With Jose Calderon playing unbelievably well at the offensive end of late, running the Raptor offense with efficiency and improving the level of “team” basketball being played, I spent some time looking at just how special a player Calderon is.

Now, I know he’s not strong defensively. I also know that’s about as big an understatement as saying “DeMarcus Cousins has some issues,” but it’s also not the point here. I just want to take a holiday moment to appreciate Numero Ocho.

A Model of Efficient Team Management
Since entering the league in 2005-06, Calderon has been a model of offensive efficiency at the point guard position. Consistently racking up assists without turning the ball over, Calderon also adds a three-point stroke and a near-perfect free throw shooting percentage to make for a quality package even despite a low usage rate by point guard standards (he’s currently 45th among qualified point guards in usage rate, per ESPN).

Despite the low usage rate and coming off the bench in 15 of his 28 games, he’s ranked 10th among point guards in ESPN’s Value Added metric, which measures points a player produces above a replacement player (say, Ben Uzoh). To be a top-10 offensive point guard in a split-role without an adjustment for teammate quality (I think) is pretty impressive.

Assist Machine
Where Calderon makes his hay and, if you’ve ever watched a Raptors game, where he obviously excels and adds the most to the team, is in the passing game. He’s seventh in the league in assists per game with 7.5 despite playing under 29 minutes a night. If you look at his 15-game sample as a starter, his 11.3 assist per game would trail only Rajon “I’ll pass up an open layup to make sure I get 10 assists every game” Rondo.

But this is all old hat. We know Calderon is an assist machine and his numbers take a huge jump as a starter. For his career, he’s averaged an assist every 3.8 minutes as a starter and an assists every 4.4 minutes as a reserve, averaging an excellent 9.1 assists per 36 minutes for his career. That rate is tied for the 12th highest all time and the fourth highest among active players.

Historical Significance
All of this is to say that Calderon is a very good distributing point guard. How good? Well, Assist % on B-Ref refers to the percentage of teammate’s field goals a player assists on while on the floor, and is generally a way of pace-adjusting assist rate (though assists are still a somewhat flawed statistic, since they can’t measure when Kleiza bricks an open three, for example, or when Jonas gets fouled diving to the rim and shoots free throws instead of a field goal). Still, if we use Assist %, we see that Calderon is the fourth best in the league for the season so far, assisting on 43.9% of Raptor field goals while he’s on the floor.

What’s additionally impressive about that rate is that it’s the fifth time Calderon is above 40%, which is generally considered a “near-elite” threshold. Calderon would be only the tenth player to ever have five seasons crossing that barrier (John Stockton did it 18 times, eight more than anyone else, just for your information). For a player in just his eighth season in the league, he’s already joined some pretty elite company.

His career Assist % of 39.8% is currently the eighth highest of all time as well. Rarified air, this Calderon sits in. Of course, he gets torched defensively, so people consistently want his head or want him dealt, but there’s something to be said for just setting up teammates better than, you know, almost anyone ever.

The Turnover Factor
Oh yeah, and Calderon doesn’t turn the ball over, either. This season, his assist-to-turnover ratio of 3.89 ranks fourth in the league. Among all players with a career Assist % of at least 35%, his 16.7% career turnover percentage ranks 11th best out of the 29 players (did you know Stephon Marbury rarely turned the ball over? Weird, eh?). Among the 23 players with a career assists per game mark of 7.0 or higher, he has the second best assist to turnover ratio, trailing only Muggsy Bogues.

So What?
So what? It’s the 23rd of December and the team is off for four days. Thanksgiving is gone, but I wanted to thank Calderon, perhaps my all-time favorite Raptor. Also, Jose Calderon’s name is bound to be thrown out in trade talks the next few months given he’s an expiring deal with a sizable contract and could be of huge value to a contending team with point guard and/or floor spacing issues.

Nobody is going to argue that Calderon doesn’t give back some of his value on the defensive end of the floor. At the same time, though, I think people have let that narrative dominate the discussion about Calderon too often.

He truly is a unique and special offensive player. I don’t want to see him go, but teams would certainly be intelligent to inquire, and if he goes, I’ll miss his all-world playmaking. I’m sure his teammates will, too.

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  • unknown guest

    If he does leave, I wish him well. Numero Ocho may very well be my favorite Raptor of this (still) young franchise.
    Go get drunk Blake! Happy Holidays!

  • Noxleno

    When Calderon retires/ is traded, I think one could make a strong case that the organization should retire numero ocho.

  • ghost

    Add all that to the fact the he was undrafted. He came into the league a horrible shooter and lacking the necessary physical attributes to dominate the game. He has exceeded expectations beyond on Raptor in franchise history as well as playing with heart and soul every game. He should be praised for what he has accomplished as opposed to being derided for his defense.

  • Daniel

    Blake, he’s been doing this stuff for 7 seasons. The blogosphere is dominated by streetballers who never played and never understood the game of basketball. The blogs need to attract eyeballs so they pander to their viewership profile. People who are listening to other feeds during games are surprised to notice that every basketball analyst and commentor praise Jose. The key word here is “basketball”.
    His defense is not worse than Nash’s,  Parker’s and other PG’s. Jose “torches” other PG’s with his passing the same as he gets “torched” by other PG’s off the dribble. PG’s approach every possession from the middle of the floor so they have the entire half-court to themselves in order to make a decision with the ball. They are the best ball-handlers as well so, when adding the hand-check rules, they can’t be stopped defensively. Only a well-designed and well-executed team defense can stop the opponent PG’s. Under Triano we were a joke defensively and only under Casey we implemented a reasonably successful team defense concept. Jose plays very well in a team defense concept (compared with Lowry for example, who, while having better physical attributes, can’t play defensse in the team concept).
    We are losing him for nothing, the same as Bosh. The two players Colangelo inherited and he wasn’t able to build around them. Bosh has found his role and he won one championship. He was never the problem in Toronto, he was just not the first option. The same for Jose: he will play for a contender and people will realize what we lost.
    Jose is an elite basketball PG. He plays in a city where the media and the fanbase don’t understand basketball. He became the scapegoat for the management’s failure to build a contender. He never sulked or pouted when he was almost traded or he was benched for inferior players. I’m personally proud to have watched Jose for 7 seasons in Toronto and I’ll be sad when he’s gone. He will have been the most professional basketball player who ever donned a Raptors uniform.

    • BlakeMurphy

      +1 (except the “blogosphere streetballers” comment, though I’ve never played against any other bloggers)

    • Hound

      A great take on a great player! Steve Nash won 2 MVP awards and his defense is definitely no better than Jose’s. We all love Steve, as we should, as he plays basketball (pg) the right way. We can bitch about BC wanting to build around Bargs, but that isn’t even close to the worst he has done. His mismanagement of Bosh and Jose are by far his worst sins. Mismanagement of coaching (Jay Triano, firing Sam Mitchell) signing free agents (Hedo, Landry Fields) and trades (Jermaine O’neil, Kyle Lowry, James Johnson, giving away picks) are all far worse than picking Bargs as pasta boy was the consensus #1 pick that year. His kid gloves with Bargs is horrible though.

      Anyway, i am sure he will fuck this up as well by trading the heart and soul of the team for a head case PG or wasted 2nd round pick that he will give away somewhere down the road.

      Feliz Navidad Jose Calderon!!!!! And Merry Christmas to all the Raptor faithful!

      • unknown guest

        I agree to most of what you said except Smitch. Can we all please drop that? Hate BC all we can, but it was BC’s team (Parker + Garbo) that made him COY. 
        WTF is he coaching now? He as much as anyone mishandled VC. The organization backed a coach who alienated and forced out a player who put the team on the NBA map, yet keeps a GM that coddles a player that instead has made the franchise a laughingstock. Weird sometimes, innit?

    • mountio

      Just because you like basketball played like it was in the 70s, doesnt mean that it needs to be. I dont have a problem with the way Jose plays. But nor do I have a problem with the way that the new age PGs play either (Rose, Westbrook, Parker, etc.). Part of their game is beating your man off the dribble and getting teamates wide open hoops. Jose doesnt do that. On the flip side, Jose is probably a more precision passer than any of those guys (nash even more than Jose). 
      The reality is .. the teams that have won the last several championships (outside of J Kidd who was a complementary piece) have not had a player like you describe a “traditional PG” .. so its hard to argue that somehow this is the only or the preferred way to play. Again .. there is nothing wrong with it .. but its certainly not the only way to have success .. 

      • unknown guest

        “The reality is .. the teams that have won the last several championships (outside of J Kidd who was a complementary piece) have not had a player like you describe a “traditional PG””

        Sadly, this is true. The Bulls had guards who just brought up the ball, same for the Lakers, Heat, etc. although I’d argue Tony Parker and Rondo and more on the traditional side than Rose, Westbrook, etc.

        • mountio

          Rondo Ill give you (although when they won, he hadnt really refined his passing game, more of just a crazy jack of all trades than a traditional PG) .. parker is a slasher / scorer pretty darn similar to westrbook / rose. 

          • unknown guest

            Except Parker knew that he wasn’t the focal point and let his “big” have the ball. Westbrook has gotten better in sharing this season which has made them so much more effective. 
            Sorry, just had to point that out.

      • CJT

        I think you have it backwards.  teams that have won championships over the last few decades have all had more traditional PG’s. 

        • mountio

          see above. Not many examples at all of pass first, high assist PGs outside of J Kidd and Rondo .. and if you go to the top 5 or so teams in the league over the past several years, even less examples .. so this type of PG is certainly not critical to success. .. 

          • CJT

            look at the list again sir, you are mistaken.  Unless our definition of pass first point guards differ, the championship teams for the last decade and and more have all been unselfish pass oriented PG’s.

            • mountio

              ok .. lets go through it
              Miami – chalmers – no (3.6 apg)
              Dal – Kidd – yes
              Fisher x2 – no (<3 apg)
              Rondo – yes
              Parker x3 – no (~18-19 ppg and ~5-6 apg .. much more of a scorer than pass first PG)
              J Will – border line (12.3 ppg/4.9 apg)
              Chauncey – surprisingly no (16.9ppg/5.7apg .. was really their #1 scorer)
              fisher x3 more – no
              Avery Johnson – yes
              harper / kerr x3 – no
              kenny smith x2 – no (10ppg/4 apg)
              BJ Armstrong x3 – no (10ppg/3apg)

              sooo .. by my count over the last 22 seasons, thats 3, Ill even give you 4 with j will at <5apg "traditional pass first pgs" vs 18 or 19 that are not. Am I missing something?

              • mountio

                Also, remember, this is in the context of an anti lowry argument, a guy who has averaged 6.7 and 6.6 apg (along with ~14 ppg) the last two seasons for Hou and isnt “traditional” enough supposedly  … 

              • CJT

                Well, I included Chalmers and Fisher but I suppose I looked at it from a different angle, where neither of them are actually handling the ball that much, but neither are that new breed of point guard you are talking about either.  They are not shooters.  They don’t facilitate because their star 2’s and 3’s handle the ball.  The same for Kenny smith BJ armstrong.  So while I certainly see what you are saying and appreciate the points, I don’t believe KL is like many of those types of guards either.  I think he strives to be like Westbrook and Rose, but doesn’t have the pieces to or ability to rely on.  

                • mountio

                  Fair enough .. and yes, the argument was less “we need to have a scoring PG to win” and more “you dont need to a JC-type super high assist, “floor general” type to win” .. and that in fact, KLs ~6 or so APG compare very favourably with PGs on successful teams  

                • tiredrapsfan

                  Clearly, the score first option is not well represented by winning NBA championship team as listes above. Really the only modern day PG who was a scorer first was Isiah Thomas. Thing to note about your list of winning teams, most had stud big men, great defence and wing players who could drop 20 ppg. BTW, the BJ armstrong ref is almost moot, he had MJ and what did he do after he left the Bulls? Nada.

    • Jason

      You probably got a hard-on after reading this article about your boy Jose.

    • NyAlesund

       I couldn’t agree more.

      People don’t realize how difficult is build a defensive system. If someone watch the Bulls, can see how players not exactly famous to be a big defender play well in a terrific system. Belinelli for example, is flourished there and when you see him you barely recognise the player has played in Toronto under Triano.

      Watch Calderon with the spanish team, same story for Bargs with the italian team. Defensive system.

    • morganc

      Well said. I hope I run into this guy on the street so I can personally thank him for being such a good player, and seemingly good person. A true class act. If he does leave, I pray it will be for a championship.

  • Adriiian

    Jose has always been great, and he’s just proving it now. I went to the Raps game on Friday against the Magic, and I wanted to buy a Jose jersey. The girl said “It’s a bad investment, he’s on the soon-to-be-traded list,” and she always said “that he doesn’t really like being here.”

    That sucks, if it’s true. I bought a DeRozan jersey. He will be here for a while!
    But still, Jose is a class act.

    • BlakeMurphy

      I was there, too. Was a great game, loved how the roof blew off on the Ross jams.

  • FAQ

    I’ve said this before and will say it again… Jose now > Nash now..!!!!

    BC was willing to give Nash a near-max contract to come here for 2-3 years… but Nash turned it down to live in the SW USA (for the poon).

    Jose can prolly find a playoff contending team desperate for a solid PG.. and may even get more than his current $10+Mill per season.

    The question is will Jose stay if BC gives him the same deal he was prepared to give injury-ridden aging-decrepit Nash?


    • unknown guest

      Probably not. If there are teams contending for a title that want him, I can’t see him coming back.

  • profster

    I would not trade Jose.  I would try to extend his contract ASAP.  He is way better than the so called savour that we got in the summer.  I would trade Lowry’s ass out of town along with Bargs.  We should be able to get something good and perhaps another 1st rounder to get another athletic Small FWD. If we can ship 2 out for one in then we can get a 3rd point guard from the D-League in case of injury to Jose.

  • NyAlesund

    Trading Calderon/Bargnani for Lowry is horrible. Tradind those two guys to give more space to combofckfella is crazy.

    He is not Rose, Westbrook, Conley (yes Conley), Rubio, Paul…………

  • mountio

    Jose is a good basketball player. His play over the last week or so has been great – and he was also great for long stretches last year (massively exceeded my expectations). 
    However, if you want to understand why Jose doesnt get his full due or isnt a “complete” player, some things people would note include
    – Matador defense (this has been mentioned before .. but it is very, very bad)
    – Annoying tendencies (including “clap” defense, complaining on every call that he either didnt commit a foul, the ball didnt go off him, etc (soccer style to the point where he has zero credibility with the refs .. but still does it))
    – Dribbling at until late in the shot clock back and forth without accomplishing much – then finally making a pass where the recipient has no choice but to shoot. This does earn you assists, but isnt necessarily helpful to the team
    – his many hamstring / other injury issues have accentuated some of his faults above (although admittedly he has been very healthy the last two years and probably as physically good as he has been in 5+ years)

    As for my overall take on Jose .. the best way I can describe it is up and down. Really liked his game at the start – was in favour of the contract when it was signed. Thought he was BRUTAL for a 2-3 year stretch after the contract – much of of this may have been injury related – but he was very bad and when you add the contract in, its not a surprise that hes probably had more amnesty talk than any other Rap. Now, between this year and last .. he has really outperformed my expectations and he has been a very valuable member of the team. 

    Can you be a great playoff team with Jose at PG? I dont know. He can certainly get abused defensively .. but as other have mentioned, so do guys like Nash. 

    I guess my final point is that Im certainly not joining in on the lovefest here .. I think Jose is what he is .. a good offensive and bad defensive PG, who net, net is probably something like the 15-25th best PG in the league. Not bad and certainly deserving of a starting job somewhere .. Im just not sure Im going out of my way to make sure hes my starting PG ..  

    • Frynoodle

      Defense: I thought Jose’s defense is very very bad before, until I keep seeing even Lowry beat by other PG after P&R, then I am thinking its should be the problem of our big guys or even the whole team doesn’t really know how to play help defense and make a rotation to cover each other. Then, I am thinking about the person who make jose suffer and the person who should trade is AB7.

      Dribble: is the problem of Jose. Of coz, his not even close to Rose, Westbrook, Parker. Those player could create space by themselves and make a pass; but jose only could pass the ball when he see the space after the team movement.

      JV, AJ, ED, TR, even DD is not good enough to carry the team, but they need a PG to fed them. AB7 doesn’t really need a PG, he just keep making JS anywhere his get the ball. So, if we need a guy to help those core players, we may need Jose or someone else could pass them the ball under a reasonable price; or we could use AB7 or Jose to trade a allstar who could carry the team by his own.

      • mountio

        I do agree that KL’s awful D early in the year for the Raps is one of the strongest arguments in defense of Jose’s defense … but I have too many years of evidence (and counter evidence how other Raptors PGs have played better D) – to conclude that Jose is simply a victim of brutal post defenders (although they certainly didnt help his cause ..) 

    • Hound

      Let me ask you, who would you rather have Jose or Kyle? Pick one or the other.

      • mountio

        Kyle (even though I admit hes played like shit outside of the first few games). And, its really not close .. 

        • Hound

          You probably liked Steph Marburry, eric gordon and Iverson. I prefer Chris Paul, Magic, Rubio, Pistol Pete, Calderon and even Jason Williams.

          You mentioned teams that won without traditional pg’s. Name one team that ever won with a “shoot first point guard”? And in my opinion Parker is not that.

          Lowry lost his job to conley and dragic. I can’t see how you think he is way better than Calderon. He may beat Jose 1 on 1, but this is a team game and Calderon makes everyone who plays with him better.

          • mountio

            Im not convinced of the last statement. He for sure racks up assists when hes out there .. but he hasnt done much to help this team win over the years (despite the high assist totals). 
            For the record .. I like lots of guys on your list. Love CP and Magic. Rubio one of my favourite guys to watch in the league. But, hes a totally different passer than JC. Takes way more risk, sure, but gets his teamates much easier shots also. 
            I also happen to love Westrbook (a top 5 player in the league IMO) and Rose. Im not suck his one style vs the other, simply think that KL is a much better overall player than JC. If you asked me KL vs CP3, DR, RB, TP, DW, MC, RR, KI, even Rubio .. then the answer is easy the other way .. 

            • RapthoseLeafs

              This may sound weird, but I gotta half-disagree with you.

              If Raps had Rubio, I would be in heaven. I love his game. The next Stevie. 2nd Round play-offs this season if he was at the helm.

              JC has his limitations (that’s the ageeable part), but he really hasn’t had a true commitment from the Toronto Raptors. If you had a Boss that was suggesting you check out other companies to work for, you might not always perform well at your job.


              That being said, Jose has played on a Raptor team, duelling numerous #1 wannabes. Sure … some might define Jose as a #1 wannabe, a bottom team possible – which he was – but not any better. Personally, when it comes to the Raps and Jose, I feel like I’m watching Groundhog Day.

              I have wondered if Bayless had “got it”, and played the same way in a Back-up role, he could’ve allowed himself to be mentored by a pass first Guard. Eventually, if Jarryd applied himself unselfishly, he might’ve taken over the #1 spot.


              Reality is, Jose has played with an “overall” lack of talent, as well as developing talent. And without a SF for eons. Add a Centre who was not a Centre, and an unusual amount of injuries (something that I can’t really understand – is it the water?). A rookie Demar, who is now coming into his own. An Ed Davis – who I’ll argue is better coming off the Bench (or only start with smaller Bigs) – as someone who has come a long way. He’s got Hops. But he has benefited by Jose.

              And then there’s Amir – with real heart and soul. The problem is, he has played hurt far too many games. I love players who never give up, unfortunately the body can’t promise that. If Amir was allowed to “rest”, I believe you would see a consistent style of play. What I see most in AJ, is that should play-offs come (someday), he is the type of guy I would want up front. Doesn’t have to be long – 20 minutes. Amir is the perfect tonic when healthy, and no $hit going on in his life.

              I believe Jose should be resigned, move Lowry –  trade for or get a draft pick – and go long with it. Pick a PG who is JCjr.

              If that meant moving Ed, so be it. A Lowry/Ed trade should be able snag a good pick in 2014. A lottery pick would be nice. Or obtain a sophomore PG in a trade. I’d even consider moving Demar if we could snag an All-Star PG. Fact is – anybody but JV and Ross. And of course Jose.

              Should luck have it, Andrew Wiggins would work too.


              • mountio

                Agree with most of what you have said. Even the part about potentially trading KL as opposed to JC – since KL has value in the market and JC doesn’t. 
                But – that in and of itself should answer the question about who is the better player. Its definitely KL. 
                As to a plan to get more 2014 draft picks (which assumes that we finishing 4-14th and thus have our own pick as well in 2014) .. Im all for that if, as you describe, it doesnt give up JV, TR (and Id like to think keeping DD or ED – otherwise we will need some sort of player in return as the roster will be getting awfully thin .. )

                • CJT

                  who the better player is is really irrelevant if that player doesnt work well with the team he plays on.  there is no evidence to suggest that KL will become a better team player, he never has been one, make anyone on his team better, magically develop court vision etc.  I completely agree with you that he is more athletic, faster etc, but do not believe that he is the better player for the Raps.  He has proven that he has not been the better player for a few other teams despite having the attributes to be a potentially game changing type point guard.

                • CJT

                  p.s. I am also in favour of trading whoever it is that will net us the best return.  I like Jose, but if he can be part of a deal that nets us a great SF, then the business side of me says to do it.  If it is KL, then I would also do it. 

          • what the

            so what holding back Barney ? can’t Dribbles make him better.

            • RapthoseLeafs

              I’m gonna say we’ll never find out.

  • alexaussie

    For me, there’s no question. Jose is my favourite Raptor of all time.
    I’d love for him to stay and be our first ‘lifer’, but if he does go I wish him nothing but success.

  • knickz

    great post!!!! as a fanboy i hate that he doesn’t drive in the paint but you can’t take away from what this guy has done. re-sign jose and get rudy gay to toronto and i promise you we will make noise

    • mike, prague

       I think Rudy can be forgotten of until Memphis goes slumping… no reason for Memphis to change a thing there.

      • knickz

         money. memphis is cheap

  • RapthoseLeafs

    A basic simple stat:

    Jose (Starting) – 7-6 for the Raps
    Lowry (Starts) – 2-13

    Kyle is a great player – just not the right type for this current team.


    • unknown guest

      What we will need to see is the numbers of Lowry sans AB. Jose + AB on the starting unit was shite as well, so why not have Lowry show us what he can do with a starting 5 that is suited to him?

      • CJT

        ]the starting unit should have to alter it’s play for Lowry, Lowry has to fit the style of play of the starting five. 

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Wondering how Lowry would be without AB as a Starter, may be the current sentiment flavour, but that still doesn’t change the fact that Kyle is the QB, while Andrea is still a Receiver. Unless your 2 Guard is a great ball-handler, the PG position is where everything starts.

        That in no way means Bargnani wasn’t playing in a functional way. Or affecting the record. Most of the team was dysfunctional.

        Kyle is the type who plays his own game. Fast, and quick – unlike what Jose does. Calderon’s style gives our Defense more opportunity to be prepared. To me, that benefits a guy like Bargs more.

        Would this team be better or worse, if Andrea was in (with Jose at the helm)? The numbers say Ed had better stats before this 5 game winning streak. Davis did pick up most of the 1.0 Rebounding improvement with Andrea out (0.8 to be exact). Ed’s scoring efficiency dropped. As did his rebounds (per 36). Davis’s assists per game improved (0.43 to 2.0). The team as a whole saw an +8.0 swing in assists (Opponent Differential).


        So … would we have won 5 games with Andrea?
        Who knows?
        Would we have won 5 games with Lowry?
        I’m guessing not. 

        Being that I think this series of wins was a huge function of Jose’s play (and style), I’d have to bet Lowry would have the less wins.


    • what the

      really guy you think el sabbator was giving his all coming off the bench 

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Jose had more assists off the Bench (per 36), then Lowry had as a Starter.

        Calderon’s efg% was .505 as a Bencher. Lowry’s statline – as a Starter – was .480

        Was el Matador giving it his all? Maybe. Maybe not. Point is, whatever his effort was, Raps were a better team. That’s my point about moving Lowry.

        His “valueness” strikes me as inflated. That’s not a bad thing. Sell high, cause we bought low. All smiles around.


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WASFAWUFRIT3ZOQZMJ6ZDW5HPU Matthew

    I think Jose fits this team better offensively because he makes the people around him better, which is what this team really badly needs. Derozan, Ross, Davis, Valanciunas can’t create their own offense. Jose allows them to play their own game and he gets them easy looks.  This is why they look so much better with him because the team only has to focus on the defensive end, knowing the offense will flow and come easy too them. 

    This doesn’t mean Lowry is a bad player, not at all, in fact when both are at their best Lowry is the more effective play because he impacts the game in so many ways and he proved this during the first couple of games of the season. He can be an important piece to this team but he needs to refine his game and maybe learn a thing or two from Jose about the offensive side of the game. 

    I really hope they do resign Calderon and keep Lowry because I love the combination and the potential it has. Now If Calderon wants a similar contract to the one now, then its a different story, or you have too choose between him and Lowry. Or if a mid to high first round pick is offered for one of the two, the GM has to really ponder that offer as well because this team is not ready this year.

  • Roarque

    Good piece Blake and nice contributions from the peanut gallery. The Amigo will mostly be missed by the Raptor players like Amir and Davis and Anderson and Keiza. His passes pad their scoring stats every game and that’s why those player D it Up for Jose to cover his matador-ish tendencies in the open court.

    The bad news for 2013 is that the Amigo will be gone – I just hope he takes Bargs with him and the Raptors get a decent power forward in return. Gasol would do the trick for me. Throw in a Back up PG and Bob’s your uncle.

    Adios Amigo!!

  • Kuzzybear

    I believe that Jose has done a tremenous job as the Raptor PG. Let us remember that for the most part he was playing with younger / inferior? talent and still made them look good. It should be the organization’s focus to make him a lifer and retire his number. Jose- a pleasure and privilege to watch you play the game.

  • Holycraptors.com

    Jose is like the Raptors equivalent of Wendel Clark. Solid player with some admitted faults, struggled through some years of management’s poor decisions. Wendel got traded and then came back when the team was in a better situation…maybe Jose will have that luck too.

    • unknown guest

      Not improbable. If he does leave, wouldn’t mind seeing come back to retire a Raptor.

  • The Gaupe

    Are the same people who are now wanting to retire Jose’s number the same people who were glad we traded  #1 for Lowry because Jose was no good? 

    • CJT

      I know that there has been a lot of chatter about Jose’s talent for years, I was one of the people that was pretty jacked to have Lowry, because I believed he had the ability to be a game changing type point guard, nothing at all to do with Jose.  I don’t think KL has shown that he can be the guard I was hoping for, I don’t think court vision and unselfishness are attributes that can be taught, you have then or you don’t.  I hope I am wrong about him though.

    • unknown guest

      Yes and no. There are lot of people in the fanbase who dislike Jose due to race, perceived (lack) of ability, etc. 
      Then there are those who liked Jose, but think in today’s NBA, an attacking PG is more suited to build with, with a PG who protects the ball as an asset off the bench.

  • j bean

    Historically significant? Because of all the allstar appearances or the playoff victories or championships or is it the leading the league in scoring or assists for so many years. Maybe you’ve never heard of the pg’s that had 13 allstar appearances or won 1st team offensive and defensive spots to go along with 6 NBA championships and mvp trophies.
    Look at how many top 100 point guards of all time lists he is on. Historically significant are not words that apply to Jose unless you only follow the Raptors. 

  • Sinatras

    let us all first find out if JC wants to stay here by offering him a new 3-4 year deal. Somewhere about 5-6mil with the 4th or 5th year being a team option. If he doesn’t sign in the next few weeks then get as much as you can for him. DONOT let him go like Bosh!!! If he signs then try to get a 1st round pick for KL. Chicago right now desperately needs a PG and KL or JC would help them! 

    • Adriiian

      Jose on the bulls would be, championship caliber, no doubt. He gots a ton of assists with Amir, Ed, JV, etc. Noah and Boozer and quality pieces, and easier assists and more assists for Jose.

    • unknown guest

      Agreed. Sign or sign and trade.

  • Superjudge

    I read a lot of peoples comments about how bad Jose Calderons defence is.  I find it funny as almost none of these guys even know what good defence is, they only comment and spout off on things they read on blogs or on messageboards.  Dude is a pretty good player, most people NOT in Toronto know it.

    • unknown guest

      This is sad. True and sad. Make no mistake, he’s not a good defender, but he’s not the worst either.

      • j bean

        Who is worse?

        • CJT

          statistically, Lowry.

          • j bean

            I’ve seen the stats from this year taken from a small sample of games many of which Lowry wasn’t 100 percent healthy. I’ve also watched Jose for 7 years and can tell you beyond a doubt Jose offers much less in the way of resistance defensively. You probably already know that though if you have watched him play.

            • CJT

              I would say that Lowry is much quicker than Jose without a doubt, but I think he carries that same “hero” mindset that we have seen on offense with him on defense and consequently puts the team in similar if not worse positions that Jose does.  But no doubt the potential for superior defense is there.