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I can’t believe it’s been four years since we started this thing of ours here at Raptors Republic. Regardless of degree of crappiness the Raptors have exhibited, we could always count on your support; for that, we’re thankful.

So whether your lighting candles, decorating a tree, asking about the news or airing your grievances, everyone here at The Republic wish you and yours a happy holiday; God bless.

Picture courtesy of Matthew Stasyna from Turbozone.

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    Big Val looks like a freaking boss in that chorus LOL, Quincy and Johnson singing/screaming at the refs, Calderon looking at his future spot on a championship contender and Kleiza with his “imma rape the shit out of you” stare

    • JamesJr


  • Randy227

    This is friggin’ sweeeeeet

  • mike, prague

    Nailed it.

  • j bean

    It’s great to have a place where we can argue, ridicule, laugh and occasionally agree with one another.
    Have a Hoopy Christmas Everyone.

  • hotfuzz

    Why is JV holding his book upside down?

    • mike, prague

       To show his extreme foreignness and gaps in English ;-)…. My questions are: Is that Yeti really Gray? (Lol) and Who the hell is the guy in the Yeti’s crown? (ROTFLOL)

  • unknown guest

    Bahahaha, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Now back to some NBA action while attempting to help my little guy build lego.

  • cesco

    this site is going to shit, didn’t even include the best player bargnani in this picture. racist pricks.

    • Sam Holako

      Really? Bargnani is in the baby stroller below Colangelo…

      • p00ka

        you should have made his picture bigger, seeing as he the most important/best player on this team.

        • cesco

          as always good quality post, +1.

        • NyAlesund

           He was the best player on this team. Now he is on the way…..

        • p00ka

          Grow up, or some balls, and stop posing as both me and cesco, making dumb comments.

          • cesco

            make/use an account then you dumb bitch.

  • KJ-B

    “Accelerated Rebuild Towing”  — pahahahaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  • EG_48

    Makes me proud to be a Raptor Fan. Love the LA-LA-LA Carol!