Tim Chisholm returns to the Rapcast on the same day he wrote a great article about the state of the Raptors on tsn.ca. Tim gives great insight into what ails the Raptors, identifies the key issues that need to be addressed immediately, and muses on all things Raptors. Make sure to follow him on Twitter at @timpchisholm and enjoy the Rapcast – it’s a good one!

  1. The main area where the Raptors have fallen short this season and where Colangelo has been surprised.
  2. Explaining how the Raptors defensive rating has taken a tumble, despite adding “defensive” players in Lowry and Valanciunas.
  3. Has Kyle Lowry gone rogue?
  4. Given what we know now about the roster, what is the ONE move you have to make to continue the rebulid in a proper theme?
  5. The Raptors PR marketing players like Sonny Weems, James Johnson etc. as key players. Should the fans feel cheated?
  6. The rumoured Bargnani/Gasol trade talk – what are Colangelo`s motivations for offering such a trade – band-aid or a true fix?
  7. Bargnani analysis and the edict from up-top – from Sam Mitchell to Jay Triano to Dwane Casey
  8. The emergency of Ed Davis – potential starter at some point or a good bench player?
  9. Colangelo’s got this year left on his deal, how much of that is affecting his decision-making, and how important is this season for Colangelo professionally and even beyond the Toronto gig?
  10. Passing in general, and high-post-passing on the Raptors.
  11. Terrence Ross – slow start, getting better, what’s the five-year projection? What does he have to do to play himself into getting more minutes?
  12. Jonas Valanciunas – we know he plays hard, plays D, but how can his offensive game evolve in the remainder of this season? Better face-up or post game?
  13. The Raptors small forward situation – what gives?
  14. Next six games – death march?
  15. Are Jack, Devlin and Leo being fair in their analysis during the losing?
  16. And of course, lots more because it`s 41 minutes long!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (41min, 37MB – lower bitrate/mono version – 9MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Canadian Paul

    Nice interview. But one thing I don’t agree with is the lack of assists on the team. The Raps, believe it or not, are 4th in the league with 23.3 assists per game. Bottom seven?

    24. San Antonio Spurs
    25. Brooklyn Nets
    26. New York Knicks
    27. Minnesota Timberwolves
    28. Chicago Bulls
    29. Indiana Pacers
    30. Memphis Grizzlies

    All playoffs or near-playoff teams. You don’t necessarily need assists. Just good players.

    • The Truth

       Indeed, wasn’t Jose top 5 in the league for assists last season? Didn’t really turn into Ws.

    • Daniel

      I don’t know what are you talking about. SA is 1st in NBA at 24.27/game. Raptors are 21st with 21.05/game. The last 5 are Sacramento, Portland, Indiana, Charlotte, and Cleveland, all bad teams except Indiana. The first 5: Spurs, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, and Milwaukee, all good and very good teams.

      • Daniel

        One more thing: 3 assists difference between SA and the Raptors don’t seem like much however they are huge. Had we made 3 more baskets based on 3 more assists we would have won probably 4 or 5 more games. Just think at the stupid drives Lowry has at the end of games instead of an assist leading to a basket.

        • Sig

          Is it not possible to like both Kyle and Jose? What’s your beef?

          Kyle is having a great season but people choose to nitpick in favor of their bias.

          • Daniel

            I hate personality cults. I used to live under one.

            • Sig

              You’re judging based off what you see on the television, and what others have told you. 

              But I guess that’s a good reason…

          • Dan

             He doesn’t understand that even though Lowry’s assists are lower his scoring is high enough that it cancels it out. If lowry averaged 10 points and 8 assists it’s no different then 18 points and 5 assists. In the end your getting the same point production. When a game is on the line I will take the guy that gets to the free throw line over over a guy who sets up his team for long twos and threes. (Jonas taking a corner three at the buzzer)

            • p00ka

              To single out one play is silliness, but unless you judge the game solely by stats, you know there’s much more to the affects of running an offense that involves your teammates than trading scoring.

              • Destro

                To single out 13 games is silliness…

              • Dan

                 I’m just using that play as an example. Running an offense is great but when another team can stop the plays your trying to run in the 4th, I would rather a guy who can make something happen then the guy that just keeps dribbling back and fourth until he has to pass it off for a poor shot or take a poor shot himself. When the game is on the line. Would you rather a long jump shot where if you miss the d is left scrambling or a uy getting to the line fro free throws. It’s not like this team is full of Howards shooting 50% from the line.

                • p00ka

                  Well, you did say more than that, as in the equaling out of production, which I was responding to.

                  But, in focusing on the “game is on the line” scenario, perhaps that play is not the best example, seeing as it wasn’t at a “game is on the line” moment, nor do I think it’s fair to present these two PG’s in a way that paints Lowry as the guy in his good moments and Jose as the guy in his bad moments, neither of which represents close to the whole picture of either.

        • Dan

          Lowry averages 8 more points per game the Jose did last year. How many points does three assists usually lead to. 6 to 9 points. He is scoring the points other people would score off of assists so your point is invalid. His drives to the basket are higher percentage shots then assists from Jose to guys shooting long twos and threes. If your going to keep blaming Lowry for losses stick to the gambling on defense because at least then there is validity to it.

          • Destro

            Except there is no validity to it…He is one of our best defenders…Every good defender gambles sometimes,but some of these posters dont know a thing about basketball other than stats they read and other opinions online they read….clearly by watching you can see hes the only guy whos aggressive and comes up with steals,loose balls and rebounds from defense….

            smh @ arguing assists
            Assists in the NBA in 2012 are given out when you do nothing but pass the ball stationary for a made basket,it has become one of the most worthless stats to judge a PG including To/ASt ration which not surprisingly is the only 2 things Jose fans can use to “validate” him… 

    • unknown guest

      Where did you get your assists numbers? Source?

  • Kwame Bargz

    The intro music on this rapcast is always on point. Immortal Technique FTW!

    • aa


  • Destro

    Tim Chisholm has always been late on addressing the issues with this team…
    He’s addressing stuff i said 2 years ago about players on this team…Typical T.O sports media guy….waits for sh1t to become popular opinion then jumps on it full throttle,MEH !

    • Nilanka15

      Chisholm’s never been one to “tow the company line”.

      • Roarque

        toe the company line, as in toe the line, as in line up with the conventional wisdom

        • Nilanka15

          I stand corrected.

      • Destro

        Who said anything about towing company lines ?
        I said hes always late to pick up on things…HE writes things a year after ppl already been saying it..HE never writes anything that hasnt been out there as popular opinion….

        I mean the trade Bargnani sentiment is everywhere now,even radio stations are taking random shots at him and BC and making jokes about how nobody wants him….

        WHen shits popular sentiment THEN Chisholm starts writing about it….


        • Nilanka15

          Chisholm was advocating trading Bargnani 2 years ago (when nobody else in the media would dare suggest it).

          • Destro

            I dont think it was Chisholm because all this is coming from an email convo me and him had awhile back where he was telling me i shouldnt be so quick to want to move Bargnani as he is still developing into this teams leader (coming off Bosh leaving)

            2 years ago he wasnt on that trade bargs shit at all…

            • 2damkule
              • Destro

                This was a year after we had spoke…we emailed back n forth right when Bosh went to Miami summer of 2010…

                • hater

                  why dont u show us these emails you exchanged then dummy? take a screenshot of em and put em up,,,,til then its the same old bullshit from u

                • Destro

                  POst your email and give me 5 reasons why love the game of basketball and name me the starting five of the 1990-91 Sacramento Kings and i’ll consider it…

                • hater

                  how bout I give u 5 reasons why ur a bitch ass hoe

                • Destro

                  how bout i give you five reasons your mom shoulda swallowed you…

                • hater

                  the list of reasons for why ur dad shoulda swallowed instead of donatin u to the cum bank is too long,,,you fever blister lookin bitch

          • sleepz

            To me it’s a shame that the media here is all about preserving the status quo until it is ‘safe’ to do otherwise. I’ve seen 3 different trade Andrea articles today and I find it comical that all these writers have come up with the same sentiment all at once.

            Something troubling me more than the media is Dwayne Casey.

            I thought he did a good job last year getting scrubs to play with some desire.

            I always had the thought that he was a yes man (‘Andrea is like Dirk’) and said things that his immediate employer wanted to hear to ensure he was a company man that wouldn’t rock the boat.

            His words and actions though have crossed over to the double standard realm now.

            Not starting JV is your decision as a coach and I can respect that but when you detail why: because they are getting killed in the paint and he is a half second slow on rotations, I don’t understand the reaction entirely?

            He is the 5 so he has to protect the rim but he plays with a 4 in who doesn’t even care to rotate on most evenings yet plays his 35+ consistently.

            Ok, then coach, you need that 4 for ‘spacing’. This is the dumbest stuff I’ve heard recently. How is he creating spacing? Teams are starting to sag off him after the 1st quarter and take chances letting him shoot the ball.  OKC, Memphis, Celtics, Brooklyn, Indiana, SA, Chicago, Denver, Clippers, etc, NONE of those teams need their 4 to create spacing. It’s almost absurd to suggest your 4 create spacing for your offence especially when he is shooting under 40%. What is he spacing other than the disatnce between total losses and wins?

            When Raps went on their run against Sac last game in the 4th Amir and Ed were obviously not ‘congesting’ the offence to the point that there was a mass confusion of jumbled players entangled underneath the rim on each possession.

            When Casey makes comments like that and then points to Lowry’s pts in the 4th based on Andrea’s spacing it made me lose what shred of respect I still had for the man.

            The job ain’t worth it coach if you have to sell your soul like that to keep up apperances. You’ll lose your locker room mad quick that way, if you haven’t already.

            • Destro

              Exactly how long is Ed gonna bust his ass out there for a coach who keeps throwing him under the bus and not recognizing his work and contributions ???

              Another part of this Casey bs not being addressed…

        • Lorenzo

          Watch out people, we got a hipster fag over here LOL…

          • Destro

            Stay off that ledge son,i know the end is near and its painful for you but there will be life after he leaves….

            We’ll even all pitch in and hook you up with a SS package with ur local provider so u can watch him sit on the bench wherever he gets shipped too 🙂

            • Lorenzo

              Haha cute. So cuz I dont bag on the guy 24/7 like you means im a ‘fanboy’? oooooooookeeeeey.

              Like I said before, do you have any proof to you’re accusations? You got nothin on me… unlike you with Demar’s testicles firmly down your esophagus…

              • Destro

                No your a stan because you have a biased opinion of him,hes been terrible this season no defense needed…

                If you can read and have ever read posts in here i defend Demar when he plays well,i always call him out when hes ass and i was the first poster to shit on the contract given to him in haste

                Unlike you i dont applaud failure and incompetence…

                I am a fan of the team first,you’re a fan of bargs first and whatever  team he plays for second,i understand its because of ur shared lineage..

                However that fandom and stanning based on ethnicity esp a subpar player will make you look stupid in not too long a time….capiche

                • Lorenzo

                  OMg you need to come back to reality

                  I have NEVER ever ever ever ever been biased to any single player… Where do you get these lies? Proof?

                  “shared lineage” WTF? Do you know who I am? Do you know anything about me? You assume things because you cant grasp the fact that someone disagrees with your fucked up opinion of a man that you dont even know…

                  For a guy that you hate you sure talk about him a lot… even when the topic has NOTHING to do with him lmfao… is it complicated Fagstro?

                   Haha, please dont ever talk to me about ethnic bias ever again… The guy that actually uses racial slurs and profanity to talk about a basketball player is calling me racially biased… you NEVER go that far. The only racist here is you. Please deny it so I can laugh some more.

  • KJ-B

    In moments like this + when u add that there’s no NHL season, players/management are being reminded that Toronto really is one top 4 largest cities/markets in North America…

    When I see Greg Sansone throwing -7 under the bus, then you know that it’s as bad as it looks or even worse…When this road trip is over it could get really ugly–buckle up -7!!!

    • Destro

      Yea but these media people here are always come lately ass mf’ers to the party….

      Thats why i just shrug at it…I been saying shit for years that these bums are now just realizing and talking about….

      Raptors media and sports media here in general are generally speaking some johnny come latelys when it comes to creativity…

      • KJ-B

        True–difference between media vs journalists to me…the old school basketball hacks wouldda run -7 outta town long time back.  Folks are just too scared to question people and not get interviews down the road–can we call out Doug Smith while we’re at it???

        • LTD

          name ONE time that’s ever happened, a media person being responsible for a player being run out of town. ONE. any sport.

          Bitch and whine about the state of Toronto sports media if you want, but it’s the same everywhere, and it certainly has no bearing on how a front office manages their team.

          • Destro

            You crazy ? It happens everywhere…NY Boston Philly,LA…

            Its not the same here as in most american cities…MEdia is here lightweight when it comes to critiquing the teams and personnels performance and value….

  • Right Clique

     This is great stuff.  Completely agree that you can’t overhaul this team without trading Bargnani.  He’s a completely anti-Casey player and finding minutes for him in the current design of the team is contradictory to the way Casey wants to play.

    • sleepz

      Is it contradictory to the way Casey wants to play?

  • TheMaster

    Demar, Ross and Pietrus should be able to hold the wing positions with Kleyza, Andersoon and Fields coming in when needed. Lowry and Calderon are both very good PGs. We had different flavors at PF.

    The hole in raptorland is the Center. It always have been like that

    – JV is good but he is noob and paired with Bargs makes him worse. He’ll be ok in three years. 
    – Bargs is Bargs. 
    – Amir is not a center and has been played out of position. 
    – Gray is a poor backup at his best. 

    To me: 

    1. Mc’Glorie had an impact last year. Last year success in the defensive end has his name. Even if you don’t like it.
    2. Triano was a very smart coach. He was able to stay in a lot of games without a real Center and the offence was fluid. 
    3. Jose is the best point guard the raptors have ever had.

    Solution: Transfer one of Bargs/Amir or Davis for a real Center who can hold the position for two or three years while JV gets his way. 

    • cesco

      damn son, you butchered the shit out of a couple names there. Mc’Glorie who the hell is that?

    • Dan

      Maglore didn’t get a lot of minutes last year. Aaron Gray ended up starting a bunch of games. He is a good role player who knows his limitations and plays within himself. Jamal was a player who got by on athletics who is no longer athletic. 

      • Dan

        Stat wise Damon Stoudamire was the best point guard and TJ Ford his 1st year was pretty good too. When you Factor in Alvin Williams defense I would give him the edge over Calderon. They have never made the play offs with Jose as a starter. I will give that Jose has been the most consistent.

        • Daniel

          Jose was a starter when TJ was here. Give Jose a dynamic wing like VC and we’ll talk about play-offs.

  • hotfuzz

    I agree with Tim. Lowry gambles too much and Derozan is Derozan which leaves JV as the last line of defence. I personally think it’s too much for him to take considering he’s just a rookie. This is why putting him on the bench for now is the right decision. Let him gain some experience there and improve his help D. 

  • ad

    What it comes down to is the team LACKS TALENT. That is BC’s fault and if anybody deserves the axe its him. He is a fucking clown and has done nothing but overpay for mediocre talent at best since he has been here. Keep lowry, jv, maybe derozan. The rest should be shipped out.

  • Big Fan

    Hey guys, just a note to mix the channels on the audio. Cheers

    • arsenalist

      We post a lower quality, mono-version as well, it’s linked above.  Next time I’ll make sure that the one that gets posted to iTunes/web player is mono as well.

  • Destro

    Yall hear about this new trade rumor with 4 teams in the works..from what ive heard teams involved : DEN,MIN,LA,TOR

    TOR : Bargs,calderon
    MIN : Pekovic,AR15
    DEN : Chandler,Koufos
    LA: Gasol

    Raps would get Chandler and Randolph in the deal…

    • Scottbbaird

      The day this happens I’ll believe in miracles.

      • Destro

        ugh ok

        Did you say the same when Vince was traded for 2 pieces of trash and a red head ?

        • 2damkule

          wait, they got a HEADBAND in the deal?  A RED ONE!!?!?

          that changes my whole perception…all this time, i thought babcock was a total fucking idiot.

    • p00ka

      Link? Or Destroll’s imagination?

      • 2damkule

        some discussion here on truehoop, but just general here, and not specfiic to this rumour (which i haven’t seen/heard anywhere).


        watching is worth it if for no reason than a) the commercial with blake at the beginning is just precious, & b) marc stein looks like shit.

        • p00ka

          Yeah, a Google search didn’t come up with anything for me, but I gave the troll a chance to prove he wasn’t talking out of trolling butt.

          Thanks for the link though. That ad is great and Stein looks like he just woke up from a slumber and game up to the daylight from mom’s basement, haha.

          • Destro

            I dont provide links on request for faggot posters such as urself who use stupidity and dishonesty as a basis for arguing points…

            good day.

    • Jamshid

      LOL, There is no such a trade in work. MIN and DEN are both interested on Gasol , why would they involve Toronto ??

  • Jamshid

    Great Interview … I am very curious to see how departure of AB will effect the spacing and guys like DD and Lowry. 
    I really hope BC make this trade happen soon and don’t just wait for Raptors and Gasol because it seems like there are other people with better packages waiting for that as well.

    AB’s time in Toronto is finally over. BC can choose to trade him or just go out of the town with AB.