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Morning Coffee: December 10th Edition

Raptors suffer another rout in loss to Clippers | National Post

Jamal Crawford led a fourth-quarter rally by the reserves with 16 points and the Los Angeles Clippers defeated Toronto 102-83 on Sunday to win their sixth in a row while handing the Raptors their 10th consecutive road loss.

Clippers hand Raptors 10th straight road loss | The Star

Why, Ed Davis was asked, do the Raptors find ways to shoot themselves in the feet, why do they stop moving the basketball and stop playing good defence and how in the world do they turn so many close games into deflating losses? Pause. Longer pause. Extended pause.

Toronto Raptors at Portland Trail Blazers: Monday game preview | Toronto Star

KEY MATCHUP: Bargnani vs. Aldridge – And the age-old debate will rage again as the top picks from the same draft square off. It’s old and relatively pointless since so much time has passed but it’s one the fans like to chat about.

Raptors Final Score – Clippers 102 – Raptors 83 – Fourth Quarter Woes Do Dinos In Again | Raptors HQ

The Clippers held a two-point lead with 8:52 remaining, and Raptors fans were bracing for another tight game. The sequence of events that followed is something I would like to erase from my memory after today. It was as if someone hit a switch, and the Raptors became a completely different team. They stopped going hard to the bucket, and started settling for jumpers on every possession. They played with very little effort on defense, leading to open 3, after open 3, after open 3.

Raptors (4-16) vs. Clippers (13-6) | Bronas and the Whale

In his tirade BC says that he thinks the team “like” each other, but are just afraid to show it in public (on the court). Here’s my idea for how to fix that. Everyone grows out their fingernails and then starts referring to their hands as “Raptor Claws”. They can do photo shoots showing their newfound ability to palm really large melons etc. This is a slam-dunk from a PR perspective.

Last Call: Clippers 102 Raptors 83 | Clipper Blog

It seems the nickname Dan Woike (OC Register) gave the Clippers’ bench, #ATribeCalledBench, is gaining traction. The evidence? No less than four reporters commented today on “Scenario” blaring through Staples Center during the bench’s fourth quarter steamroll.

This Week In Raptorland Marches On | Dino Nation Blog

The road trip from hell continues. B.C is in full spin mode despite calling the team’s performance this season an embarrassment. Andrea Bargnani continues to amaze with his lack of concern. It has been a tough week to be connected to the Toronto Raptors from the top all the way down to fans.

Toronto at Portland | CBSSports

“When you have Nic and Wes on the wing, teams have to honor their ability to knock down 3s and their ability to get in the paint and make plays for other guys,” Lillard said.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Toronto Raptors game preview | Oregon Live

Portland won its only meeting against the Raptors last season to run its win streak against them to seven. The Blazers lead all-time 22-9, including 11-4 in Portland, where the Raptors have not won since the 2006-07 season.

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