Excerpt from the Insider Article:

Trade Machine Link: This is the non-blow-it-up move for Boston to stay relevant this season. Everyone wants to know: Are the Raptors going to choose to keep longtime point guard Jose Calderon or the younger, more volatile Kyle Lowry? Whispers around the league suggest that the Toronto front office is divided on the issue and the Celtics could swoop in and take advantage of that possible dissension.

Lowry remains one of the most efficient point guards in the league (21.3 PER), but his uneven effort on the defensive end has reduced him to a 20-minute role off the bench for defensive-minded coach Dwane Casey. The Celtics could take on Linas Kleiza’s contract that pays him $4.6 million this season and possibly next season, though the Celtics would probably hope he turns down his 2013-14 player option to go back overseas.

In order to give up Lowry and his tidy contract, the Raptors would likely need to receive young assets in return. Such a deal would likely require involving Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger and a future first-rounder. But that would also necessitate the Raptors absorbing Green’s undesirable four-year deal to make the money work. Would Toronto decision-maker Bryan Colangelo do that? We didn’t think he’d give five years and $53 million to a then-30-year-old Hedo Turkoglu, either.

Stein’s tweet that started the speculation for real:


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  • This is turning into a gong-show. Lowry is not getting a fair shake here. I like his game and he is young and talented. If there were flags going into this, why did Colangelo give away a lottery pick for him? 

    • alexaussie

      Because he’s not a good GM?

    • Rama

      I agree, I would be building this team around Lowry not trying to ship him off

  • BlakeMurphy

    I’m not on board with this. While I’d love to dump Kleiza and pry away Bradley, unloading Lowry and taking on that Green contract is a no-go for me.

    • Thetruth

      What if you were to package Lowry with Bargnani for Rondo?

  • Slobo15

    hey I posted this trade on here yesterday 😛 but, I think Calderon would fit better, with Green and one of their young guys (Sullinger or Bradley) or a pick coming back

    • Arsenalist

      The Celtics will not trade Bradley.  They were waiting for his return from injury anxiously, and see him as an integral part of what they’re doing now and in the future.  Doc Rivers loves the guy and certainly won’t give him up for Calderon or Lowry, or even them combined.

      • DumbassKicker

        Didn’t you create this post, WITH a suggested trade possibility with Bradley involved?

        • Arsenalist

          I copied and pasted from ESPN Insider.  I’ll make that more clear.

  • Prince B365

    Are we not trying to make the play offs here… a trade of this nature will help the future (caldron or lowry) but not a chance to make the playoffs. Boston a team in our division and two spot ahead of us currently are in trouble with the lost of rondo. To helping them by make a trade of any of are guards.. even lucas would be a bonehead move unless we get somethinf huge in return. Kiss the playoffs away for this sseason and have a reminder everytime we face the Celtics of what we help bail them out of…

    • Nilanka15

      The playoffs are a pipe dream, my friend.

    • The Truth

       I don’t really think that is going to be a huge factor in their thinking. It might have been if we’d started the season better but as it stands this team as currently constructed is a slim chance to make the playoffs and no chance of beating anyone in a best of 7 series.

      Given that they need to look past short term success and evaluate any propose deal on whether it helps make us better next year or even the year after.

  • Black Angus

    Love this (proposed) deal… especially if Bradely and Sullinger can be moved for picks

  • Sbmckay6930


  • Daniel

    If we can flip Lowry for Green then just take it and run. Green is the best we’d have at SF for the last 6 seasons. Sure, Fields’ contract sticks as a sore point at SF however he can be a serviceable backup to both SG or SF position in case of injuries. In any case, it’s not a bad idea to have assets going forward.

    • voy

      jeff green are you kidding me? the same jeff green who is scheduled to make 8.4 mill, 8.9 mill, 9.4 mill and 9.4 mill over the next 4 years?

      just because you’ve had shit for the past 6 years doesn’t mean you commit and jump at the opportunity to have something moderately less shit locked up for 4 more years.

    • ad

       Bro, you are fucked. Did you see greens salary compared to his production. Mayyybe id trade calderon for him but celtics would need to really sweeten the pot. I cant believe so many fucking idiots on this blog hate lowry. How do they not see he is better than calderon? The fact that the celtics are more interested in lowry than calderon despite the fact that jose is expiring should speak volumes. Nobody wants an overpaid backup pg like calderon.

  • voy

    i like the fact that the assets coming back are young, but really, how does bradley project 2 or 3 years out? is he really a point guard? is he going to fill a need?

    as far as sullinger goes, is he going to be measurably better than ED?  why waste a bullet on a guy who plays a position that is one of our only strengths? 

    I think lowry would be a great fit in boston and I like the idea of a bunch of young kids coming back but i dont think boston has the right pieces for us and reading stein’s tweet it looks like its all just his specualtion anyway.

  • Destro

    This rumour has no hope in hell of happening….Parts dont fit on that roster…

    Secondly i hope BC has learned his lesson about helping Eastern foes out in there time of need he already helped heat land Bosh and a ‘ship,dont give Boston an expresslane pass to the 8th seed…

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    A similar trade could work, without Toronto having to absorb any bad contracts.

    ESPN Trade Machine Link: http://espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=ajtf4jb

    – Toronto would likely waive Collins & Barbosa immediately
    – Bradley/Lucas would compete for backup PG duties
    – hopefully Sullinger could be flipped for draft pick(s)
    – at least 1 1st round pick from Boston would have to be included in the deal, possibly 2 1st round picks (Toronto could send 1 or 2 2nd round picks to Boston)

  • think of a third team to facilitate any deal with Boston: Raptors would have Kleiza and Bargnani to add to Lowry in the deal, and would want a young, defence first PG to play behind Jose and picks + minimum damage to cap flexibility in whatever bad contract comes back.
    And for all those saying Bargnani has no value don’t confuse fan discontent with trade value.  Boston need a PG as they are in the playoofs, have Pierce and Garnett and will get Rondo back — they NEED the trade, Raptors are in the stronger bargaining position, hence the third team with assets they do covet as opposed to Celtics that duplicate what Toronto already has.

  • Abcde

    This will never ever happen but whatever…


    • Abcde


  • George Duffney

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