Brooklyn Nets 94 Final
Recap | Box Score
88 Toronto Raptors
Ed Davis, PF 45 MIN | 11-13 FG | 2-3 FT | 12 REB | 1 AST | 24 PTS | -6

For those jonesing for the Davis/Valanciunas combo, you saw the possibilities, albeit against a pretty poor defensive frontline of Blatche/Evans. Davis was awesome by all accounts and some may argue his production quality is of the type that it’s proportional to minutes. Entirely.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 26 MIN | 6-6 FG | 3-5 FT | 4 REB | 0 AST | 15 PTS | -8

Throw it down big man! Took full advantage of the shorter and slower Evans in the first quarter and along with Davis, was the main reason for the Raptors’ advantage. He showed us some hook shots, some dribbling, and even some fairly refined finishing (for a rookie big). Did his job in the zone setup as well. How he doesn’t play the entire fourth quarter is mind-boggling.

Jose Calderon, PG 40 MIN | 4-13 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 15 AST | 10 PTS | +6

Deron and Jose did the ‘ol switcheroo here for the better part of the game, with Jose looking like the All-Star and Deron like the pile-on. I watched last night`s NYK/BKN game and can tell you Williams was equally bad in that one as well. All in all, solid game for Jose as he performed in the classic usurper role and fed his big men from a trough.

Mickael Pietrus, SG 28 MIN | 2-8 FG | 1-2 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 5 PTS | +8

Missed his threes early, committed a god-awful foul on a three-pointer, and failed to track ANYONE on the court. One of his worst games so far.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 44 MIN | 5-13 FG | 0-0 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 11 PTS | -1

I’ll buy the “he’s not forcing it and letting the game come to him” argument for the first half, but not in the fourth. We needed him late and he got lit up like a slow-burning spliff by Joe Johnson. Poor game when the team needed his scoring, not only didn’t he not provide that, he gave up critical points on defense. Could Casey have switched Pietrus on Johnson sooner? Probably.

Aaron Gray, C 17 MIN | 2-4 FG | 3-4 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 7 PTS | -7

Played well in the first half where he seemed to be Johnny-on-the-spot, regressed in the second when Brooklyn decided to take this game a little more seriously and collapsed and pressured Raptor bigs.

John Lucas, PG 19 MIN | 4-10 FG | 1-3 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 9 PTS | -16

Show me something that’s beyond your talent level, will ya? Did hit a couple shots in the fourth and I would’ve liked to see him play alongside Jose to pump up the firepower, but Casey understandably didn’t go there with Joe Johnson lurking at the two.

Terrence Ross, SG 21 MIN | 3-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 7 PTS | -6

Ineffective to the point where you wonder if he`s ever going to find that stroke. Highly questionable shot-selection from a guy who can`t get anything to drop right now. The usual course of action is to look for easy hoops to get your confidence up, not long, contested twos. Nice dunk in transition, though.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Gotta love Leo Rautins ripping Andray Blatche and Joe Johnson for lack of effort when we got Andrea Bargnani on the team. Who he should be ripping is the coach who, for some reason, let one of our hottest players in JV ride the bench way too long in the fourth.
  2. At one point it looked like Deron Williams would singlehandedly win us this game. He was 3-11 in the first half and gave me an idea of what fans of other teams think of Bargnani when he`s firing the Raptors out of a game.
  3. Brooklyn was 6-8 from downtown in the third quarter which is when Joe Johnson and C.J Watson came alive. They also hit their first two shots in the fourth as the game slid away from the Raptors. Those two had a combined 39 points.
  4. Very slow-paced game which favored the Raptors for a while, but then talent took over (not lack of focus). It sure is nice to have a guy you can dump the ball down to and at least get a high-percentage shot and/or get a double-team going, eh? That’s how the Nets used JJ in the second half.
  5. Crowd started booing in the fourth which was a bit uncalled for. The Raptors dressed 9 players and played 8, and gave a good effort. All this on the first game back from the west coast. Sure, the Nets were entirely uninterested for the better part of the game, but the boo birds needed to keep quiet and instead chant a more appropriate “Fire BC” chant.

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  • Destro

    Casey is such an incompetent fool…Why is JV not playing in the 4th qtr ??

    He wasnt in foul trouble,shortened bench..hes killing there frontline and he gets no burn in the 4th qtr ? WTF When is going to play if not NOW ?

    Get Casey the fuck outta here…cot damn idiot…

    • Jamshid

      Fully agree with you. I was a supporter of Casey till this game. This is what happened during the 2nd half and I wrote this under another thread:
      “It is 2nd quarter and why the HELL is JL3 is playing along side Calderon ?WTF,WTF WTF !!!! In the first quarter, Calderon running the show, has 6 AST and offence is running smoothly. Then what the F** Casey does ?? Bring the midget JL3 to stall the offence and take the ball out of the hand of Calderon !!!WTF is wrong with this man ? Why aren’t we playing Ross ? God Damn Casey, your ass needs to be fired …”There is no reason that JL3 should be on the floor when Jose is as well and the other team has a huge back court.Awful coaching, Simply Awful.

      • knickz

         still laughing at the morons who wanted jose traded and lucas as our backup. just goes to show that a lot of guys let their hate for certain players get in the way

        • Destro

          Not really..I still want him traded…One game in a Loss dont change anything…

          Hes an expiring contract and is 31 hes not coming back next year,theres no point in holding onto him…hope he plays some good games and trade…

          I get why ppl are attached to him but the business basketball reasons dont add up for this team anymore…and despite how good the offense appeared tonight (even tho the numbers overrate how good it was) hes still a bum defensively and thats ultimately what your trying to improve…

          Its not hate,he is a backup,its been proven he cant win as your starter,its time to move on this season….real talk.period.

        • Jamshid

          For me this is NOT about Jose vs Lowry and more about a pass first PG vs Shoot First PG. I think with a young team and player who are not very goof offensively, we do need a pass first PG … We are a better team when our PG can feed these young guys and get them going. It helps us on both end of the floor.

        • Dan

           I’d still like him traded. They just need a better back up. Lucas is not even close to a pg.

          • Dan

             Jose is great through three quarters but he is a terrible closer. I don’t think he had a point or assist in the 4th. 10 and 15 is nice for a fantasy league but in the 4th when the game is close you want a guy who is going to try to win the game instead of play passive. Calderon led teams have not led to winning seasons.

        • cesco

          uncle tom ass nigger.

          • c_bcm


  • Destro

    8 man bench and he plays 26 mins with 3 fckn fouls…

    smh @ this coach…

  • hateslosing

    Ed Davis is a monster. I really didn’t understand why we weren’t posting him up every play in the fourth, Blache was getting torched. All in all, I’m very happy with how this group looked tonight and I’d go so far as saying that this is the best Raptor team of the regular season. Seriously, if the Nets miss a three or two and we win this game. 

    • Scottbbaird

      Seems like the raps never feed the hot hand.

  • knickz

    amir would have made a difference, gray looked lost

    • Jamshid

      Amir was not even playing dude !!!

      • The Truth


        • knickz

           thank you lol

          • Jamshid

            hahaha, sorry, have to do a better job reading your post 🙂

  • knickz

    we had the game if jose, demar or pietrus made shots

    • onemanweave

       T Ross as well.  A few made threes in the first half might have put this game out of reach. They missed a lot of them and the rook was as much to blame as anyone.

  • pran

    we have some GREAT young talent. JV and Davis could be as dominant a front court as gasol and zbo in a couple years if they fill out and keep improving. *fingers crossed.   I am worried lowry won’t be willing to wait that long though, he seems impatient and wants to win NOW. He’ll probably be a fat old husky bitch by then too, lol.

    • Truuth

      you’re a fat old husky bitch.

    • Copywryter

      fingers crossed is what got us in this mess

  • tweed8

    I am trying to remember now if Jose started the 4th because, I was wondering why Casey waited until we were down by 12?  ED has proven over and over again this season he deserves more minutes.

    • knickz

       not till around the 7 or 6 minute mark. i know his shot was off but casey left him on the bench too long

      • CJT

        especially since he was helping ed and jonas get their games off.  Jose made a big difference in getting the ball in to those two early and often.  It was nice to see the offence run a bit more smoothly tonight.

        • Destro

          Yes and late in the game he didnt….and the offense stunk

          Ok Good…

  • j bean

    Looked like a typical game for ED except more minutes. I’m a believer. More play with JV and they could become a force. 
    DD should have been the first option and seen more of the ball. 
    Couldn’t believe the idiots booing.
    The Brooklyn announcers were a treat to listen to.

    • knickz

       high praises for calderon. around here calderon sucks because he isn’t flashy

    • Destro

      DD just wasnt aggressive from the opening tip…He should have wanted it more esp 2nd half….He wants to be the guy,he wants to be respected he has to do it every night he cant fade to black on nights like tonight…

      • j bean

        He feeds off Lowry’s aggression but yes he has to be able to get himself going when he starts off slow. The improvements he’s made to his game don’t mean much if the consistency isn’t there.

      • Dan

         The coach needs to post him up to start. Weather he is aggressive or not he struggles when teams force him to catch the ball out near the three point line. His shot usually doesn’t start falling until after he gets a few points around the basket to get his confidence up. Watch all night where he got the ball. He is so much better when he can just turn and attack.

        • j bean

          A big part of that is the difference between Jose and Lowry. 

    • NyAlesund

       DD in not the first option. He is another guy paid to much.

  • AngryRaptorFan

    demar should be getting less touches. Demar showed again why he will never be the best player on a playoff team. Joe Johnson is the player everyone likes to think Demar is becoming but that will never be him. His defense was terrible and all the nets had to do was make Demar catch the ball a few feet out from the paint and then he is innefective because he can’t dribble. They should have passed it inside to Ed and Jonas all night. you can trade Andrea all you want but Demar is just as much a part of the problem. This is looking like another 20 win team and that will be three seasons in a row with 20 something wins. The core has stayed the same Jose, Andrea and Demar get rid of them all. Demar is Jamal Crawford before teams realized he should be a scorer off the bench. Jamal put up good stats but his teams always lost. Demar Andrea and JOse all need to go. Basketball is two sport.

    • AngryRaptorFan

      two way

    • KJ-B

      Check the box score my dude–DeRozan filled it up…you don’t think logging 40+ minutes for the entire road trip wouldn’t affect him on the 1st game back???

      It made sense that Ed was “fresher” puh-leez!!! Dude did the right thing, obviously his legs were shot as was evidenced by his 0 ft attempts…BEST PLAYER ON THE RAPS. PERIOD. Now Ed might change that….

      • leftovercrack

        Unfortunately “best player on the Raptors” isn’t saying very much

        • KJ-B

          the season may appear to be over–but better times are here again through addition by subtraction…give it a couple of weeks and let’s see if the fat lady has truly sung!

      • Dan

         I think Derozan is a good role player and he is getting better at doing other things than scoring. But the way he scores and where he is most effective is not what you want from your best player. Joe Johnson last night showed the type of game you would expect from a wing player you would want leading your team. Demar can’t just get the ball at the top and make things happen. He needs to operate around the paint area and limit the amount he has to dribble. They lost by 6 points last night and Demar scored 7 below his season average and let Johnson Score 8 above his. Demar is improving in making his game more efficient but he has not really expanded his game much since his rookie year. His jump shot is slightly better but his defense and ball handling are still pretty bad. I just don’t feel like he would earn the minutes he gets on a more talented team. 

        • KJ-B

          DeRozan, I think fools a lot of ppl, in that he is soooo methodical in shaping up his game.  Essentially, he doesn’t attempt things in game until he’s practised them ad nauseum…I’m speaking specifically about his floater in the lane which he’s mastering in practice, from the pieces I’ve seen on MLSE. 

          I think what’s difficult to grasp, is that the flow of the game and the personnel, basically a lot of 2nd unit guys was a totally different flow.  His handles are getting there–not worried…his drive for improvement is insane, and that alone sets him apart on this squad!

          Everybody’s got talent that made it to the L!  Hard work is a skill…

  • Jamshid

    AB’s absence: Ed and Big Val looked great but I like to see more games.
    Lowry’s absence: Offence looked much more smooth and guys were more involved. Again, I like to see if Jose can keep this up.

    Right now, I think this team is better without AB and Lowry !!! Too bad AB is out for 2 month which means no more trade talk. Otherwise, we should have packaged AB + Lowry out of Toronto.

    • guest

      Okay we’ll see how long this lasts.

    • NyAlesund

       AB with Calderon plays pretty well and doesn’t have negative effect on the team. Lowry is the problem.

  • nba_socrates

    Injury Prone Kyle Lowry should have also been graded an A+ even if he didnt play. 

  • The Truth

    “Crowd started booing in the fourth which was a bit uncalled for. The Raptors dressed 9 players and played 8, and gave a good effort.”

    I was watching from home today but didn’t the booing start when we were falling away and proceeded to throw the ball directly to the nets, turning it over in the offensive paint, two plays in a row. Deserved the reaction in my opinion.

    • jjdynomite

      Yup, Truth, I was there and that’s exactly when the boo-ing occurred. Carelessness with the ball could easily be interpreted by a crowd as apathetic play, and I believe the crowd was justified in seeing it that way.

  • leftovercrack

    I can’t believe we are 4-19 and neck-in-neck with the wizards for the worst record in the NBA. At least the Wiz are missing Wall. What’s our excuse?

    • Right Clique

      We`re missing Landry Fields.

      • leftovercrack

        With him, we would be a juggernaut

        • Truuth

          I think you finished all the crack. 

          • Copywryter

            What are you talking about! He’s at least as good as that other 24 million dollar dynamo – the unforgettable Yogi Stewart! 

            Nobody should call him Laundry Folds, not ever. 

      • ghost

        We have a crappy team…very little talent. I’m praying for a top 3 pick and it seems  good likely we could get the 1st pick. Got to keep building through the draft at this point. Arguable that we have a top 10 player at any posistion. 

        • ghost

          *very likely* 
          *we don’t have*
          where is the edit option?

    • Dc

      WE have AB pegged as our “franchise player”. DD being made out to be a legit starting @ in this league and not a 6th man (slam my head on table). NO and I repeat no competent starting 3 (facepalm). A rookie starting at center who probably isn’t. A starting pg that we traded a 1st rounder for that wasn’t needed. A rookie 2 guard that is looking more and more like just a guy (when we could of rolled the dice on the best big in the country last year). A coach that can’t handle subsitutions and draw up offense to save his life. And a gm that is delusional and actually believes hes assembled a way better roster that has talent that competes with acutal playoff teams. Other then that were good. 

      • onemanweave

         .. add a play by play announcer who chirps ‘no call’ and other inanities often enough to make me turn the sound off and you’ve pretty much summed up our T-o-o-o-ronto Rapto-o-o-o-rs.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    This was a very winnable game. If Amir had been available, this game was possible. Our wings met up with stiff resistance. Our Bigs (Ed, Jonas and even Gray) played well – albeit, against a very weak group of Bigs. Brooklyn’s weakness is their real talent shortage up front without Lopez.

    This game got away from us, as Raps stopped feeding their Bigs in the paint in the 2nd half. They didn’t press the Nets weakness, and our Wings couldn’t make up for things.

    Jose – with 15 assists – was a huge reason why we made a game of this. There are many reasons for this crappy season, but one prevailing thought has me questioning if Lowry is a big reason for the dysfunction.

    Should he be moved before next season starts. Or sooner if the opportunity arises. As much as it pains me to say, I wonder if Raps need to go into full tank mode. That’s a gamble, as last or 2nd last will be the only viable course of action – 4th last would hurt too much.

    • WhiteVegas

      Tanking is bad idea because then we’d lose our 2014 pick, which is looking like a much better draft, especially for Raptor needs (SF!).
      What we should be looking to do is unload players for picks in the 2014 draft, and really tank next year.

      • Rob

        I believe the Raptors pick will be top 2 protected in 2014 (and 2015)…So still the one glimmer of hope for the guy we all want, providing the Raptors don’t fuck up lol. This is probably the draft you’d like to fall out of though and kind of hope OKC nabs it to get it over with.

    • Scottbbaird

      “If Amir had been available, this game was possible.”

      Our bigs owned this game, why did we need Amir again?  Ed is a far more consistent and polished player than Amir.  I’d take Aaron Gray’s hustle over Amir falling around picking up fouls and shrugging his shoulders.

    • Dan

       But what did Jose do in the 4th? When the game was on the line he was nowhere to be found like usual. Let him start the first three quarters but in the 4th I would rather have a guy like Lowry.

  • FAQ

    First half was an entertaining show… and then reality struck us down and hope vanished.  Oh well, the guys played their hearts out.

  • KJ-B

    “Romans + Countrymen lend me your ear…”  That was the best performance by a power forward not name Chris Bosh in recent memory…Wait to go Special Ed.

    Now…as per -7 aka ” ‘Drea” — memo to all his supporters: I hope your boy loses that disinterested look on his face and goes through the doubt of ever being able to stroke the ball through the net.  I hope he misses playing/shooting really–sooo bad that he works on the rest of his body and decides to no longer sin against his Basketball genius talent which he seems to break out 3 or 4 times a year… I hope he realizes that nothing is promised and plays each game like his last!  If that happens, maybe this freak injury is the best thing that  EVER happened to him besides being drafted #1 and being in the playoffs as a rookie…

    Not sure whatever happened to that talented rookie, but all I remember is after his grandfather passed and he went back to Italy, he was never the same player…Hope he rekindles that fire somewhere, somehow?  I won’t dump on you any further, I just hated your slothfulness–COME BACK A BIGGER, BETTER. STRONGER, MOTIVATED #7 instead of the -7 that you’ve sinned against your talents to become…

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Ed played well – but it was against Bench quality players. Brooklyns’ Bigs- without Lopez – are not sufficient competition to judge by one game.

      AB will be gone soon enough, but we’ll still need a Starting Big. IMO, Ed is still a back-up Big, and pushing him up against true Starter Bigs could hurt his confidence.

      Some will ask what have we got to lose? How about the proper development of a potentially top level Secondary Big. Toronto does this too often for my liking. Ed is still young & we’re not going anywhere this season.

    • NyAlesund

       One game against the “dwarf” Evans and Blatche and you are just excited!!!!!!

      Ed Davis is not a star!!!! Ed Davis is a good piece as role player, not a starter. We need a legit 4. AB is not legit 4, good, trade him……………and……………………Colangelo…………………and DeRozan…………….and Lowery another pain in the ass.

      In addition, I enjoyed the team played pretty well with a real pg.

      • KJ-B

        Typically speaking, one hit wonders don’t give on-command performances like ED did last night…Maybe, you bought into the #7 hype and thought that ED was being benched because he was sooo below par…That’s BryCo’s Euro Invasion getting into your head… The guy play’s the “NBA” –No Boys Allowed– power game and that’s how banners are raised…


    Just saw Colangelo on the subway after the game. I asked him for his thoughts on why JV sat out so much of the fourth quarter. He mumbled something about talent, Bargnani, and a lack of focus, then he started tap dancing until I slowly backed away. It was weird.

    • Sig

      Doug Smith just confirmed this via Twitter.

    • pran


    • Acc

      saw Fields at the gas station, filling up his minivan and asked him about his elbow ..mumbled something along the lines “leave me alone I don’t play for the raps” and that he doesn’t think he will be back soon. dude thought i was gonna try and jump him for his ride looked so scared. lol 

  • RaptorFan


    Some of us fans have been calling for this ALL YEAR

    Ed will finally get his fair shot with Bargs out

    Bargnani Fanboys/Haters can see for themselves

    JV and ED is the future and need time to develop chemistry for next year

    • Copywryter

      Unlike JV, ED has not been fed to the lions. I’m no Barg supporter, but ED has a lot more to prove.

      • RaptorFan

        I think he played well as the season went on ….last year. He seems improved somewhat and can REBOUND. Did he out rebound kris hump & Reggie??? Thats pretty good!

        Numbers dont lie

    • Nilanka15

      Don’t do what fanboys typically do and rely on 1 game as evidence.

      • RaptorFan

        Thanks for the warning as i’d hate to look like a fanboy….. those guys can be  sooooo irrational!

        I once heard that there’s no way JV and ED should play together because where would we get our points from??? AB spaces the floor (which is good for us even if he’s shooting 2 for 19)…….LMAO

        The stuff you hear from fanboys are pure comedy…lol

        ED plays 17.2 mpg this year so far….(which thankfully will finally go up)

  • Sig

    A nice little treat for everyone today. Jonas giving us a sneak-peek of what is to come…



    By the way, this was by far the best moment in tonight’s game:

    • j bean

      The T Ross dunk was really good.

  • Valit

    2 observations from tonite game:

    1. It seems to me, after watching the game and reading what happened at the players meeting,that the “new core” of Ed, JV and even DD are striving with a pass first PG. If you decide to move Jose, you better bring or groom a PG that will complement those guys, otherwise we will keep spinning the wheels and we will lack focus.

    2. Everybody and their grandnanny wanted our beloved GM to get in the summer a stud 3. I think that I’m not far off when I say that with a very good 3, ( even without Lowry and Fields) our record would be much different. That would have been a proper building or rebuilding step.

    Ps. For those who are wondering why the bigs didnt get the ball that much in the second half , there is a simple reason- the Nets started to cut off the passes and aglomerate the lanes. On top of it, out guys got tired. I think with Amir and/or Kleiza the game would have been winnable. Let’s welcome Vince…

    • cb

       dude you need a dictionary.

      • Valit

        I apologise for my bad English; it is not my first language so it’s not so easy to put in writing whatever I have in my mind. I’m a little too old to be a “dude” but thank you for the compliment

  • leftovercrack

    When Demar isn’t hitting his shots, we must have the lowest-scoring wings in the NBA: Pietrus, T-Ross… Can’t wait for Fields to return with his 2.5 points per game

  • Canadian Paul

    Ed passed Lowry as the top PER man on the Raps (20.8). Hopefully, he stays on as the started, even after Bargnani returns.

  • Kujo

    D-Will has been awful this season.  It’s mind-boggling.  Never thought the Net’s would miss Lopez this much.  

    I hope this game convinces Casey to start Ed Davis the rest of the season.  AB should come off the bench when he comes back.

  • NyAlesund

    Poor DD!!!! Without Primo Pasta and Lowery he was in charge to be the first option.

    Ops!!!! He showed how his contract is another BC’s pearl……………
    Good game from the big fellas. The problem is the same: can a team lose the game even when scoring near to 50% (the opponent 45%) from the field? Yes, the Raptors can.

    When do we realize that this team was built really really bad?
    The real problem is Colangelo. We can discuss about Bargs, Lowry, Calderon……… but the architect that put together these guy is Colangelo.

    So, we can trade anybody, deluding ourself that the problem has one name or two, but the really matter for me, is the fact that Colangelo is the main problem. He is not proving us the ability to build a good team.

    I don’t know who is in charge, but fire BC is not an option? Is it possible to consider him untouchable?

  • Ppellico

    You say Gray sort of fell off after Brooklyn collasped inside.
    What canter would n’t?
    They knew we had no shooters outside.
    Anybody playing the Raps should know by now we have nothing on outer defense or shooting outside.

  • Ppellico

    we see they pack it in on defense and our ONY option is to start clucking up long shots we KNOW we cannot hit. Well…the fans know this…perhaps the “shooters” still dream of themselves as such.

    What happened to driving it ni and at least getting to the line?

  • Nilanka15

    Jose 15 assists were beastly, but he could’ve topped 20 assists if he knew how to run a fastbreak.  I’ve never seen a veteran PG (who’s known as a passer) continually make the WRONG decision on a 2-on-1.  Mind-boggling.

    • V_Mart

      And unfortunately a number of those wrong decisions came at the expense of DeRozan getting some easy baskets in the first half. That’s fine when the offense and defense was rolling, but in the second half, you probably want your leading scorer to already be in some sort of rhythm. 

      Still, good game overall by Jose.

  • Nilanka15

    I think the team looked sharper last night simply because of the shortened rotation, which is what Casey should’ve done 15 games ago.  Instead of going with 11 guys every night, and each player not knowing if he’s playing 25 minutes or 5 minutes, guys seemed ready to play last night knowing exactly what’s expected of them.

    We don’t need both Davis and Amir (just pick one).  We don’t need Kleiza, Pietrus and Anderson (just pick one).  With Lowry healthy, we don’t need both Calderon and Lucas (just pick one).

    • KJ-B

      Casey is frustrating in that he doesn’t stick with his horse/the girl he brought to the dance etc. if they are not the “hyped” player on the team when a guy gets hot…Last night, JV played the role of ED, and was inexplicably benched down the stretch after having a stellar game…

      Casey loses waaay more games than he ever wins–not sure a turnaround can happen on his watch…

    • Jamshid

      Maybe you are right and it was a shortened rotation but I can not help but feel it was more Calderon getting others involved, making the right passes at the right time. I feel like Lowry is the reason that our offence is not smooth because of his Alpha male personality and …