Miscommunication on who had Quick React tonight. Raptors win huge with an awesome effort, 99-78 over the Bobcats.

Here is your quick reaction:

Also, the fans booed at the end of regulation when the Raptors failed to hit 100 points for free pizza. Not only does Pizza Pizza suck and 75% of fans probably wouldn’t claim the prize anyway, the quiet crowd felt the need to speak their dissatisfaction in the waning moments. Embarrassing.

Still, big win for the Raptors. Check back tomorrow morning for a full and proper post-game.

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  • Holycraptors.com

    Nice to see emphatic wins on those “should win” games. Quincy had a nice dunk too.

    Loving Ed Davis’ little running hook, loving Fields on the rebounds, loving watch Aaron Gray play like someone lost in the mall looking for the Radioshack. (But only loving it when the Raptors are winning big and Gray’s mistakes don’t matter.)

    • Guest

      I know, right? When is Aaron Gray finally going to realize that Radio Shack is The Source now?

      • Holycraptors.com

        Oh no! Where’s he gonna get replacement headphones for his Discman?

        • Dkfjrmsiraaad

          And his RC buggy by tyco

  • Truthkiller

    I don’t see it for now b/c we’re winning but why the fuck is “ALAN ANDERSON” shooting 17 times and who the fuck is allowing him?

    • Deeram1007

      Alan Anderson is giving us a nice scoring burst of the bench, believe it or not he is one of our most productive guys in these happy times. 

      • mountio

        i love how when its AA its “productive”, when its AB as a more efficient rate (albeit awful, but more efficient than AA’s 35% on the year from the field), its volume shooting. 
        AA has brought a lot to the team (defensively and offensively) .. but hes a chucker, plain and simple. He needs to stop shooting so much. 

        • unknown guest

          Why do you think that is?

        • Giselle Ferguson1315

          Im not standing up for AA taking that many shots because he shouldn’t be at all. But one reason why when AB shoots like that we get at him more is because AB does NOTHING else on the floor to help you win and he doesn’t have a dagger shot. AA has a dagger shot meaning he can shoot poorly for the whole game but hit the three when it counts and is really needed. Not many guys in the league have that ability unless they are an all star or superstar player. Also AA does so many other things to help you win even when his shot is off. He plays really good D, hustles and is a good passer when he gets into the lane. Also AB is suppose to be our “number 1” guy. It hurts ALOT more when your “number 1” option shoots that poorly every game and does NOTHING else than when a role player does. But you are absolutely right, he needs to take less shots for sure. 

      • cdub

        It’s ok when all his misses are disguised becasuse the raps are grabbing his rebounds like last night. or the raps are up by 20 when he starts chucking. I like his game but he is shooting way too much, everyone was dissing Lowry for doing this and now everytime Lowry passes him the ball he is jacking it up. 

        • c_bcm

          He’s our only off the ball 3-point threat. SO he’s got to shoot it when he gets it to keep the defence honest.

          • cdub

            A lot of his shots are quick off the first pass.  Hes shooting a terrible percentage.  I like his intangibles and defence, I’m just saying we didn’t sign derozan to that deal and trade our 1st round pick for lowry so anderson can jack 17 shots a game….hes scoring timely baskets I’ll give him that.  Ross is an off ball 3 pt threat…he  took 6 shots.  derozan took 8 shots….lowry 6 shots….anderson 6-17 3 reb 2 ast and no trips to the line…thats bargnani numbers.  they are winning all is good but we’ll see when they lose a few with that stat line what people are saying.  I think 10 shots or less and some trips to the line would be better.

  • sasha vujacic

    casey waved off lucas at the end so he wouldnt shoot….he heard the chants for pizza, he is heartles

    • Scottbbaird


  • Bobbmac

    I am also wondering about Anderson. Lowry appeared to go through the same phase. D-league to 17 shots. Over the last few games many have been early in the clock and some just plain poor opportunities. Someone has to grab ahold of the reins…

    • CJT

      have you fellas looked at his stats since he has been back?  He is 40+% from the floor and 39% from 3.  As long as he is hot I’m sure he has the green light.  He also busts his ass D.  Does it really matter that he came from the D league or from Europe or China?  He has been very effective and we have been winning so why complain.

      • mountio

        havent isolated since he got back .. but hes 38% from the field for the year from the field. In no way, shape or form is that “HOT”. Thats horrible. 
        I agree at LEAST hes 36% from 3, which is adequate at best, but not great. 
        Compare to our favourite “volume shooter”, who shoots 44% from the floor for his career (36% from 3). 

        • unknown guest

          Oh, did you watch the game last night? That Jack Armstrong guy on tv, I’m not sure if he knows much about basektball, but he was saying something along the lines of that supposedly, the team is shooting much better from 3 NOW, than when this Bargnani guy was on the team earlier.
          crazy, isn’t it? I’m sure he’s wrong though.

          • mountio

            Ya .. jack did say that. I havent looked at the stats, but it certainly seems like its true. We are moving the ball WAY better and playing like a team. No argument there. 
            Thats doesnt change the fact that AA has been inefficient on the offensive end though. The point is more that DD, KL, JC, TR, etc have elevated their game post AB because they are getting more touches in the context of the offense with better ball movement. This is in part because AB is simply gone, but in part because we are running a better offense also .. not just the stupid pic n pop for a long J. 

            • Gregast

              Noted last night that AA’s threes were hit during his first appearance. Perhaps, like many, his threes tend to happen in bunches.
              Also AA is no more efficient with his long twos than with his threes – the opposite of DDR.

        • CJT

          I did isolate it.  That is the time frame I am referring to.  Nobody on here is asking why AA was shooting so much 3 months ago.  They are asking about now and that is the stat line that was quoted. 

  • Bendit

    I would hope those were sarcastic boos for the slice considering the score.

  • ibleedpurple

    I was at the game with a new nik name for lucas all lined up (Mr. Pizza) but he did the right thing by holding the ball and letting the clock run out. The game was a wash from the first quarter onwards and the fans were looking for some excitement.

    Great big to big passing early in the game. Overall a solid effort the cats never had a chance in this one. The Bucks won’t be rolling over this easy.

  • Pesterm1

    I hope no member of this site attended the game and booed. That Shi is utterly embarrassing and makes us look pathetic. Raptors should get rid of the promotion all together or at least make it so its defensive thing. What I have heard mentioned previously is “f the other team scores less than 100 fans get pizza. “

    • Gregast

      Much more enlightened idea. Pizza Pizza should jump all over it!!

      • Holycraptors.com

        The Blue Jays’ pizza promotion is related to how many strikeouts the Jays manage, not how many runs we score.

        • Gregast

          There you go. How’s about defensive rebounds or rebound in total? But I still like Pestern1’s concept.

  • Ion66

    I do hope that by now the pizza boos are just part of the fun of the game experience, and not in any way directed at the team itself or how it’s been playing. I’ve seen images of the crowd and I’ve seen a few smiles to go with the boos.

    • Holycraptors.com

      I think the pizza boos were coming mostly from people who don’t follow the Raptors or basketball, who are just at the game for a good time, and don’t realize how tacky it is to go for a last-second shot when you’re up by 20.

      Toronto has a lot of casual sports fans who don’t really get the game…they go totally nuts for the possibility of catching a t-shirt, they cheer really loud for a basket that was obviously waved off…they boo when we barely miss 100 points. It’s all in good fun.

      But the suggestions people are posting here re: changing the promotion are a good idea, because if it was something related to defence or winning or even offensive rebounds, it might help the opposing fans understand the important aspects of the game.

  • Buschfire

    Its great to see Landry Fields contributing, he had another 8 pts 11 reb & 2 Ast tonight. His shot still looks a little funky, but it is slowly getting better. I think now its just a bit more of a mind thing and just getting into his rhythm. If he keeps getting to the line and “calibrating” his shot in game, it will continue to get him on his way. You can still see he is scared to shoot from beyond the arc. I hope he gets his stroke back, it must be so frustrating, he works hard on & off the court and is a smart player, he at least deserves to get his shot back…

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Solid W.
      Fans booing because no free pizza- no wonder BC is getting over on these fools spending their money on his bullchit product the past 4 1/2- give or take a few months, seasons.
      TRoss needs to get starters minutes when healthy- point blank!
      And to this guy talking about LFields getting his shooting stroke back from deep- he has never been a solid 3 pt or jump shooter as his jumper is broke and has been ever since I started watching him play at Stanford- do you really know basketball or believe what BC says about players ie Melo contributed to Fields piss poor shooting last season?

      #FireBC #FireCasey #TradeBargnani #TradeJose #AmnestyKleiza #TradeForGay #StartTRoss #HireNateMcMillian

      • You are the best (hahahahaha!)

        Tony Wroten Jr that’s my boy…………………………………………. (D League)

        • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Sorry, he’s been back in the NBA- get a clue Sherlock.

          Btw TWroten is better than TRoss- believe it or not, in Memphis TRoss would be stuck on the bench as well- recognize game.

      • John

        So you want to trade for Rudy Gay yet a fan of starting Terrance Ross. Trading of Gay doesn’t make sense when when you already have the potential of Terrence to be a better player in the future

        • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Let you tell it……..

  • j bean

    Huge contrast between the coaching with Casey implementing his defense focused share the ball concept while the Bobcats had nobody trying to find a teammate with an open look. 

  • Bboca

    I remember a lot of guys here pushing Kemba as the Raps 1st round pick. 
    He has a long way to go if he’s going to become any kind of force at the point.

    • John

      Kemba is dropping 17 a game. He is becoming a quality point guard in this league. He is just stuck with the worst team in the league

      • j bean

        From the times I’ve seen him he can score but he doesn’t have the vision to create nice looks for his team. His assists are less than 6 a game and he turns it over more than I’d like. TJ Ford looked just as good which isn’t bad but not near the level Kemba was being promoted as around draft time.

        • John

          Well exactly my point, create nice looks for who, bismack biyombo (I think I spelled that right). He is playing pretty well with defenses focused upon him every night for a second year player. Same goes for Kyrie Irving.

  • HitItHardFromTheBack

    TRoss lookin like TT from the Game to me…

  • NoKidsAllow

    Landry Fields needs some love! Back to Back solid efforts

    • Until he hits two straight jumpers in a row, then I’ll give him love

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Wasn’t the Triano era about rebuilding- developing roster talent?

    And then Casey in his 1st head coaching presser says that his regime (proved it by keeping 3 Jay assistants none named Alex English though) is a continuation of what Jay started yet Jay has bounced from the TDot and a comfy front office job to Portland while the Raptors are still Lottery bound with no pick (BC traded the pick away for a pg who is currently coming off of the bench behind Jose while OKC gets to reap the benefits of the Raptors lottery quagmire).

  • 511

    Can’t help noticing that Lowry’s been anything BUT trouble coming off the bench. Either the tellers of the stories of the problem-attitude that were spoken of about him (from before he got here) misunderstood what they were seeing or they left out relevant details about it all. Or, he’s done a one-eighty. It’s all good, though. When both he and Jose are ‘on’, the pg position sure seems in good hands. 

    In the post-game I heard Casey say about Amir that he’s on “a bum ankle … (and that) some guys would be out for two or three months (with an ankle like that).” I didn’t know he was still hurting from the injury (that I only sort of remember) that happened a month (?) or so ago … but at the time, I remember having not being all that wild about how Amir HAD been playing and thinking, if how he seemed to play better in previous seasons when he was hurt (like, almost always to one degree or another), maybe he’d start to play better now that he was hurting again. I was only half-kidding (think I said it – ya I did) but … here he’s been hurt for this last month or so, playing better since that very time so … it seems like it actually could be true. (Which doesn’t even seem possible but …) I think he really does play better when he’s playing in pain. Curious thing. 

    Speaking of ankle-injuries, it’s unbelievable to me how players can be limping one day and the next, flying through the air (and landing like it’s nothing) like TRoss does. (Man, does he fly beautiful!) I never had an ankle injury that didn’t have me hobbling and limping (if I was hobbling) for like, days and days, never mind leaping and landing in cruise-mode a day or so later. F me. Whatever physical condition they’re in, I was never – like, ever – there. (And I worked on it a lot at one time.) 

    I like Acy. No idea how it’s all gonna go for him as it all goes along but he’s easy to pull for. Might be a bit off the wall but … I’d like to see how good a three point shooter he’d be if he worked like a madman on it during the off-season. He’s got enough shooting ability (I think) that he might be able to get that down. With enough focus on things he could be one we’re glad to have allowed time to develop, in years ahead. He could likely become a rebound crazy-man with some extra muscle and such, of course, but he could be more than that, I think. 

    Heard someone say during the post game something about (that) Anderson might be the MVP of the team so far. I guess he’s in the conversation but to me, Jose is all over that one. When he’s not been half-asleep (which has only happened a couple or so times) Calderon has been fantastic so far this year. 

    • Are you serious, I think you were half asleep when you wrote this.
      A bum ankle does would not take out a professional athlete two to three months. I don’t know what your smoking there.
      And I don’t know what the fuck your saying by asking Acy to practice 3pt shots in the offseason. Like why? Seriously he is not Bargnani. His career path is going to be a rugged inside player who is asked to play solid defense, grab rebounds and finish off feeds from teammates.

      • j bean

        I heard Casey talking about Amir’s ankle and agree he should stick to coaching  and forget about diagnosing injuries or how long they take to heal.
        Acy’s game reminds me of ED’s rookie year and I’d like to see more of him. Don’t see why he might not to be able to knock down his jumper as his mechanics look ok.

        • CJT

          he has knocked down a few jumpers already.  His jumper is more about confidence and playing time than talent.

      • 511

        Half asleep? Lol. Might’ve been. 

      • 511

        So john g … I recorded a replay of the post game show from last night and … Casey did say what I thought he’d said. For whatever that’s worth. All things considered, chances are good he knows a thing or two about the subject that you and I might only speculate on. 

        And Acy? It’s easy to project him being just what you suggest because … most already do. And that IS probably what he’ll be in the end. The notion I had about him this morning was just a little outside-the-box kind of thinking on how good an NBA player he might end up being if he puts in the serious focus and time on improving his skills. He seems to have the character for it from what I see from a distance. If he does (have the character), he could, in the end, be more than what many already have him slotted to be. I wish him good luck, especially and more so, if he stays a Raptor. 

        • If your referring to Amir’s ankle, Casey is not a team physician, he is just a coach. If anything he is just boosting more to the media that his players are battling through adversity and all that b.s.
          With Acy, the guy has played like 2 games and already you’ve seen enough that he should start practicing 3 pointers in the offseason. He is a good kid but lets develop him within the confines of his game.

          • 511

            Ya, Casey’s not a doctor, no kidding, but within the context of the casual statement that it was (with the possible hyperbole of it being obvious) one could surmise – or at least, I did – that the injury to Amir’s ankle from the month or so before was still an ongoing issue … and that surprised me. Personally, ankle injuries have always been a bitch. Had one ten or so years ago that I still feel on occasion. So, I tip my cap a little extra when I see players just playing through them. …is all. 

            And no, I haven’t seen any more of Acy than anyone else – not even college ball – but like I said, I like him. But at 6’7″ he’s not big enough to play the four so the only chance he has to hope to hang around for more than a bit (that I see) is to refine his shooting stroke and be quick about it. He’s raw as hell but I think there might be a stroke there waiting to be developed … but really, who the hell knows? I’m not wagering, just hoping he figures it out. And while he’s doing that … he might as well stretch his shot out a bit. Maybe even to outside the arc, one day. 

  • Fresh_Prints

    Enough with the booing. It irritates me that our fans are so low class.

    • BKing

      These are the same fans that have been cheering & selling out the shit-Leafs for years.