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Morning Coffee: December 28th Edition

Raptors’ Kyle Lowry says he’s OK with not starting | Toronto Star

“Guys are playing well, the team’s coming together, they’ve been moving the ball, we won some great games,” he said. “(Wednesday night in a 100-80 loss to San Antonio) we had one bad stretch and it gave one of the best teams in the league the chance to go up but we’ve been playing well, everyone’s been playing together.”

Can returning Lowry adapt to Raps’ new team play | Toronto Sun

Style of play has changed although the sets remain the same. Perhaps most different of all will be the expectations from his coach and teammates. No longer will individual play be tolerated above team play.

Toronto Raptors: With Kyle Lowry Expected to Return, How Long Does Jose Calderon Remain A Starter? | Rant Sports

Calderon was the direct spark that fueled the Raptors to their five game win streak and has unquestionably deserved the right to be the team’s starting point guard. However, with his contract up at the end of the season and Lowry’s addition in the offseason to become the team’s starter, how long does Calderon have left before he returns to his role off the bench or even off the team altogether?

The Wings Of The Future | Jurassic Dunk

Ross’ individual development has been spotty but encouraging. His athleticism is staggering, and as a result he’s earned a reputation as one of the best, most exciting dunkers in the league. His athleticism serves him well on defense too, and according to Synergy, he’s the 48th best defender in the league, ranked by points per possession.

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