Let’s see how this went.  Raptors build big lead. Check. Raptors blow said lead. Check. Raptors lose game. Check and mate. This recipe is getting staler than my wife’s cooking (no worries, she doesn’t read this).  In between all that there were the usual occurrences that plague the Raptors.  For instance, bizarre substitution patterns, random lineups, late tactical reactions, and that’s just the coaching.  Throw in a pinch of your star player shying away and instead a fringe NBAer trying to take the game over, a dash of me-ball, and just a sprinkle of bad officiating for good measure, and you got yourself a Raptors game.

Philly looked awful a couple weeks ago in Toronto and judging by the first half, it appeared that their malaise had continued.  The Sixers posed absolutely no pressure on the Raptors defense in the first half, and it was the visitors that dictated tempo and style buy running an assortment of guard-focused sets which freed up shooters like Ross and DeRozan.  The big-men combo led by Ed Davis (18/10) was forceful inside and what you had was a game where offense was being supplied from the outside, and defense on the inside.  Of course, relying on jumpers is never a safe bet, but given just how disinterested the Sixers were, it seemed like it might be enough.

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Ross had four threes in the first half, DeRozan was sticking entirely to the perimeter and hitting his jumpers, and propelled by a first quarter where the Raptors shot 72%, they were up by 17 at the half.  At this point, the usual good stuff was happening:

  1. The only guy doing any damage for Philly was Jrue Holiday, who the Raptors did not game-plan for and was basically allowed any shot he wanted. Fair “strategy”, make one guy beat you, but as we found out later when he was actually beating us, there was no counter-measure.
  2. Philly was staying on the perimeter with Nick Young, Jason Richardson and Evan Turnver basically letting the Raptors defense off.
  3. The awesome interplay between Amir and Ed was about as awesome as it could get (11 assists between them)
  4. Any time the Raptors ran any guard off a screen, they got a good shot because Philly’s trails were terrible and their help even turriblr.
  5. The team was shooting 60%, and the Raptors bench was outscoring Philly’s by 26-11.  Ross had 12 (FU Nick Young)
  6. Even Quincy Acy was giving production in non-garbage time minutes.

Now, up 17 you have to know that there was going to be a reaction coming out of halftime, and as simple as this sounds it’s true: the Raptors #1 priority was to make sure that the punch Philly would deliver would be either deflected or answered in equal measure.  What was Philly’s punch, you ask?  Tightened perimeter defense that dared the Raptors to drive the ball coupled with a zone that crippled the Raptors ability to move the ball.  Soon enough in the third quarter, Philly went on a 25-7 run through sheer ball-pressure causing turnovers, and the Raptors settling for the same jumpers they had in the first half, only this time they were contested.

I cannot explain why Casey did not immediately react and deploy a quicker three-guard lineup which could actually dribble out of pressure, and perhaps even drive the ball.  Instead, he stuck with Fields until the lead was halved and then brought in Anderson.  The ineffective DeRozan, who had a terrible quarter earmarked by indecision and disinterest was allowed to stay in the game till the 4:24 mark, while the Raptors hottest shooter, Ross, suffered the pine.

The double teaming on defense was quite a sight, as the Raptors seemed at one point to double Thaddeus Young on one play and Lavoy Allen on another.  The Raptors ended up mustering two assists in this quarter, as opposed to the 19 they had in the first half.  Lowry and Calderon split the quarter, with Lowry’s introduction coming at the the 7:45 when the team was reeling.  Perhaps Casey felt it was finally time to try the Anderson/Lowry/DeRozan combination for a bit, if for nothing than to get a third ball-handler in (he also took Fields out).

Momentum is a funny thing, though, once you lose it it’s awfully difficult to get it back no matter what tactical adjustments you make.  Here are two adjustments/decisions Casey made: he benched DeRozan in favor of Anderson for almost the entire fourth quarter, and did the same for Calderon in favor of Lowry.  I get the first sub, DeRozan was awful and should be embarrassed for having primetime minutes taken from him by a scrub.  I don’t get the Calderon decision because he was actually playing well, and not being torn to shreds by Holiday.  Please note that Holiday’s ridiculous line is NOT on individual defense, but on team and lack of plan.  Notice how teams game-plan for DeRozan? That’s what the Raptors should be doing for Holiday.  I get that he’s good, but given the defenders we have in Ross and Lowry, is he season-high point total good? Here’s DeRozan’s shot-chart:

Look, I get that he’s trying to get his jumper going and I’ve applauded that in the past. But in this situation when the team is struggling and hemorrhaging a lead, and needs the tempo to be slowed if not halted, why are you, as the supposed best player on the team, playing into the hands of the opposition by continuing to launch springers that aren’t working. DeRozan’s got to realize this: his strength is still the drive-to-get-fouled game, and when the team is struggling that’s what his fall-back is, not his jumper. Not yet, at least.

Lowry ended up hitting a three here and a jumper there but at the end of the day went 3-11 FG, and had very costly turnovers which were made all the more inexcusable because they came out of timeouts.  After Philly had predictably taken the lead early in the fourth, the Raptors did find the fortitude to come back with a 15-4 run to go back ahead 88-78 with 7:16 left, thanks in part to Anderson’s two threes and Ross’ great play (who knew, the hot-hand theory has something to it).  Soon enough, though, the averages did their thing and Anderson tried to do too much and ended up making a mess of three possessions by going one-on-one in situations where the odds were against him.  Lowry did the same, jacking up a couple jumpers including one early-three which let Philly off the hook.

DeRozan was introduced later in the quarter for Ross for some reason (perhaps Casey felt that icing him would motivate him?) and did nothing but add to Philly’s cause with poor shot-selection (I think he had one drive all game).  Fast-forward late in the game where the Raptors had to basically inbound the ball, get fouled and hit FTs to seal it, and instead they turned it over.  Jose Calderon passed to Anderson, who was pushed in the back by Nick Young.  No call, turnover.  

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Note that this wasn’t the only blatant officiating screw-up, they also missed a trip on DeRozan which was mind-boggling.  You can have a healthy debate whether perhaps a taller player should’ve inbounded the ball or whether the play to free-up Anderson was good enough. On the next possession, the Raptors defense was clearly instructed to switch but for unknown reasons Landry Fields was in the game!  Of course, Philly went right at him by picking off Lowry and creating a Holiday/Fields matchup.  He laid the ball in, you could’ve even made a case for an And1 as Amir Johnson came over to contest.  Tie game.

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In overtime, DeRozan took three jumpers (two threes), missed them all.  Ross (our best perimeter player on the night) played only the last five seconds.  We conceded offensive rebounds (Johnson, otherwise solid, guilty on a couple) and were unable to defend Philly’s slashes to the paint (56-32 PITP for Philly).  Casey deployed a Lowry/Calderon backcourt, a combo that hadn’t played together all game, and drew up out-of-timeout plays that were either horribly designed or horribly executed, makes no matter.

Raptors lose.  That momentum we had gain earlier in January is now dissipated with this four-game losing streak, and the bottom line is this:

  1. We are last in the Atlantic.
  2. We are 12th in the East, 6 ½ games behind the 8th spot with four teams to beat for it.
  3. We are 25th in the NBA.

Injuries or not, and with the schedule now even, this isn’t what the front-office was selling in training camp.

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  • onemanweave

    Good advice for our shooting guard to the next ten years. I agree 101 per cent — try your new, improved jumper early. If a couple of them fall — go to the hoop. If they miss — go to the hoop. When the defence backs off, try a couple more of your new, improved jumpers. If they fall…….. Drive, Bambi, DRIVE!

  • onemanweave

    should be ‘our shooting guard FOR the next ten years’. Well, maybe it shouldn’t.

  • Bboca

    It’s hard to watch your team lose but when the decisive play is made by the ref it is worse because there isn’t a remedy. Anderson is clearly pushed in the back out of bounds right in front of the ref who sees it but doesn’t call it. Instead he calls a turnover which changes the outcome of the game. 
    The league has to bring this up with the ref’s and emphasize that for whatever reason Toronto even at home is getting non calls and bad calls and it has to stop.

  • Canadian Paul

    The Raptors are soooo f*cking close in every game. They have been blown completely about in about 4-5 games all season. Why they can’t close out (apart from the refs screwing up a few games) is beyond me.

    They need a shake up. Fields is ok, but he’s not a starter. Not when he’s in the top 20 among the worst NBA shooters (TS% .410). Dude has gone from launching close to three 3-point attempts per game (and hitting a nice .393) to only 0.3 attempts (and hitting NONE).

    Trade for a legit SF or start Ross. The season is over anyways.

  • Just saying

    Raptors inside D in the 3rd was inesistent, Philly went in the paint over an over with no resistance.

    • FAQ

      “inesistent”??  ….. inconsistent or nonexistent…. or both???

  • 511

    Seems clear the refs aren’t fussed too much about the league ‘apologizing’ on their behalf, to the same team, for the second time in a month or so. The irony is they might hate us even more for it. 

    Noticed in the Bulls game and then this one as well, certain rebounds, when Amir would need both legs (ankles) to react quick from under the basket to go up for it … he can’t even attempt it. Not a criticism; what’s he gonna do? But … damn. 

    G2g might’ve been right all along about his main target. Cuz BC gots2go. Enough already. Ffs. Please. Enough. 

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I grew up in Seattle following the Sonics (when Casey was an assistant to Karl) and there is nothing wrong with a little back ‘n forth ie Payton & Karl, everyone can’t be friends and hold hands singing Kumbaya but there has to be accountability for everyone.

      I can see what BC is doing before it’s coming and he has been pissing on the Raptors fan base and calling it fresh Whistler mountain water, shitting on the fan base and calling Kobe steak post Sam (fired at 8-9 for not coddling Bargnani) & CB (misleadingly slandered CB to death in the media to the fan base).

      BC =s Bad Carma, Bull Chit

      • Jerry

        We need to hire Sam mitchell again.

        • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!


          • Jerry

            I like Nate maybe Mitchell as assistant??

  • voy

    with reference to the comments on the previous posting, i dont understand why lot of individuals are reacting like they expected the raps to contend this year.

    regarless of record, we are in a much better position this year than we were last.  t.ross looks like he can be useful; j.val looks like he can be a centre we’ve been missing, like, forever; e.davis looks like he can be a solid contributor even with an increased minute load, etc etc.  while none of these guys are going to be a centrepiece on a championship team, they are better than what they were or what we had last year and definately look like they are good enough to keep around for the future.

    yes, it sucks to lose close games, or to blow 20 point leads, but guess what? thats what young teams do. they give away games they should win.  i’d much rather roll with a young team trying to learn how to close out games, or trying to figure out how to put the breaks on another team’s growing in-game momentum, than win with vets where the team will max out with a 6th place eastern conference playoff seeding. 

    there is no magic bullet to make this team a contender.  no one move is going to elevate the raps into the top 4 playoff spot.  you wanna know how you put together an elite team? you lose. you lose alot. you lose for several seasons. and for those of you who like to float the theory “we’ve been rebuilding for 7+ years…” our winning % the previous few years have been .348, .268, .488, .402, .500, .573, and .329.  Now, while obviously not good records, most of those wins/losses have been on the backs of guys like j.’oneal, marion, kapono etc etc, in other words, veterans.   we’ve never fully commited to a rebuild with young players before.  this is what it looks like.  alot of frustrating games. thankfully, the last few years seem to be yielding some half decent draft picks.  however, you’re not going to land a centrepiece in the draft by winning 25 to 40 games a year.  i’m not advocating tanking. i’m just a fan of letting the young guys play and if they lose a bunch of heartbreakingly close games, if they lose 10 games in a row its not the end of the world as long as the young guys look like they belong in the league.  there is no use to pick up the pitchforks and torches as long as the young guys develop and look like they are going to become legit nba players.

    playing jose 40 minutes a game, or alan anderson going off and carrying us to 3 to 5 more victories this year is not going to do anything to advance the team in the future.  remember last year’s mantra of we need to develop a “culture of winning”?  How did, lets say, 5 extra wins last year help advance our cause this year?  I’d rather win 15 games, playing young potentially promising players, than win 25 games with a mix of young players and vets.  no one is going to remember those extra 5 to 10 wins we got last year when damian lillard is leading his team into the playoffs, or when anthony davis establishes himself as a legit centrepiece in the league.

    end of rant.  all feedback welcomed. enjoy the weekend, fellas.

    • mountio

      I agree with pretty much everything you are saying. Losses are fine .. key is are the young guys playing well together and showing signs of building a true core. I think they are. 
      However, what frustrates me the most are things like TRoss getting 3 mins the other game because he made a couple of TOs. Ross not playing anytime in OT or late in the fourth, despite being our best scorer for the night. It taking 10 extra games to finally bench MP. And so on .. 
      It also doesnt speak to stupid coaching errors. Young or not, you have to be able to get the ball in bounds at the end of the game. As a fan, its hard not to get frustrated there. 
      As for tanking, draft, etc…. I like where we are at. We have a chance (not a great one, but a reasonable one) at getting a top 3 pick this year. Sure, the draft is weak, but a top 3 pick is a top 3 pick. If we dont get it, our pick next year is free and clear. Add to that that we might add picks / young guys for JC, AB before the trade deadline and I think we are in pretty good shape. 
      We cant forget that the last 10 games or so we have no JV or AB .. so its only natural that we are going to struggle inside as we just dont have the depth. 
      Sooo .. Im not flipping out with the loss at all. I just hope that the right guys get court time to truly figure out what we have. Thats DD, ED, JV, TR, KL (at least for now .. we need to know if hes a keeper or not). AA, LF are fine to eat up minutes, but not at the expense of TR .. who is one of our few shots at a legit NBA high level player. 

      • FAQ

        But our young hopefuls take too much deevelopment time before they blossom … like Demar… NOT!

    • NyAlesund

        I don’t understand why we are waiting to trade JC, AB, LK…………if we aren’t a competitive team. Why did we spend money for Fields if the project was collecting picks? The reality for me is that BC and the coaching stuff really thought that this team was talented enough to fight for the PO. And now they are realizing that this group has some issues.

    • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Yeah, because after suffering through the Jay Triano coaching era (which Casey said his regime is a continuation thereof not a change from) I think the Raptors should be competing for playoff spots not Lottery spots in 2013…oh wait BC traded away the Raptors (top 3 protected why not top 10?) for a player in Lowry that Houston/McHale didn’t want back and were looking to dump so even the losing is fruitless this season….way to go BC!!smh

      Forget a top 4 playoff spot just a playoff spot will do with an above .500 record to build upon.

      Save your rebuild drama for ya momma..rebuild..building…accelerated rebuild…pr spins in the wind to try to explain away all the losing the Raptors have done post Sam & CB by BC.

      Sell your magic beans to someone else…Raptors currently suck and their future as is sucks…

      BC takes a shit. Casey (gets in butt wiping position)- will it be the Charmin or Cottenelle today?

      • voy

        well complaining about where we should be or where we shouldn’t be doesn’t change the fact that we are what we are. 

        i’m not endorsing or entirely discrediting management i’m just stating the facts, as i see them.  you can put forward any suggestions as to what you think the team should do going forward or you can just complain about bc manipulating the media or smitch being fired 6 years ago. 

        really, the one criticism I think you can lay at bc’s feet is not trading bosh and blowing it up and going full steam with the rebuild then.  however, all the discontent we have now we would just be going through then, if that happened.  my point here is there would be no way to go through a rebuild without a segment of the fans complaining about how “we suck”.  this is not pr spin.  this is just how it is. 

  • redyraptor

    As respect to the fanbase. I hope the new ownership group show some muscle and their trigger happy mentality and make some heads roll. There is a significant losing culture instilled in players like Calderon. Derozan. Look at jose body language on the inbound. No confidence. Look at demar entire crunch time play. Demar looks lost trying to lead. Ownership needs to make its first statement with the Raptors now. They are losing fans which will translate into money. Even casey should be scared. 3 attempts to inbound the ball with some horrible drawn up plays. Philly had 2 n did it with easeee. A starting SF that doesn’t score. Lol. 6.5 out of 8th spot is a tough mountain. On the positive raps are playing with the bigs out n amir n Ed are doing their best. They aren’t really shot blockers. So holiday had access to the paint. Please Rogers n Bell after u dwell in ur leafs game tonight and u count ur profits from the lakers game. Make a stand on the Raptor team. Fireeee n Trade someone. Change the culture.

  • Rapsfsnin2013

    This team is hard to watch

    • FAQ

      You could watch Australian Open tennis and follow our own Milos Raonic… who is in the round of 16 and will be playing Roger Federer on Sunday, I think… so let’s support him and turn on the TV at 2AM and a 3 hour match, like I did last night!!!

  • Daniel

    There is no hope for streetballers understanding the game. I’m just shocked how bad is Casey as a head coach. Had it not been for the injuries he would have kept playing Lowry, Demar, Fields, Andrea and Jonas in the starting unit. Now he’s playing Lowry starting minutes and Fields is starting again. It is mind-blowing. It is the definition of insanity. I have no doubts he’s losing the team. Of course, the main culprit is the man who put everything together, including the coaching staff.
    Looking back, going after Nash started a snowball that destroyed this season. Colangelo talked about amnestying Jose thus alienating him regarding playing for the Raptors at the end of his contract, then signed Fields who had a PER of 11, then traded a high lottery pick for Lowry as a consolation prize. It practically sealed the fate of this season. The sad thing is the original “sin” was a 38 years old PG who can succeed only in a certain type of style and certain type of players who we had none: no dominant athletic big rolling to the basket, no shooters to spread the floor.
    The saddest thing of all was the reaction of the media and the hardcore fans: they supported Colangelo and gave him a B grade. We definitely deserve this team.

    • 511

      I disagree, Daniel. We don”t ‘deserve this team’ at all. Wanting the team to do well and hoping for the best is not nearly the same as having accountability for what-all goes on out on the floor. We’re fans; not management. 

      • Theswirsky

        I agree.  But there is a few things some Raptor fans don’t deserve – and thats the freedom of speech.

  • 511

    Reading Raptors stuff here and elsewhere, things were mentioned that tweaked one of a few not-happy-thoughts I was having last night, watching DeRozan. One of them being, what’s with that slowed dribble while looking like (or trying to look like?) the attack is being formulated in his mind (does he hear Jaws music in his own head? I got news for him: he ain’t Jaws) … when a high percentage of the time (100% last night) there’s no attack; just the pull-up jumper? Yes, it’s nice to see it going in early in the game, fair enough, but eventually we all know when we really NEED that sucker to go in later on in the game, the opponent doesn’t have to pay much attention to the possibility of a drive to the hoop … mostly because DeMar doesn’t have much of a quick first step (he obviously doesn’t quite trust it himself; from a stand-still position, the least explosive first-step from any starting 2 or 3 in the league, I’d say) that he’d need, to be as effective at it as he seems to occasionally imagine. (If he really wants to be more like Kobe, he’s gonna have to work hard on developing some quickness with that step … and even then … I dunno if explosiveness can be learned. I’m kind of sure it can’t, actually.) 

    I like DeMar and blah blah. He works hard at improving himself and as a Raptors fan, I appreciate that aspect of what he brings. And while I was as confused as anyone was about the signing-extension for the ten or so mil a year that Colangelo so cheesily tried to inspire him with, moments before the season-opener against the Pacers, I got around to getting close to justifying it all in my own mind. But I’m still pretty sure it’s not a move too many of us would’ve made right then. It just wasn’t necessary that I can see. And (while I’m hammering away at BC; I’m really pissed at him right now) the Fields-fiasco? Hunhhn. I’ll admit being on-board more-than-less when BC was making the play for Nash. But … c’mon (I’ve been telling myself since it fell through). That would’ve been all kinds of wrong for all kinds of reasons. And the guy who’s actually in charge at the top is paid to see things further ahead with more clarity than what we see going on here. 

    Sorry BC. I might feel different later in the day, I dunno, but if I had the switch in my hand right now, I’d be pulling it. 

    • Milesboyer

      Completely agree with your comments on Derozan.  His lack of ability to drive makes him completely one dimensional and waaayyyy over paid. It doesn’t help that his defense and rebounding are sub-par.

      • FAQ

        Maybe DD is tanking like vince in the hopes that he is traded from TO back to his US Cali homeland…. where Obama has pledged to bring back factory jobs (mostly from Ontario, not China).

  • skeptical

    Injuries. Bad luck. Bad calls. There are plenty of excuses… but this Raptors wouldn’t be playoff bound regardless.

    Looking at the good this year: several players have exceeded my expectations and given me hope for the future. Really didn’t expect Ed Davis to play as well as he has, Amir Johnson has played well enough to quiet most of his critics, both J.V. and T.Ross are looking like assets going forward.  

    And hey, maybe we’ll keep that draft pick this year. (Who am I kidding: hope Thunder fans enjoy the #4 or #5 pick this year.)

    • FAQ

      Hey… I like Quincy “Harden mini-me” Acy… and his animal instincts..!!!

  • JHP

    This year went South so early it’s scary.  Now it’s all about who is staying and who is leaving and the next 41 games will help. The issue I have is with BC and the trading of draft picks.  OKC will do very well by the Raptors!!!

    I think DD needs to be showcased and bundle with AB to go somewhere. Maybe another player but I’d expect little in return.

    • FAQ

      Maybe Lowry?

      • Guy

        And then what? Keep rolling with Jose ‘I’ve never lead the Raptors to a .500 record’ Calderon? 

        • Dabosskwasia

          HAHAHA dat was good lol 0.o

        • FAQ

          Jose is coachable… Lowry  is an  uncoachable streetballer… sooo obvious.

          • BCBargnaniJoseCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttt (Clay Davis voice)

            Save your media hyped stereotypes drama for ya momma…

          • Jkwasia

            and look at all the wins the “coachable” Dribbles has gotten as in 8+ years…and apparently the coaching staff isn’t teaching how to  inbound the ball to Dribbles because has been messing up those plays for a while i.e playoffs against magic 

            • DumbassKicker

              Sure, it had nothing to do with the players he’s trying to inbound to not getting anywhere near open. Troll.

              Tell us how difficult it is for Lowry to have learned not to run into the guy he just passed the ball to from a few feet away.

              • FAQ

                That was really pathetic… and it just reinforces the perception that he can’t pass nor make plays… soooo obvious.

              • Dabosskwasia

                The fact that amir Johnson was wide open and Dribbles looked him off im not sure but last time I checked amir Johnson was a teammate no?

  • KJ-B

    Hmm…I’m getting tired of ranting–I’ll try Hockey and gasp, the Leafs at least on that side of things they had the guts to fire someone–my guess is the NBA game is still foreign to MLSE and EVERYthing suggests nothing to the contrary…

    These Raps lack an identity in the worst way…a month ago, they were digging for a hole left for dead by their franchise player–now that emotion has worn off, the fight for power and control of the team has resulted in chaos.

    Difficult decisions have to be made: DeRozan/Ross must start together ASAP!  Fields needs to be the 6th man because he can play 3 positions.  Anderson can go back to Europe for all I care because he has the look of someone gunning for a contract!

    Lowry + Calderon might both need to be traded–I don’t care, the combo thing isn’t a winning!  Get a 1st rounder out of that, and get the best PG in the Draft–when’s the last time they drafted a PG???

    DeRozan’s move out of the 2 would actually force him to work out of the post where he has thrived–It’s actually Anderson’s emergence that has hurt his progress there… Anderson’s not willing to play 2nd fiddle to anybody fg% be damned!

    -7,I don’t care any more–he can play ball here or else if he “feels” like it…

    Casey, you never ever earned the I’m-a-good-coach-so-I-can-flash-a-gold-watch status in the League and the officials disrespecting your squad shows it…Think that’s it for now!

    • The Truth

      Burke’s firing was the direct result of Bell/Rogers input at the board level. If had been left to Larry Tanenbaum and the rest of the MSLE patsies they would have just kept on trucking, so there is some hope there.

      • unknown guest

        Just do it before BC trades away more picks, JV, and TRoss.

        Yes they will miss the playoffs, unless, this being the NBA, and with 1/2 a season left, teams ahead of us start getting injury plagued.

        Don’t make a reactionary trade to bring in a rent-a-player, or bad contracts bad.

        I don’t mind the team going forward as is. Yes it will be hard to watch, but I’m hoping TRoss, and Acy, and when healthy JV will get more burn. Let them play.


  • FAQ

    It’s not if you win or lose the game; it’s how you play the game.  That seems to be the problem for our TRaps. 

    What position does Lowry play?…. remind me again!!

  • Aaron8007

    I say we just play the young guys and see what happens.  If they do well then great we have some building pieces.  If they stink great we should get a top 3 talent.  Its the quick fix which always screws this franchise over.  Lowry, Fields, Turk.,  marion and Oneil are all attempts at quick fix. Doesn’t work and I’m sorry BC doesn’t see this.  Orlando is already better then the raptors on there rebuild and this is there first year of the rebuild. 

  • Rob

    Watching that Jrue gif…they had Fields on Holiday, and Lowry on Spencer Hawes. yikes.

    • Theswirsky

      The thought that someone actually believes thats how the defense was set up… yikes indeed.

      • Rob

        That’s the semantics of what I said, didn’t mean to say “they” as in the coaching staff. I highly doubt Casey intended the defense to be set up like that. Lowry was defending Jrue from the inbound and Fields was on Hawes from the get-go. It’s when they pulled off the switch that they changed men and Fields is too slow to guard Holiday and Lowry is too small to guard Hawes who has a pretty decent midrange jumper.

  • DumbassKicker

    I’m surprised nobody has even mentioned the play down the stretch where Lowry passed the ball to DD from about 5 feet away and then ran into him!! I’d be surprised if that doesn’t end up on Shaqtin da fool.

    Criticize the in bounds all you want, and it’s deserved, but that “play”, plus two horrid turnovers, plus that dumbass long 3 attempt early in the clock, is what put the team in OT to begin with. That’s 4 horrid plays in a couple of minutes, far eclipsing the later one.

  • Matt52

    All this drama on the point guards and wings of the Raptors but yet no mention of the bigs.  For all the love and high grades for Amir, Ed, and Acy in this game, the Philly trio of Allen, Young, and Hawes kicked their asses.

    ED/AJ/QA: 31points, 18rebounds

    TY/SH/LA: 51points, 25rebounds

    • Jamshid

      Nicely Said. 
      This simply shows how bad the situation is right now. Neither Amir, Ed are starter big men in this league. Both are very limited offensively and need a PG which can deliver them the ball at the exact right time and place.
      Neither of them can create for themselves.

      Not only we have the problem with our big men, SF still seems like a valid concern. 6.25 for Fields, 4.25 for Kleiza and almost 3 for M.P. and Anderson and we still have problem in that position.

      Fans should STOP obsessing about players and think about the TEAM here. Before, it was AB and all discussion was around him and now it is Jose vs Lowry.
      It is not about TEAM and more about players. Raptor fans are not the fans of the team but fan of certain players like our friend Buddah was for Amir .

    • Amigo

       That’s because they hate Bargnani, Gray so much and can’t see reality anymore.Grades are a joke, mate. Only idiots take them seriously

    • RaptorFan

      Actually Thadeus Young kicked their asses…. he had 27 points and 14 rebounds…..also keep in mind Thad Young is a SF/PF…..nice try Matt52!

      We lost this game because of dumb turnovers and the inability to finish out the game (common theme with the Raps)

      Do you remember that ED, Amir and Acy were bench players to start the season?? What do you expect when we lose our “best big men” in AB and JV?

      Ed, Amir and Acy have played as well as can be expected…..to be honest….better than expected! Dont throw them under the bus…did you see their combined assist numbers?

      We lost this game, but not due to our bigs!

      • Matt52

         Reading Comprehension 101:

        “yet no mention” : does not imply they are the only reason for the loss.

        “trio” : means 3. Young was a part of a trio compared against the Raptors trio.  But if you want to break it down to individuals vs. individuals: Young > Davis, Allen > Amir, Hawes > Acy.

        • RaptorFan


          These losses are making you guys emotional……Jrue Holiday ate our guards for dinner…. 33 points, 14 assists. Thanks for your opinion though! Here`s mine

          Thadeus Young had a great game, Ed Davis had a very good game

          That is all.. lol

          Cant wait for our other bigs (Ab, JV, LK) to help these guys ….Ed and Amir are logging BIG minutes and it shows at the end if games.

          • Matt52

             I am not seeing the emotionality here.  You are correct on Holiday as it was another contributing factor along with DeRozan’s equivalent to a DNP.  But the interior scoring of Philly and minimal defense in the paint by Toronto also played a big part in the loss and that falls on ED/Amir/Acy.  A 20 point and 7 rebound difference is substantial especially when the minutes played between all three were 104-102 in favour of Toronto.

            • RaptorFan

              That is true….but what were your expectations?? We’re playing undersized and undermanned with guys that weren’t even figured to be getting tons of minutes…..they need to watch their fouls as we’re short handed Every Game (missing 3 of our main bigs). I’m impressed with the play of ED, Amir and Acy…..I think some fans are asking for too much from our bigs right now (including you).

              • Matt52

                 Hawes began the year as a starter and is now coming off the bench.

                The play of ED/AJ has been much better than AB/JV.

                Philly was built around Bynum and he is not even playing.

                I respect your opinion of being impressed with the trio, and overall I have been as well.  However, in this game they were a contributing factor to the loss – this was my point as the focus of many discussions had to do with PG and wing.

  • Canadian Paul

    Who would you rather be right now? The Raptors or the Pelicans?

  • Dobsully

    With seconds to go Casey should’ve drawn a inbound play.  
    Even a simple stack would’ve gotten the ball in.
    That fact puts the loss on Casey’s hands.
    I still don’t understand why he didn’t.
    Too spread the players out and hope for the best is bad coaching.