• dino4life

    That’s what he’s good at, that’s where he’s efficient. We should be glad he knows his role unlike Alan Anderson

  • lots of high percentage shots

  • Jamshid

    This is expected from a player like Amir. He is very limited offensively and need a PG which can give him the ball at the right place and at the right time. Amir is basically incapable of creating his own shot. To his credit , he knows this and therefore always tries to be in the right position. 

    This is also why Amir players better with Jose than Lowry. If you look at the numbers, Amir makes most of his points on passes from Jose than from passes from Lowry.

    The major problem with Amir’s game is that he is almost useless when the game slows down and we are dealing with half court offence. If the other team’s defence take Amir’s space away from him and if defence gets set, then Amir is incapable of being effective from any where else on the floor.

    I know some people think he is still young and … but he has been in the league for 7+ years and this is his ceiling. He is decent big man off the bench and in a Salary Cap league, should not be paid more than 5 million a season.