Houston Rockets 96 Final
Recap | Box Score
103 Toronto Raptors
Ed Davis, PF 26 MIN | 6-9 FG | 1-1 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 13 PTS | +12

Excellent defense all game, unbelievable 3rd quarter. Game would have been over earlier if they had him out in crunch time. Maintaining effort is a talent, and along with his length and quick hops, Ed Davis is turning into a beast before our very eyes. He should be the starting PF even when you-know-who comes back.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 14 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 2 PTS | +12

Played good D on Asik. Match-ups dictated the quick hook, not his play. If Arvydas Sabonis thinks he’ll be good, you just fall in line and agree.

Jose Calderon, PG 37 MIN | 6-12 FG | 5-6 FT | 10 REB | 14 AST | 18 PTS | 0

The only reason Ed Davis has an A and not an A+, is because it would be doing a disservice to this man. You give Jose a traditional basketball team, with bigs flashing to the net like bigs should, and you see how effective he can be. He can easily handle the extra offensive burden due to Lowry and you-know-who’s absence. He does it way more efficiently too. Way more. Hard not to root for the guy, he leaves it all on the court.

Mickael Pietrus, SG 21 MIN | 1-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 2 PTS | +8

Alan Anderson happened to Mickael Pietrus. Looks like the adrenalin of being back in the NBA is starting to wear off.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 35 MIN | 8-19 FG | 2-2 FT | 7 REB | 3 AST | 19 PTS | +7

Played in control, made plays when needed. He was a good rebounding guard in college, so it’s nice to see the 7 rebounds. Didn’t do a great job when on Harden, but overall a good effort.

Amir Johnson, PF 29 MIN | 4-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 8 PTS | -3

Seems to be buoyed by playing big minutes with his Young Gunz counterpart Ed Davis. This is the pre-contract Amir Johnson who tries to block everything with enthusiasm. He was a big part of that third quarter run with his stellar defence.

Linas Kleiza, SF 19 MIN | 1-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 3 REB | 3 AST | 2 PTS | -8

Tried to replicate the 3-point magic of last game. What actually hapened is called “regression to the mean”.

John Lucas, PG 12 MIN | 2-6 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 6 PTS | +11

The main expectation for him this game was to hold the fort until Jose got back into the game, and that he did, although it was really the next guy on this list to sparked the bench in the second half.

Alan Anderson, SG 25 MIN | 6-12 FG | 9-9 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 24 PTS | 0

Never thought I’d say these words: We missed you Alan Anderson.

Along with Jose, it was he who carried this team offensively. Big threes in the fourth. Great baseline and1 at the end of the game to put that final punctuation mark on what may have been his best game as a Raptor.

Terrence Ross, SG 23 MIN | 4-10 FG | 0-2 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 9 PTS | -4

Offensively OK, had a couple of nice plays in the fourth. He is long and athletic, which is why he needs to take the ball to the hoop more. Every time he does, he looks fantastic doing it. Once again his man defence bumps up his grade.

Five Things We Saw

  1. Boy how many indirect shots did Jack Armstrong take at Bargnani today?
    “Now this looks like a Casey coached team…You don’t have to have a stretch 4 to have a good offense…They’re getting a lot of assists and playing as a team!”
    You know the writing is on the wall when the MSM homers start to bark.
  2. Ed Davis should have played in crunch time in the 4th. He’s not a typical, lumbering big. He’s actually perfect for guarding a small-ball lineup, and he’s proving not to be a real liability offensively either.
  3. Linsanity is a distant, distant memory. Jose Calderon chewed him up and spit him out. How does a player become that bad that quickly? He really hurt his team today.
  4. Maybe it’s the beard that adds to the effect, but man does James Harden get a lot of calls for running right into players. I liked the old NBA where guys tried to go around defenders and not into them just to get a call.
  5. Was it just me or was this the first game in recent memory that you were really, really into? I found myself going through a rollercoaster of emotions that I didn’t know I had after the last couple of seasons. Amazing how much easier it is to root for a team that scraps, hustles and plays team ball. Great game.
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  • Alb Perjet

    We need to build a statue of Calderon outside the ACC!  With all the crap he had to deal with… the haters, BC etc.  he stayed a true PRO. So much respect for him… said it before saying it again we need to keep him here until retirement! 

    • Paul

       This was an ideal matchup for him, since Lin is ‘struggling’ (due to lack of talent IMO).
      Still I think Lowry needs to come off the bench when he gets back until he shows he deserves the starting spot.

      • what the

        here we go the movie is about to start the TJ Ford part 2 or 3 maybe it’s part 4 I lost count after Dixon .

      • Alb Perjet

        I don’t think lin has been ‘struggling’ lately 17.67 PPG 6.67 ASS on the last 3 games before facing Toronto.  I don’t know if I see kyle coming off the bench tho I dont think BC will let that happened. 

        • Roxfan

          Lin has the ability to explode, but he seems to be a head case right now. For most games he is not pumped as the game starts. I think the coach has to adjust and bring him off the bench.

        • Pesterm1

           the second kyle comes off the bench is there second he never signs with us and he loses his shit.

          • NyAlesund

            Doesn’t matter. He is a professional player, so, if he doens’t want to play in the second unit, we can trade him tomorrow. We don’t need a prima donna.

        • Paul


          Here you go. He has had maybe 4 good games all season. One happens to be his 38 point outburst (in one of the last three games.. hence your misleading statistic). For the season he is shooting worse than Bargniani and his Ast/TO sucks. Yes I call that ‘struggling’…

    • MorganC

      Jose is the man. Koeppen (no idea if that’s correct spelling or even remotely resembles the dude’s name – first name is Erik I think, wait, Erik Koreen? Ya that’s it I think, anyway) had a great article about appreciating Jose when he led the team against Indiana about a month or so ago. We all know his weaknesses. But the dude it his all every time he’s out there. He is a true PRO, as mentioned, in every sense of the word, and a good guy to boot. He seriously might be the most dedicated guy the Raptors have ever had. True class.

      • what the

        you mean he gives his all when he’s starting don’t you?

      • Ghotte

        He is a decent PG and an EXCELLENT backup PG who should be able to torch most people he faces. As a backup he started out the season aggressive and soon after tailed off deferring to teammates. His strength lies in challenging the defense then passing once they respect his offense. 

      • Ben_king32

         The problem with the Raptors is they try to trade calderon every single year when the issue is the SF position. That is why BC needs to be fired. Why trade calderon? you need someone to be a leader on the team. look at the lakers. What happened when lakers got rid of fisher? they lost their leader and they are not even close to being contenders. Just because a PG gets older doesnt mean you got to trade him. The only reason I would want calderon to be traded is so he can be on a winning team because he deserves it, however, other than that I would love to see him retire in a Raps uniform and be the only raptor to play on one team. He is all class!

    • knickz

       i guy on the post game said it best”why are we trying to upgrade at the pg position when we needed a sf more than anything.”

    • jose h

      Calderon is not a bad player, the one I think most of us have issues with is Andrea, I think and hope coach is taking notes, I don’t think Andrea should be kept.

      • Ben_king32

        I think andrea should be kept BUT ONLY ON THE BENCH. Not every game Kleiza will give you 20 (like at Dallas) or Anderson will give you 24. bargnani is a guranteed 16 off the bench. How many games this year has he scored 15 points in the 1st and 2nd quarter? and for the rest of the games he is quiet. Eddy davis deserves to start (I never thought I would be saying that). BC needs to understand that Bargnani needs to be bench and give more minutes to Davis.

    • tmk

      I don’t care if Jose goes 0-10 and 0 assists next game, because after today’s game and the Pacers game it is clear he is the heart and soul of this team. For all his defensive short-comings, “safe” approach, lack of driving ability…etc…he never pouts, stops giving his all, or leading. Lowry might be more “talented” then Jose but Jose is showing exactly how you lead a team. 

      • Ben_king32

         I agree with you. Problem with Raptors fan is they bash on Calderon and then when he has good games they say how he needs to remain a raptor. I have been saying calderon is the best thing for the Raptors since he came. Year after year when BC tries to replace him he defends his position. Im always going to like him whether he plays garbage or not. Raptors fan however are quick to hate on him because of his defense but they dont look at the other things he does good (assist, no turnovers, team leader, etc.) Never understood why BC tries to look for another PG year after year when he needs to invest in a SF. This is the reason he needs to be fired especially for signing Fields for 21 million.

    • FAQ

      Fear not, because this is the last season you will see Jose as a TRap… he’s gone because whatever BC offers him other teams will match… unless it’s a max contract ..!!!

      (p.s. … and count on Bargs staying unless somebody wants him.)

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttt (Clay Davis voice)

      His play has been largely lethargic & inconsistent when has been benched ie sulking non professional.

      So save that dry drama for ya momma….

      • Ingold2

        Jose a raptor for life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Alb Perjet

        This is coming from the guy who before the game thought lin was going to destroy calderon. 

  • NyAlesund

    This team is playing like last year. It is unbelievable their transformation. Really confident, ball movement, good D, excellent point distribution, every guy doing the job.

    Very pleased to see this stuff.

    I am convincing more and more that Lowry is not the right guy. We do not need a streetballer. Please trade him now.

    I am curious to see him when he’ll come back and I wouldn’t be surprised if he caused the problems.

    I hope Bargnani stays with the team but now everything is possible.

    Ed Davis for me remains an excellent role player, the one able to give the right push with his effort. The kind of guy extremely useful for the team.

    Calderon showed us how he is important for this team. Pass first pg is the key.

    • Roarque

      I’m thinking it’s the white home uniforms. Remember when the Cowboys  only wanted to wear their home white jerseys and tried to get the team they were visiting to wear their away jerseys for teh Cowbay games?

      Maybe BC could add some value by negotiating the wearing of the home jerseys for all away games.

  • Canadian Paul

    Jose is averaging a double-double in 9 games as a starter (13/11) and shooting .526 from 3 to boot.

    This is the time to trade. But, we need a backup PG as a replacement for sure. Can’t stand watching Lucas.

    Ridnour/Derrick Williams combo?

    • NyAlesund

       I prefer to trade Lowery

      • ghost

        Agreed, Kl and AB, could get us something decent. 

      • Jumbo

        I fully agree. Teams might be more open to trade for the combo of AB and Lowry than AB and Jose

      • KJ-B

        Hmmm…there are some good pg’s coming to the NBA out of college in the next couple of years–like the Harrison twin pg, Canadian: Kevin Pango, Canadian: Myck Kabongo and others.. Honestly, getting a top flight UFA pg to come to Toronto is NOT happening and they won’t agree to get traded here–so yup, Lowry needs to change REAL fast or get the boot again…sad!  

        I can wait for the draft and let Jose be a mentor–ever since the 1st couple of games of the season I started questioning Kyle’s “get mine” mindset vs Jose’s “get ours” style…

        • knickz

           eric bledsoe should be the pg of the future

          • KJ-B

            that’s a name right there–salaries don’t match with KL tho–and I’m not sure they’d want “you know who” as part of their culture, even coming off the bench…Clips might have to get “Lin-ned” on July 1!!! #HAPPYCANADADAYeh

    • tmk

      Derrick Williams is a bust, he will never be anything, I would stay away from him.

      With that being said, after today’s game and yesterday’s game it is clear that Jose is the leader of this group. Unless Lowry can accept adjusting his game, this is Jose’s team and they preform better with him.

  • NyAlesund

    “You don’t have to have a stretch 4 to have a good offense…” Unfortunately is a kind of stuff Casey has asked to AB. To stay far away the three point line.

  • kuzzybear

    Why trade? The man is a keeper. He has a passion for the game and the TEAM. All he needs are bigs going to the rim PERIOD and this team will be top 10 in off. eff.

  • Bob

    team played good d and played well as a team – guess what, another win!

    “Amazing how much easier it is to root for a team that scraps, hustles and plays team ball”  this should be the team MO with gret emphasis on D.  Guys who don’t contribute, a la limp Primo pasta, need to be traded.  I don’t care if the team sucks the reest of the season just as long as Casey spends the whole time creating the aforementioned culture and style of play.

    • John

      Don’t forget Lowry !!! I think he is really hurting the defense with his style of the play. I think our improvements have more to do with Lowry being out than AB being out . Plus, the offense is so much more smooth and the ball is moving so much better

  • kuzzybear

    I would like to see the second unit have an order that 3 popinters can only be shot on kick outs. They do not run any sets and take the 1st shot WAY too early in the clock

  • Dbobb28

    Once again, we get to see real team ball. It is not a coincidence that the Raptors are playing their best team offence, team defence and unselfish basketball with both Lowry and Bargnani gone. It will be interesting to see the chemistry when they come back. I think it will suffer.
      I agree that Jose has had to endure hell being here and once again he is involved in a two guard situation. Just like Jarrett Jack and TJ Ford before Lowry, Calderon has remained professional and in every case, the better player. If you all thought TJ Ford behaved like an idiot when Jose won the spot back, watch how Lowry behaves. It won’t be pretty. 
      With AB out, it gives a young hard working player like Ed Davis the opportunity to prove himself. I really hope that BC is watching and understanding finally that this team is better without both AB and Lowry. I’m not saying buy your playoff tickets but I certainly can handle watching my Raptors play hard and as a team.
      Lastly, is it me or os Dwayne Casey the worst coach at calling an inbound play. Time and time again we struggle to get the ball in and I cringed when he called a timeout after Derozans rebound late in the game. Even though Jack Armstrong tried to say it was an amazing play call by Casey on the last inbounds to Anderson, it actually was a bad gamble by #15 on the Rockets.
      Just so I can get this in. Hey FAQ, remember your great prediction that the Raptors next win would be against  Detroit? I guess you were wrong once again.
      A great team win. It is nice to see.

  • Statement

    I don’t want to seem like some fan who is only supportive of Calderon when he has a good game.  However, I never understood why Colangelo felt such a desperate need to get rid of  Calderon while keeping Bargs.  Calderon was never the problem on the team, IMHO and is, in fact, my favorite Raptor of all time.
    Also, of course Jose runs the offense better than Lowry, but that isn’t a knock on Lowry.  Jose is simply an excellent and underappreciated facilitator.

    Jose has been top 4 or 5 in assist percentage for the past couple of years, even besting Chris Paul one year.

    Of course, I’m realistic.  He’s 31 and an asset and Lowry isn’t a bad player.  So if there is a deal to be made, make it.

    • FAQ

      … also it’s unlikely he will return to TO after this next season because his value as a PG must be skyrocketing now.  He could be playing with LAL next season… with Gasol…!!!!

  • ghost

    I would like to see AB and KL come off the bench unless they can earn a spot in the starting rotation. As a matter fact, package the two and we might get our draft pick and a prospect back.

  • guest

    I will never ever put any weight on +/- again after today.  Calderon, after a triple double had a +/- of 0, Lucas had a +/- of +11

    • what the

      what does Cesco have to say bout that?

    • guest#2

      That should have been your line of thinking before today since that stat also takes into account the OTHER 4 players on the court with you.

      • guest

        I agree but I always look.

  • retep9

    Calangelo has been trying to trade Jose for years but that’s not his biggest crime. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it painful to listen to Devlin drone on about nothing game in and game out? Worse still …he dosen’t call the game properly. It’s particularly annoying when you consider that our radio crew is first class. Jones and Smith are terrific…put ’em on TV

    • Roarque

      What? You don’t want to hear about the trade the Jays made two weeks ago? Or who’s not playing in tomorrow’s NFL game? You’re probably one of those guys who would like to see a replay of a mistake made by the Raptors that caused a basket so that Jack could explain why the Raptor D just broke down because (a) Bargo rotated too late or ( b) Lowry was out of position diving for another unsuccessful steal. Instead, we get to watch a replay of a slam dunk from nine minutes ago – by the Raptors of course, even though the score is 77-68 for the other guys.

    • Sig

      Even though he’s now the “President”, that’s not up to Colangelo I believe, but to the MLSE media representatives/PR/community managers.


  • cesco

    In the last two games , it was a winger from the second unit who led the scoring . In most games previously these guys couldn’t put the ball in the ocean . The second unit keeping or increasing a lead is what was missing previously thus all those narrow losses .

    • what the

      and don’t forget AB13.

      • cesco

         They were 3 and 4 at home with AB13 . All the 4 losses were narrow losses where a greater output by the second unit MAY have resulted in wins .

        • FAQ

          The problem with Bargs style of play starting from the arc is if he shoots a three, the rest of the team is immediately running back on defense because getting a rebound is slim to none.. whether he scores or misses.  It’s all or nothing with Bargs.  That’s why he was asked to develop a pull-up jumper and a drive to the basket.

          Bargs will set a screen and roll to the basket, but it’s difficult to pass to him because of the defense in the key.  Other teams plug up the middle and take away the pick’n roll from the Raptors.

          Now that DeMar is potting a lot of his jumpers, things might loosen up for Bargs too.  Regardless, Bargs is out for weeks, and untradeable in his condition now.

  • Tee

    Lin looked hung over.

    • Gregast

      Out drinking with his former room mate – how to take one for the team Landry!

  • Canadian Paul

    The Raps’ Defensive Rating (DRTG) for the past 3 games: 97.94
    Their offensive rating (ORTG): 106.10

    Small sample size, I know, but still. Compare to their Bargnani/Lowry games…

  • KJ-B

    Missed the game, was out and about — caught some of it in a public broadcast but was glad to  see the boys came through–raps had me checking my mobile for updates while I was in the dentist’s chair…way to go–> GOODBYE ‘Drea…

    • KJ-B

      but it honestly doesn’t matter–whether he said “it” or not…It’s just time to say goodbye to -7….Tired of all the fake fans that have to question another person’s sanity, age, competence etc. just because they touch their golden boy that’s not really golden…

      Unless Raptors Republic wants to have an open gym to clear up, who’s what age and what skill level–answering a certain segment of the Republic that borderline racist (how on earth they’re still allowed to post is beyond me)–it’s as pointless as hoping for a certain injured power forward to ever be considered a franchise player, a day after last Monday…the basketball world moves on with out without “Il Mago.”  

      …Happy Trails (y)

      • FAQ

        Okay… you’ve repeated the same rubbish again, but you can’t tell us who would want Bargs.. and who we could get for him.  Mebe we’re stuck with Bargs to the end of his contract… and BC ain’t gonna amnesty Bargs because there is nobody he can attract to TO with the new found salary cap money.

        Just whining that “Bargs must go” is a waste of forum bandwidth… capiche?!

        • KJ-B

          Happy Trails… You’re the UNfreedom of Speech Police???

          • FAQ

            Non-stop hatred that you spew incessantly is not a “freedom”… it’s a nuisance..!!!

            • KJ-B

              Can’t argue with a child or a woman–you’ll never win…White Flag waived–you’re always right even when you’re wrong…Your word is the constitution, the Cdn Charter of Rights & Freedoms, the birds sing when you snore the eagles soar when you fart…you’re golden :))

              • FAQ

                On behalf of the entire forum and lurkers, please shtfu because we are tired looking at your pathetic whining about “Bargs has got to go” nonsense.  

                • CJT

                  You’ve both been kind of irritating lately to be honest. 

                • FAQ

                  7 thumbs up for my comment versus one thumb up (your’s no doubt) for your honesty… LOL

  • Gregast

    $854,389. That’s AA’s salary with the Raptors this season. Just think we could have ten AAs for one AB ( yes we do pay Il Mago  $10 000 000 per ).

    Each one of those ten players would only need to have one gem like this one every ten games or so to give us the same ROI that AB gives us.

    No wait, AB doesn’t give us this level of production anymore does he.

    Or give us a key cog in a Casey-approved defensive scheme that shuts down OJ Mayo.

  • John

    Lowry, Fields … This is what BC brought to Toronto this summer and see how they improved this team !!!

    • knickz


    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      While trading away a future Lottery pick in the Lowry deal- inwhich Houston & McHale wanted no parts of Lowry coming back to the Rockets team. Houston should have given The Raptors a 1st round draft pick for taking Lowry off of their hands

      Fields is basically a SG that can’t shoot and adds no veteran leadership as he is young (Casey, BC’s favorite excuse for losing games) too.

  • knickz

    glad we got the win but i’m really statring to see why a lot of guys around here are starting to sour on casey. wtf is up with this guys 4 quarter rotations? ed davis beasted in the 3rd q and didn’t see the floor in the 4th smh

    • CJT

      Did you listen to Casey’s reasoning in the post game?  Maybe give that a listen and if you disagree with his strategy then go ahead and comment.

  • canuck_eh

    This —> “Maybe it’s the beard that adds to the effect, but man does James Harden get a lot of calls for running right into players. I liked the old NBA where guys tried to go around defenders and not into them just to get a call.”

    +100…Was at the game and said the same thing to my buddy. At least four non-calls or even offensive fouls. 15 free throws?? Give me a break.Great game and your summary is spot on. Good atmosphere in the ACC. Amir’s 8-8 doesn’t tell the whole story: incredible hustle plays, covered the entire key on D, took a great charge in the 4th(?). Jose’s triple-double and Anderson’s 24 notwithstanding, Amir was heart of the team… 

    • Sig

      Something I’ve been thinking about for a while, how does one even defend Harden when he explodes into you like a rocket? He’s so big and strong that he’ll easily push the defender back forcing the foul 80% of the time.

      Apparently Anderson was playing good defense on him today… yeah, sure. All I saw was him getting owned every possession.

    • Pele

      “Maybe it’s the beard that adds to the effect, but man does James Harden get a lot of calls for running right into players. I liked the old NBA where guys tried to go around defenders and not into them just to get a call.”
      Exactly! There’s no way James Harden should be able to charge in like a freight train out of control, and get the call every time.  James’s trick is to contain the ball, hit the defender intentionally before feet are planted, and go for the “and-1” three pt play. It’s “old-school” street ballin’.

      It occurred to me that Anderson caught on early, knew that the refs weren’t going to curb Harden’s recklessness by calling an offensive foul, so he made sure to foul Harden in ways to make sure he didn’t get the “and-1. I like the saavy veteran mindset, it wins games.

      It made up for Alan thinking that he was Kobe at times…. 

  • H to the Immo


    • FAQ

      Oh give him another chance… because he might become remotivated when he joins the “team”…. ya think?!

      • what the

        So now you want to see if the punch can jell?

        • FAQ

          Hey… I don’t “hate”… that’s for neurotic narcissists who only know how to cheer or hate… no in between.

    • NyAlesund

       Yes, after some games. If he won’t play like last year we can amnesty/trade him.

  • FAQ

    Hosay was humungous..!!!!

    Since he prolly won’t come back next season his trade value is skyrocketing now.

    If Lakers want Calderon, they will have to also swallow Bargs…. and mebe package Lowry too… to get Kobe ….ya think?!

    • Deno

      and then, we can have Vince and Kobe playing for the Raptors…ya think

      • FAQ

        … and the t.h.f.’s will go bananas for the Ratpors…!!!

  • mountio

    another great game. However, not to burst bubbles again .. but the reality is we hit shats tonight again (same as last game) that we simply havent been hitting. A few (more than a few) of those threes or long twos were “heaves” at the end of the shot clock that happened to go in. I cant count the number of times I was yelling “No” as the d-leaguer AA put up another shat .. and they kept going in. My section was getting annoyed with me I was so anti AA (I guess Im the only one that knew more often than not .. those shots dont fall). 
    Having said that .. better defensive game (Hou certainly coughed up a bunch of drive and dish type situations) and better defensive rebounding. And .. Ill take good shooting anywhere I can get it. 
    I guess my point is .. good win, glad to see it. But, the last two games, we have made a bunch of shots we normally dont. Our offense still looks horrid for the most part (screen at three point line, followed another screen at the three point line follow by a long J). When we got it into Ed, ran a true pick n roll (not often, but a few times) or when T Ross took it to the hoop (PLAY THIS KID MORE!) we looked better .. but thats maybe 20-30% of the time. 
    Im worried about what happens when our luck runs out .. 

    • tmk

      I have to partially agree with your comment on hitting shots. A lot of the three-pointers we hit the past two games were lucky, end of the shot clock heaves. Last game it was Kleiza, today it was Alan Anderson. I do agree that our offense is pretty stagnant, but our defense has also been better. I know with Minnesota  a lot of the turnovers were unforced, sloppy passes, but overall there is still better rotations and interior presence. I also enjoy watching this team play a lot more then the version with Lowry and Bargs (though I still think Lowry can adjust and just needs time).

    • KJ-B

      Great analysis–I would caution against fighting momentum… From what I can see, Ol Man Mo’ is on their side right now + that’s a hard guy to beat…Non-defenders get stops and non-shooters/inconsistent performers turn in career days… The bigger for me is, the Raptors have found a “style of play”…

      Jack Armstrong, being a coach, is well qualified to say this is “playing/looking like a Dwane Casey team” … in the NFL, the Patriots stockpile picks + draft Bellichek guys–in San Antonio they draft Pop/Presti guys!  Now the Raps, are figuring out what it is to be a Casey type player/team and it’s actually A LOT of fun! 

      Based on Casey coaching by “energy”  vs strict “X’s & O’s” it might be fitting of him to play a larger pool of players rather than the standard 8-9 guys a night… Essentially, Dwane’s allowing a guy to become the flag bearer for his value system of hard work/intensity + then pass on that “energy” to other guys on the squad… That’s what works and what wins in his system–of course you do need generally talented team players like Jose & DeMar to make such an arrangement work…

      • FAQ

        WTF you talking about.. yer incoherent now that the TRats have won a couple of games against wounded opposition.  Everything will come back to normal once Kyle and Fields return… just watch… LOL

  • Scottbbaird

    ED DAVIS is a beast!

  • RapthoseLeafs

    2 Keys to this game:

    1) Jose played outstanding – goes without saying
    2) Bench played like the Bench we expected (prior to season start)

    Jose – with his 14 assists – was the big reason why guys like Ed had some easy baskets. Our Guard/Wing play made a difference as well.

    Don’t agree with Davis getting an A. Thought he was more a B. Great 3rd quarter burst, and decent defense, but not enough to justify an A.

    Jonas with a C is being somewhat generous. Get a little worried with him starting – still believe Amir should’ve started the season, while JV learns the NBA.

    The A range belonged to 3 players – Jose (A++) & Anderson, with Amir up a notch to A- in my mind. This is the Amir I like.


    As I’ve said on a few occasions here (and there), I believe the presence of Kyle makes me question the reason for this team being dysfunctional. Yes, Bargs has not played great, but I feel some of that blame falls on Lowry.

    As you watched the game with Jose, he engages his Bigs much more so then Kyle. That in itself changes the dynamics of our Offense. As well, I’m beginning to wonder if Lowry also affects our Defense, even though he has a reputation as a good Defender.

    Should KL should be moved this season – pending a suitable partner. Andrea can adapt, or will have to, should Ed maintain his play. AB is not the reason for the crap start – my money is on Kyle. Great potential, but unless he can learn to lead this team, he could do more damage to the younger players like Ed, Jonas & Ross.


    • sleepz

      On Kyle huh?

      While I also feel Lowry has not adapted as well as anticipated he hasn’t even been here for half a season yet. Perhaps a little too early to judge no?

      As for him affecting the team more than Andrea for their horrible start or Andrea being able to ‘adapt’ as you put it after possibly moving Lowry, that’s quite a leash your providing AB isn’t it? Hasn’t he had quote a bit of time to ‘adapt’ as you put it?

      Stop it man. 

      • Theswirsky

        Some fan boys just can’t help themselves.  7 years later and they still find ways to attempt to deflect, distract and dilute.  Its always someone else.

      • CJT

        Not agreeing or disagreeing, but some would say that Lowry has had a number of years in the league and has had the same problem on his other teams as well.  Don’t know if that makes it better or worse that he hasn’t been able to find a team that he works well with yet, whereas AB certainly has proven that he doesn’t work well with the Raps.

    • NyAlesund

       Kyle is a gambler. He wants to go for the steal 9 times to 10. This has the bad effects on defensive rotations.

      The good defender is not necessary one with a great skills, but a team that execute the assignment correctly. Like yesterday. The best teams in this particular aspect have a great sistem overall and not necessarily a lot of five star defender. I am watching the Bulls and I don’t remember players like Belinelli, Boozer….being tough on D.

      • vino

        Agree with the main idea; however, in mind mind its better to gamble as a strong defender and actually get a steal sometimes… as opposed to not have a clue and just stand there, or get out on rotation so far away that the entire team needs to scramble afterwards…

        Whether it is 9 out of 10 times, or 6 out of 10 is not the point. And out of those 6 (or 7 or 8) times he actually gets the steal one third of the time… and he manages to get back in time 2 out of 7 (or 8) of those times…
        The point is, Lowry plays D. Whether you like his D or not, is another question. AB does not play any D. Full Stop.

        • Theswirsky

          Vegetable Lasagna’s D is, and has been, a running joke.  Fans who aren’t jaded by Brian Colangelo’s ‘greatness’ or blinded by scoring having been crying because of it, while the league as a whole has been laughing at it for the longest time.

          Its no suprise that the more minutes Andrea plays the worse the team’s defense is.  The less he plays the better the defense is.  And the margin between those two is HUGE. We saw it clearly last year (with him missing over half a season), and we are seeing it again this year. 

          People have wanted to blame Jose for the teams defensive woes.  “You have to stop the point of attack” they like to explain.  “And he’s nothing but a pylon allowing other PGs to walk right into the lane”   If last year wasn’t evidence that Jose being the problem  was not true, this year has got to be.  Why did they argue as such? Because they heard some other kool aid drinking Bargnani defender say it and they want to believe it.  When it wasn’t blaming Jose specifically it was blaming Triano, Hedo, or Bosh.  James Johnson was overrated as a defender, and Ed was terrible.  Whoops!   

          Now some want to turn the focus onto Lowry’s ‘gambling’.  Why?  Because it sounds like a good way to excuse Bargnani again.

          Atleast reality seems to be sinking in to the masses.  There will always be those chosen few who have made the same flawed argument, that ran directly opposed to all forms of common sense and empirical evidence, for so long they’ll refuse to eat crow and save themselves further embarrasment.  But so be it. 

          • CJT

            Lowry hasn’t been any better on D so far this season despite is supposed quickness and skill.  I hope he gets better.

            • vino

              Lowry has not been better that Calderon on D?! Seriously?? I hope you’re joking…

  • FAQ

    Forget about Kyle being part of the new “team”,  because he stops playing mentally and physically when he isn’t holding the ball.

     Just watch him without the ball; he just stands at the arc waiting to get the ball back.  He has only one mode; face the basket and dribble to the basket. I have never seen him run the baseline after passing off at the arc; he just stands there!!!

    Bargs and the other Bigs depend on the PG to set them up.  Bargs is parked at the arc and I have never seen Kyle pass back to Bargs when his drive to the basket is stopped. Kyle can only compute what he sees ahead of him and occasionally to the corners. 

    Kyle is just a lousy passer and that shows up so often.  Just watch him.  The t.h.f’s delusionally love him because of his penetration drives, and that’s what he uses to cover up his other many deficiencies… sooo pa thetic.

    • NyAlesund

      Kyle played with his style since he came into the league. You can’t change his way of playing basket. This was BC error. One of the long list.

  • Honest Opinion

    Typical Toronto fans killing a guy one day and singing his praises another!  Instead of bashing, support your team through thick or thin.  Cheer, don’t boo and most importantly support your players and don’t try to run them out of town!  Perhaps then we will be able to attract better players to this team.

    • Sig

       This guy knows.

    • FAQ

      Tribal Honking Fans are like lil’ beady eyed rodents with long tails and sharp lil’ teeth to attack whoever displeases them when their beloved Ratpors are losing …. sooooo obvioius.

  • Phat AlberG

    Okay this problem everyone is praising Calderon but why wasn’t he playing like this off the bench.  Reason why because he is a suck!! If he was playing with the same passion while coming of the bench we won’t be in this situation.  I don’t care about Jose Calderon because he had the job last year and the year be before and nothing happen.  So I’m glad he’s playing good in his contract year and last time he played good was in a contract year. And  Some guy on here said we should build a statue of Jose Calderon rofl really Jose Calderon statue no wonder this team sucks!!!! 

    • FAQ

      Fear not… Jose will not be playing in TO after this season … or even sooner…!!

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Exactly, Jose sulks when he goes to the bench you can tell by his effort and cognitive play.

      Now I bet in his mind he may think that he has won the starting job over Lowry but if Lowry comes back and Jose goes to bench watch his game revert back- professional my ass just a sly ass mofo’er.

      Raptors are 6-19 after 2 Ws in a row (1st time in 18 months)- Raptors could win 10 in a row and still be below .500.

      @ Clev (5-20), vs Det (7-19) & vs Orl (10-13) 3 very winnable games are up next- this will show if Raptors are turning corner or still walking the strip.

      Jose still gots 2 go!!

      • Youarearetard

        You can always tell a sulker by his cognitive play.

        • FAQ

          You should include Bargs in that pot too.  

      • knickz

         but you act like jose is like a crawford, smith or ginobli coming off the bench. the dude plays as hard as he does when starting. wtf has kyle lowry done to earn the starting spot anyways?

        • vino

          The question is not who is starting… but who is finishing games; and I hope it is Lowry on most nights going forward.

          Calderon played great last night. One of his best games I’ve seen in a long time… those two-three passes in the lane to our bigs, got me very excited! But he played Lin and bad Rockets D. Things are not as bright with stronger defensive teams.

        • onemanweave

          No, he doesn’t. Hate to agree with Mr. Negativity, but Jose put up some pretty pathetic efforts coming off the bench of the road trip and I’m not talking about results, I’m talking about effort.

    • cesco

      You must remember that until the last 2 games , the second unit was playing like shit and Jose was only one member of that unit so he looked bad like the rest of them . We will see in future what happen when Lowry return ( and get back his starting job ) , Caldy and the second unit may become a big plus for the team and the Raps are on their way but probably too late for the PO .

    • knickz

       last time he played good was in his contract year? guys like you seriously are just haters, don’t blame jos for the talent around him.

      • Phat AlberG

        So why doesn’t he play like that when he’s off the bench??? 

  • Jamshid

    “This is the pre-contract Amir Johnson ”
    Had nothing to do with contracts and … He plays the same way. He used to take nights off and foul and … The only difference was that there were people behind him and hyping him than. Remember Liston’s article on how Amir is the MOST efficient offensive player and should get more shots on the offensive end !!!
    Or how he is the life and soul of the team and should be one of the leaders … !!!

  • FAQ

    TRADE JOSE ASAP … otherwise the TRaps will win too many games and mess up their lottery picks…!!!

  • Jacky Chan

    man your all mostly whack some decent comments but mostly just part time fans saying dumb sh##. the whack no nothing fans who want to argue lowry is the better defender which makes him the better pg need to stop and actually watch a game, instead of just looking at stats. Theres a reason were playing better D right now and it has nothing to do with ED or Dre. This team plays team oriented D which means rotations and communication has to be on point for us to be efficient. Lowry doesnt do any of that at all. He gambles way too much for steals which muck up our rotations and he doesnt communicate. Jose is a leader, better yet Jose is the ONLY leader this team has. Lowry is so far from being a leader its not even funny, and for you part time fans/stat followers who dont believe check this out, as a starter K lo stats are as followed 16ppg 5.5rpg 5.7apg 1.7spg 2.6topg not bad but heres the kicker hes started 15 games and of those games were 2-13 now for jose his stats as a starter, 13.2 ppg 4.1 rpg 11.5 apg 1 spg 2.4topg now just looking at the numbers jose’s better and then taking into account Jose started 10 games and of those game were 4-6 so id say our TEAM is better with Jose running the show, which in the end is really all that matters.

    Trade K Lo and Andrea…Wilson Chandler and Andre Miller anyone???