• BlakeMurphy

    That should say Punk Bitch actually…fix that typo.

  • Kuba

    JV is a bigger punk for not slamming him to the ground hard foul.

  • delonte west

    raps are punks for not trying for pizza

  • robertparrish00

    Total punk move and lack of respect.  On the positive side – everytime someone mentions it, they will have to say it came at the end of a blowout loss to the raptors.  Let the world know.

  • zardari

    yeah what a douche. being that ugly is punishment enough I guess.

  • Willy Ridge

    Caron wasn’t going to let our rookie dribble out a blowout game… Forever shame from the Raptor Nation… Take your licks like a man.

  • Wilson

    So funny how everybody gets offended by completely inconsequential things that happen at the end of the game. What I don’t get even more than that though is the hypocrisy that allows a team down to do something like that at the end of the game like the Clippers did tonight, but get so offended if the winning team goes for a shot. Either way, it doesn’t even matter. Up or down by a lot with less than 24 seconds to go in the game, nothing you do is going to change the outcome of the game. In my opinion, what the Raptors should’ve done is laughed at his antics, give Butler props for fooling Valanciunas – then foul intentionally to get the ball back, take a timeout and go for 100. Not even out of malicious intent. Just an innocuous eye for an eye thing.

    • oldschool

      Its not about the score at that point, its about respect and sportsmanship. And what hypocrisy? you don’t think the Raps players didnt see that as disrespectful as a last minute shot attempt during a blowout?  of course they did. You said it yourself “either way it doesn’t matter. it doesnt change the outcome of the game”   well exactly, then why bother stealing it and running in for the layup?

      When the game’s already decided there are some unwritten rules with that last possesion – its actually not that hard to understand

  • Walter

    It should say “punk-ass bitch.” Yeah, Caron Butler is a lazy-eye, poor loser piece of shit. Sad, really. That said,  I do really wish JV had smacked him, or at least given him a hard foul. 

  • Thornbury

    Why we need a “Reggie Evans” type player. I was yelling at the tv “fucking hammer that punk! Hammer him”. There isn’t a player on this team that will do it. Bryan, bring Oak out of retirement for one game next time we play the Butler Bitches

    • Willyridge1

      Quincy Acy will fight anyone

  • André Börg

    Even the NBA.com writers agree it was a punk move:

    “BAD MOVE: With 3.9 seconds in the game left Jonas Valanciunas held the ball while the clock ran out,Caron Butler ripped the ball out of his hands and broke for half court. Valanciunas fouled him, which led to a clear path foul, giving the Clippers a free throw and ensuing possession and not a 25-point shot to tie the game.”

  • voy

    butler was being a bitch for the entire 4rthQ.  It was earlier when he thought, I think it was jv, was holding the ball a little xtra long after a raps made basket.  has a sour puss all game afterward.

    anyway, nothing like scoring 2 points in a 25 pt loss to make you feel like a hero.

  • I welcome any harmless play that could light a fire under someones ass. Let’s see how this plays out next game with JV. Too bad we dont play the clips again so we could level that punk bitch out.

  • Downtown

    remember how Philadelphia reacted recently when Fields scored on a Calderon pass in the last few seconds of the game? Players and coaching staff including Doug Collins reacted and wowed retribution for the lack of respect. Raptors? None of that. That is why NBA refs do not respect this team either. Butler, on the other hand, is continuing to deteriorate his cred in this league – last week, in a loss to Phoenix, needlessly floored Suns’ guard Dragic. 

  • J Smith

    Caron butler doesn’t like white people.

  • terrencethepterodactyl

    honestly it was a bitch move; there was no point in his actions. I can understand the frustration, but as a professional you have to accept it and move on, don’t act like the 5 year old on the playground who gets mad because they didnt get their way

  • Abcde
    • oldschool

      that Ricky Davis one was a famous one and got more of a reaction but personally i didn’t find it to be as offensive as most. Ricky did it for himself (tripledouble) when Caron did it – he was saying something to the Raps.
      Plus he put up his hand as if to shake JV’s hand in congratulation then rips the ball away and runs to the hoop …AND it was against a Raptor. So the Caron one was definitely worse