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Morning Coffee: January 18th Edition

The Morning After: Kyle Lowry is the Raptors’ best shot against better teams | National Post

“We’re not worried about Kyle,” Anderson started. “Kyle is a bull. He’s just … Kyle is … you know, you can’t … It’s hard to describe Kyle if you don’t know him. He’s Kyle, but he’s like one of those, just, I’m trying to think what kind of bull is he. Kyle is like a … not a Chicago Bull. I don’t know. Kyle is one of the guys that is just mad aggressive at every time. At any given time, he can just erupt. Defensively, offensively, assist-wise, rebounding. When Kyle plays like that, we’re really, really tough. Really tough.”

Kevin Durant Admits He Grew Up Wanting To Be A Toronto Raptor | RaptorBlog

Raptors’ Lowry back on attack | Toronto Sun

“It opens up the floor when he attacks, he can shoot the ball and he can pass the ball,” Anderson said. “It’s almost like they have to pick their poison but he’s going to find the open man and if there is no open man he’s going to drive. He’s always on attack. He’s always keeping the defence on its heels and he’s attacking the ball when he’s on defence as well.”

Toronto at Philadelphia | CBSSports

“The disappointing thing for me is, night to night I don’t know what I’m going to get,” coach Doug Collins said. “I can’t find answers. It’s not like I’m not trying.” Holiday seemed just as confused. “It’s pretty mind-boggling,” Holiday said. “You never know what’s going on. You just go out there and try and play hard every game and try and figure it out.”

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