• Chandydandy

    No Foul.  Arms straight up.

    • Jimi

      Clearly got fouled. The NBA is a joke!

    • yosef22

      are you blind like the refs?

    • Blasterfi9

      lool, soo straight

    • Pesterm1

       Fug u, your blind

  • Dbobb28

    Chandydandy is clearly being sarcastic. I think!!!

  • Abc Bbc

    Ref is trying to return the 2013 pick to the Reptors. We should thank them! …

  • Pesterm1

    Anyone else notice Korver boot Anderson in the face too ?   wtf is that ?    looks intentional IMO. Even if its not, you cant kick your leg to protect the ball :S ….. 

  • MER

    Wow that was totally a foul then the NBA charges Dwayne Casey 25,000$ that’s just not right!