Phoenix Suns 97 Final
Recap | Box Score
101 Toronto Raptors
Linas Kleiza, SF 15 MIN | 2-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 5 PTS | -3

Provided a brief spark in the third in a one-on-one battle with Beasley. Other than that, not much.

Andrea Bargnani, C 27 MIN | 1-4 FG | 2-2 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 4 PTS | -8

Terrible offensive game where he was completely uninterested in the proceedings, and got rightfully yanked by Casey. In the surprising absence of Jonas Valanciunas, stepped in to provide some defense late on, including a good set against Scola and one against Dragic.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 17 MIN | 4-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 1 AST | 8 PTS | -7

No idea why he didn’t play a single minute in the fourth quarter, which is probably the main reason this game was even close. Could’ve really helped in those offensive boards Phoenix grabbed. Casey has a lot of explaining to do to play the ineffective Bargnani ahead of Valanciunas who was giving everything.

Kyle Lowry, PG 24 MIN | 5-9 FG | 4-6 FT | 7 REB | 2 AST | 15 PTS | -7

Did he get burned by Dragic consistently and even by Brown? Did he have a key turnover when he threw the ball in the first row? Did he have a potentially big missed FT late? Yes, but he also hit some big shots including one at the end of the half which swung some momentum, and paired well with DeRozan to counter Phoenix’s punches. Along with Calderon, matched Phoenix’s energy

DeMar DeRozan, SG 35 MIN | 8-18 FG | 7-9 FT | 8 REB | 4 AST | 23 PTS | -3

Sole reason this was even close in the first half. Taking it to the rim was the first option, which was nicely supplemented by the jumper. Hit the glass hard as well, and let it not be said that he took even a single minute off in this game.

Ed Davis, PF 21 MIN | 2-4 FG | 0-2 FT | 8 REB | 3 AST | 4 PTS | +12

His introduction in the first quarter when he replaced Bargnani might have saved this game. The Raptors were atrocious on defense, especially defending backdoor cuts and Phoenix’s movement stemming from the high-post. Davis came in and stabilized matters immediately by playing some big minutes.

Amir Johnson, PF 31 MIN | 7-12 FG | 2-3 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 16 PTS | +11

I hate that jumper, but if it’s going in I’ll take it. After an ugly airball to start the evening, he only missed one of his jumpers and even provided a bit of defense against Scola. Folks, this was his good game for the next two weeks so bask in its glow whilst you can.

Jose Calderon, PG 24 MIN | 5-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 9 AST | 13 PTS | +11

Hit massive shots late on and matched Phoenix’s guard play by pushing the tempo, and supplying the offense through three big threes. The defense was awful, but on this night the offense made up for it.

Terrence Ross, SG 14 MIN | 3-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 7 PTS | +2

Nice quickness on the drive again. Had some trouble against the “explosiveness” of the Phoenix guards, which was surprising. All in all, though, I felt he contributed more than his line shows.

Mickael Pietrus, SG 32 MIN | 2-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 6 PTS | +12

Big minutes in his debut, didn’t do much of substance really but still managed to look 10 times better than McGuire. Go figure.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Poor defense for the entire first quarter. It had to have brought Casey to tears on the inside. The way Phoenix was ripping us apart with quick passes was embarrassing.
  2. Dragic was a big problem for the Raptors and they countered it in the good ‘ol best defense is a great offense approach by going at him.
  3. A very entertaining game played at a prodigious pace that could’ve gone either way, and the Raptors’ persistence to take the ball to the rim got them the W.
  4. Raptors were 8-14 from three. I’ve said this a few times now, if we can improve our three-point shooting, it changes the entire complexion of our offensive threat as it leaves tons of space for our bigs (who are often on the perimeter) to drive right down the middle as they did today.
  5. Good defense by Bargnani late on, how he found the motivation to give a shit after his first quarter performance is a subject of research.

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  • knickz

    good win! actually had something to smile about for one

    • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

      The nite the Raps win the rest of the Division wins as well.

  • Ahmed


  • footie

     “Casey has a lot of explaining to do to play the ineffective Bargnani ahead of Valanciunas who was giving everything.”

    What is got to explain? how Scola was schoolin Davis and Val under the basket??? how many points made Scola with Barg on him…c’mon put away the hater glasses man !

    • KaioKev

      I would give Bargs a grade of no less that a “B”. If it wasn’t for his defense on Dragic and Scola late the Raptors would not have won this game. Bargs had a mismatched assignment on Dragic and actually forced him to turn the ball over. Great defense by Bargs late to help secure the win!!

      • vino

        Dragic got himself into turning this ball over. He committed and no passing lane. Bargs did move his feet in time though. Lucky play for us.

        • AcieEarl

           No way, bargs played great d, moved his feet didn’t reach and for once got the benefit of the call from the refs. That Kleiza no-call was glaring, better to take a t and draw attention to how bad it was, than let another bogus call go

          • vino

            didn’t reach?! have you seen the ball bouncing off? who has made that happen? c’mon?! he got away with one cause of his length. have you seen his face right after!? he was fkkn confused. shite

          • tweed8

             Bargs played some hard d, true. In the end he got away with a foul though. I ain’t complaining. The two fouls on Linas in rapid succession weren’t called, followed immediately by the foul on DD which wasn’t called.  Bogut shoving Kyle to the floor near the end of game, wasn’t called…. I know we got away with a couple more as well… Screw it, we won.  WON!

        • NyAlesund

          When the other make the “lucky” defensive plays, please remember us. If it difficult for you to admit that for one time AB played a great D, that allowed the team to win the game? No mention about the two free throws made?

      • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

        He hacked the fuck out of Dragic right across his shoulder neck area but the ref didn’t call it.

        I would give AB a D for his overall game- how low do we have to lower the bar for this guy to make him look good?????

        • NyAlesund

          You are ridicolous. In the last three minutes, the magical duo(KL-DD) hit 0-3, 1 block conceded, one turnover and only one shit point. The only assist was after a great AB’s defence.

          Bargnani, yes Bargnani, the worst defender of this team, made three decisive defensive plays and put two winnings free throw. Shut up for one time.

        • KaioKev

          I’m  not trying to make Bargs looks good. He’s overall a terrible defender and overall he hurts the team more than he helps it. I’m just giving credit where credit is due and he made some great defensive plays late to help secure the win.

          Calderon had a very good offensive game. Lowry, Johnson and Davis also played well.

          • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

            What he did on defense was not great nor credit due it was a NBA ref not making a call in the Raptors favor and Scola missing a point blank lay up inwhich he effectively worked AB down into the key in order to get a good look but just couldn’t get the shot to drop.

            Raptors got a W their 4th against 13 defeats which is tied for most in the NBA with Washington.

            Denver is up next dare I say 20 point plus Mile High blow out?

            • et-man

              You are ridiculous. When he scores 34 points all people talk about is how poor his rebounding and defence is. He scores 4 points because he only took 4 shots and all people talk about is how bad his offence was. He played great d. Val and Davis were getting schooled by Scola and Bargnani completely shut him down. His d, rebound and free throws in the last minute gave the Raptors the win. Why can’t you just acknowledge that Bargnani actually made a difference on d rather than offensively.

              We all saw what Davis can do against the starters when Bargnani didn’t play. Not much!So now your argument is the ref didn’t make a call against Bargnani. What about the other night night when Bargnani got fouled on the last shot of the game? Thats the way it goes but his d on the point guard and on Scola before that was great.

              It’s unbelievable how many haters there are out there. Can’t you just be happy the raptors won. Enough already!

    • cdub

      haven’t you heard everything is Bargnanis fault and Ed Davis is the answer. 

    • Ettoreiannacito

      I agree. Scola did nothing against bargnani. He must have been watching a different game. So last game bargnani doesn’t play and the raptors still lose big and not one mention of how poorly Davis and Ross and Lowry played. Now that they actually won a game thanks to some great d by bargnani the haters come out. Unbelievable! Give it a rest.

  • Valit

    As a PG, Kyle was absolutely awful; Him and DD played a 1-2 punch while the other 3 guys were looking at the improvise “attack schemes” thinking…what the? The ball was not moving, the passes were not going at all. In the whole game, Kyle passed 3 times the ball to Bargnani..nothing more..nothing less. On another point, I didnt think that Jose defense was terrible at all; he actually didnt try to help that much, tried to rotate and had some lateral speed. It was a win, but an ugly win and if they continue to play selfish basketball they will suffer in the future.As far as I can see, this team has huge chemistry problems, they dont play like a team at all and if I am Casey I would not care who starts or who is on a bench…but I’ll try the combinations that will work the best in the team interest. 

    • knickz

       well said!! getting so sick of delvin with his lips warpped around lowry’s nuts. becoming worse than mike tirico and his monday night football brett favre blow fest a few yeas back.

    • Tonious35

       Getting to know a player like Lowry is like getting to know a friend or a coworker, we all gotta find out the crappy parts about the person and it is inevitable to know the bad parts.  WE just hope everything evens out at the end *crossing fingers*

    • NyAlesund

       It was enough to see how they played in the last 3 minutes.

  • enlightenment

    Can you believe it? The factor that won us the game was defense and rebounding from Andrea Bargnani. Unbelievable.

    Bargs deserves an A. Who needs a 3pt shooting big man, when we have a defense stalwart in ANDRE BORGS.

    • Tonious35

       Borgs did so-so, but imagine if McGuires 0pts instead of a Pietrus’ 6pts, then we will lose by 2pts

      • onemanweave

         Pietrus played good defence. Wasn’t shooting the ball particularly well but I noticed a few times he had a chance to jack up a shot and passed the ball to a team mate.
            Hope this new offensive innovation (passing) catches on with some of the Raps’ chuckers.

  • Oldcheeseburger

    Mickael Pietrus played pretty good. It was the defense in the second and third that sparked all those fast break points and easy baskets. Much better defender then Mcguire and he didn’t force anything. Demar shot is a lot more efective once he gets to the line a couple of times. He started out cold and struggled in the 4th but he played really well tonight. He reminds me of Bosh. When he reacts quick he is so much better then when he holds it and tries to overthink and dribble. I think tonight everyone played well. Andrea wasn’t into the game so Casey was smart and gave him less minutes. He played great D in the 4th and realized early he wasn’t into it and at least didn’t jack up a bunch of shots.

  • vino

    first time ever I’m praising Bargnani D. That stop on Dragic late in the 4th was the play of the game. More to do with his length than anything… but nevertheless! The one on Scola… he did lower his left arm at the time of the shot, so it could have gone either way. 

    • KaioKev

      It only took 3 minutes to go from “lucky play for us” to “play of the game.”  I’ll take it!  🙂

      • KaioKev

        Oh wait. you actually regressed and when “play of the game” to “lucky play for us”. My bad.

  • CurseoftheSwirsk

    Are you guys serious!! Stop buying this BS that Bargnani played good defense, please stop praising mediocrity! Scola got good position and just missed the lay-up, and (IMO)he actually fouled Dragic on the baseline drive with a reach in when he closed him out. Please don’t praise this guy based on what Jack Armstrong thought was “Great” defense. I’m not saying Andrea doesn’t deserve any credit, but don’t focus on the guy cause he played defense. Maybe focus on how great the bench played, focus more on Amir, or even on Jose. But to keep mentioning Bargnani’s defense as if it was what won this game for the raps just is so frustrating to hear!! Stop giving this “Tin Man” credit for things that he should be doing on a normal basis. I’m a huge Jack Armstrong fan, and I respect his knowledge and analysis, but the fact that he kept mentioning Bargnani defense was just puzzling to me when there were so many other things he could have mentioned. And of course all the others on that great TSN broadcast team jump all over it as well. Now all we’ll hear about from this game, thanks to the lazy basketball media in Toronto will be how Bargnani had a shitty offensive game, but was a “Great” defensive stopper that saved the game. Oh please, this is why this team is so MEDIOCRE!!

    • Tonious35

       before we can actually fix the Bargs issue, I appreciate that we fixed the Shit-Guire issue by putting in M. Pietrus.  Pietrus’ 6pts made us win by four and not lose by two.

    • Cdndondadda

      they prob. got told by mlse to talk up bargs defensive effort..since no one wants to trade for a 7fter that cant rebound or play D who’s sole purpose is to score but shoots a horrible amount of bricks…he left JV out to dry a few times in the first half by not rotating to cover his man when val provided help D for the wings….Not impressed at all

      • footie

         Did you watch the match? he had only 4 shoots and how many points made Scola before Barg went in the 4th and how many he scored after?

    • vino

       Bargs play is shit – both offense and especially defense. Any kind – help, one-on-one, zone…. anything. the lazy ass shit does not have a clue and does not care. screw him. but he did give one and a half good plays at the end of this one. which those two are, we two disagree. nevertheless, trade the pasta!

    • guest

       really you serious? how games did we lose last week by a point because we could not get a stop when we needed it. Bargs was the stopper on 2 critical possessions and picked up the rebound on the third.

    • Theswirsky

       I actually thought Bargnani had a better offensive game.  He didn’t shoot much so he couldn’t waste possessions.  Thats definetely a positive for a team considering he’s shooting sub 40% on the season

  • FAQ

    Raps ground out a nice win, and revealed what kind of individual efforts had to be made playing against a team.  Jack Armstrong noted that the Suns were playmaking while the Raptors were just individual performers.

    This was apparent with all the jump shooting being done, while the Suns were driving the ball down the middle.  Fortunately for the Raps their jumpers were falling.

    When the Raps tried to run a play, it broke down quickly and they had to improvise individually. Lowery was particularily a … ball hog with tunnel vision … and his passing was atrocious.  Lowery just doesn’t know how to pass. Jose is a true PG who involves everybody, except Bargs who he regularly ignores.

    Methinks Bargs is discouraged, discomforted, disconnected, discorded, and depressed in general playing on this confused team that resists jelling while others are still trying to develop.  He knows he doesn’t belong on this screwy team.

    Oh, well … the Moronto t.h.f.’s will love their Raptors as long as they can root for their scoring hero… and they can squeek out a few more wins.  Keep the faith.

  • FAQ

    FINALLY … a ‘win’….!!!!

    So when will the next ‘win’ be?

    I say on December 19th against Detroit, at the ACC.

    That means their next losing streak will be 9 games..!!!!

    Anybody else wanna take a guess..??!!!

    • President of the T.H.F UNION

      FAQ is a T.H.F lover…..he should change his name to FA……..G lol. Ur wack dude! You follow this crappy team like a t.h.f ….. Admit it! Your one of us! Your in love with us! You want us to talk to you…..Your lonely 🙁 I’m sorry

      I just had to say it, because its true! Lmao

      • FAQ

        Well, Prez O… I hope that made you feeeel better about yerself cause you reveal yer pathetic state of mindlet.  Also, all you can do is laugh through yer azz (“Lmao”)  given the pathetic state of the Rats.  Take out yer pent up anger against somebody who tells you the truth about yer beloved t.h.f. team in Moronto.

    • Dbobb28

      December 5 at Sacramento. Monday we will get beaten by Denver by at least 20-25, beat Sacramento, beat Utah, get crushed by Lob City and lose to Jay Triano and the Trail Blazers. Road trip prediction 2-3.

      • FAQ

        That’s quite the brave and foolish prediction, particularly since I’m betting it will be 9 straight losses before they get to Detroit on Dec. 19th.  Good luck to you and the Rapts.

        • Dbobb28

          Why would predicting a win against terrible Sacramento be foolish? Utah is a bit of a stretch but we did beat them there last year and have played teams tough for the most part this year.

          • FAQ

            Raps will be playing in Sacramento.. and don’t forget they have a secret weapon (James Johnson;)…!!!!!

  • Dbobb28

    One thing I see from this team is selfishness. Linus Kleiza acted like an idiot in achieving that technical. I get it! The refs blew the call when you tried to take on three Phoenix Suns Linus! But let’s point out the many stupid things you did after that.
    1) Decided to yell at the official and watch the Suns take the ball towards the Raptors basket without so much as make any effort to get back on defence.
    2) Get a tipped rebound roll out to your lazy, pathetic, cry baby ass just past center, so you look like you did something when in fact it proved you never hustled back.
    3) Pick up the ball and act like a complete moron some more but having a tiny bit of sense to give the ball up to Derozen.
    4) As Derozen is driving and scoring a basket, you decide to show us all why you gave the ball up. Not to make a pass for a transition basket, but to free up your arms to wave around and act like a selfish child some more.
    5) Earn a technical with this stupid selfish act that gives Phoenix a free throw (which they make) and the ball. 
    6) Act like a spoiled child some more by having teammates hold you back while you are trying to go at the official.

    Even more amazing what Dwayne Casey’s decision to keep this fool in the game. So instead of sitting his ass down for being an idiot, you leave a clearly irate, head not in the game Kleiza in to make another turnover. He should have been sat down as punishment for costing his team and the fact his head was not in the game. That was a head scratcher all around.
      I also don’t understand why JV didn’t play a minute in the fourth. He wasn’t in foul trouble and even though Bargnani made his one defensive play of the year, JV is a better defensive player and a solid rebounder. That was another head scratcher.
     At the end of tight games, Lowry goes into dumb ass mode and has become predictable. We all know he will do one of three things. Take a bad shot (or shoot period), get himself in trouble where he ends up making a turnover, either by stepping on the baseline or throwing a desperate bad pass into the front row and refusing to give Bargnani the rock. I get that Bargnani has been cold the last two games but when he was the one hot shooter in Detroit, he didn’t touch the ball in any of the last three possessions. Mind you Lowry didn’t pass the ball to anybody on the last three possessions.

    • Eurofan9

      Dbobb28 don’t see big picture complete. Kleiza justified in being mad not just for obvious foul against him but for so many not good calls against Raptors so many games. And everyone not allowed ever to say. So he says for them all. Good for team. Jonas very good but still he rookie. Casey know this so getting near end he puts Bargnani and good job. Doesn’t get foul call against like might rookie does more easily. Open eyes big you see more.  

      • Dbobb28

        It doesn’t justify Kleiza taking the technical. He had plenty of time to cool down. That’s the job of the coach to get in the refs ears. Mind you he doesn’t do it ever so that’s a waste of my thought.
           Not sure why you tell me to open eyes big, see more. Do you really think that Bargnani get’s any respect for his defence from officials? They know just like we do, he doesn’t play any. Just because he makes one play defensively doesn’t make the decision by Casey a good one. In fact, I’m sure many people were like me and wondering what the heck he was doing on the floor defensively. Remember when we played Indiana earlier this season. They just kept pounding the rock to David West and he killed Bargnani. Same happened against the Pistons. Teams know he’s a liability. One good defensive play does not make him a stopper

        • Eurofan9

          Might be Kleiza take technical is good for team way to fight back to refs. One good defensive play does not make him a stopper? Last night, good stopper. David West not on Suns. Scola on Suns. More tricky. Bargnani stopped when important. Won game. 

        • Eurofan9

          And. I be thinking. Because people say again again Bargnani doesn’t play defense other people like might be you be begin believe and say like for time first. Might be you don’t know not much true. Not just open eyes big. Open mind big. Think. Not just say because so many say again again. Might be many people think not good. Just listen to people say again again. So believe like brainwash. They start to say again again. Like you. And. So. Difference for Bargnani is sometime forgets play defense. Forgets. Is bad. When remember he play good defense. Hope I say good. No helper now. 

  • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

    I can see a  potential Lowry vs Jose pg controversy brewing………smell the coffee….

    • guest

      what about an AB-ed pf controversy

      • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

        As long as BC is here AB will start and Casey already said AB was his guy come hell or highwater……smdh

        AB aka No Star hasn’t done shit in the NBA worth noting going on 7 seasons now and Casey is riding his dick hard……pause….we know how Casey got the Raptors job ie AB is Dirk like.smh

    • knickz

       lol…only one is a pg

      • FAQ

        … and the other is a streetballin’ ballhoggin’ chucker who is the t.h.f.’s hero with tunnel vision once he starts his dribblin’ charge to the hoop.

  • NyAlesund


    DeRozan A-? Did you take in consideration the last three minutes?

    • what the

      Did you take into consideration what he Demar contributed to the team in the other 20 mins. Cesco please give this guy some stats and i’ll over look the +/- on AB13, Stats Please!

      • NyAlesund

         Why don’t you say the same things when AB played well in the first part of the game? I am talking about Bobcats’ and Pistons’ games for an instance, and also the +/- stat is useful at the end of the season.

        So, every point is important, every effort too, but is this discussion valid for anybody except for AB?

        Last game DD and KL played really bad down the stretch.

        • what the

          OK  i’ll give AB13 a pass this game on the defensive end, and thank him for calling that players only meeting where he was told by his team mates that he taking too many shots and doing nothing else so he had to be bench one game with a ??? injury .lol

  • j bean

    Another close game where they couldn’t hold a lead and was decided by non calls. This time in the Raps favor so there are more smiles on our faces. 

  • 511

    Bargnani hasn’t been great but there’ve been a few games or more where he’s been alright-to-good (once or twice, better than that, offensively, anyway) and usually, for naught. Last night, he didn’t factor in too much until it was on the line and he came through. First defensively (his lateral movement while defending was impressive; he seemed determined to get it done) and then at the line, first for the pizza-throw, then, one more to seal the deal. Hopefully the start of a better run for him and the team. Sometimes, that’s how it begins. 

  • Kujo

    Watching the Sun for the first time, I get why their fans are frustrated with Gentry’s rotations.  I’ve no idea why Beasley, who was sorta of torching us, didn’t play in the 4th quarter.

    Anyway, back to the Raps, nice to get a win before this tough road trip.  I’m predicting we’ll go 1-4.  I’ll be happy with 2-3.

    I was shocked Bargs actually played solid defense late in the 4th quarter (though Dragic made a dumb low IQ play), and got a game saving rebound.  That being said, he played like absolute crap offensively, only had 2 rebounds, and he still want his ass shipped out of town.

    Amir was great, though like he said, he’ll likely go MIA for the next 5-6 games.

  • what the

    One thing that I notice last night with AB13 in crunch time with 14 sec. to go in the game is that he wasn’t standing out by the 3 point line like he always do watching the other 3 guys fight for rebounds last night he was down there fighting with his team mates for the rebound and guess what he came away with it and for that i tip my hat to  AB13.


    • cesco

      Appreciate the fair comment coming from you . I am wondering if AB is not being hampered by that foot injury , it does not heal in a couple of days , does it ? .

      • FAQ

        Perhaps Casey told Bargs to just work on his defense and chip in for scoring.  In a deevelopment situation, Casey must want to give his young guns a heavy burn so they can contribute later in the season.  Bargs has always been a team player and has done what has been asked of him over the years.  Those who hate Bargs offer no alternative and are nothing more than t.h.f.’s … you know the kind.

        • what the

          “AB13 has done what has been ask of him over the year” you might want to check that faq…ask Casey how those 8 rebounds per game is going or did he give up on that.

  • p00ka

    “Casey has a lot of explaining to do to play the ineffective Bargnani ahead of Valanciunas who was giving everything.”

    Good lord!! Sometimes it feels like it gets more absurd here by the day. No wonder so many self-entitled kiddies gather here for a daily dose of whine. Casey owes “a lot of explaining” to who? He has to explain that he made a move that went a very long way to finally winning a game in crunch time? Fn absurd.

    – Despite a virtually uninvolved (his fault, or the PG who doesn’t seem to have a clue how to run an offense?) offensive game, AB played good defense the whole game. Do you only see what you want to see?
    – Half way through the 4th, the Suns had scored 13 pts, with 6 of those from Scola, who had just burned ED for 4 in 28 seconds. AB subs for ED and the Suns only score 8 more points in the 2nd half of the 4th, with only 2 points coming from a big (J.O., Amir’s cover), and AB is 100% responsible for 3 big defensive plays down the stretch.

    WTF does Casey have to explain? To who? Why? *head shake*

    The explanation I’m waiting to hear needs to come from Lowry, as in how the fk he has gone 6+ years in the league, is on his 3rd team, and yet still seems oblivious to team basketball, and how he can’t be his hero AI and try playing 1 on 5, while his teammates are left watching and wondering wtf is the game he’s playing.

    Example that he should look very hard at: The game opens with his 9 minutes producing 14 pts for the good guys, 5 of which are his, but 0 Asts are his, and the Raps are down 7. Jose comes in and in the next 9 minutes, he gets 5 pts too, but he also has 5 ASTs and the Raps are up 4, from being down 7. A very similar pattern occurs in the 2nd half. Amazing what can happen when a PG runs the offense and gives his teammates a chance to make plays, eh. At the end of the day, the good guys win, but the starting PG has 2 assists, and the backup has 9.

    • FAQ

      Kyle just doesn’t have good passing skills… just watch him heaving or flubbing the ball to teammates..!!!!

      Casey and staff must he having conniptions… when Kyle is the on-court PG and everybody else just stand their and watch what he’s trying to do.

      Thank God for Jose… cause if he re-injures, the Raps are up sheet creek… believe it.

      (p.s. … hey, pOO… you don’t smell so bad on this one…!!!)

  • sleepz

    Only saw highlights and checked out the box score, but I do remember how Amir twisted his ankle in Memphis and am very surprised he played the minutes he did and gave the production he did.

    How the season has gone he had every right to sit this one out, but played and helped his team. I’m not a big Amir fan but I respect that type of effort.

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Unlike AB who claims an ankle injury but is suited up on the Raptors bench and shown walking walking without a limp on tv to and from the Raptors dressing