Rapcast #124 – Henry Abbott of True Hoop on Raptor Perceptions

A fun and insightful Raptors chat.

For Episode 124 of the Rapcast, Henry Abbott, the founder/president/head honcho of True Hoop and, of course, the True Hoop Network to which we belong, joined me. Henry was an awesome guest and was very candid in his opinions on the Raptors and how they’re perceived around the league.

*How do people view the 8-19 Raptors?
*Is Bryan Colangelo still held in high esteem around the league?
*Why hasn’t Jose Calderon been traded yet?
*Should Andrea Bargnani get dealt?
*Does the strategy of building through the draft without a star make sense?
*Would it make sense for the Raptors to tank for Andrew Wiggins?
*What if the Draft Lottery was scrapped for a more sensible way of distributing talent?
*Can we get Hedo Turkoglu back so we can see more videos of Tas Melas dancing?
*Why is Toronto looked at as a “small market” with 5.5M people and the 11th-best attendance in the league?
*Much more!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (29:43, 11MB). Or just listen below:

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