Toronto Raptors at Utah Jazz: Friday game preview | Toronto Star

KEY MATCHUP: Bargnani vs. Millsap

Pau Gasol for Andrea Bargnani trade in the works with Raptors and Lakers?: Smith | Toronto Star

The Bargnani-Gasol chatter — borne in part because the Lakers are struggling, relatively, as much as the Raptors are — became the story of the day in Toronto for a few hours as fans grow even more impatient with the enigmatic Roman and a losing team.

Raptors Open To Moving Bargnani? | Raptors HQ

Indeed from this report it would seem like Raptors’ President and GM Bryan Colangelo is indeed open to moving his prized pupil, former first-overall pick Bargnani, potentially ending the “now seven years old Andrea Bargnani hostage situation.” One problem. The Lakers ain’t having it.

Bargnani For Gasol Now A Real Rumour | The Score

On bad knees at 32-years-old, Gasol’s rebounding rate is nearly double that of the healthy 27-year-old Bargnani’s. Gasol’s assist percentage is more than double that of Bargnani’s. Pau’s block percentage is higher, he has a better offensive rating and defensive rating. Looking at the advanced metrics and even many of the basic stats, it’s clear to see that Gasol is still better than Bargnani in virtually every facet of the game.


Acy has played 21 minutes over three games for the Raptors, averaging 2.3 points and 2.0 rebounds.


The defence has regressed back to a pre-Casey era, suggesting that last year’s output may have been little more than a mirage. While the offence has improved over a season ago, it is nowhere near solid enough to offset the lack of effort at the other end of the court. Opposing teams are getting into the paint and scoring with ease. Toronto ranks 26th in the NBA in opponent’s field goal attempts at the rim this season, and because teams have such an easy time breaking down the defences on their way to the rim, they’ve also opened up the three-point line for themselves.

Raptors’ Lowry going to use his bitterness | Toronto Sun

“You channel it in the right direction,” Lowry said. “You let it hit you but you channel it the right way. You put it on the other team. Channel it into the scouting report. You do the things you can with it.”

Raptors’ Valanciunas likely heading to the bench | Toronto Sun

Valanciunas is learning — as teammate Ed Davis pointed out — at or above the expected rate. But the Raptors’ ability to protect their paint has reached crisis proportions and while it’s certainly not all on the young Lithuanian rookie, the likely move will see Valanciunas move to the bench and Amir Johnson start.


It’s not that the blame for this season’s struggles falls squarely on the shoulders of Bargnani (there are a lot of things going on here), or even that he did anything particularly damning in the fourth quarter in Sacramento. The reality is it has been nearly seven years and the Bargnani + Toronto equation has not produced the answer each side wants.

This Week in Raptorland: Special Edition | Dino Nation Blog

This started as a little joke on Twitter. I said we should do a special edition of the podcast like a CNN Breaking News: Raptors In Crisis. Josh responded with he was free and let’s do it.

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17 Responses to “Morning Coffee: December 7th Edition”

  1. cesco

    Doug Smith said they ( Raps ) lost 7 straight in Utah . How could he possibly forget that the biggest victory they had last year was there , in overtime . Andrea could not finish the game and was out for 2 months afterward .

    • Theswirsky

      “the biggest victory they had last year was there ”

      “”Andrea could not finish the game””


      • cesco

        He had played 40 minutes and 25 points when his injury occurred in overtime . The night before he played 42 minutes , 36 points , 12/12 in FT’s in a win in Phoenix where CB4 couldn’t win in 6 years . The highlights games of the team last year . Andrea came back too early from his first injury , that is the team ( including the medical staff ) fault not his .

        • Destro

          How many rebounds did he have ?
          What was his plus/minus ?

          Dont give just half of the stats…

        • Nilanka15

          That was during Bargnani’s infamous “13 game stretch” where he forgot who he really is.

    • Destro

      Its funny don cha think…they were a pretty good defensive team last year…and the funny part is Bustnani was injured most of the season…

      Do you not find it a coincidence that with him back this year the defense has gone in the tank….IM not sayin im JUST sayin 🙂 

        • Destro

          Based on 13 games FAIL

          and it was still a losing record FAIL

          Sidenote: I love the stans trying to convince you a losing record,% or +/- over another losing record is a win AHAHAHAAHAAH

          So what ur saying is he cant WIN…..Got it.

          • p00ka

            31 games – FAIL

            Yes, still a losing record, but much better with than without, which you are pointing out they were better on D without, which is meaningless compared to win/loss. The goal for combination of D & O is to win, yes? If the end result is much better, your “they’re better on D without” is a moot point. FAIL

            “So what ur saying is he cant WIN…..Got it.”

            No, said nothing of the kind. You’re saying that LAST YEAR, they were better without, but the facts state very differently, unless you get excited about better D leading to more losses. FAIL

            • Destro

              Facts state they were losing regardless…and the facts tdo state over a larger game sample the defense was better without him,try reading….

              Yes you need offense to win and his 20 points on sub 40 % can easily be replaced by anybody….You really think its difficult to find a 20 PPG in efficient scorer on a 20 win team *cringe*

              Also…the goal IF your a losing team should be to be in the lottery not to be in that 9-12 bracket,so in essence id rather be at 29% LAFF then 42% so were not stuck in that neverland 9-12 spot every year while not making the playoffs….

              bargnoodle is no different and no more impactful than Mike James…deal with it…


              • p00ka

                Expanding the topic, even implying things not said, is no defense of your initial dumbass post. FAIL

                • Destro

                  Its relative to what were discussing and it wont help your pitiful argument lol…

                  42 % over a 13 game sample is better than 29 % over 69 game sample is a PITIFUL argument…

                  THAT 42 % over a full season would have come down to 30 % as it did when he played a full season in 2010-2011
                  BUT you HATE dealin with facts so i get your BS…

                  Better D numbers over 69 games shits all over a 13 % W bump in 13 games….

                  SO many ways to win this argument its too damn easy…

                  Its like slap boxing with ur lil nephew…

                • p00ka

                  Once more, since you have a reading comprehension problem. That % is on 31 games, not 13. Go ram an ice pick in your forehead, and think/feel better.

            • Destro

              bargnani shoots 5/21   18 pts/1 reb

              “They need his scoring,who else is gonna score?”
              “Forget defense and rebounding thats why they got JV to grab HIS rebounds,team rebounds is what matters”

              Team rebounds : Jazz 57
                                      Raps 34

              “But his scoring kept them in the game” 

              Jazz 104
              Raps 87

              Now this bitch Pookie wanna talk about 13 games from a year ago AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA !

              • p00ka

                Once again, the desperate Destroll needs to resort to quoting shit that’s no part of the discussion, and once again, he can’t read 31 as being different than 13. Should change his name to Dyslexictroll

  2. 511

    Terrific bball conversation. You guys should be doing a regular radio show. I got smarter about hoops listening to this. 


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