My man-crush on Pietrus is well known, and finally came to pass after the failed flirtation last season. This move came a few years late, and the Raptors are once hitching their horse to a guy past his prime, but he’s an upgrade over anything we have at small forward and should provide solid defense on the perimeter. Best part of the deal is that we wont be subjected to Dominic McGuire anymore; there’s that. That’s all I have to say; discuss.

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  • enlightenment

    does he get to play today?

    • Nilanka15

      Was wondering the same….

    • Sam Holako

      Seems like he will be available; fortunately there isn’t much in the way of a system he needs to master to hit the ground running.

  • cb

    who. cares.

  • Nilanka15

    What happens when Fields gets healthy?  Does Ross lose minutes?

    • Lorenzo

      ask the coach mitt

      • Lorenzo

        “if the and BARGS with DRIBBLES this who that what then how there theyre their somebody say who PAASTA this who man they man this too”
                                                                                      – what the

        A round of applause everyone.

        • Nilanka15

          I wasn’t fooled for a second.  “what the” constantly sitting at the front of the short bus wearing his ‘Wang Computers’ t-shirt and propeller hat, with his Care Bears lunch box in one hand, and plastic scissors in the other.

    • Dan

       I would say it depends on how well Fields plays when he comes back and How well Peitrius plays while he is out. He hasn’t been great the past two years. He is still an upgrade over Mcguire because you have to respect his three point shot. He was always a good defender so he should be passable. Mcguire wasn’t supposed to ever play he was supposed to be a sg sf version of acey. Garbage minutes and if lots of injuries occur. If he is good I imagine you will see less of Kleiza since he is only effective if his shot is falling. They already Have volume scorers in Demar and Andrea.

      • Nilanka15

        I wonder why it took Colangelo this long to go after Pietrus.  Seemed like it would’ve made more sense this summer.

        • c_bcm

          It was well-documented that BC went after him. I think MP may have failed a physical at one point. Keep in mind that NOBODY signed this guy until now. Must be a reason.

        • Dan

           Maybe him and his agent were holding out for a contender. Or at the start of the season with Fields and Anderson he wouldn’t get enough playing time to show he can still play and earn his next contract.

        • Brian B

           Pietrus had off season knee surgery followed by rehab and apparently only recently (October/November) circulated a video of him doing basketball activities at full speed. Then he was holding out for more than a minimum contract – there was speculation that the Pacers and Golden State, being down starters and lacking veterans, might get into a bidding war. Seems not to have transpired.

  • Q5824

     Trade is coming, I have a feeling that Ross is going to be packaged with someone and sent to a team looking to rebuild.

    • hateslosing

       Actually, I take that back. It’s possible that we will instead see a three wing rotation. That would make the most sense.

      • Boshrawr

        I like the idea of a three wing rotation, but my question is how come it can’t be Demar who gets traded instead of Ross if there is a trade in the works? The majority consensus on this forum is that Ross is already much more prepared for the two spot in terms of skill, talent and athleticism to produce, so why can’t we ship away Derozan? To illustrate my point, look at a team like Denver, they never let guys walk away without compensation so they sign them to long term deals and then proceed to trade them a la Nene and possibly Chandler. Maybe Colangelo is taking a page out of Masai’s book…I’m sure there are teams around the nba who would take a developing derozan if they’d take a 30 something Nene no?

        • Dan

           Derozan now has a poison pill contract so he will be hard to trade.

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT (Clay Davis voice) is this the best that BC can do exchange one scrub for another- wow, making a sideways move for the sake of appearing to do smh

    • KaioKev

      Pretty soon your name is going to be BCBargsJoseCaseyRRGots2Go

  • optifan

    Pietrus is suiting up tonight, and apparently Bargnani in the lineup as well.

  • j bean

    He’s French and we are the Canadian team with the internationally flavored lineup. Must be a marriage made in heaven. 

    • Destro

      How many playoffs wins has that connection gotten us the past decade ?

      *price is right loser horn* 

  • FAQ

    Playoffs here we cum …. Petrus = Reedeevelopment ….!!!!

    • FAQ

      oppps… that should be:  Peetrus = Reedeevelopment

      • ball4life

        more like peitrus = same shit + some more shit

      • Dan

         It should also be come unless you REALLY get excited for the playoffs.

        • pran


  • Boshrawr

    The move is suspect and an indication of Colangelo attempting to cover his ass. The signing of Pietrus isnt that much of an upgrade over McGuire; remember Pietrus has a defensive reputation, why do we believe that this guy is going to be the source of points from the wing position? Furthermore, does this move signify the assignment of Allen Anderson to Gray type minutes? The signing significantly hinders Ross’s development and since Casey is in win now mode, does that relegates Ross to the bench upon Anderson’s return? It took an injury or two for Ross to finally get into the rotation, I hope Casey views Ross’s recent performances in a positive light as a means for supplanting the role of Anderson before he got hurt. Moreover, this signing only leads to more ambiguity; what happens upon Fields return? What role does Kleiza play? Ugh, colangelo, you’re killing me softly; and we wonder why Casey is such a mess with his rotations.

    • BrainColangelo

      Pietrus is not a star, or even a good player, but McGuire is the worst offensive wing in Raptors history.  There is no argument.

      Allan Anderson is D-League material.

      • Nilanka15

        “McGuire is the worst offensive wing in Raptors history.”

        Julian Wright, Antoine Wright, and Rasual Butler might disagree…..

        • BrainColangelo

          Julian Wright could pass.

          Antoine Wright could shoot the odd jumper.

          Rasual Butler was bad but only because his role was to shoot and he couldn’t shoot.  McGuire’s role was to not shoot because he couldn’t shoot.  Totally different.  Every time I saw McGuire play I missed James Johnson.

        • what the

          I notice you did not list your boy gary forbes mittens

    • c_bcm

      Actually, a SIGNING, means nothing about minutes distribution. A signing is an opportunity to redistribute minutes, the actual execution of this redistribution will be determined over the course of a few games I imagine.

      Don’t try to to jump to too many conclusions just yet. You might anticipate that Peitrus will take minutes from Ross, that’s a fine opinion. I actually don’t think it will change much at all, that’s my opinion. Although I must say that I don’t want to make any guesses just yet, only say that it will be interesting to see how things develop.

  • j bean

    As a replacement for McGuire taking his minutes ok. If he earns more time because of his play, bonus.

  • voy

    pietrus. I dunno.  unless fields is out for an extended period of time why would you get pietrus?  I really dont think you need pietrus, fields, anderson and kleiza all on the same team. 

    how badly do you need a vet to come in here with a smile for you to bring in pietrus?  I dont expect him to impact the game significantly more than mcguire did.  I mean, he may bring 2 or 3 more victories at the expense of less playing time for ross this year.  I dont know if I’d make that trade.  especially when fields and anderson get back.  I certainly dont want ross at the back of a fields, pietrus, anderson rotation. 

  • ibleedpurple

    All of the comments on this news update are irrelevant. This isn’t a comparison between Mcguire and Peitrus. Raps have been sorely lacking a guy who can connect from outside the arc when open. Peitrus has proven over the course of his career that he can make that shot. If he’s open he can on occasion hit the three ball. Raptors need that production from their defensive wing. Neither Fields nor Mcguire were able to fullfill that. Only AA knocked down the occasional three. TRoss should still see plenty of time and I wouldnt be surprised if we saw more of him than Peitrus in some games. However like JV, TRoss will struggle to defend back down 3’s and thats where Peitrus should make his money.

    Sucks being a Raptors fan right now. Thank God for JV and TRoss.

    • Lorenzo

      and Bargs, Calderon and LK

    • ibleedpurple

      *I meant to say like JV (who struggles to defend the bigger body PFs and C’s) due to lacking strength is similar to TRoss who will struggle to defend stronger 3s due to his slight rookie frame.

  • 2damkule

    well, he’s a significant upgrade over what they’ve been trotting out at the 3 since fields went down, which is a pretty sad statement in & of itself.  it’s a shame that they’ve now got a glut of ‘meh’ 3’s to choose from, and it leads me to think that there has to be other pieces being discussed in trade.  i don’t (no one should) expect the MP of a few years back, but he does bring better offense (especially from the perimeter) than mcguire (not saying anything there), fields (kinda sad, considering his contract) & kleiza (dit-effn-o), and at worst, above-average D (fingers crossed).

    small steps.  either the start of some significant movement, or a stop-gap until fields is back (a sign BC feels the team – for the most part – is worth keeping intact).

    • Destro

      Really signifigant ?
      This move really doesnt do much but give off a smokescreen the GM is trying to fix this situation….unfortunately he is doing what hes done for too long and thats use band aids to fix bigger issues….

      Its really nothing worth talking about…Pietrus came HERE on a vets minimum he wasnt exactly a commodity….

      • 2damkule

        did you stop reading after the first 5 words?  nuance of the written word seems to escape you at times, my friend.

  • Ion66

    Fields is going to need more time to recover from the surgery, then time to get in game shape, then time to get his mechanics and his confidence back. Then we’ll know what we really bought. Until then, it’s great to have a veteran player of decent quality in the rotation. Have to feel for DM though, he’s only redundant because of these injuries and the fact that he was signed to fill a specific purpose, at certain times. Not his fault how things unfolded and wish him the best!

  • Statement

    I find this transaction very difficult to masterbate to.

    • Pesterm1

       try closing your eyes.

    • DigBick

      Lube and a good imagination will do the trick.

    • cesco

      just think about bargnani, works for me.

      • Jake

        LMFAO. No offence to the real cesco but this is the funniest shit I’ve read on here.

  • KaioKev

    Well! We’re loosing and doing it below the expectations of many. Might as well spend some of that billion-dollar-worth Leafs money and see where that get you. 

    Seriously though, there’s nothing wrong with shaking things up in the locker room a bit.

    Which free agent do you guys/girls believe BC should have went after??

    • To me there is no doubt, we should have signed Robin Lopez as our back up Center to JV. Adding Landry is great, but I see him as a guy backing up our all star small forward when we get him. If we can land a high caliber before or in his prime small forward, and have a relatively similar roster, we are a contender. A good back up center, or maybe a guy that can play both 5 and 4, to basically split minutes with JV and Andrea. Plus an all star or very high caliber small forward and we are right there at the top. I don’t mind the Fields signing, but I see him filling in 20-30 minutes as a back up 3 and 2 guy. I think we really missed out on not getting Robin Lopez over here. I mean take a look at some of my thoughts in my comment below, I go into some trade scenarios and guys who are on the trading block. let me know what you think.

  • Kujo

    Dude has been injury prone his entire career, and is an extremely streaky shooter.  He’s a great athlete, and very good defensively, but this signing makes little sense, especially if he takes minutes away from Ross.  He’s not really going to make us better.  It’s unlikely he’ll be back next year.  I would much see the Raptors take a flyer on some younger D-League prospect.

    I’m surprised Pietrus didn’t sign with a contender (he apparently had many offers, but chose us because we wanted him more).  Maybe he’s content on stat padding to make himself an attractive unrestricted FA next year.

  •  I like Pietrus and he really didn’t get the minutes, hasn’t gotten the minutes to be consistant since leaving Orlando, much like Hedo he’s been up and down since leaving Orlando. He’s a good defender, a good offensive threat, I would just n…eed him to be efficient. He has to go to the bucket, it can’t just be jumpshots all day. If he can be good offensively, and he will be good defensively. I am pretty happy with this veteran aquisition.Ya, I really think it’s time for us to make a move with Amir and or ED, neither of them have excelled in a consistant mannor. THey have juggled roles together and other than small ball, theyre tandom to me hasn’t pand out.Al Jefferson is apparantly available, I would like to see a deal like Jose Calderon and Davis or Johnson for Al Jefferson and Tinsley or Watson. Depending on what players are left around, you could put Mcguire, Klieza in and add a player or a pick or make any combination you wanna. you have 4 or 5 guys to shuffle in this trade from the raptors and roughly the same amount from the Jazz. But there is 96 minutes to go around the 4 and 5 spot. That means if your not going hard when your on the floor, or your not being productive. Sit down for 5 minutes and earn your minutes. It will bring efficiency amongst our bigmen. The two 4’s left, ED or Amir with Quincy will learn a great deal from Al and Ed or Amir will continue to see minutes. I wouldn’t hesitate to put Bargnani at the 3 and see how it goes, at least in some situations it will work. Try to resign Al if it’s a fit, if not sign and trade for a legit small forward that Fields can back up. Or Sign Al with enough left to make a good move at our 3 spot. many options with this scenario, & Al isn’t the only guy out there, but that trade seems feasable by both squads. Maybe we can re sign Calderon next season to continue his back up duties.

    Over in Milwaukee there is a good backup center in Drew gooden who seems to be availale, he had a good year last season, is his defense up to par for what I would like to see as our back up Center ? I would have to do more homework, Maybe Calderon for Gooden and Udrih ? or whatever gets the deal done. Not sure of the extent of Gooden or Udrih contracts. But jus thinking out loud, there are moves we can make that will help us now and in the future.

    There’s alot of options, I mean , Calderon, Amir or Davis and Klieza for Gasol and Blake or Duhon…. Maybe a 2nd round pick instead of Klieza ? Honestly I’m not big on Gasol, and if I’m gettin somebody I either want a solid 5/4 or a 3. Than there is the Tayshaun Prince option, Calderon and somebody for Prince and Stuckey or Bynum,if we sent Klieaza in that trade, depending on his contract I’d look at Charlie V coming back. as a 4/3/5. We should have signed Robin Lopez.

    • KaioKev

      Robin Lopez would have been a fine back up centre to JVal. Also, a reverse role for Al Jefferson – Anthony Carter or Jamaal Magloire type role would have been fine as well. To be honest, I’m not sold on choosing between Ed Davis and Amir Johnson just yet. As much as no body likes Gasol I do think he would give us more option for points in the paint. Something the Raptors don’t seem to have. But my deterrent from Gasol is that the price tag is too big for what he can give. I highly doubt Detroit would want to give up Prince and Stuckey for anyone currently in a Raptors uniform UNLESS they send Charlie V in the deal. Even so its still a loose-loose situation for Detroit.  

      Raps won tonight. Rejoice! Holako gets to rejoice for the second time in a day. Might have to get the lube out haha!

  • rc

    Somebody should tell Pietrus that there’s not much French being spoken in Toronto.   Half of what he was saying to the French reporter was how excited he was about reconnecting with the French community here.  

  • Philb123

    Who cares about some old French dude being signed, Solves minor issues but the large ones still loom. I’ve lost interest in the 1 billion dollar losers aka the leafs and my interest in this team is starting to wane. Then again there’s more important things in life to worry about.

  • Jamshid

    How much did he sign for ?

    • 2damkule