Jose’s stock couldn’t be higher than it is right now at the moment. Do we look at shipping him out this season? Or do fans still think he’s an important piece for the team’s future?

  • Yousef Elsohemy

    While a great bench player to have. He will be more valuable as a trade asset.

  • homer-griffin

    He is not part of the future, and I think he is only stepping up for a contract, what I think it’s important to do now with the way this season is unfolding is try to acquire a 1st round pick (as we currently do not have one unless we are lucky enough to land in the top 3). The only way we can do that is either by paying a big price, or taking back some dead weight, since option #1 is not an option as we do not have the pieces, we will need to take on some dead weight. Here is what I have come up with so far – a package involving Calderon for Tyrus Thomas and CHA 1st rounder, Calderon + Anderson for John Salmons, Travis Outlaw, SAC 1st rounder, and finally, yes I am this desperate – Calderon and Kleiza for Hedo Turkoglu, ORL 1st rounder