Raptors’ Kyle Lowry dominating as reserve point guard | National Post

“I think he had a chance to sit back and see how we played, to understand how we played, and not necessarily just playing fast and not moving the ball. We’re a little bit more structured than [how] he first started playing in the beginning,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said. “I think he had a chance to sit back and see how we were doing at that time. He’s doing a good job of moving the ball.

Raptors’ Landry Fields accepts new role as part-time power forward | Toronto Raptors

Having missed almost a month of the season thanks to surgery on his elbow, Fields has come back to a team enjoying unprecedented success. To crack a rotation that’s been getting effective play from a variety of small forwards and shooting guards, he has to find a way to make himself useful.

Raptors’ Dwane Casey knows firings a fact of life for NBA coaches | Toronto Star

Why? Why take on such a job? Why live with the threat of firing continually hanging over your head? Why put up with the egos, the slings and arrows, the scrutiny, the pressure? “It beats working” was how Casey put it.

New Hope For the New Year | RaptorBlog

With the Celtics blown out in Sacramento on Sunday evening, the Raptors head into 2013 just 3.5 games behind eighth place Boston, and while I doubt it will be Boston that Toronto is really chasing in the end (I still see the Celtics finishing higher than eighth), that’s still a feat in itself when you consider that the Raps were as many as 8.5 games back as recently as mid-December.

Raptors’ second unit firing on all cylinders | Toronto Sun

To be clear they are not as feared as that Clippers tribe which includes Jamaal Crawford, Eric Bledsoe, and Matt Barnes, but like those Clippers reserves the Raps reserves are having an impact.


Sitting and watching has proven to be valuable for Lowry as he observed the merits of team basketball being reinforced with his counterpart, Calderon, running the team. Just look at the first couple of touches for Lowry in the two recent road wins over New Orleans and Orlando. After breaking down the defence, he opted to pass the ball to open shooters even though he was in the lane and nobody would have batted an eyelash had he scored himself.

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18 Responses to “Morning Coffee: January 1st Edition”

  1. Daniel

    The entire media, mainstream and alternative, have a huge egg on their faces after the delusional narrative spelled out this summer. Unfortunately they are not doing anything to regain their credibility back as they still show emotional attachment to it. The media and some of the fans still don’t understand what happened and why. They keep making fools of themselves by declaring Lowry “the best talent” on the team (completely nuts) and hoping players will learn basketball by watching their teammates.
    I am really disappointed in Casey. It took injuries to Fields, Lowry, and Andrea for him to be forced to play a winning hand. One can question where would we have been had not been the injuries from Portland’s game. We were on pace for becoming the worst team in NBA and he still didn’t make any changes. He played politics instead of coaching to win. Make no mistake, the main reason for the incredible turnaround has been the switch between Calderon and Lowry. We are 0.600 with Jose starting which would be the 4th best record in the East. My opinion is that a starting unit with Jose and Andrea would have been even better than Jose and Davis.
    Now the cat is out of the hat. All this summer’s moves have proved disastrous for the team. Colangelo is so lucky that the ownership is a corporation instead of an individual. It is much easier for individuals to hold people accountable than for corporations with their red tape and conflicting agendas. We are winning with the guys kept from the previous season. Jonas is terrible defensively and Ross is starting to contribute to the team’s success, especially on the defensive end. The asset management is a mess and the future seems bleak. We need a fresh start however I’m not very hopeful due to the ownership’s incompetence in professional sports. 

    • Tee

      “We are winning with the guys kept from the previous season.”
      That happens sometimes when players mature and get comfortable with eachother.
      ” Jonas is terrible defensively and Ross is starting to contribute to the team’s success, especially on the defensive end. The asset management is a mess and the future seems bleak.”
      You might be trippin.

      Jonas Lowry DD Ross seem like a solid core. You have to give them at least 24 months before you can judge.

      with the exception of Lowry)They’re fucking kids.

      Im a bit confused by the point of your post but most of what your saying sounds correct.  But all i can suggest is to observe and wait until the end of the season to make further judgements.

    • p00ka

      You should stay away from bad drugs during the holidays, but I’ll play along for a bit.

      “All this summer’s moves have proved disastrous for the team.”

      1/3 the way through the season, little if anything, has been proven or disproven, but perhaps you can enlighten us to ALL those moves that you’re referring to, and how they “have proved disastrous”.

    • KJ-B

      In a sense, it’s kind of like any other job Politicking, Poli-tricking is part of the biz… Casey as “good” as he is reputed to be, doesn’t have a career winning record from the head coaching seat.   So, it only makes sense that BryCo was using this to his advantage  with the board at MLSE and still vicariously coaching through Casey even against the Casey Philosophy’s best interest…
      The biggest change in this whole drama has been the silent nature of the scene stealer in chief Colangelo.  I find it funny, how quiet he’s been since throwing the Rookie Ross under the bus and blaming his NBA Stepson -7’s struggles on the inefficiency of the team. 

      Win. Lose or Draw.  Colangelo has proven that although talented, he is not the right guy for a Canadian market that values grinders like Evans, JYD and ED Davis.  He doesn’t get it and not sure he should be given the reins going forward.

      As per the media, them re-iterating Colangelo’s talking points about who’s the “most talented Raptor”, I can only say that it shows hard much an influence that Colangelo has wielded behind the scenes where guys refuse to criticize the obvious flaws in Basketball prospectus for success–which starts + ends with a former #1 that is grossly overpaid in the new CBA…which is why he cannot get a deal for -7.

      • KJ-B

         “that it shows hOW much OF an influence that Colangelo has wielded behind the scenes where local guys practically refuse to criticize the obvious flaws in his Basketball prospectus for success”

        • Theswirsky

          its absolutely obscene how little criticsm existed in the mainstream media towards Bargnani and Colangelo.  One only has to look to the media and the diverse opinions that exist in regards to the Leafs, Burke, his decisions and his players. Then compare that with Colangelo.  At best you’d get is non-constant praise from a few, excuses and support from the rest.

          How is it even possible to have a guy like Bargnani could be viewed as even a positive contibuter by people who are supposed to know and cover the sport?  And then to make matters worse turn him into a franchise player and no one can even question the stupidity of this?  Its lunacy.  Markets like NY, LA, Boston, Chicago, Philly, Detroit would have eaten the GM alive if they even thought of using Bargnani in the fashion Colangelo did.  In Toronto its just par for the course.

          Maybe there still is a serious lack of basketball knowledge across this country amplified by media members trying to sell knowledge they don’t have.  Maybe its too many who have become accustomed to soft jumpshooting big men being the norm.  Maybe its just pure homerism and head in the sand disease.   

          I’d want to say many are just puckheads, but any Canadian puckhead would laugh while watching Bargnani, they appreciate toughness and effort as much as anyone else.

          Atleast this wasted era is almost over.  Almost…. right?

          • Jamshid

            “Atleast this wasted era is almost over.  Almost…. right?”
            Lets hope you are right but the more important question is that did we learn our lesson ? Are we still going to blindly support a GM with a flash? Are we going to JUST invest on potential without really doing our homework? 
            Toronto fans are loyal but this is costing them. There is a time to be loyal and there are times to criticize and evaluate without a bias.

          • KJ-B

            On point–my point being is favoritism has to end or at the very least be controlled/confined to off the court BUT the relationships off the court do affect the ones on it… Professional Sports can be very childish at times like Kobe/Shaq but they sacrificed in the name of winning and common sense until that ran out…

            In TDot, we’ve literally seen the effect right before our eyes of pro athletes having to earn minutes and trust of each other and their coach and just the breath of new life that has taken 1 group of guys that they will take with them the rest of their careers–it must be great feel on top of the world to dig out of that tunnel especially when the “Golden Boy” said they were the worst team in the L! Even better still, that that guy is being called out across the association by seasoned Hoops beat writers/journalists as being “the problem” and not “the team”…

            Here’s to hoping the “new culture” of the awareness of “we” + not “me” is given wings to fly all the way to the playoffs in April!

            • KJ-B

              “that has taken 1 group of guys and that they will be able to  take this experience with them the rest of their careers–it must be a great feeling on-top-of- the-world vibe to dig out of that tunnel”

    • KaioKev

      Yeah were winning now but lets reserve judgement until we play the Miami’s, the Memphis’s, Chicago’s, New York’s and the LA’s (with Nash). Remember we’ve won 7 of our last 8 with the only loss coming to San Antonio – the only team with a plus .500 record in that span. Now if we start beating those teams I mentioned above, then I would love to have a conversation about ownership, front office and coaching incompetence.

  2. BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Bobcats just ended an 18 game losing streak- Toronto is only 3 games ahead of them in the standings…

  3. Roarque

    Trade no one now.

    The Raptors are paying Dwane Casey to coach. Make no mistake about this: he’s forgotten more than anyone here will ever know about handling professional athletes.

    Make Brian Colangelo wait for the trade deadline, showcase our talent and be ready for the offers. Underline your untouchables BUT even then be ready to bargain. Nobody EVER gets 100% of what they want in a trade.

    DDR*, ED* and KL* are players we don’t want to lose BUT the sun will still come up the next day and they will bring what we need which is to move Andrea and Jose this year and get back a neglected superstar who’ll be ready to blossom in 2014/5.

    Man I’d hate to lose one of these guys* but for Kevin Love? Kevin Love? I’d throw in Ross.

  4. j bean

    The Raptors have won 7 of 8 with some really entertaining ball. Surprisingly good from AA, and TRoss. Jose has played he best ball of his career and DD, ED and AJ have all shown they can play at a steady, fairly high level. I mean good enough to beat a lot of teams.
    Kyle Lowry has come back and played two games where he showed how to come off the bench and play with intelligence, energy and great execution. Calderon would do well to watch Lowry and see how a backup can positively impact the game cause when he was coming off the bench his play was absolute rubbish and Jose isn’t starting for the rest of his career. 
    Portland is going to be a great test for the Raptors and it’s always nice to start off a home 
    stand with a w but at’s gonna be a tough one. 


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