Rapcast #122: Dissecting the Raptors with Tim Chisholm

An honest and blunt conversation.

Tim Chisholm returns to the Rapcast on the same day he wrote a great article about the state of the Raptors on Tim gives great insight into what ails the Raptors, identifies the key issues that need to be addressed immediately, and muses on all things Raptors. Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @timpchisholm and enjoy the Rapcast – it’s a good one!

  1. The main area where the Raptors have fallen short this season and where Colangelo has been surprised.
  2. Explaining how the Raptors defensive rating has taken a tumble, despite adding “defensive” players in Lowry and Valanciunas.
  3. Has Kyle Lowry gone rogue?
  4. Given what we know now about the roster, what is the ONE move you have to make to continue the rebulid in a proper theme?
  5. The Raptors PR marketing players like Sonny Weems, James Johnson etc. as key players. Should the fans feel cheated?
  6. The rumoured Bargnani/Gasol trade talk – what are Colangelo`s motivations for offering such a trade – band-aid or a true fix?
  7. Bargnani analysis and the edict from up-top – from Sam Mitchell to Jay Triano to Dwane Casey
  8. The emergency of Ed Davis – potential starter at some point or a good bench player?
  9. Colangelo’s got this year left on his deal, how much of that is affecting his decision-making, and how important is this season for Colangelo professionally and even beyond the Toronto gig?
  10. Passing in general, and high-post-passing on the Raptors.
  11. Terrence Ross – slow start, getting better, what’s the five-year projection? What does he have to do to play himself into getting more minutes?
  12. Jonas Valanciunas – we know he plays hard, plays D, but how can his offensive game evolve in the remainder of this season? Better face-up or post game?
  13. The Raptors small forward situation – what gives?
  14. Next six games – death march?
  15. Are Jack, Devlin and Leo being fair in their analysis during the losing?
  16. And of course, lots more because it`s 41 minutes long!

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