The Toronto Raptors have been shopping forward Andrea Bargnani but have yet to find a buyer, according to USA TODAY Sports.

Bargnani suffered an elbow injury in Monday night’s 92-74 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers, but x-rays were negative and it remains unclear how long he will be sidelined.

The paper states that Raptors president and general manager Bryan Colangelo is looking to make a deal as the team has stumbled out of the gate with a 4-18 record to open the season.

Point guard Jose Calderon is also said to have made it clear that he would like to move on to greener pastures as well.

The report, which is about coaches who are starting to feel the heat, states that Raptors coach Dwane Casey and Colangelo are safe at the moment despite the team’s miserable start and that it is more likely to see Colangelo shake up the roster in the near future.

Things could be happening. You could easily argue that both these players should’ve been traded two years ago, and at worst, the season should’ve started with these two significant remnants of the past shifted.

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  • hateslosing

    Good to hear things are actually moving. Sad to hear Calderon wants out but I suppose losing must really get to you eventually.

    • lloyd

      He is getting old, waiting for Bryan’s rebuild to come together will suck the life out of his career.

      • Copywryter

        You mean has sucked.

      • Kretzc

        Yeah. Jose has finally had enough. Dude deserves to be on a winning team.

    • p00ka

      What you’re hearing is rehashing of summertime bullshit about Jose.

      • tweed8

        Jose, already said to Spanish news papers that he would be moving on at the end of the year, if they don’t trade him.  Until then he would said he would remain professional and continue to play.  Found the article via hoopshype.

      • Nilanka15

        What makes it “bullshit” exactly?

    • Destro

      Nothing sad about it…..Its a celebratory time when him and Bargs are gone…its the first true sign we are rebuilding back to a team you can be proud of young man…

      THEY represent the dark years where the team underachieved and was perceived to be lazy,im coining bargs time here as the lazy era…Its almost over breh

      (throws confetti)

      • FAQ

        The worse is yet to come… believe it.

        • Destro

          There is nothing worse than whats going on right now….

        • c_bcm


    • ghost

      At this rate the Raptors are poised to get the 1st pick in the draft. Irving is back with a vengeance ensuring the Cavs will start winning. When Wall returns, the Wizards should improve. NO will have Davis back tomorrow. Which leaves the Raptors as probably the weakest team going forward. Trading AB and JC and getting the 1st pick is the best case scenario at the moment. The team is severely lacking talent and needs a top 3 pick desperately.

  • Aaa

    Calderon has paid more than his fair share of dues and deserves to move on if wanted. This is the best way for him to do it – discretely.

    • knickz

      calderon deserves betteer. never seen a player treated like he has

      • c_bcm

        ….and mostly by his fanbase

  • cesco

    sad day for us wops.

    • lloyd

      sad day in Woodbridge

    • cesco

       Hey moron , just the thought that once he is traded I will find blogs where there are human beings posting and not retarded monkeys will be the happiest day of my life .

      • pran

        hey man not to be a dick or anything, but I guess you were wrong about him staying here for the next 10 years huh?

      • Destro

        So you admit ur a bargnani fan not a raptor fan…..Cool !

        It was obvious all along but it vindicates all my venomous darts thrown at you…

        good riddance…

        • Nilanka15

          He admitted it long ago.

          Nothing to see here, folks.

      • cb

        haven’t i told you like a hundred times to stop posting here cesco. 


    Might be a smart move on Colangelo’s part…if you “shake things up” when the team literally can’t be doing any worse, then when things get better (as they’re pretty much bound to do with a long homestand coming up) he can claim that it’s all thanks to his brilliant maneuvering.

    • Skeet

      It’s also a great time to shake things up because his guys’ value has never been lower. Smh

  • Ldinardo

    Bring in Butch Carter, he lives in Toronto and would snag the job if offered.  

    • hateslosing

      Somebody likes primetime sports 🙂

      • Truthkiller

        He was no doubt taking shots at Coach Casey

    • Joey

      Butch lives in Florida my friend. Has the occasional visit here.

  • If this happens soon, we better get some decent value. 


  • Theswirsky

    Is the part about Calderon a new occurence, or just a rehash from this past offseason when his agent and Colangelo were looking to move Jose?

    • p00ka

      It appears to be nothing but some USA Today wannabe rehashing the inaccurate summer rumour as “clear”. Sadly, Arse chose to spread it hear as though it was newsworthy.

      • Destro

        Tough week for you LOL

        USA Today exposing Jose as a bad teammate and a fraud…
        ESPN.COM marking AB as problem No 1 and completely shitting on him for all to see….


        All i need now is for BC to trade em for a family bag of sun chips and ill be dancin up a storm on you bitches faces with no socks or shoes…

        • hater

          you be dancin up a storm cuz ur boyfriend gonna cook you dinner tonite

          • Destro

            yea and then were runnin a train on ur moms for dessert 🙂

      • pran

        yup the bargnani hate is snowballing. I like it. 

        • FAQ

          Hate is sick… go make love to yerself… ya dink….

          • cesco

             +1 , he is still searching for it , nature was not very kind to him .

            • pran

              So, I’m not allowed to have a different opinion than you? Way to be mature.

              • FAQ

                Saying that you like the Bargnani hate is snowballing is not an ‘opinion’… it’s just rancid hatemongering.  Bargnani has tried his best for many frustrating seasons and now he’s demotivated and unhappy with his situation in Moronto.  Time for a change.

                • Buck Foston

                  Tried his best? I’d hate to see him give 50%.

                • Joey

                  Dude, quit beating around the bush. Admit it he sucks. We all know AB was BC ‘s little sugar bottom. It was only a matter of time it would catch up with him. As for BC, the suave /debonaire “i am the trade guru” can’t pull wool over anyone’s eyes anymore. Plainout AB is horrible.

                • Jacquiechan

                  Toronto. the city of rabid sports fans who haven’t yet come to understand the symbiotic relationship that fans have with thier teams. Many people know this about Toronto. They love to hate thier teams. And they wonder why thier teams perform not well. Shame. 

                • FAQ

                  All these unhappy Barg haters are the leftover Bosh lovers…. as I explained below.

                • Joey

                  Keep waiting there son. There hopes for you and bargs yet.

                • Dan

                  He has not tried his best. If he’d given effort he may have made multiple all-star teams by now.

                • tweed8

                   You talk about hate and then define Toronto as Moronto? It doesn’t really work man and you weaken your own argument… You’ll note I have written anything to insult you here… just in case you fire with some more hate, it will all be on you.

              • cesco

                This hate is completely irrational and immature . Andrea did not asked to be picked # 1 . He could also have been traded when other teams started inquiring about him years ago , it is not his fault if BC could not get a trade done so he is still a member of this team . You retarded people hate him because he is not the kind of player who can carry the team on his back but is only a second option at best on a GOOD team . IF he is traded , your hate will fall on somebody else , DD and Lowry are first in line . Conclusion , RR has become a rally point for haters . To-day Andrea and JC ( talking about players ) , to-morrow , IF he is traded , we will see who is next .

                • the_observer

                  Exactly what I think about this place. Don’t get me wrong, some of the articles are offer interesting perspectives. And I hate having to sift through the hate-cult to get to the interesting comments…  oh well, nature of the site I suppose.

                • Theswirsky

                  its only classified as ‘hate’ because fan boys such as yourself called it ‘hate’.

                  I personally have never hated Andrea.  I do think he’s over payed, over played, put in a role above his head, and when his shots aren’t falling a net negative to the team.

                  Love that the fan boys took ‘dislike for a player’s role’, turned that into a phrase called hate, and then claim that hating a person is irrational and immature. 

                  Ah cesco, atleast it won’t be much longer…..

                • p00ka

                  Reading comprehension problem?

                  In a thread responding to a poster saying “yup the bargnani hate is snowballing. I like it.”, fan boys are dreaming up the term the poster used?

                • cesco

                   Besides pran above who said he likes the hate , yesterday on the Doug Smith running blog while the game is on , an idiot commented , as I remember ” I will not hide it , I enjoyed it when Andrea laid there on the floor ” , I forgot what Doug reply was but it is about some subspecies that can post . If you don’t call that comment ‘hate’ about a player of YOUR OWN TEAM , then your understanding of human emotions leave a lot to be desired .

                • morons

                  you are taking the term hater too literally and out of context. the way that you talk about Bargs has made it seem like he is the team’s biggest fuckin problem to the point where he is bigger than the Raptors. A single fuckin player, bigger than the whole team….wow… Whether he plays or not, the raps are routinely blown out but you and a minority of retarded fans think his departure somehow will solve all this teams problems. It’s that irrational delusional retarded bullshit that labels you a hater. Any loss and you pour on the haterade looking for a scapegoats when there are plenty of them on this team. its all you ever fuckin morons ever talk about. not overpaid bums like amir, demar  and his crappy d, no half-decent SF etc. 

                • pran

                  not just the fans, the player’s have singled him out too. as reported by national post.

                • Theswirsky

                  and there you have it:

                  “you are taking the term hater too literally and out of context.”

                  I’m not the one doing it genius, Cesco and the other primo pasta cock jockeys are.  I’m putting the context in there. 

                  Oh well guess this is the last stand for the fugazis. 

                • FAQ

                  All these Bargs haters are the leftover Bosh lovers who ardently believed that Bosh would stay because they loved him so … and then he left them in the cold.  These childish t.h.f.’s became Barg haters because they couldn’t accept the fact that Bosh was replaced by Bargs.  They can’t love Bargs because their hearts are still with Bosh and their Bosh Raptor uniform still hanging in their closets.  Yes.. the Bosh lovers are the Bargs haters… sooooo obvious.

                • Dc

                  Bosh was, is and will ever be twice the player your boy ever dreamed of being. Tho. And Im not even a bosh “fanboy” as you say. Numbers don’t lie brah. Stop dreamin. 

                • Joey

                  That may be so, who else is left to tank this team? please tell us. Here you have a guy that was put on a Pedestel, and has shown absoultely zilch. Don’t give us this crap that its not his fault. If thats the case then he should have ran back to Rome. He chose this career then take the lumps. Its that simple. Blame BC if anyone. Ask Sam how he really felt about Bargs then and now. Nuff said.

                • BYE BYE Bargnani FANBOYS!!

                  sorry i hit like by accident….lol

                  I liked Bosh, I liked Bargnani……HOWEVER i realized a long time ago that Bosh was a complementary piece not the #1 option (therefore i prayed that we would trade him before he walked away for practically nothing – alas BRYAN C is not as saavy as he seems). 

                  BARGS only fits on this team as a 6th man type (i’m convinced).  His rebounding is GARBAGE, his shooting is HORRIBLE (this year), and his defence is (SO, SO on the best of nights)….

                  All the fan boys get all happy because he made decent defensive plays at the end of the game vs phoenix on Scola and Dragic.  He’s 7 feet….when guys come in the paint thats supposed to be the norm!!!……

                  IMHO He’s a 7 foot version of Michael Beasley…… He needs to sit on the bench or GO…. get over it!  Stop being little fanboy whiney bitches about it and accept it like men! 

                  If your just BARGS fans i can speak for the rest of us when i say goooood riddance (especially to you FAQ, Pooka and Cesco)

                • Dc

                  Your argument lost all credit when you said AB is a 2nd option on a good team. He’s a good 4th option at best on a GOOD team. We had CB4 with some decent teams here and his lazy ass as the 2nd option couldn’t do shit. Your crazy if you actually believe he’s even close to a 3rd option. 

                • what the

                  6th man

              • what the

                no the FAQ in gestapo will put a stop to it

      • what the

        There should be a law against that its a good thing that we’ve  got the P00ka Trollice on the case.

  • The Truth

    I’m skeptical as to whether this is “news”. Bargnani has been rumoured to have been on the block for a while now (with most speculation being around a Pau Gasol deal which I hope doesn’t happen) and Jose wanted out before the season even began.

    Ignoring the second bit, which player on a team that is 4-18 wouldn’t want out right now?

  • phez

    Ryan Wolstat: But as recently as this morning had been told Bargnani not on block (though team will take incoming calls) Twitter @WolstatSun

  • Jamshid

    AB will leave Toronto when BC is gone and it is through Amnestying his contract in the summer time. Mark my words for it.

    • Matt52

       You very well could be right.  That would be so sad though and on so many levels.

      I am attaching any hope I have left to LA.  I hope things get desperate enough to trade for Bargnani (NOH you better not cave on trading Anderson!).  The Love article with Woj at Yahoo! today was brutal from a Minny perspective.  Bargs has 3 years left, Love has 3 years left.  My hope is the Lakers take on Bargnani for the next 2 seasons after this year until Love is a free man.  Could you imagine Love and Howard?  Wow. 

      • Jamshid

        “I am attaching any hope I have left to LA”
        Same here. I am following the Laker games hoping they lose and that Pau does not work out with Nash. I think we should even include Lowry with AB ( I know it is too much to pay for Pau) in our offer to Lakers to beat everyone else who wants Pau. 
        I have been reading your posts in the forum and you are quite right. If we want to rebuild this time around, we need to do it right and go for the gems in the draft.

        • Dc

          Why do you guys want Pau so badly? I don’t get it. Maybe if it was 3 -4 years ago hell yea. But dudes like 32 and he’s ok but he aint an all-star no more. His skills are just declining as they usually do with big men not named kg or tim duncan. This team needs picks to try and turn this mess around and actual young studs not decling pf’s.

          • Joey

            Picks? ahh no. We been down that road too. Ask yourself this. Have we really seen any superior players since Bosh, Wade, Lebron, KD? It takes time for rooks to figure out the nba. The days of big name players that adjust qucikly are done for now. I totally disagree there.Plus the international experiment was a crock of crap too.

            • Dc

              Well then what would you do? This roster obviously can’t contend with the big boys it can’t even contend with scrubs. Dont’ know exactly what you plan to do. People who want to be like memphis are crazy. Zach randolph was a stud before he got traded or released everyone knew he was uber talented, just a knucklehead. Then they got marc gasol who was a young guy with talent bec they actually had a stud to trade when Pau was an all star. That’s not gonna happen again. 

              • Joey

                Trade for a vet or experience player with leadership. Which they obviously lacked since Oakley. Bring in guys who have a little bit of mileage. We saw that in the mugsy/christie days. then what happened?

              • Jamshid

                4 Reason why I think Pau is a good fit.
                1) Training and mentoring a guy like Big Val. Pau has the best post moves in NBA right now and who else you want to be around your rookie teaching him the game.
                2) Pau is an expiring contract in 2 years. Heck, we might be even able to move him and his big expiring contract next play off. That clears 20 million of our Cap space and helps our with our total rebuild.
                3) If we are going to rebuild, we should not make the mistake of the last team. During the rebuild, you do need a veteran player in your locker room. Someone you trust and appreciate their work ethics. Someone you want your young player to look up. Someone who can hold them accountable. We did not have that last time around but we had that during VC era. Pau is that kind of player.
                4) Maybe this is the most important reason: You will have a hell of tough time finding ANYONE in this league to take AB and give us something good. Mark my words for it. If you don’t trade AB till trade deadline, which is about 3 month from now, then you have to amnesty him in summer.

            • 2damkule

              you can’t be serious…

          • Matt52

             In agreement.  I don’t want Pau in Toronto.  I want Toronto to act as a third team in a deal with Toronto and Minnesota.

        • pran

          yeah THAT’S why you follow the lakers 😉

  • Rpsfan95

    it seems like BC’s fate is sealed but there’s still a push to let him make more moves, ownership is out to lunch and deserve just as much blame for this mess

  • profster

    Who is going to do the Primo pasta and sauce commercials?   Maybe JV can fake he is Italian.

    • cesco

      he’s not a pussy, so that won’t work.

      • Destro

        4.7 rebounds per game is pussy…

      • what the


    • Joey

      Roberto Alomar?

  • Destro

    BC bargs and calderon are sith lords bringing doom to this raptor galaxy as soon as they are fired and traded it will be like the end of ROTJ where Raptorland is free again….the raptor galactic empire will soon be over…..

    BC – Emperor
    Andrea – Vader (fake chosen one)

    • Nilanka

      But Vader was indeed the REAL chosen one…..

  • FAQ

    Sorry, Arse, but I scooped you on this USA Today news in the previous topic thread.  Nevertheless, thanks for creating a separate topic thread to analyze this deeveloping story.

    Personally, I would like to see a trade with Dallas to bring back Vince who says he still “loves” Toronto.  Bargs could become a Dirkesque ‘mini-me’ and apprentice with the old man who is feeling his accumulated injuries, and might be put out to pasture soon.

    Nobody seems to want to posit this trade… wonder why…..?!

    • p00ka

      And you both have the lemmings rejoicing over a bullshit old story. Good job! Fuxhanding , through your little boy pants, over it?

      • FAQ

        So you think that re-airing the story is inappropriate?… okay, but how about my suggestion trading with Dallas for Vince… I would like to hear your erudite opinion since we are all p00king about in the dark…

  • j bean

    There appears to be more to the Calderon rumors than a rehash of the preseason talk. He is saying how it will be exciting, like first being in the NBA if he gets traded to a better team. Bargs sounds like he couldn’t care less if he gets moved. He actually sounds like he doesn’t care about the game. 
    Two guys really setting the tone as Raptor veterans. 

  • FAQ

    How about this “outside the box” solution…. fire DC and make Jose the team’s player-coach … he seems to have an outspoken opinion on floor strategy.  Does the NBA allow player-coaches…??!!!

    • Joey

      Rappy the Mascot has a better chance to be player -coach. I take this character more serious than the other characters.

    • Dc

      Yea sure Calderon would make a great player/coach. If the players could actually understand wtf he’s saying half the time. (As they look into space)., 

    • 2damkule

      ‘Does the NBA allow player-coaches…??!!!’


  • Valit

    AS I mentioned before I really have no qualms if we trade both Jose and AB as long at it’s not  a move  to save BC chair and it is congruent with the direction of the team. As my personal opinion, I would like to re sign Jose on a cheap for the next 2 years ( if he agrees) just to mentor our future PG. I’m not sold at all on Lowry and if Vegas will ask me to make a bet, I’d say 60/40 that he will be gone soon. Somebody was calling the last 5 years the era of the dark and laziness. I would respectfully keep in mind this assessment for the next 5 years. Be very careful what you wish for ,because right now the “future era” doesnt seem too bright either imho. It keeps bothering me the fact that some people are dismissing a whole organization because they have issues with 1-2 players. I cant stress enough that this mess we are into it’s not because of Jose or Bargnani. They are part of the problem but not the sole one. 

  • Kujo

    Jose deserves better.  No doubt all this loosing, and the Lowry trade has been the tipping point.  Raps should have traded him in the off season.  Everybody knew this was his last season in T.O. It’s a lame duck contract.

    As for Bargs, I’m willing to trade him for a bag of chips at this point.  Let’s at least get some draft picks back.  I can’t really see the Raptors getting any player of real value pack (i.e. a young prospect).

    • why

      while I think the raps are better off doing what you are suggesting than trading for gasol who has seen better days(would kind of be like reacquiring Bosh except 5 years older than when he left) I also think if there is not a reasonable in-season trade for AB suffer through the seaon with him (as painful as that might be) and hope that you can get a decent offer in the off season – if no decent offer amnesty him.  

  • Joey

    Same ole same ole. Number one, MLSE doesn’t give one crapola how this team does. As long as the seats are full its all good. Look at the leafs and TFC for petes sake whats the difference? Secondly, whose the Leader of this team ? Casey? There is no vet, no allstar, no leader. Until we see true leadership you might as well forget this tanking ship.

    • FAQ


      • Joey

        Looks like you created a new city FAQ. Mind explaining?

  • Cooper_2100

    Tweeted Jose. He says the rumours aren’t true.

    • FAQ

      You mean he’s already been traded..??!!!

  • cRaptor4Life

    This is the trade we need to happen

    • Jamshid

      dream on

    • Joey

      I am sure the Lakers with a twinkle in their in eye would simply say to you” put the pipe down dude”

  • knickz

    the raptors wasted the best year of jose’s life

    • Jamshid

      It is not like he did not get paid for it. He would have not made this kind of money any where else in the league and he owes that to BC.

      • Joey

        Well said and you can include Bustnani in the mix too.

    • DryDry

      2 Olympic silvers
      1 FIBA world championship gold
      2 FIBA Europe silvers
      1 FIBA Europe gold

      NBA ain’t everything.

      • 2damkule

        …1 pig farm…

    • Arsenalist

      you wasted the best years of your life sucking jose’s dick.

  • Dc

    Cmon you guys stop getting your hopes up. This fucktard BC aint gonna get shit worthy for these 2.First there not that good. Second other GM’s smell blood in the water. You really think he can get good value? Highly doubtful. His tailored suits and foolin nobody anymore.  And honestly he’d be lucky to get a late 1st rounder for any player on this roster. This roster just really isn’t that good, he’s lying when he says it aint about talent. Talent is more then 65% of the game the other 35% is probably smarts. This team aint got much of either. The more talented team wins majority of the time, bc talking that shit again. Why do you think that the NBA wants to stop a team creating a MIA heat type of team. Because it creates a situation where about 20-25 of the lesser talented teams have no shot in hell in winning. What this team needs to do is blow this shit up and start from scratch which is hard to do when BC can single handledly put a team in worse position even if they do tank. OKC enjoy our lottery pick (bangs head on table).

    • Joey

      DC. You couldn’t say it any better. If you look at it only 7 teams including repeats have won over the past 20 plus years. Raptors don’t have a chance in hell. We keep hearing the same old crap in October from BC about the raw talent this team has inherited. Is he nuts? Has he looked at real talent in Miami, OKC,Memphis, even the Knicks?? BC is a joke and then some.

  • Info

    Im a Miami Heat fan but as a Torontonian…this is just embarrasing!

    • Joey

      ya think?

  • Joey

    won an nba championship

  • DryDry

    Goddamn Al Horford.
    That TJ Ford foul sent us spiralling into the toilet.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    Groundhog Day again.

    I’ve been thru too many Toronto downs to remember right.
    Ups I remember, cos I count’em using both thumbs.

    As a long time Toronto sports fans, I can speak with experience. Leafs first Argo’s Jays and Raptors . These experiences are backed by irrefutable stats. No f*w$ckin Hollyger perspective needed.

    Boom. Bottom. Like an alcholic going no further south. It is a day that always seems to come in TaranaLand. Hell hath no fury like a Toronto sports fan scorned.


    I could wax eloquently on why Toronto sports history is as it is, but that would be giving in to the Groundhog. Blowing it up …. again. Change faces. 9 more new bodies. In this mix, is the Optimist, who might side with the Bill Murray’s version. Me, I think we need to do a George Constanza.

    Do the opposite.

    Trade Lowry.

    At the right moment of course.
    To a team that got’s a chance to go far, but their PG is cracked up, or who’s health is suspect. Kyle will not be here in 2 years. 1.75 years to be exact.

    Bargnani & Calderon will be moved … soon enough. When? By the end of this season most likely. AB is a bad trade asset right now. Move him to the Bench, and give him 28 – 30 minutes. If he performs well, give him more minutes. Put Amir & Ed in as Starters. Jonas gets a break. And if AB does well, his value becomes an asset. 6th man  – voila!

    Jose plays out the season, and Raps let him go untethered.
    When the season ends, this should be the first thing the team does. Cut Calderon loose. Treat loyalty with respect, even if that loyalty has to come to an end. JC needs the chance to find success elsewhere.
    Actually, with success  …. anywhere would count as a suitable destination.


    For my money, no one is untradeable. Jonas excepted.

    Whatever it takes!

    • RapthoseLeafs

      wtf happened.
      … bad tagging

      This 3rd paragraph should’ve come out like this:

      “As a long time Toronto sports fans, I can speak with experience. Leafs
      first …. Argo’s [much heavier in the past] …. Jays [ode to Joe’s sunshine hit – but big Stieb fan] … and Raptors [Vince solidified]. These experiences are
      backed by irrefutable stats. No f*w$ckin Hollyger perspective needed.

  • FAQ

    Vince said he still “loves” Toronto, and to me that means he would return under the right circumstances.  IIRC, his contract at Dallas ends after this season, and he’s only getting $3Mill…. and if BC feels generous he can resurrect Vince for say $10 Mill over 2 years.

    Also, Miami Heat are labouring under a heavy luxury tax burden which boosts their player cost well over $100 Mill… and there is talk of a salary dump.  They can’t find the money in the role players…. and there’s talk that Bosh may be eliminated somehow.

    Imagine if Vince and Bosh were reunited in Toronto to play out their careers… just imagine all you lurking t.h.f.’s ..!!!!

    • what the

      whats up FAQ you need a hero?

      • FAQ

        Nah… just displaying some empathy for all those sorry t.h.f.’s and offering them another delusion to salve their pathetic angst… why didn’t you see that in my comments??

  • Phat AlberG

    Wow they are no takers! lmao man even the rest of league doesn’t want our trash.  But honestly I feel it’s time raptors start looking to bring more Canadian talent to this team.  I was watching the UNLV game this Canadian kid Anthony Bennett is at flat out beast!!!!

    • 2damkule

      i think it’s less a case of teams not wanting the raps’ ‘trash,’ and more a case of teams waiting until dec 15th (or in some cases, jan 15th) to start looking into trades on a more serious level, and the fact that they’re not going to be offering up much of value in return, considering that both jose & AB’s (and, i’m guessing, most of the rest of the roster) trade value is at about the lowest level possible (we hope).  i’m guessing that of the raps ‘impact’ players, only lowry & JV would bring back decent value (and that’s mainly due to their contracts); even DD, who’s a capable scorer (and little else) wouldn’t bring back much given his contract.

  • grL

    The way that is bulidng our team is alphabet AB, BC, DC(couch), DD, DE(Ed). We need EF (Ezeli Festus?), FG (Garcia Francesco), GH (Grant Hill), ohhh wait… it won’t work there is no HI and IJ in the league… We need someone from Europe…

  • NyAlesund

    We can complain about AB, JC, AJ………..but what BC has done this year is ridicolous.

    I am not understanding why spend 18 mln for Fields when James Johnson cost only 2.

    Why pick Lowry when there were plenty of capable pg is a misterious for me. Do we really want to offer a big contract to him? Do we really want to build the team on Lowry and DeRozan? Do we really believe that these guys can lead this team in a bright future?

    What I am saying is consider another GM. Colangelo had 6 years to build a decent team and the result is a “comfortable” record.

    Of course, the whole problems are caused by Primo Pasta…………….Calderon…………and even T-Ross (how BC has said…………..)

    • 2damkule

      c’mon now…don’t cherry pick.

      you know why fields was offered that contract.

      can you identify the ‘plenty’ of PGs that were available?

      i do agree with your overall premise…allowing BC to continue his reign & (once again) attempt to fix the mistakes he’s made is incredulous to me.  although he wouldn’t be my first choice as GM, there is a capable stop-gap in place (Stefanski) to run the ship until a better option (Troy Weaver) can be lured away (from OKC).  letting BC have any input on fixing this shitshow now is simply a mind-boggling traveshamockery.

      • NyAlesund

         Plenty of pg? Dragic, Miller (yes he is not young but younger than Nash), Felton, Harden (you want a star, you have to pay) Lin, Billups (some Miller’s explanation) why not asking for Bledsoe…..

  • Andre

    first things first. Fire BC. Then let the new GM do his thang

  • Max

    Bargs would be a decent role player on a good team. Calderon is great on O but terrible on D, now that his game is off this year, he is really hurting the Raps. Not that Lowry is anywhere close to him as a distributor.