of him.  He won’t try in that situation either. 

          There’s ice water in them veins don’t you know!

  • Jamshid

    “He’s inconsistent and if Bargnani is getting slack for his performances, there’s no reason Johnson shouldn’t, regardless of his effort level.”

    Amir Johnson can get away with murder here in Toronto and among the Raptor fans. The man has been basically playing 1 or 2 good games, then mailing in the next 5 or 6 for the past 2 years !!!

    • p00ka

      Let’s ignore he’s messed up with a flu bug, same with Kleiza, and who knows who else might be in early stages.

      • Jamshid

        LOL, I am not talking about this one game. Look at the past 2 years and you see the pattern. There is always 1 or 2 good games and then an streak of 5-6 bad games.
        I challenge you to put show me when Amir was able to produce on 10 straight games after he got his contract.

        • Jag

          I agree with you on Amir Johnson. He has way more bad games than good games, and we do not need a player like that. He cannot bring it every or at least every other night.

  • pran

    I think you’re being a little harsh on t ross. He had 2 blocks on courtney lee which looked to be easy buckets, and he played well in garbage time. I would give him a C+.

  • Reed-n

    Ross is having trouble offensively (still better than Austin Rivers though) but I actually think he’s playing well on defense. He very often gets his hands in passing lanes and deflects the ball out of bounds even though he doesn’t get the steal: often enough that I have noticed it being a regular thing which is saying something.

    I also remember one play where he turned the ball over on offense and he sprinted back to come from behind Jason Terry and straight up steal it from him: definitely impressive hustle after a mistake.

    Other than that I think he does a decent job of staying in front of his man with active hands. I’ve noticed his fouls on defense are often blocking fouls, which is much better than a reaching in foul, because it implies he trying to move his body and feet to stay in front of his man as opposed to using his hands to do so.

    I like Ross. Definitely think he shows lots of promise on both ends, despite how jittery and mistake-heavy his play has been. I think his poor play has been due to nerves & decision making rather than a lack of ability.

    • Reed-n

      Actually Ross stole it from Courtney Lee in the second quarter, not Terry:
      Ross Turnover : Bad Pass (1 TO) Steal:Lee (1 ST) 

      Lee Turnover : Lost Ball (1 TO) Steal:Ross (1 ST) 

  • JHP

    I’m ready for the draft!  BC could not have assembled a more boring team.  Ross may get better but how will we really know. Washington is our real competition.

    • FAQ

      Worst Ratpor team ever …. believe it.

  • Matt52

    According to Yahoo! fantasy profile on Amir, he was a game time decision as he has the flu.  Not sure if that is a valid reason for his play but just throwing it out there. 

  • Canadian Paul

    What’s the downside to starting Ed ahead of Bargnani, at least for the short to mid-term?

    • Matt52

       If the plan is to keep Bargnani, nothing.

      If the plan is to trade him, it would further damage any value he may have at this point.

      • FAQ

        If you were Bargnani would you like to devote 3 more seasons of your life  and suffer in this debacle called the Moronto Ratpors???

        • Geo

          If I am getting paid the big bucks, sure!

          • Lorenzo

             This man knows

        • EmarErozan

          Five years to come up with Moronto! Amazing!

          • FAQ

            … I take it that you approve …. LOL

      • Kujo

        I’m all for it.  Bench his ass.  Do it Casey!  BC would probably never allow it.

    • Dc

      BC would rather kill himself than have “Golden Boy” on the bench. He’s still trying to prove after 7-8 years he’s the next dirk. No way that gets ruined lmao. 

    • Roarque

      If Bargs is moved to cornerman ( 3 ) then I say, why not?

  • Matt52

    I disagree on the Acy comment.  If you are talking appearance then, yes, both are of African descent and have facial hair.  If you are talking game, Acy can hit a shot and his free throws.

  • Ppellico

    Just give me a goddamn break.

    Amir plays like a mumbling, pouting guy. Get shit for rebounds…
    Gray can’t even buy minutes…gets put ina minute AND GETS A C!?
    Mother of God…please help us from the pens of the world.
    At least don’t give him a judgement!
    Just leave the kid alone.

    If he ain’t gonna get minutes with this damned slow, half-court game…he ain’t never getting played.
    But give him a break from your wrath. He doesn’t deserve it. He always plays with heart and at his best…no pouter ragger.

    • Lorenzo

      What is with this obsession with Aaron Gray? How does one get attached to such a player?

      • Ppellico

        why the question? you are unaware of his previous efforts and play?
        why the love for amir?
        he actually has had all the dissapearances and mood swings, yet continues to get the calls from the bench.
        Gray is an actual center…slow, but big and solid.
        I guess I just hate run n gun basketball…especially when you have a quarter of the talent needed for such a style.

        and i have followed him through college and from the pro start with the bulls. feel he is just the best off the bench center on this team.
        I dislike totally amir at center.
        its all fake and stupid.

  • j bean

    AB’s effort on defense is an embarrassment. He stands in no man’s land and watches the plays unfold with no chance of helping. His scoring doesn’t make up for it.
    Give him a role like Matt Bonners and he could shine. In fact I’d be happy with Bonner in a trade. 

    • Nilanka15

      You know it’s getting bad when Matt and Leo are using every possible opportunity to “constructively critique” Bargnani’s play. Even these 2 MLSE suits can’t contain their frustration anymore.

  • sonjagvrvd

     I think you should include a grade for casey and staff.

  • The Truth 

    Lakers- Bargnani, Calderon, Ross
    Knicks- Pau Gasol
    Raptors- Stoudemire

    • FAQ

      Stoudamire refuses to go to Toronto…. what then?

      • pran

        If the knicks approve the trade,can he do that? He’s under contract……

        • The Truth

           Refer to every Derek Fisher trade ever.

        • Nilanka15

          Alonzo Mourning did it…

          • CJT

            Apparantely the Alonzo thing was a prearranged buy out situation.  If someone is traded and doesn’t show up or refuses to play I don’t think we have to pay him.

    • Tinman

      So we give up a nice asset in Calderon and his expirying contract, like it or not an asset in Bargnani signed at a reasonable contract and a prospect in Terrence Ross and we receive one of the most injury prone players in Amare who possesses perhaps the worst contract in the league.

      You have just forfeited your right to ever criticize a move that Colangelo makes.

    • Jamshid

      LOL, you really think Lakers will go for that !!!
      You guys have no idea what AB is worth around the league right now. You listen to people like Matt52 who think trading AB will fix this team’s problem and is the solution while not knowing what you will get back.

      AB is overpaid for what he does on the floor. His flaws are now well documented and teams can see even a stubborn GM like BC is giving up on him.

      Trading AB is purely a salary dump which means you can NOT expect anything to come back. Heck, you should even expect giving up assts to another team so they pick up AB off your hand.
      Amare on one leg with 20 million a year seems reasonable if you package AB with expiring contract of Jose and add Ed or Ross to sweeten the deal for Knicks.

      • Matt52

         Did you watch the Celtics game today?  Getting nothing back for Bargnani immediately improves this team.  Even benching or amnestying Bargnani in the summer immediately improves this team.

        Raptors would be much better off benching Bargnani or asking him to stay home than taking on a 30 year old Stoudemire who continues to have knee problems after microfractures on both of them and is owed $20+ million over the next three seasons (that is twice Bargnani, fyi).

        • Truuth

          Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Look at what you are writing now and what you wrote a couple weeks back. Defending bargnani like he was your first born, what a mighty big faggot you look like right now hahahaha.

          • p00ka

            Can’t quite grasp how grown-ups can change their views, eh.

          • Matt52

             I am a big pile of sticks?  Ouch.  6’7″ and 250 is quite a mighty big pile of sticks though, I’ll give you that.

            Opinions change as circumstances change.

            Bargnani has never been this lazy, unmotivated, and painful to endure…. ever.  That is the problem, he just does not give a shit this season…. at all.

            Even if he was able to bounce back to form last year, why would you want a guy like that on your team?  When would he flip the switch off again?  He clearly lacks a killer instinct and a competitive drive to perform to his best for the respect of himself, his teammates, the organization who pays him handsomely, and the fans.

            Who could support these characteristics?  I certainly could not and do not.  If he had shown these characteristics and qualities in the past (and he very well could have for some fans but I didn’t see it, but that is only my opinion) then I would have called him out in the past and I certainly would not have wasted my time and energy defending him.

            I never realized that changing one’s opinion also caused a change in sexual orientation. 

            I might also point out you look extremely petty, pathetic, and prepubescent.  Truuth bringing the 3 P’s.  Nice work.

            • Theswirsky

              Bargnani’s never been this lazy, unmotivated or painful to endure? 

              Did you only watch Bargnani for 13 games over his career?  Because this is who Bargnani’s always been.  The only difference is he’s missing one or two more jumpers a game.

            • pran

              hey you can explain all you want. The fact is you were completely wrong about bargnani and colangelo in your analysis. The amount of times you’ve been wrong proves just how big a dumbass you are.    

              change your forum avatar back to colangelo, once you’ve made your bed lie in it you worthless bitch. 

              at least cesco has the balls to stick by his views……

              • pran

                wth? I respect matt’s views because he always provides reasoning to back up his claims, I have no idea who the hell posted that under my name. 

              • Jamie

                Wow calm down, how immature.

              • Matt52

                 To whomever this is:

                I hope you are not in medicine. 

                “Nope.  This was originally diagnosed as indigestion and come hell or high water I am sticking with this opinion!”

                “But doctor.  It is obvious it is cancer.  We must treat it immediately before it spreads.  We ran new tests.  It is not indigestion.”

                “I don’t give a shit what the new tests revealed.  We concluded it is indigestion dammit and indisgestion we will deal with!”

          • Jamshid

            LOOOL, very True. Matt52 has changed his stand on this team so fast after 8 games that makes you wonder how he is in real life when facing diversity. Dude, spent all last year and all summer, defending BC and his actions which included AB everyday … and now, all of the sudden this !!!

            • Matt52

               Speaking of petty, pathetic, and prepubescent.

              Any Raptors fan who remained optimistic has done a pretty good job facing adversity even since TJ feel on his neck.  I know of a person who when faced with a challenging situation on a public forum, he was unable to follow the basic rule of respect.  In light of this adversity he told everyone that he was leaving for weeks on a European vacation only to continue posting from the University of Calgary.  Upon being called out on his blatant b.s. he had a hissy fit to end all hissy fits.  It has continued on well over a year later outside of the forums and on the main page where this person has lost the ability to view the situation with any sort of rational thought.  Delusions bordering on insanity are prevalent and frequent. 

              BC was doing a decent job and an easy defense until the DeMar extension.  The problem is this season has seen a step away from all the positives that were going on through this summer.

              The optimism is an easy return but, in my opinion, 3 things need to happen:
              1) Lowry returns to his previous ways,
              2) Fields makes a bounce back and shows the elbow was a legit concern versus a convenient short term excuse, and
              3) Bargnani goes.

              If BC should do #2, his future is debatable depending on what he does after that.  If BC fails to do #2 in light of Bargnani’s inability to play at a high level that he has shown capable of, then BC should also go. 

              I would have added a 4th of Casey return to his previous coaching ways but the short term comeback vs. Boston and the grind it out win vs. Indiana gives me confidence he can do this but Bargnani is going to need to go.

              I really am dumbfounded at the stubbornness and borderline psychoticness you have exhibited.  It is not healthy or flattering.

              If I have issues with facing adversity then what does that speak to your ability to adapt to a changing environment?  Triple P.

              • Matt52

                 Start of 5th paragraph refers to #3, not #2. 

                • Jamshid

                  LOL, Buddy, you have lost it completely. I stopped reading your garbage above after your first personal insult 🙂 So , yah, you just wasted your time 😉

              • oeoeo

                Is this raptors republic or nuts r us? Your both kookooo. 

        • Jamshid

          The ONLY way that Raptors can get rid of AB without getting some bad contracts back or giving up some future draft picks is to amnesty him !!!
          Otherwise, no team is willing to pay 30 million over next 3 years for a player which has been exposed and is at the LOWEST point in his career. Yes, you heard me right, you are trying to sell LOW !!As far as Raptors being a better team without him, that is debatable. Raptors have many problems that need to be addressed and focusing on AB is wrong and takes the focus away from what is truly wrong with this team which is BC.How can a true fan support BC when his prized 1st overall draft pick, after investing 7 years on him, is on the verge of being amnestied !!!

          ONLY the herd and BC mouth pieces  can support him at this point.

          • Matt52

             Are you a GM?  What do you know of Bargnani’s value?  I certainly don’t have a clue nor do I pretend to know… speculate?  Yes and quite frequently.  Knowledge?  Absolutely not.

            Are you Bryan Colangelo?  How do you know the team is on the verge of amnestying him? 

            • Matt52

               Oh yeah, nevermind the fact amnesty can’t be used until July.

            • Jamshid

              LOL, you don’t need to be a GM to know what the value of AB is. Just do little reading and thinking and you can see what the rest of league thinks 🙂

          • CJT

            BTW, I can’t be certain, but I get the feeling Matt was referring to you.  Above.  Look up Crazy Calgary, Look Up.

    • voy

      why would the raps want amare?  or any player over 30?

      • FAQ

        Vince has dangled his ‘love’ for Moronto recently.  Maybe Bargs for Vince plus fillers and draft picks..???

        • Afimi Sinting

          what ? are you in love with VINNY

    • Gman

      Wow, we would get the chronically injured Stoudemire?  No thanks.  It’s considered one of the worst contracts currently in the NBA.  

    • EmarErozan

      Great, get Stoudemire who doesn’t play D and then be without a PG to feed him shots and ego boosts… Boo.

    • FAQ

      How about Bargs to Dallas for Vince plus filler and draft picks..???

      Dirk must be suffering from repetitive strain injuries slowing him down.

      Dirk plus mini-me Bargs as backup PF ….!!!!

      • tmk

        I would honestly do that trade just for lolz. We get Vince back and get to hear about his “redemtion” and then start hating on him for being washed up, then talk about how he’s tutoring demar…etc. the Mavs get Bargs and the Dirk comparisons start again. We see him have a couple of good games and his supporters start crying about how we’ve missed out, then he goes back to sucking and we get to see Cuban threaten to choke him…it would all be interesting.

      • Afimi Sinting

        What ? are you in love with VINNY

  • voy

    a 7 ft foot guy with andrea’s skillset is like a chick with 3 tits.  at first, you’re intrigued by the possibilities and think to yourself “wicked, I can make this work. this should be awesome”.  But then you realize as nice as the third titty is, you have no idea what to do with it and it gets in the way more than anything else.

    he has got to start playing better.  maybe you give him a few more games to see if he can turn it around but after that you have got to reduce his minutes till he starts playing better.  its not the end of the word for him if he goes to 25 minutes till he turns it around.  but you cant keep feeding him 35 minutes a game when you have young guys on the team who some of those minutes can go to. 

  • Geo

    Trade Bargnani for someone who can help this team!! AKA anyone!

  • NyAlesund

    AB doesn’t grab rebs. We know. He doesn’t really playing on D. We know. Is there anyone here talking about the others? Untill he remains in Toronto that is waht we expected from him.
    He played 26 minutes, helped the team to close the gap by 2 and after that they have conceded a big run 16-3. It was all his fault? I don’t think so. I don’t want to defend him, but most of the post is focusing on him and not on the others that frankly played really bad. Except Ed Davis.

    My really concern is the quality of the basketball game showed tonight. Really really bad.

    • cesco

       I am going to ask the question about who was Andrea defending ? , because of the 20 assists Rondo got ,  Bass ( 6 points) did not get any . Rondo assisted Terry 6 times , Garnett 5 , Wilcox and Pierce 3 each Sullinger twice and Green once . It would be interesting if Andrea was defending Bass , I don’t think he  was defending Garnett or Pierce much but I may be wrong .

      • j bean

        Didn’t you watch the game? He never defended anyone. He may as well have not been there as he was totally invisible. He had zero effectiveness. Did you see him cause even one play to result in a stop? He caused his team to play one man short on defense. He looked terrified of KG and never once attempted to stand up to him when it was up to him to help. His body language was of someone who has given up on his team. 

        He will probably come back with a good outing but that will not change the way I view him. 

        • NyAlesund

           The Raptors have to take the decision on him. For me, they have to bench him. A clear message, and everytime he is playing bad on defensive end, coach Casey has to bench him, even when he’s playing well offensively. It is not question of asset, or salary, this team needs effort from everyone. And honestly the way to trade him is not complicated, it is only question of willingness from BC to do it.

          Hence, or AB played like last year, or he can put his precious ass on the bench, even for 48 minutes.

      • BrainColangelo

        Isn’t Bass the 5th option on the floor for the Celtics in nearly every situation (the exception being a Bass/Wilcox frontcourt)?  I don’t see why checking the worst offensive option and then “shutting them down” is a point of pride.

  • Matt52

    Time to bombard the Raptors organization via Twitter:

    @MattDevlinRaps @RaptorsPR @Raptors
    #tradeBargnani #freeRaptorsfans

    • cesco

       You know that divorces are final . Don’t say a kind word about AB ever again or you will look like a complete fool/retard .

      • NEW ERA

        You know it’s not too late for a divorce

      • Nilanka

        The Bargnaniville population is slowly eradicating, and it can’t happen soon enough.

      • Matt52

         Then why do some people reconcile or remarry?  Seriously….

        But to your point, no problem.  I do hope Bargnani turns it around and it raises his trade value. 

        Any time he ever does anything good for the Raptors again, I’ll always be questioning what happens when he gets bored next time around.

        The worst thing that ever happened for me as a Bargnani fan were the 16/17 games he put in last year.  He obviously has the ability, he just doesn’t have the drive to consistently perform to the best of his abilities.

        Talent is useless without a heart and a brain.  Right now I question if he has either.

      • Jamshid

        He already does !!! The man spent all last year and summer defending AB and BC and after 8 games, he is acting like a child and going back on  all that he said. That to me, shows a person with no foresight for the game. A person who lives in the moment and have no vision and no understanding of the game. A person who eats the BS that Dough Smith reports and believes all the empty promises by BC … a member of the HERD 🙂

        • Matt52

           Actually, I would think the man is acting like a person who has been given or factored in significant new information to the situation, information such as:

          Bargnani did not come back the same player he showed he was capable of last season…. and has actually come back worse than ever.

          BC did not maintain the flexibility he has harped upon so frequently the last 2 years and he certainly has done little to use it (outside of taking on excess salary to acquire Lowry).

          • Jamshid

            LOL, you are acting like a man who just lost all his money on Nortel after he waited too long for ” NEW INFORMATION” too long 😉 I told you this will happen and you did not listen.

            That is different between people who can see the past and make the right decision about future and those who wait till future hit them on the head before realizing what just happened.

      • pran

        relax dude.

    • Jamshid

      How about ask them to sack AB ?? When are you going to open your eyes and finally realize what is wrong with this team !! Today, you are asking the herd to bombard the Raptors with “trade AB” request and tomorrow it will be DD and …

      At the end of the day, it is ALL on BC who has failed to make a decent team after 7 years.

      • Matt52

        Tell me, what else do you see in your crystal ball?  There is a huge
        difference between a request to “trade AB” and a call to trade DeRozan
        tomorrow.  The difference is effort.  Despite DeRozan’s flaws (which he
        appears to have addressed a few and continuing to work on others outside
        of the Boston game yesterday), he competes, gives full effort, and I have no doubt that will continue in the future.  That is
        the problem with Bargnani – he really doesn’t care or has suffered a
        traumatic brain injury in the last 6 months.

        That is certainly a possible outcome regarding Colangelo.  However is the mantle accompanying your pedestal currently furnished with 2 Executive of the Year Awards?  The ignorance you display is incredible.  Maybe you should ask Danny Ainge how he was perceived by the Celtic fan base in the winter and spring of 2007.

        What Colangelo does between now and the trade deadline will certainly go a long way to determining his fate in Toronto, in my opinion.  If he is unwilling to move forward without Bargnani, then MLSE should be willing to move forward without BC.  I know I am.  That doesn’t make me a child or unreasonable, I’d hate to tell you.  It means circumstances have changed and my opinion has as well.  In most circles adaptability is a valued characteristic.

        • Jamshid

          “What Colangelo does between now and the trade deadline will certainly go a long way to determining his fate in Toronto, in my opinion.”

          LOOOL, so past 7 years was not enough but next 4 month will tell you what kind of GM BC is ??!!! Hahahaha, Speaking of sample size 😉

  • Yourmom

    I would trade Andrea so fast it would make his head spin

    • FAQ

      … and Bargs would be so happy getting out of this Moronto Mess… believe it.

  • Tonious35

    Casey is coaching a team with players that have poor communication including a “franchise” player that won’t do jack on defense, and with a rookie center still learning.  The coach can do so much and if the players cannot communicate and execute on defense, there really is nothing that Casey can do.  Playoff team my ass.

  • FAQ

    Just look at the pictures of the Ratpor roster …. this has got to be the worst all-time team ever even with Lowry and Fields…!!!

    If BC or DC try to sell this roster as a ‘developmental’ team, both are lying because every one of these players have no/nada/zilch upside left in their game.  Even the players on the team know that. 

    Only Jose is putting out his 110% because he knows he’s on the trading block.  Bargs prolly wants out too and is not going to bust his butt on defense and only work on offense.

    THIS IS A DEAD END TEAM … and everybody here knows it.  No mo’ surprises left now and even the lovelorn tribal honkers can’t deny that.

    • p00ka

      9 games, 2-7…… 2006-07 team started 2-8, ended 47-35.

      min. 73 more games before off-season boredom :)))

      PS. FAQ- What’s a more profound waste? Athletic gift, as in VC, or intellect as in F…….?

      • FAQ

         I’m not comparing wins/losses because that’s not the measure of competition.  I’m assessing the athleticism and b’ball smarts of this roster… and they get a big fat “F” …!!!

        • p00ka

          And my point is that 9 games doesn’t make a season, for either the team, or young players, but you know that. You’re not a 12 yr old seeking instant gratification. Yet you mostly do 9 yr old game playing on here, and LOTS of it, thus my point about wasted F.. intellect. But hey, I’m twisted enough myself to empathize with screw-ups.

      • Nilanka

        It’s definitely within the realm of possibility that we end up turning this ship around, but let’s not forget how embarrassingly weak the Atlantic Division was in 2006-07 where the 2nd place Nets won just 41 games.

        A repeat performance by the Raptors this year would be nothing short of a minor miracle.

    • BrainColangelo

      Antoine, you are making too much of this.  JV, Ross and Lowry all have tons of upside left (PGs continue to improve longer than any other position – believe it).

      DeRozan and Ed Davis have a good deal of upside left.  Davis can improve his IQ and jumper to go along with his already good rebounding.  DeRozan can continue to improve his handles and shooting and his defence can only get better.

      Problem #1 is the lack of top-20 talent.  Unless DeMar improves dramatically, I don’t see any player capable of becoming a top-20 player (sorry JV, Ross and Lowry). 

      Problem #2 for this team is that none of its top-3 earners is a top-50 player and  pthat only one of them (DeRozan) is getting better.   This makes it hard to acquire a top-20 player.

      In the NBA you go as far as your best player takes you.  Here’s hoping that Lowry establishes himself as a top -50 player and gives DeRozan the runway to become a top-20 player (and Ross and JV also become top-50 players).  If that happens, the Raptors will be a playoff team for years to come.  WIthout a top-10 talent, there is no championship in the Raptors’ future.

  • Geoff

    I can see BC getting fired this month or the next you heard it here

  • kuzzybear

    Jose deserves to finish his career in TO. I can’t think of a guy who has exhibited more passion and professionalism. His smarts on a court allow some of these other guys to at least look like ballers.I hope his number is retired eventually. 

    • Rayden

      Well said man. You need franchise with some character (e.g. San Antonio) and not just opportunistic journeymen.

  • Konanas

    I missed Lowry, and even Fields…

  • Sam

    Jose is too good to come off the bench, not good enough to be a starter. I used to think the same about Bargs.

    If there isn’t a dramatic turn-around by 20 games, that is…going 9 and 2 over the next 11, then, by all means, time to blow this roster up.

    • onemanweave

      BC cannot afford another blow-up at this stage of the game. He will hold on tight to those vanishing play-off hopes and try to patch the leaks. Facing extinction promotes desperation, not innovation. 

      • Canadian Paul

        The next 4 games are “winnable” ones: Orlando, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Detroit. If we lose the 4, which is very likely, I predict that the axe will fall on Colangelo. I think Stefanski will be given some leeway to shed the big contracts (Bargnani, Calderon, Fields).

  • cdub

    Everyone seems to be calling out individual players.  To me this game was lost when the raptors yet again, went a long period of time without really scoring.  This seems to be happening quite freuquently.  The bottom line is defensively we are not good at all and offensively, at times just abysmal.  if we played that pacer game  99 more times we would probably lose that too no way they miss that many shots again.  lowry needs to come back

  • j bean

    Thank you for bringing some sanity to the equation.

  • BrainColangelo

    The best outcome for this team this year is to trade Jose for value – an expected late 1st round pick in 2013/2014 (like a Sullinger or a Perry Jones from the 2012 draft), to trade Andrea for value, good rotation PG and SF or combination of one of them and picks and to free up salary by offing Bargnani. 

    I don’t think these deals would hurt the team for this year that much.  Losing Jose would hurt but would be made up for by losing Bargnani.

    The team likely finishes in the late lottery (because it will still be better than it has played) and gives up its own pick in the Lowry deal but is primed to properly reset to the post-Bargnani era.  Hopefully they draft in the top-3 but if they don’t they are still only an improved JV and Ross away from being an 8th seed next year and could pick up a Jose-ish player (perhaps even Jose himself) for Amir money or less in free agency next year.