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Johnson has been playing well despite battling a right foot injury, though he couldn’t help the Raptors avoid blowing a 20-point lead Sunday. Leading scorer DeMar DeRozan, averaging a career-best 17.9 points, said Johnson’s play should inspire the team. “There’s no excuse when you’re out there on the floor, because (Johnson) walks in here, he can’t walk, but I guarantee you Amir will be here and help us pick it up next game,” DeRozan said.


It seems that the firing of Avery Johnson has done the trick for the time being as the Nets have won eight of nine and are currently the hottest team in the Eastern Conference. Brooklyn, who has also won six on the trot, is getting the job done on the defensive end as they held the visiting Indiana Pacers to 11 fourth-quarter points in Sunday’s 97-86 victory and are holding teams to 86.8 points over their last four games. The Nets are also getting great production from their bench as they are averaging 39.8 points per game during their winning streak, which was up from 27.7 before that.

Toronto Raptors at Brooklyn Nets: Tuesday NBA game preview | Toronto Star

The Raptors won’t know until after Tuesday’s shootaround just how healthy Calderon and Johnson are. Both got banged up in Sunday’s loss to Milwaukee. . . . Toronto has never won in Brooklyn. Yes, it’s only been one game, but they have never won in Brooklyn.

Hot Toronto Raptors Arrive to take on hotter Brooklyn Nets | NetsDaily

They’re 6-4 over last 10 and 10-4 over the last month, not a one with Andrea Bargnani on the court. Other than that, it comes down to fundamentals. In the last 10 games, they’re tops in the NBA in assists (with the reliable Jose Calderon back at the controls), giving up only 92 points a game, fourth in the league, and playing excellent perimeter defense (30.4 percent) also fourth in the league over that stretch.

Doug Smith Says Rudy Gay Trade Unlikely, Grizzlies Asking For Too Much | RaptorBlog

I fully understand that young players and assets have to be moved to acquire proven talent in their prime, and I would be willing to stomach parting with players like Terrence Ross and Ed Davis for the right talent, but Rudy Gay is not that talent.

Rudy Gay trade rumors: Asking price too high for Raptors, according to report | SB Nation

Memphis would like to acquire point guard Jose Calderon, rookie wing Terrence Ross and a big man from the team. Rookie Jonas Valanciunas’ name has come up, according to the report, and that would mean Toronto would need to part with two future building blocks and a guard in Calderon who, while not indispensable with Kyle Lowry on the roster, is valuable.

RaptorBlog Radio With Jamaal Magloire | RaptorBlog

A day after a frustrating loss to the Bucks, Drew, Oliver and I got together to discuss what went wrong, Kyle Lowry’s puzzling play at the point, the sparkling combination of Amir Johnson and Ed Davis and what to expect from the Raptors this week, including their meeting with Steve Nash and the Lakers on Sunday.

Raptors’ Kyle Lowry: To shoot or pass? | Toronto Sun

That is not to suggest he’s a selfish player, just that his skillset or the part that sets him apart from most others on this team, is his ability to create and score primarily for himself. Lowry is a willing passer. He’ll do whatever it takes to get his team an edge, but more often than not, his best weapon is himself and lately he has been leaving that bullet in the revolver.

Terrence Ross to enter the dunk contest? |

According to an early morning tweet by ESPN’s Chris Palmer, Toronto Raptor Terrence Ross is expected to enter the 2013 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. His competition includes 2007 Slam Dunk Contest winner Gerald Green (Indiana Pacers), Paul George (Indiana Pacers) and Alonzo Gee (Cleveland Cavaliers).

Inside the Purple Room Episode 28: Toronto Raptors Smooth Sailing turns Disastrous | Inside the Purple Room

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  • voy

    gay for jose, t.ross and jv?! 

    thanks for the laugh, memphis.  why dont we throw in free daily BJs as well. 

    • Jamshid

      This is what I have been saying for a while. This is the price tag and anything other than that was just the herd dreaming  ….

      • CJT

        Which is exactly why Memphis is going to pay serious luxury tax dollars, because their valuation of a second tier SF making franchise dollars is insane.  Would you make a trade for RG with this kind of price tag?  Maybe a team that is one slightly above average piece away from contending for something but that is about it.

        • Jamshid

          If they can afford it , which seems they can and he is helping them to win, which again seems like he is, then payng luxury tax dollars on him is fine by me.
          As far as me making a deal like that for R.G, it all depends what we are planing to do with Jose.
          If Jose is going to walk at the end of the season and I am planing to stay with Amir and not move him and have a high hope for BigVal, then yes, the only real cost which is not redundant will be Ross which may or may not pan out.
          However, I would try to slip in Kleiza or Fields contracts back to memphis as well.

    • c_bcm

      Yeah they consider him a much better talent than the rest of the league does (obviously, given the contract). The problem also is that they completely mismanaged this situation. By “making Gay available” for almost a year now, they are showing that they are desperate to unload him. SO you can’t ask so much for him. craziness. Closer to the trade deadline they will go back and look at all of the offers and take the best one. SO we don’t have to match their ideal offer, we just have to be the best one on the board.

      • voy

        with the grizz off to a nice start, I dont think their management is in any hurry to unload him, which is the reason their “ask” is so high.  is there any real reason the grizz would want to trade gay this year, with the run they’re on?  not that I can see.  

        if the team starts to stumble into the playoffs, or in the offseason, they may have more immediate reasons to look for a trade and then just by some miracle you will see their ask start to come down.  my opinions.

        either way, I’m not too enthused about having a player making 16 and 20 mill a year for the next 3 years on this raps team.

        • WhiteVegas

          Agree that there is no reason for the Griz to deal Gay this season. Makes way more sense to play this year out and go as far as you can, then deal Gay in the offseason, since the increased luxury tax doesn’t start until next season.
          They will also have way more suitors in the offseason since so many more teams will have cap space due to expiring contracts. Then there are all the teams who miss out on the stars (Paul, Howard, etc…) and need to bring in someone to excite the fan base.
          Toronto is better off making no trades and just missing the playoffs then trading for Gay and barely making the playoffs.

  • why

    There was a note in Doug Smith’s blog today (Tuesday) that Kyle Lowrey missed practice yesterday as he was attending a funeral – perhaps that is why he was so passive last game (sometimes we forget these guys are human). 

  • Reeko

    The only small forwards that I’m trading Calderon Ross and JV for are Kevin Durant and Lebron James. But something tells me that neither one of OKC or Miami bite on that deal…

  • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Jose this, Jose that but this is Jose in crunch time missing a wide open CB who had his man pinned

    Playoffs, something BC knows nothing about the post CB (whom BC slandered and lied on his character and the like in the media in order to make himself look good) & Sam (was fired at 8-9 then hes replacement Jay did even worse but was extended by BC imagine that?smh)…….

    Rudy Gay >> Raptors entire current SF rotation…Fields, Pietrus, AA, TRoss….

    • Jerome

      Would you trade for Gay if it involved Ross, Davis, or Val.

      • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

        I would trade TRoss, Jose & EDavis for Gay & TWrotenJr.

        Only way I would include Val in the trade is if Gasol is coming back the Raptors way.