Excerpt from the Insider Article:

Trade Machine Link: This is the non-blow-it-up move for Boston to stay relevant this season. Everyone wants to know: Are the Raptors going to choose to keep longtime point guard Jose Calderon or the younger, more volatile Kyle Lowry? Whispers around the league suggest that the Toronto front office is divided on the issue and the Celtics could swoop in and take advantage of that possible dissension.

Lowry remains one of the most efficient point guards in the league (21.3 PER), but his uneven effort on the defensive end has reduced him to a 20-minute role off the bench for defensive-minded coach Dwane Casey. The Celtics could take on Linas Kleiza’s contract that pays him $4.6 million this season and possibly next season, though the Celtics would probably hope he turns down his 2013-14 player option to go back overseas.

In order to give up Lowry and his tidy contract, the Raptors would likely need to receive young assets in return. Such a deal would likely require involving Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger and a future first-rounder. But that would also necessitate the Raptors absorbing Green’s undesirable four-year deal to make the money work. Would Toronto decision-maker Bryan Colangelo do that? We didn’t think he’d give five years and $53 million to a then-30-year-old Hedo Turkoglu, either.

Stein’s tweet that started the speculation for real:


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