Toronto Raptors 116 Final
Recap | Box Score
123 Miami Heat
Ed Davis, PF 24 MIN | 5-8 FG | 3-4 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 13 PTS | -10

Great production in only 24 minutes of play, got saddled with four fouls, and was then suffocated by his coach. No idea where he was in the fourth and OT, I figured he’d be ideal to play small-ball as the C. While he was in, though, he made Miami pay for pressuring the perimeter by cutting to the rim every time. Jack Armstrong was openly begging for Davis to be introduced and replace Gray, which he eventually did.

Amir Johnson, PF 32 MIN | 6-9 FG | 3-3 FT | 6 REB | 2 AST | 1 STL | 1 BLK | 2 TO | 15 PTS | +2

Silly “foul” on Bosh late in regulation, but another game where he finished well in close quarters, ran the court, while playing with fouls. He did end up fouling out early in OT, but at least he stuck around for most of that fourth. The lack of size in Miami’s frontline helped him out and he wasn’t worn down like he usually is when playing 30+ minutes.

Landry Fields, SF 35 MIN | 3-5 FG | 1-2 FT | 5 REB | 4 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 7 PTS | -2

Abandoned by Casey once he decided to put out four-guard lineups in the second half. While he was in there, he brought some ball-handling and some nifty opportunistic passing which got the team some points. He’s turning out to be moderately serviceable. The D on LeBron was commendable early, but biting on Wade’s pull-up from 21-feet out was lame. Bad defense there, cost the Raptors two key points.

Jose Calderon, PG 31 MIN | 6-9 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 3 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 17 PTS | -15

After a pretty tight shooting performance for the first three quarters, he sat and sat and sat. When he did come in, he drained two threes late in the fourth while going toe-to-toe with LeBron. For a while there, with Lowry going rogue, you thought Casey had blown it in regulation.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 32 MIN | 5-10 FG | 2-4 FT | 2 REB | 7 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 12 PTS | +2

Another so-so performance where he lacked the drive and was predictably benched in favor of Anderson in the fourth. Even more predictably, Casey brought him in with 7 minutes left in regulation and he delivered two key scores, including one thunderous dunk which set the tone for the Raptors. One has to wonder, though, if it shouldn’t be DeRozan taking those shots that Anderson was taking in OT. Own the game, man, own the game.

Quincy Acy, SF 4 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | +3

Got in there for four minutes and nicked a steal off Bosh. Well done.

Aaron Gray, C 7 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -1

I recall him lunging at Ray Allen in the corner as he was shooting a three. Allen made the three. Seriously though, why was he even dressed for this game, let alone allowed to get playing time ahead of Ed Davis?

John Lucas, PG 11 MIN | 1-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 3 PTS | +2

Part of a four-guard lineup deployed in the fourth which effectively kept the Raptors in the game and matched Miami’s ball-handling and athleticism at the wings reasonably well.

Kyle Lowry, PG 28 MIN | 4-11 FG | 3-3 FT | 4 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 13 PTS | -2

Remember Joey Graham and there was a ‘Good Joey’ and a ‘Bad Joey’, well, there’s a ‘Good Lowry’ and ‘Bad Lowry’, and today ‘Bad Lowry’ showed up. Bad Lowry had two big threes in the first half, provided a nice bump, but in the fourth had two costly turnovers and let Wade blow by him like he wasn’t there. I try to judge him by his defense more and more, and that has been truly disappointing.

Alan Anderson, SG 36 MIN | 7-18 FG | 2-2 FT | 1 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 20 PTS | -11

Once again our man got hot in the fourth, started hot in OT and then missed six straight shots. Again, I’m not blaming him for taking those shots because in key situations like these, the instructions and game-plan have to come from the coach, who has to call the plays for his supposed big guns, not Anderson. Forget everything, though, my beef with Anderson is leaving Allen wide open on three in the corner. Bad cover.

Terrence Ross, SG 26 MIN | 7-16 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 2 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 16 PTS | -3

Decent production, but took too many shots but at the same time I can’t fault him since they were pretty decent looks.

Dwane Casey

Sat Calderon too long. Sat Davis way too long. Played Gray for no reason, when against the Miami frontline, Quincy Acy is a much better choice. Forget that, just play Davis! The positive adjustment he made had to be going to the smaller lineup in the second half, but at the same time how does he justify introducing Gray for any reason?

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  • Dannoz

    I am not even a basketball fan but watched this game, how does a guy huck 6 shots in a row with better shooters on the floor….holy jesus!

    • Blasterfi9

      its what alan does….. its a give or take with that guy, he gives u good D and at times is blazing inferno of unstableness….. and the taking is that he’s gonna do this, take shotz and miss em over and over. As the writer said, u cant blame him for that, dwayne shoulda called a time out after miss 3 and said da fuck, or u know call a play where he didnt shoot -_-. Wouldve liked to see Alan play lbj, demar on ray, and ross on wade paired with jose and ed in that over time frame after amir fouled out, but what do i know right . 

    • Tonious35

       Alan Anderson is playing for a contract while taking all the shots for a team realistically not making the playoffs….Reminding to Toronto of a certain player we did not sign back..Mike James.  Alan Anderson is good and bad at times, but the reality of the situation is, is that he is padding those stats for a W or a high points L performance to allow him to get a contract with any team that can pay him more. 

      • unknown

        Yep. First sign of selfish basketball in a while with the Raps, but can’t blame him if you consider his situation. Big game vs. most obsessed about team in the association, miraculously sent to OT against a scrub team from another country. He makes those shots and a lot of people will remember his name.

        Couple of them were late in the clock, but I agree with the article – Casey needs to be more assertive with how he directs the offense in key situations, or let an assistant who is more offensively minded do it.

    • SukaTori

       who are the better shooters on the floor?

  • Raps Fan

    A C- for Casey is incredibly generous. Putting Aaron gray in to the game late made no sense whatsoever. A disturbing trend is emerging of Casey failing to re-insert guys back into the game on time, clearly he is still trying to learn how to be a head coach when it comes to things such as rotation.

    • Arsenalist

      Yeah, I agree.  But I already gave it to him and it’s lame to change it.

      • KJ-B

        What an ignorant grade on DeRozan–gets jobbed by the ref on 2 fouls.. was passing the heck out of the ball…went mano y mano vs James and scored lated.Assisted Anderson’s treys but never got the ball back after he passed in OT…CRA, CRA!!!

        • Destro

          Overrall tho he didnt have a good game….

          • ghotte

            Yeah, but a “D” is justified? 

            What’s weird is that grades are being handed out based less on a game by game performance and rather based on expectation. If you are a shitty scrub and you happen to make 1 good thing happen in your 4 minutes of game time you get an “A”. Demar did not have a great game but D is ridiculous. Lowry wasn’t a D either. 

            The team competed well against the Heat and there were very few really poor performances. 

            Unless you grade with bias.

            • Nilanka15

              Ultimately, grades are just opinions, and opinions are based on expectations.

              • ghotte

                My expectations are that the people grading have shown some depth of insight and are not just swayed by knee-jerk reactions. 

                Let’s try for “some” objectivity. Or just let “What the (Tank for Wiggins) do the grading…

                • Nilanka15

                  Since there are no clear/universal definitions as to what constitutes an ‘A’ versus a ‘B’ (and so on), is it possible to be objective when handing out grades?

                  And if there were such clear definitions, then the grades would be nothing more than a column in a boxscore that cannot be argued/discussed.  What fun would that be?  😉

  • Cnoorda212

    We lost game again beacuse Casey….

    • Destro

      We lost cuz we didnt execute on the floor when it counted but alot of that has to do with Casey no doubt…

    • ghotte

      Fire Casey! Trade Bargnani! 

      Bring in…um…ah…


      • DumbassKicker

        lol, that should be the rap of the day,,,,,,,,,,,,, just about every day

      • Destro

        So you have no idea what this is missing ?
        I thought it was obvious to people that know there basketball exactly what were not getting from said coach and player *shrugs*

  • Cnoorda212

    I think his grade should be F

  • daxel

    I guessing you meant to give Casey a grade less than A+.

    But yes, that Gray insertion in overtime after Amir fouled out was VERY odd.  As Jack was reiterating over and over during Gray’s time on the court, it was like the Raptors were playing 4 on 5 basketball.  Davis had 4 fouls so it wasn’t like he was in immediate danger of fouling out in 5 minutes of overtime.  Perhaps Casey wanted to give Davis more rest?! That wouldn’t make sense either since he only played 24 minutes in the game.

    The only logical reason for it could have been for match-up/size purposes and for possibly grabbing rebounds but Gray, although tall, is not quick and athletic enough to outmaneuver Miami’s quicker frontline.  Gray works hard and has good use in other situations – but not that one.  Weird call by Casey and his staff.

    In the end, though, talent won out.  Watching a championship team like Miami makes you realize how WINNING teams have another gear they can shift into when push comes to shove.  Their defense in latter parts of the third and then the fourth/OT really got aggressive – their help defense reacts instantly and recovers in a flash.  And their offense with the INSANE backdoor cuts and sharp passes – those plays were so quick that if you blinked you would have missed them. No surprise Miami turned it on when it counted and won but the Raptors sure did earn some respect – whatever that gets them.

    • The Truth

       “As Jack was reiterating over and over during Gray’s time on the court, it was like the Raptors were playing 4 on 5 basketball.”

      That wouldn’t have been the case if we’d actually taken advantage of his presence down low instead of dribbling around the perimeter and settling for a contested 3pt shot. Really on the offensive end we were basically playing 1 on 5 for most of OT.

      Regardless it’s pretty obvious that Casey felt he had enough offence on the floor (theoretically anyway…) and needed some defence in the lane which is why he went with Gray over Ed.

      • daxel

        I think “theoretically” is the key word.  In practicality, Gray is not quick enough to keep up with Miami’s elite athletes so whatever size advantage he possesses on defense is negated by his immobility.  

        I know it’s easy for all of us to be armchair coaches so I won’t claim that I know how to coach better than a person who has actually earned such a job in the most elite basketball league in the world. But without any analytics or close examination, Gray just looked out of place on that court in overtime – in a way, Casey put him out there and made him look bad.  Judging by the look  on Gray’s face when he was finally taken out for Ed, I’m sure he knew he looked bad also.

  • Destro

    Glad we lost,Casey dont deserve to win it…..too many simpleton coaching errors…

    I cant believe he gets pass in this town for some outrageous mistakes…Ed sits the entire 4th and he uses Gray instead of him in OT….where was Ross in OT…horrible coaching

    • KJ-B

      You know what I’m saying…Casey, has been, still is and forever will be an assistant coach!

      Falls in loves with players and leaves them in the games to destroy his team because they’re his guys.  We saw it with JLlll to start the season.  Then his project -7.  Then Kyle.  Then Anderson.  He does this constantly.

      ED is about to explode but can’t get off the bench–PLAYS Gray ahead of him… AND ROSS needs to start and play as many minutes as he can handle.  RAPS ARE NOT MAKING DEM PLAYOFFS!!! Send Anderson to wherever Pietrus is hiding ASAP!!!

      This is what happens when Scrubs get an inch….dude crapped on himself and then was trending worldwide on Twitter for his Kobe Bryant mistaken identity– HE MUST be on that Kobe system!!!

      • Tonious35

         IF Dallas does not make it to the playoffs, and if they fire Rick Carlisle, please get Rick Carlisle…..PLEASE!

        • What the

          so that would mean we would need to keep Barnie/Dirk 2.0 to make this work.

      • What the

        thats why i say Blooow it up , pay OKC and Tank 2014 for a star player in Andrew Wiggins and get some respect in the NBA and from the refs . we can’t be like NY guys don’t wan’t to sign here so we have to go the draft way to get that one player that this team is missing and could put us backon the map .Tanking with purpose 2014 for Andrew Wiggins ,rest DD fake injury and bring back Butler and Gary Forbes you know to help out Mr. Anderson while Val and Ross gets another year . Then in 2015 we hit the ground running with one rookie AW and it’s the playoffs for the next 7 years , there is no shame in Tanking with a purpose.

      • Destro

        WTF is Lucas/Lowry and Lowry/Calderon combos doing in the last 5 mins of this game ???? When has that BS ever worked for this team this season…

        No reason to be holding Ross back NONE…this team is not making the playoffs play ur cot damn rookies !!!!

        Ed Davis beasts when he plays,hes our best rebounder by FAR and hes sitting on his can in the 4th while were getting outrebounded 53-29 by one of the worst rebounding teams in the league with no size….and he subs Aaron fckn Gray in OT when Amir fouls out ??????

        What this coach is doing to Ed Davis is outrageous i cant say that enough…IM sick of hearing he plays with hunches and he plays vets fukkalldat play your best players and Ed is ur best front court player….

        Every one of these losses that mounts you can clearly see why KG wanted him out in Minnesota…..i dont care what Rick Carlisle says Dwane Casey is a fckn terrible coach on all levels…


        • DumbassKicker

          There’s a reason ED’s consistently not on the floor down the stretch. Watch his “oh shit, I don’t know where to go, what to do, D” that gets exploited by teams like Miami. Learn/watch the game beyond flashy street balling and highlight dunks.

          • Nilanka15

            For the sake of argument, let’s say I agree that Davis is that clueless of a team defender (he’s not as good as Amir, but nowhere near as bad as Bargnani).  You have to admit, Gray is definitely that clueless on the other end of the floor.

            So as a coach, how do you decide who to play?  The clueless offensive guy (who hasn’t played a minute thus far, and is nothing more than a stop-gap role player), or the clueless defensive guy (who has played pretty well, and is arguably a core piece of the future)?  To me, it’s a no brainer.

            • Hound

              Totally agree. No reason for Gray to have been in this game.

              However, to Destro: Ed is not a beast, or our best front court player. Amir is clearly better. He defends one on one better, he helps on D better, he shoots free throws better and he shoots the mid range/long 2 much better, he hustles and bring more energy as well. Furthermore, the raps were getting out rebounded when ED was in the game as well. Just like we have been out rebounded in just about every game with or without Bargnoodle. Ed is a good backup 4, who may one day develop into a starter when he learns how to defend, work consistently and shoot better.

              • Destro

                Amir is prone too often too dumbassery defensively to definitively give him the nod over ANYONE on this team….Amir plays some good games and bad DEF same as Ed….Too give one the nod over the over is nonsense…Those late game mistakes by Amir have been made all season long…Bottomline for me is were losing these games going with Amir nto with Ed….Its lame to suggest Amir is good enough we cant try flip that based on results….Amir is not an all star mind you Ed isnt either but scouts and writers around the league have said Ed is better…i tend to agree

                • RaptorFan


                  I agree as well. 

                  The coach has pulled ED many times this year with no “winning” results to show for it. 

                  Earlier in the year it was for Bargnani… its Gray and Amir (although i think ED plays well with Amir)…. next it will be for Acy

                  This coach just continues to confuse me with his rotations to close out games…..Amir and ED were working well together in the first half and he doesnt go back to it in the 4th Q — Why??

                • Destro

                  Exactly im not playing Ed VS Amir but its stupid to play that game based on results that are uneven…Amir has gotten PT in these games to close out with lil success Ed hasnt gotten that to even majke the case hes inferior…

            • RaptorFan

              I just dont understand how/why these types of mistakes are being made by Casey…..Why not play Ross and ED??  Talent wins in this league….. I would play Ross over Lucas and ED over Gray — every F*****G DAY

              Casey just doesnt get it…. we just keep losing these close games…..and EVERYONE notices his issues with rotations/substitutions

              Is he a good head coach in this league??  I’m not soo sure – he needs to realize that wins/losses matter….. you dont get brownie points for overtime losses 

              PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS already!  I would liked to see this lineup from here on out..

              Calderon, Ross, Derozan, ED and Amir

              Subs: Lowry, Fields, Anderson, ACY

            • Destro

              Good reply…

              Ed Davis is not great ok he doesnt get those 4th qtr mins so then why does Bargnani consistently get those mins when its understood hes the worst defender on the team and the worst defensive big man in the league ???

              No accountability you say ?

              YEP !

          • Destro

            Gray should never be on the floor ahead of him PERIOD end of discussion,that move alone is all the point i need to make here.

            Ed’s not on the floor down the stretch because the coach is an idiot,not because hes brilliant and knows what hes doing IF HE DID this team wouldnt have 7-9 losses hung on them because of the same coaching and personnel mistakes made over and over….heres the thing you say well it must be Ed since he never gets burn in the 4th qtr YET i tend to look at our miserable record when this coach makes these personnel blunders and say well the records not good why NOT try Ed to at least make an adjustment that made lead to a diff result GET me ???

            Also to this exaggerated point you dont like Ed’s D YET your fine with Amir Johnson shoving Bosh leading to game tying FTs and then stupidly trying to block a 3 pt shot from a 30% 3 pt shooter leading to go ahead FTs BOTH in the final mins of the game….You dislike Davis D but were co signing what we saw last night was better ? smh

            This teams pattern of losing and personnel isnt good enough to consistenly keep one guy off the floor when the other guys arent getting it done….

            • RaptorFan

              Again I must agree with THIS

              I’m convinced D Casey just doesnt have a good feel for the game….. he misses OBVIOUS decisions and our record shows it.  We’ve been in a majority of these games only to lose at the end…..

              Often times we’re a rebound or a bucket away from taking the game and he sends in the worst rebounder on the team (bargs) or keeps chucking away from 3’s —  It all comes back to subpar coaching at the end of games

              Can someone explain why AA took 6 straight shots in OT???  Does Casey even run offensive plays at the end of games?

  • RapsM

    A soon as Gray came in the game in OT, I assumed a loss.  If we were tanking, this would have been a perfect strategy.

    • What the

      well we have to  practice Tanking now so we’ll know how to do right next season in the Wiggins sweepsteak.

  • knickz

     very proud of the boys tonight

  • knickz

     davis playing 24 ninutes is beyond me

    • Destro

      Its beyond words how illogical it is….He plays Gray in OT over him….theres no rationale for what this coach does when it comes to subs….Hes a flat out moron.

      • DumbassKicker

        You’re the moron.

        There’s a reason ED’s consistently not on the floor down the stretch.
        Watch his “oh shit, I don’t know where to go, what to do, D” that gets
        exploited by teams like Miami. Learn/watch the game beyond flashy street
        balling and highlight dunks.

        • KJ-B

          Is this another fake “Andrea Bargnani” primo profile???

        • Destro

          Ed didnt shove Bosh in the back

          and try to block Wades 3

          That WASNT Ed

          that WAS Amir i clearly know where too go and know how to fuck it up…

          flashy street balling is code for i prefer europeans because they are more “fundamental” IE i dont like cocky black players with athleticism…nice try Lorenzo

  • voy

    there is no way casey told the guys, after anderson missed 5 shots in a row, “ok boys, the play coming out of the timeout is, anderson to launch a 24fter early in the shotclock”.

    lastly, i dont understand why there is such a hesitancy or reluctance to play guys with 4 or 5 fouls in the 2nd half of the game.  if you foul out, you foul out.  you are essentially fouling out your own player, if you refuse to  play him after he gets 4 fouls.

    good effort by the boys tonight

    • Destro

      Then he should be calling a timeout and sitting Anderson down then…You can let a star player get away with that not a D league call up…

  • V_Mart

    In OT:
    Jose F
    AA: F
    Casey: F

    Horrible play calling and shot distribution in OT. Anderson shoots way too much (and not just this game), same thing for Ross but people seem to be okay with that for some reason. That may be fine in the second quarter, but when its late in the game and your starters are in, get the ball to your top guys (and no Anderson is not one of our top guys).

    Casey needs to reign in the shot distribution, no way should any bench player on the raps not named Lowry lead the team in field goal attempts, let alone the top two players. Ridiculous.

    Also Amir needs to stop making stupid plays. Those last two fouls were really costly since they led directly to 5 free throws

    • Daniel

      Jose F in OT? He didn’t touch the freaking ball in OT! It was the weirdest display of basketball in OT. At one point I was wondering if Casey was Raptors’ coach or Miami’s.

      • V_Mart

         Jose is the PG. He is supposed to be the floor general. And he allowed only 1 person to take all of the shots for the first 3:30 of OT. He definitely shares in the blame.

        • Sig

          That’s bullshit, “He only allowed”? What is he Alan’s mother to tell him when and when not to shoot?

          It’s obvious why the ball movement was dead in OT


          • ghotte

            Why defend Jose? He is the distributor of the ball. You laud him when he’s doing during the game but can’t blame him during OT? Makes no sense

        • KJ-B

          NO…ALAN “Kobe Bean Bryant” ANDERSON broke every play and went insane infront of a televised audience… Queue the X-Files Script!

    • Dbobb28

      Great points. I said the same thing regarding Amir. Two stupid, costly fouls. He has to use common sense when he has 5 fouls but to hack a guy shooting a 3 is inexcusable. If you watched closely, on two occasions Calderon had the ball in OT with Gray all by himself. He looked at him and decided to go elsewhere. Mind boggling decision by Casey having Davis on the bench.
        I get that Anderson is there to shoot but 8 shots in 5 minutes is insane. When you are stone cold as he was, try to give somebody else the rock. Demar and Calderon have to be more assertive in OT. Plain and simple, when Bosh scores nothing and Lebron doesn’t make a field goal in OT, you should win.
        I have to give Jack Armstrong credit. He called out Casey in overtime regarding having Gray in there. It was frustrating to watch. This loss is on Casey.

      • Destro

        I dont thnk he has to play soft with 5 fouls if he fouls out and takes good fouls im ok with that but those were silly fouls to take both of em….that directly lead to easy 5 points,first one on Bosh you could argue allowed Miami to extend the game into OT….

    • Destro

      Yea i made this comment on another Raptor blog…..Amir for all his hustle and hard work is frustrating to watch when he makes dumb defensive mistakes at crucial times and that push on Bosh and foul on Wades 3 speak heavy to that point…Just stupid plays that further make you question his intelligence under pressure…def cost the team…

  • Daniel

    Absolutely mind-blowing. I definitely don’t know more than an NBA head coach however Casey is losing game after game after game. He has no feel for the game and his players. Jose and Davis should have played the majority of the 4th. Other than that, great game.

    • ghotte

      Let’s pick up D’Antoni

  • KJ-B

    Where are all the Alan Anderson Fan Boyz now????

    Looks like he’s going to join Sonny “No Money” Weems on a 1st class ticket to Euro Ball for rest of his Basketball Life!!!

    The “Everywhere Man” is MIA for good…better than DeRozan–y’all on dem Lance Armstrong   drugs!!!!!!! Just Say “No!”

    •  If it wasn’t for his 3s in the 4th, we wouldn’t even be in the game. So pipe down.

      • KJ-B

        He was 7 for 18 not 17 for 18 don’t try to make him look like a balla—BaaaaH ….BaaaH…BaaaH–that’s the sound of MLSE sheep!

    • Nilanka15

      There’s no such thing as an Alan Anderson fanboy.

      • What the

        thats thats not like a Gary Forbes fan boy.

        • Nilanka15

          You’re the president of the Forbes fan club.  You can’t go 5 minutes without mentioning him.

  • mothra

    It’s pathetic watching the champions throw their arms up after every call or non call that doesn’t go their way.  I guess they assume every team should just lay a bouquet of roses at their feet as they glide to the rim.  Wade should be getting fined for that weak ass flop in the first quarter.  Who do they think they are, the Celtics?

  • KJ-B

    TROSS C+ … Y’ALL be TRIPPIN’!!!!! It’s time to start the Rook! Give Landry Anderson’s spot as 6th man…Honestly, prefer watching Bargnani “space the floor” than the messed up scenario going on between AA’s ears….NOT AN NBA PLAYER!!!

  • Dc

    Terrible, Terrible, Terrible game from casey. He gets an F-, easily. How the hell does the dumbass look down the bench and say gray get in there?? When Ed was sitting right next to him and was really a problem for the heat basically the whole game. Another game we lose because we were outcoached. Im starting to think he’s quite overrated as a coach. People give him credit for changing our D but were also one of the slowest teams in the league your D looks alot better when you never fast break. Caldy played big. Amir is the heart. Don’t know why lucas was in instead of Ross in the 4th.(another questionable casey decision). AA still shoots way to damn much Idc if he looks good because he makes them every once in a while more then likely your like who the fuck do you think your’e AA? kobe? At least Derozan doesn’t keep forcing up shots. Lowry played like shit 2. I swear there was more then 5 times when he was matched up on LBJ and I would yell wtf is he doing on him. This team aint making the playoffs this year and OKC gets our likely top 10 pick. But lets look at the bright side,BC will have to get fired finally right??? Right???

    • knickz

       coaches don’t win you games, they only lose them

    • pran

      what the fuck dude, give him some credit, he hung right in there with the heat until the 4th. yeah he made some mistakes in OT, but to say he deserves an F- is just being harsh.

      • What the

        I’ll give him an A++ if  he coaches like this next season when we are Tanking for Wiggins.

    • What the

      then Tanking wouldn’t look so bad goinog forward 2014 with Stef in charge of the rebuild and the quest for Wiggins.

  • Redletago

    Kyle Lowry = Chris Childs 2.0

    • FAQ

      Does he look sorta… pudgy to you too?

  • AndersonBlows

    I’m sick of Alan Anderson. The fact that he gets a C and Ross gets a C+ is enough to make me question the admins of this site. Alan Anderson provides NOTHING to this team. He shoots every time he gets the ball, cheats on D and doesn’t make his teammates better. I could get the same production he gets with the free reign he has. Despicable Casey.

    • V_Mart

       I agree with you about Anderson, but Ross jacks up shots just as much. Misses just as much too.

    • The Truth

      Ross was 7/16, Anderson was 7/18, the only difference was Ross managed to get his chucking done in 10 less minutes.

    • Destro

      Anderson provides scoring off the bench,perimeter shooting and decent D

      But when he tries to carry the team like last night hes a detriment,but im not going to lie and say he provides nothing thats not true…

    • KJ-B

      THANK YOU. Couldn’t have opined it better!

  • Adriiian

    Anderson just won’t stop fucking shooting in OT. What’s going through this guys head? You’re getting paid 800k moron. Leave it to Jose, DeMar, Ed, or somebody else.
    Not to mention Gray in the game. It’s 4v5 when he’s in there.
    I think the mistake was staying with Lowry and Lucas there for a while in the 4th.
    I’m a Jose fanboy, I admit. But I just despise Lowrys play. He makes a few 3s, then comes down the floor and hoists up a quick one and misses, then the stupid turnovers, gambles on D, and forces the game too much with those out of control drives to the basket and just hoists up a shot (that usually just doesn’t go in). This was a bad pick up. If Jose leaves this team, we will be DOOMED.
    We will be much worse off with Lowry than Calderon. I guarantee it. If Lowry is our PG of the future, WE ARE FUCKED, guys.

    • FAQ

      I somewhat agree with you about Lowry.. but with expletives deleted.  

      • Adriiian

        Fine, next time I won’t write “expletives.”
        Its the passion boss.

    • What the

      ” if Jose leaves this team we would Doom ” yeah! that would bring us 10 more steps closer to getting Wiggins.

    • Destro

      Hyperbole times 10

      Were 15-27 with Calderon…Whats our record been the last few years with Jose as the starter ? I’ll give you a hint IT SUCKS….

      We’d be as bad with or without Calderon….

  • Like seriously, Gray guarding Bosh is a mismatch. Use your common sense Casey. Ray Allen in the corner and having Gray try to run out to that. Like WTF!!!

  • kuzzybear

    I agree Casey gets an “F”. You don’t lose games with your best players on the bench( Gray over ED). Gray plays when Davis foouls out. I love what AA brings BUT his shooting has to be as the 3rd option as the ball is being moved NOT on the 1st touch. No offense to him, because I love guys that work to success but he is a role player that is why he is the LOWEST paid player on the roster. TRoss should be on the floor taking those outside shots AND plays should be called with DD taking it to the rim. This is the futeure, let them learn NOW !!!!



  • I love how I was so bummed to miss this game and was so proud when I saw that they went to OT against the Heat on the road, and all people are doing is HATIN. Be proud of our sweet Craptors people!

  • Daniel

    Which GM tries for years to upgrade a position of strength and leaves the wings position in the hands of hard-working but esentially below-average players? How can Colangelo watch Jose in his eyes? He wasted him and denigrated him while hyping Bargnani and Derozan and Lowry. It’s like Colangelo had been looking for the second Nash and single mindedly turned over the roster season after season in search of his “PG saviour” who can make diamonds out of common rocks. Jose after VC and Bosh: all leaving for nothing…

    • FAQ

      Are you insinuating that Jose’s agent told BC that making an offer to extend Jose is futile???  I bet there are a lot of GM’s salivating for Jose… believe it.

      • Destro

        Yes for but him to come off the bench…There is no elite contending team thats looking to acquire him to start…

  • knickz

    casey is a bad coach! this is why I fucking hate when people bring up “rings” on a guys resume, tends to overrate a lot people in pro sports

    • FAQ

      Coaches only tend to be as good as the team they coach… a lousy team will make any coach look bad.

      • AndersonBlows

        A lousy Coach will also make any team look bad. Gotta look at it both ways.

  • Ion66

    At the start of the year, I said that one of my hope for 2013, was to have the team playing well enough, that I didn’t have to watch LeBron sit out the 2nd half and laugh and joke on the bench, because he wasn’t needed to beat us. As much as we are dumping on our team, and there were flaws for sure, the fact that we are looking at negatives in a solid game against the best team in the East, rather than trying to find positives in getting blown out by Miami’s 2nd unit says to me that we’ve made some progress.

    • FAQ

      Is that “progress” or “egress” as far as the TRaps are concerned?

      • What the

        no that called Jelling until we get Wiggins .

    • What the

      you are so right and that what we need to see from this team next year while Tank for Wiggins

      • Adriiian

        Theres a lottery for a reason dude. You’re dreaming.

  • knickz

    do any of the raptor assistant coaches have any idea what they are doing? how much longer do I have to look at johnny davis? the dude seems more confused than ivaroni

  • knickz

    we can be all upset at anderson but we got out rebounded by the worst rebounding team

    • Hound

      +1. Don’t tell me anymore how Davis is a beast rebounder and Bargnoodle was all our rebounding problem. We get outrebounded by every team in the league. Major problem that needs to be addressed.

      • Destro

        Why not? they are both factual points…

  • Guest

    I agree with most of the piece but is Derozan getting a D+ because of expectations because his play was much better tonight than it was in the past few games. Plus the 7 assists were a nice way of getting back into the swing of things. Seriously though, WHO THE FUCK DOES ALAN ANDERSON THINK HE IS? I mean he got the ball and just shot us out of the game. You miss two or three shots in a row, fine, but missing 6? At a certain point, you gotta realize you’re hurting the team and share the basketball. 

    • FAQ

      Under great game stress one tends to develop tunnel vision and tunnel consciousness … and once you get the ball it’s all “me”.

  • grizzly73

    Surprised at the amount of negativity here. By far the best game of the season. On the road in Miami, in spite of LBJ’s trip dub we take them to OT? Even though some of the Raps had deficiencies in their games, it was a great team effort from a shooting and assist pt of view. 

    It will be interesting to see what kind of rebound we will see in Orlando.

    • DumbassKicker

      Yup, great game, but if you’re surprised at the amount of negativity (or you could say nothing but negativity), you must be very new here. As you say, they go toe-to-toe with the champs, in their yard, for the whole game, but all there is here is whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah , I want a different soother, whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah, and a diaper change, whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah whaaaaah.

      • ghotte


  • Gregast

    Hello? The Raps tied the Heat IN MIAMI with the Heat playing their big three the entire final 17 minutes of the game. Did you all think they were going to beat the NBA Champs? Maybe if LeBron fouls out, maybe if Wade is limping, maybe if Bosh took his 1/6 free throws into the 4th and kept missing. But we live in the real world. Savour the success of tying this team in regulation.

    For every mistake that Casey made what did you think of Spoelstra’s strategy – the guy was out coached for three quarters of the game. It took LeBron to do his “Superman” impression to turn this game around.

    The Heat left the floor with a lot of respect for the Raptors tonight.

    Good work Raps!! Well done.


    I agree the pieces are ther and exciting to watch. Future is bright folks. the coach has got to be better with his subs and shooting patterns though. Disappointed in Casey.


    are we the only team that doesn’t go offense/defence subs late in games?

  • RapsFan

    I think it is more frustration than hating going on. We might not have expected that much going into the game tonight, but when you take the defending champs to OT on the road you would think the coach could continue to utilize the players that got you there like ED and continue the solid ball movement that dissapeared in OT.

  • Giselle Ferguson1315

    I definitely understand the hate for Alan Anderson right now for taking so many shots but some of the blame has to be put on his teammates. We have too many players on this team that are afraid to make plays when the game gets tight and they become passive. Alan Anderson and Terrence Ross are the only players on this team that play fearless. So I feel Alan feels he has to take over games because no one else wants to. If lowry or Demar or Jose became more assertive in crunch time Anderson wouldnt feel he has to take shots. All they do it move the ball aimlessly and then when nothing comes of it someone has to take the shot and it normally ends up being Alan. But yes Alan needs to to stop shooting so many threes and jumpers at key times. He can get into the paint so I dont know why he doesnt do that more. 

    • 2damkule

      this.  all of it.

      i think the biggest people around here have with AA is his salary, and the ‘know your role’ meme that is supposed to come along with it.  perhaps it’s the bargnani effect – the guy making the most $ is the guy who’s ‘supposed’ to be taking all the shots.  the assumption, i guess, is that shot distribution should be doled out according to income earned, and in that case, AA should be pretty much the last option.  except…he’s often the only guy on the wing willing (and often times, able) to take & make shots.  maybe that’s not a good thing (well, it only seems like a bad thing when he’s missing some of those shots), but until DD decides to nut up & demand the ball like the ‘franchise-like’ player he’s being lauded as, what options are there?  bitch & moan about anderson not knowing his role, that he shoots too much, yada yada yada…just be sure to appreciate what he’s bringing to the table as well, as unappealing as it may be at times.  IMO, his shot selection says more about his teammates than it does about him.

      • Nilanka15

        I agree with both Giselle and yertu.  I didn’t have a problem with Anderson taking those shots. 

        If memory serves correctly, I think the guys on the floor at the time were Gray, Calderon, DeRozan and Fields.  None of these guys have a proven track record of hitting key shots in pressure situations (or even being able to create their own shots). 

        • Destro

          I think the problem lies in whos on the floor and the fact hes jacking up contested shots…Were not running any plays,were just dribbling and heaving,yea i would have a problem with that…Were not talking Reggie Miller here…

      • What the

        stop telling lies Barnie is the franchise guy.

  • FAQ

    It’s not if you win or lose… it’s how you play the game …!

    • What the

      i hope you’re saying that next season when we’re Tanking for Wiggins

  • Phat AlberG

    How can people defend Casey lmao… this guy is a joke!  Ed Davis doesn’t start the 0T and  Alan Anderson is jacking up shots early in the shot clock like he’s Kobe Bryant.  You know what! This team is talented but you have a coach who has no idea how win games.  GET RID OF THIS GUY!!!!!!

    • 2damkule

      agree…he only knows how to take a fully rested (hadn’t played in 6 days) & healthy depending champion (with 3, maybe 4 future HOFers) to OT, on the road.  WHAT A BUM!

  • 511

    More than once during the game, I had the conscious thought that the Raptors really were the better-coached team of the two. The Heat has the talent, obviously and no doubt, and I don’t know about who made the better substitutions during the game – I’m puzzled about a couple things Casey did, ya – but as for which team was better prepared and practiced to get the job done last night, it was the Raptors, hands down. Substitutions aside, Casey makes Spoelstra look like a punk. And really, after all is said and done, to have finished regulation tied with the champs, Casey must’ve been doing something not-all-that-dumb with his fourth quarter player selection. If Anderson didn’t lose his mind in OT or if he just hit half or so of those shots, some of them crazily frantic (it seemed), the post-game conversations might be a lot different. 

  • Bmarsh1295

    I’m honestly not even mad we ended up losing. Was it a great opportunity? Of course. But it’s the heat. When you have a lineup of scrappy players with some athleticism (us) against a superstar power (not us) generally it’ll be a blowout. I’m not normally one to shit on the refa, but there were too many respect calls/non-calls. I’m relatively happy though, good effort

  • Ppellico

    What a foolish fan base.
    Gray lost the game from what I read above.
    It doesn’t matter that the Raps got the lead due to Miami being out of sink from many days off.
    6 minutes and a minus 1!!!! doesn’t matter.
    It doesn’t matter that even with gray never seeing yet the floor the Heat came back and was stomping on the Raps.
    Doesn’t matter that Gray was open and never given the ball at least 3 times.
    It doesn’t matter that instead of going inside the team began chucking up duds from the outside.

    Dpesn’t matter to reason…Gray lost this game.

    How really stupid and poor at reasoning can an analysis get????

    • Destro

      Where are ppl saying Gray lost the game ?

    • RaptorFan

      WTF is wrong with you?  Nobody expects anything from Gray….. he does what he does…..he tries his best.  I’m pretty sure everyone is blaming Casey for this loss.  Ross and ED not playing in the 4th or OT (Ed played the last 1 min 50 sec in OT) is inexcusable…. Where are the assistant coaches?  Shouldnt someone whisper in Casey’s ear??  EH Dumbass….. lets put ED back in there at least!

  • jacobdrichards4

    I might be alone here but i thought Derozan actually had a good game, agressive and not settling. it was a hell of a lot better than what he has been putting out there lately. Maybe my standards arent as high as they used to be for him.

    • 511

      ya … I didn’t think he had a ‘good’ game but he did have a smarter game – offensively – than we’ve been used to seeing. Made some heads-up passes we might not have seen a short while ago. To me, it was a half-step forward. Maybe he goes the full step, tonight. 

    • ghotte

      Demar had 7 assists – more than both the PG’s combined and he got a D in the eyes of Arsenalist. He drove to the hoop aggressively and dished to an open man. Not sure he can do more. 

  • DumbassKicker

    People, geeez, all the armchair coaches whining about their new darling ED not getting floor time during crunch time. I love the improvements we’re seeing in ED’s offensive game, but some “coaches” need to spend a little time paying attention to his often “caught in the headlights” defense. The game’s not just about highlight dunks and the occasional gambling steal/block. It’s funny that a couple of players on this team, as in favorite whipping boys, get ripped for any defensive lapse, but nobody notices ED’s deficiencies at that end. Un fn real. There’s reason Amir, hobbled ankle and all, is out there during crunch time every game, and ED isn’t. It’s not the coach being a doofus, it’s the coach not trusting ED’s defense when the opposition turns it up a notch, and for damn good reason!

    That being said, the coach and the TEAM pushed the champs to the limit, the entire game, in their yard. It was a damn good game, with a lot more positives in it than negatives to justify all this whining, but that’s the MO here isn’t it.

    • RaptorFan

      You seriously think you know what your talking about…..thats probably the funniest part of your posts…….

      OBVIOUSLY You and Casey see what we’re NOT seeing…..

      playing Andrea “come hell or high water.”  — did you agree with that too??

      We all know that Casey doesnt trust his young guys….. Thats the reason he plays Gray and Lucas over ED and Ross (when the latter two are clearly more talented). 

      This coach will NOT have a job in this league very long if this keeps up……its about winning at the end of the day…. we lost 5 out of our last 6 games…. at least 3 of those in overtime (games we could’ve won).  You can continue to make excuses for Casey, but he did what he did and still lost….no consolation prize in my books. 

      Losers dont get brownie points!

      • DumbassKicker

        I don’t know if you’re one of the clowns on here that trolls under multiple names, but if not, you’ve learned from the RR masters of deflection: When you don’t have a valid argument against a post, change the subject and spout time worn whinery.

        PS. I don’t really want to dump on ED, as I’m enjoying seeing his progress on the offensive end, but if you can steal yourself away from jacking off to dunks, watch ED’s D. BTW, when ED came back in with 2 minutes to go in OT, Raps were down 1, yes 1. Did ED earn any of your brownie points for his performance when they needed him for his awesomeness?

        • RaptorFan

          Boy…you really are a dumbass… should kick yourself!

          “PS. I don’t really want to dump on ED”

          Your a joke dude….because thats exactly what you did…..Armchair coaches?? If you dont like the opinions of fans (who collectively think Casey’s substitutions in the 4th and OT were suspect) then you should probably visit another site

          Most posters recognize that you have no idea what your doing…..your in over your head JUST LIKE CASEY in crunch time

          • DumbassKicker

            Just another lemming.

            “If you dont like the opinions of fans (who collectively think Casey’s
            substitutions in the 4th and OT were suspect) then you should probably
            visit another site”

            1. I don’t believe the site’s rules are that you shouldn’t be here unless you agree with the “collective”. That’s what lemmings do.

            2. The subject is about 1 substitution whine. You’re second attempt at modifying the subject matter, or are you too dumb to realize that’s what you’re doing?

            “Most posters recognize that you have no idea what your doing…..your in over your head JUST LIKE CASEY in crunch time”

            LOL, where are these “most posters”? You’re multiple personalities don’t count. WATCH the games for more than dunks, because you’ll never refute my opinion on ED’s defensive flaws with spouting naked stats or the RR “collective” psych,,,, now that’s funny!!

            PS. Do you even know the game well enough to know what you’re seeing if you pay attention to defense?
            PS2. try and develop enough knowledge that you don’t need the RR “collective” to tell you what you see.

  • Hound

    Casey calls a time out with 34 seconds left, scored tied. I was praying they would try to go 2 for 1, enabling us to get the last shot. Instead, they run the clock down to 20 or so, take a bad shot and then luck out by having LBJ miss at the buzzer. When you are outmanned by a better team, I want the ball on the road with a chance to win it with a 3. I’d take that over overtime any day of the week.

  • pran

    I cannot believe you gave terrence ross a c+, for someone who had zero chemistry with lowry at pg up until now, I thought he played terrific, a breakout game for him.