For Episode 124 of the Rapcast, Henry Abbott, the founder/president/head honcho of True Hoop and, of course, the True Hoop Network to which we belong, joined me. Henry was an awesome guest and was very candid in his opinions on the Raptors and how they’re perceived around the league.

*How do people view the 8-19 Raptors?
*Is Bryan Colangelo still held in high esteem around the league?
*Why hasn’t Jose Calderon been traded yet?
*Should Andrea Bargnani get dealt?
*Does the strategy of building through the draft without a star make sense?
*Would it make sense for the Raptors to tank for Andrew Wiggins?
*What if the Draft Lottery was scrapped for a more sensible way of distributing talent?
*Can we get Hedo Turkoglu back so we can see more videos of Tas Melas dancing?
*Why is Toronto looked at as a “small market” with 5.5M people and the 11th-best attendance in the league?
*Much more!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (29:43, 11MB). Or just listen below:

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  • voy

    regarding getting rid of the reverse order draft.  how is playing in oklahoma appealing, other than the fact you are playing with durant, westbrook, ibaka… who were all obtained through the current draft process?

    • BlakeMurphy

      That situation would be incredibly appealing to all but the very best prospects, since it would be a winning environment with strong teammates and a successful track record. Only top guys who want “their own team” would likely shy away. The issue would more be their cap space than the draw of the team, in this hypothetical.

      • voy

        thats my point though. in my opinion, its tough to make the argument for getting rid of the reverse order draft because it would force owners and gm’s to work hard in creating a really appealing franchise like okc, when okc is only really appealing because of their good fortune in the reverse order draft.  maybe I missed something in your conversation.

        i also should have mentioned I have really enjoyed these rapcasts.  regardless if I agree with what is being said or not, you guys are doing a great job of putting together a show with well-thought out opinions.

        • BlakeMurphy

          Thanks voy, appreciate that.

    • Matthew Nelson

      I like this system… meaningfully raise the rookie limit and disallow teams from bidding if over the cap etc.  It would limit the teams that could sign the best guys anyway.  In that scenario, Wiggins would likely consider playing for his home country. 

  • Theswirsky

    Do people even understand the consequences of a draft designed anyway other than a safety net for the worst teams?  There would be no need for a league of more than 6 teams.  LA, NY, Boston, Chicago, Houston and Miami.  Everywhere else is as good as pointless. 

    Without the draft designed the way it is, ALL talent is heading in the direction of a few teams.  Instead of FAs it will be FAs, draft picks and then the valuable asset of high draft picks for them in trades.

    Its ludicrous!  There is NO other feasible option if the fans or the league want anything close to parity (And this is relative ofcourse) other than an NBA draft where the worst teams get the best picks.  Period.

    • Brandon

      Why would a great 3 go to Miami just to sit on the bench for years? There’s already an incentive for great young players to be independent of established stars — playing time. That means exposure, which means more money, security, and power.

      The Lakers aren’t going to attract a great 5 with Howard there. They might attract a great 1 and a stretch 4, but that would make them more balanced. I think the league at large would have more balanced teams with no draft.

  • Theswirsky

    another point – wages of wins guys showed its good to get to 35 wins because you are closer to reaching 55 wins?  Ofcourse.  No team goes from 20 to 55 in a season.  They go 20 -> 30+ -> 40+ -> 50+.  But in order to get past that 30+ wins and up to the 50+ win contending range, you have to hit that superstar in the draft (as Abbott states numerous times).  To get that superstar in the draft, guess where you have to start?  Thats right the 20 win range.

    There seems to be a real lack of understand cause and effect here by Abbott. 

    Its snowing outside and the markets are down.  Looks like snow causes the markets to fall. 

    • BlakeMurphy

      That’s not necessarily a fair conclusion re: Henry. I’ll direct you to True Hoop’s “Hoop Idea” spin-off site for more detailed discussions. It’s tough to verbalize the pros and cons of different ideas in a short time frame. I think his point of emphasis was more that there ARE options available that don’t strictly reward losing.

      I do agree that the loss of ability to trade picks would hurt. However, I think it would actually help parity if players could sign anywhere, so long as there was a hard cap (finite amount of money and roster spots), which would go doubly if there were no max salary.

      Anyway, I definitely understand your counterpoints, I just don’t think it was erroneous, it’s just a short format to explain such complex ideas.

  • Right Clique

    The random draft only works if there’s equal revenue sharing across teams and a hard cap. Only then is there an equal playing field and consistent incentive for all to win. Otherwise you’re taking away from small market teams the one thing going for them.

    • monocled_gentleman_scholar

      Well said. I bet that in their heart of hearts, people like Stern and Silver would like to have revenue sharing (for the reason you stated), but they simply have no power to compel the big-market teams to accept such a structure. Would be great for the game though.

      • monocled_gentleman_scholar

        *equal revenue sharing

  • Kate C

    Great interview Blake. It’s always interesting to get an “outsider’s” perspective on the team and the city.