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Morning Coffee: January 8th Edition

Trading For Gay No Longer Worth It | RaptorBlog

Here’s what Rudy Gay is right now, and what he’ll probably be for the majority of his prime years (he’s 26): A borderline All Star from year to year who can be depended on for 17-18 points and 5-6 rebounds per 36 minutes while playing inconsistent defence. In summary, Rudy Gay is an above average NBA player who is a Tier 2 star on his best days and a frustrating potential head case on his worst days.

RaptorBlog Radio: Happy New Year | RaptorBlog

On the first 2013 episode of RaptorBlog Radio, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss what went right for the Raptors in their recent run, what’s gone wrong in the last two games, what lineup changes need to be made, whether the Raptors have realistically gotten themselves back into playoff contention, and as always, we wrap up by looking at the week ahead.


Gotta tell you, he’s a better player than I thought. I liked him when he got here last season…


If Toronto wants a Rudy Gay-type, then they’ll have to make Ross and/or Davis available whether they want to or not. The fact is that Toronto’s high-salary options aren’t highly-coveted pieces, at least when it comes to making a trade for guys like Gay or Pau Gasol, so Toronto will have to sweeten the pot to acquire such an asset.

The Alan Anderson Project | Jurassic Dunk

While it’s true that Toronto’s hellish start wasn’t entirely due to AA’s injury – just like it wasn’t all Bargnani’s fault – Toronto’s downright good play hasn’t coincided with Anderson’s return completely by accident. While it may be difficult for non-Raptors fans to look at AA’s statistics and not blanch, he really has been a useful wing player.

The Raptors are not who you think they are | The Good Point

When looking at team stats, we see Lowry has a higher Usage Percentage than Calderon and a higher Win Share per 48 minutes. So not only is he used more often in team plays, but he’s more valuable on a per-minute basis. His PER and Simple Rating are higher, too. By nearly any measure, Lowry is just as valuable as Calderon. He’s actually a little better.

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