Hawks 93, Raptors 92 – Box

November 21, 2012 – the NBA apologizes to the Raptors for the mistake below, whereby an obvious shooting foul by Michael Kidd-Gilchrist on Andrea Bargnani is not called, resulting in a Raptor loss.

January 16, 2013 – the NBA apologizes to the Raptors for the mistake below, whereby Amir Johnson is somehow NOT in the act of shooting on this final play. Instead, the Raptors got the ball back with about a second left to inbounds and shoot…and lose.

January 30, 2013 – Somehow, despite getting hit with Sweet Chin Music, seven clotheslines, a chokeslam, a tombstone piledriver and the Hulk Hogan leg-drop on this shot attempt, DeMar DeRozan was NOT fouled.

The quote below is Dwane Casey’s reaction:

I’m tired of this. I’m tired of losing games because of missed calls at the end of the game. I know the league’s going to come down on me but I don’t care. These guys have fought their hearts out, played their hearts out, and at the end of the game we get cracked, [then and] apology, and we go home back to Canada. It’s happened too many times. I’ve been in this league 18 years and I’ve never seen as many missed calls at the end of the game to cost us the game. We have great officials in this game, we have good officials, and too good to miss calls and short-change these young men like that. It’s not right. It’s not right for these guys to play their hearts out and then come up on a missed call at the end of the game. I wouldn’t just say this, I watched it three or four times, hoping that they missed it but they didn’t.

My reaction, however, is a little more brief and pointed:

Between that ending and the Rudy Gay trade, does anybody remember ANYTHING about the rest of this game? Arse did a nice job here with his Quick Reaction, but really the story at the end of the day is the third awful no-call costing the Raptors a game this season.

Yes, the Raptors could have protected themselves from this fate by not being in those situations. They should have beaten the Bobcats more handily. They should have stopped Luol Deng (and his illegal push-off) on the possession prior to that call in Chicago. And last night, Alan Anderson shouldn’t have channelled Chris Childs and thrown up a wild attempt with no concept of the time remaining on the clock. All of these things are true, and the Raptors could have avoided such a fate.

But they didn’t, and those calls happened. Three atrocious end-of-game calls on the last possession of games that resulted in a Raptor loss. For a team that is 16-30 but also 6-12 in games decided by five points or less (or overtime), those wins add up quickly. In fact, since “close game winning percentage” is said to be subject to a lot of random variation and most teams will regress to roughly .500, if those three calls go the other way, the Raptors are suddenly a perfectly acceptable 9-9 in those situations. They’re also 19-27 and 3.5 games back of the eighth seed in the East instead of 6.5 games back, if that sort of thing matters to you.

As for the game, well, DeRozan played fairly well, as did John Lucas. Not great, but well. Lucas shoots the ball a lot…like, a lot, a lot (16 attempts in 24 minutes, which makes Kobe and Melo look passive), but last night they fell. He’s very hit or miss, and it’s my hope that when Lowry is fully healthy he can handle 36 minutes a night because I don’t want Lucas playing more than a quarter. DeRozan shot too many jumpers, as he’s wont to do, but he didn’t play all that bad overall. It’s possible he just wanted to get shots up now while he still can.

However, Amir Johnson and Alan Anderson decided to team up to try and shoot the Raptors out of the game, each shooting three-for-12. Amir missed five mid-range jumpers and hit none. Anderson missed six mid-range jumpers and hit none. At least Johnson crashed the boards (14) and played defense (four blocks) and Anderson got to the stripe (eight attempts), redeeming their games somewhat.

Kyle Lowry didn’t take over like I had hoped, but due to the back spasms and rebounding (10) I’m willing to give him a pass. Those passes aren’t going to last too much longer now that this is “his team,” though.

And finally, AIRon Gray is a monster. I apologize.

Sorry if I missed any key points, but between the trade, the no-call, this write-up and Arse’s quick react, I’m sure there’s nothing important that went uncovered. Check back Friday as three of us will break down the trade at length on the Rapcast.

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  • sleepz

    Is it just me or when you watch the replay of the last few seconds on the overhead replay does it not look like Demar doesn’t have the ball when going up after the rebound which probably makes any contact with Horford inconsequential?

    Demar lost the ball on the dribble just a few seconds earlier (no excuse for that either) so after reviewing it I don’t think Casey has much of an argument on this one.


    • BlakeMurphy

      Freeze it at like 0:38. He catches a Horford elbow as he tries to gather. He doesn’t have GREAT ball control when he goes up because of that, but then Horford catches DeRozan at the elbow (a second time) as he starts to go up…you really have to slow it down, but Horford smacks him before and after take-off, knocking the ball loose.

      • BlakeMurphy

        Also, if the ball was loose, there would definitely be a foul on Korver for a loose-ball foul anyway. Since Hawks were in bonus, that would have resulted in DeRozan shooting a pair as well.

        • tmk

          Just piggybacking on your comment for an off-topic point directed at RR staff/designer. I like the new website layout/design, it’s very simple but elegant, however you guys should do something about the font for the articles. Maybe It’s just me, but personally I find it unprofessional looking and kind of messy. I don’t know if it’s the font style or size…maybe increase the margins on the left side? I’m not sure, but I personally don’t like it.

          Though it is easy to read, so maybe that’s the goal. Just a suggestion.

          • StandUpComedian

            Yeah I like the new layout but somehow it’s a bit messy. Also, the “Forum” button on the mainpage should link to “/forums/forum.php”, not “/forums/activity.php”.

            • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

              What happened to the live game chat feature? I can’t seem to locate it….

              • morons

                good thing.

              • Arsenalist

                Back in. Sidebar.

            • Arsenalist

              Fixed the forum button.  Will have the designer take a look at the “messy” angle.

    • Nilanka15

      Whether it was a missed call or not, I still blame the Raptors for making multiple mistakes down the stretch.   There’s a lot of people to blame before we even start looking in Earl’s direction.

      • pran

        yes good point. How come other teams don’t seem to have this much of a problem with the refs? They are talented enough players to close out games and not put themselves into a bad position where the game hinges on a refs call.

    • enufisenuf

       Yes it’s just you…..

    • Mountio

      I’m with you. For all the hoopla .. I watched it live and several times back. Just doesn’t seem like an obvious foul. Seems like dd flailing his arms again and ya, some contact, but really more just stray limbs. Not to say it couldn’t be called, but if u listen to Matt and jack and read rr, it seems like the guy was totally mugged and I just don’t see it

      • FLUXLAND

         Exactly.  Scrub flailing his arms around looking for a call – yeah, OK, that’s gonna happen.

    • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Sam Mitchell made that point as well saying DD had lost the ball before any contact but humans make errors in real time we hav ethe benefit of slow motion- I don’t see an apology coming from the NBA on this one.

      DD couldn’t keep his drive alive with his left hand when it look like he could turn the corner and get to the hoop.

      • sleepz

        He can’t lose the ball in that situation. It was dissapointing to see.

      • FLUXLAND

         Good point on the slow motion – everyone is an expert with slow mo replay.

        I hope the NBA sends a STFU and play the game apology.


       A complete and total non-call. I have no idea what everyone is crying about like a bunch of girl scouts.

      It was obvious they were letting them play, as refs hate to be the ones deciding games.  DeBunk is flailing his arms around looking for a call and he can’t get them during the game, so how the bleep are they going to hand it to him at the end? They are not.

      The bigger issue is Alan McChukski jacking it up with 8 seconds left on the clock!!  Inexperience, panic and amateurism at it’s finest.

      And while I’m here, the dude who vomited in writing for the ROD – really, bro? THIS is what tipped you over the edge? Not the fixing games scandal? THIS? Please, spare me the drama, guy, it’s a business, one of entertainment at that. Save your speech for high school ball (a lot of people on here comment from that angle); like Casey, you make the organization and its fans look ridiculous.

      This team has far bigger problems than refs and wanting calls because “guys work hard and put in effort”. STFU and win the games through execution; you don’t win games just for showing up and putting on the uniform.  There are no wins for participating.

      • enufisenuf

        He was fouled going up, shooting and after too……  But if you dislike the Raptors, Casey, BC, AB……..  Of course you’re bang on with your assessment of the play…….

        • FLUXLAND

           Never leave the game in the refs hands.

          • enufisenuf

             Lame…..  Can say the same about the Heat, OKC, SA and all the glamour teams in the NBA…..  Difference is they get those calls…..  Seen it over and over…..

            • FLUXLAND

              Hopefully your astute observations also caught the times they don’t get calls and rise above the refs. That is how you earn their respect in the L – that’s the difference.

              The only thing that is lame is the whining from Casey and the ignorant fans.  It should have never came down to that pathetic display at the end… and I’ve sure seen that over and over around these parts, from this team.  But yeah, let`s blame the refs, that will fix everything.

  • voy

    greatest reference in a title ever.

  • Hamsandy

    id add in the foul on anderson when the raps turned it over late in the game in philly, that was a foul maybe not as blatant though. its just no respect for the raps and i think casey is the man to get that respect back, bc on the other hand…

  • Enufisenuf

    To say the raps are 6-12 in games decided by 5 points or less means nothing when looking at the way they’ve lost.  The # of double digit leads blown in the 4th quarter, shots that should never have gone in (Utah’s Al Jefferson  hitting his second career 3 that bounced 4 times+ on the rim), Detroit’s last second shot, Alan Anderson obviously pushed out of bounds, Kyrie Irving’s 28 ft 3 that AA didn’t defend, Paul George’s game winner the first game of the year after an Out of Bounds where the Indiana player climbed over Calderon…..  On and on it goes……  So we blew a huge lead vs. Orlando and Derozan hit a shot and we are to celebrate.

    Don’t give me a good team should close and it shouldn’t get to that point…..  Agreed, but this is outright unbelievable……

    • Adriiian

      “Don’t give me a good team should close and it shouldn’t get to that point…..  Agreed, but this is outright unbelievable……” Totally agree.

  • Adriiian

    The refs do not like this team. It’s obvious. They are Americans and “we” are Canadians. 
    Just like my pops says, and everyone else… It demoralizes this team. Bad calls have affected more than just those 4 games. I’ve been watching the NBA a lot these past 2-3 seasons, not just Raptors games. But the worst calls and officiating is always somehow in a game involving our beloved Raps.

    Fuck this league and fuck these refs. Boo them into fucking submission when they get to the ACC. I’m not going to make death threats or shit like that, but it’s honestly embarrassing, and these refs should receive some kind of penalty. 

    EDIT: And by boo, I mean chants of “fuck you ref,” by the whole stadium. What are they going to do? Throw out 20k people? No. They won’t.

    • Ihatehaters

      Grow up.

  • ppellico

    felt bad that after a great game Gray left his man to allow the last drive and point by atlanta.
    not sure if he was totally and solely responsible…but it felt like it. I read where he was going out to help…but….
    If he had just stayed back….

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Listen, it’s too easy to blame the refs.  That fact is that Toronto squandered a big halftime lead as they have done in past games only to come short in the end.  The Raptors have no one to blame but themselves.  Maybe Casey should focus on teaching his players on how to hold onto a lead rather than cry about the officiating.

    • enufisenuf

       No they can blame the refs because they blew another simple call at the end of the game.  Add to that the psychology that losing close games breed, it is a slippery slope and the Raptors don’t get a break.  Heck the Refs reviewed the block out of bounds (which too could have been called a foul) for 3 minutes to see if there was any way at all they could say that Lowry was the last to touch it. 

      Yes lot’s of issues with the team, however easily we should have 6 more wins minimum, which equates to more respect, a call here or there and we are in the playoff mix.

    • DumbassKicker

      I get tried of hearing this “it’s their own fault” crap. A foul is a foul is a foul, and part of the game. Look, the Raps are not a contender full of experienced vets. They’re a young team working hard to develop and mesh together, in a game that, as the expression goes, is a game of runs. Even solid, experienced teams give up leads all the time, but often come up big down the stretch and eke out a win anyways. Most look at those and say “see, they came up big when it counted”, sometimes helped out by forcing fouls that actually get called. The raptors should be getting the same chance at those free throws as LeBron, or Melo,  or Kobe, or Kyrie, etc would be getting for a chance to pull out a win. Point is that even the good teams give up leads, but do what they need to do at the end to get the win. In all 4 cases of botched missed calls, the Raps were good enough to weather the opponents run to have a chance at the end, but got robbed by blatant missed calls. The refs are to blame, not the young players scratching out a chance to win, then having the refs ignore a foul is a foul is a foul. At the end of the day, DeRozan fought and went up and got that rebound, making Horford look like a spectator. He deserved that call, regardless of what else happened in the rest of the game.

  • Maniacal

    Raptors should join the euro
    league.. where there isn’t any of this “showtime” crap.

    Where a foul is a foul….and the
    size of your contract doesn’t determine whether or not you’ve “earned it yet”.


    Man just watch the Miami Heat play..
    LeBron steps on the court and the opposing team’s front court automatically
    gets a foul a piece.

  • Tinman

    It has actually been four games where the refs affected the outcome.

    Remember Jose inbounding to Anderson and him getting pushed out of bounds

  • FAQ

    Memphis @ OKC ….. 8 PM…. TSN2 ….. Let’s watch ED light it up!!!!!

    • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Ed reports ASAP to a winner with his boy JBayless- are TPrince/ADaye showing up tonite or later? 

      I wonder when Gay will play for the Raptors Fri or Sun?

      If Fri he’s ready to get started if Sun he’s chilling because no playoffs no rush? 

      When will Jose report/play for Det- he should be motivated to keep Det ahead of Toronto in the standings if Boston falls off.

    • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Ed is now in a winning environment…I see nothing but good things for him in Memphis ala Bayless.

  • A truly outstanding headline!  Do you thnk the NBA gets embarrassed at some point?

  • 511

    Casey’s been fined $25,000. Geez … 

    • FAQ

       Publicly attacking these particular refs is a boneheaded thing to do because what happened is not related to the other incidents.  Casey has not helped his or the Raptor’s cause with NBA refs… and I expect the refs will now intentionally pizz on the hapless Raps … just watch.

  • Anahmille Zulu

    I predict multiple 4-6 game winning streaks propelling us into the playoffs based on this pick up.