After the refs screwed the pooch at the end of a Raptors game for the umpteenth time this season, our hard-luck heroes return to the friendly confines of the ACC with hopes of respite. Instead, staring them in the face: a team with one of the NBA’s best records, two All-Stars, and the coolest team nickname since the “Jail Blazers” – that’s right, it’s Lob City, the Los Angeles Clippers.

A quick personnel update before we get down to brass tax – the Raps are going to be shorthanded once again tonight, though respite is on the horizon. Rudy Gay will arrive in Toronto this afternoon and is expected to suit up for Sunday’s game, though he won’t play tonight (he still has to pass a physical). As well, Andrea Bargnani participated in shootaround Wednesday and won’t be in tonight, but is expected back by the weekend. No word on Hamed Haddadi, because, well…

So, with all that being said, what we’re left with tonight is largely the same line-up that we saw in Wednesday night’s robbery against the Hawks, with the Raps having 9 usable NBA players and whatever Mikael Pietrus is. This might get ugly – but that’s why they play the games, right?

Tale of the Tape
O-Rating: Toronto 106.9 (12th), Clippers 110.6 (4th)
D-Rating: Toronto 108.9 (26th), Clippers 102.1 (5th)
Pace: Toronto 92.6 (24th), Clippers 94.2 (15th)
Strength: Toronto ball control (2nd – though without Jose, who knows?), Clippers balance (they’re in the top 10 of most statistical categories, and the top 5 of a bunch of them)
Weakness: Toronto Freebies (30th in Opp FTA/FGA), Clippers free throw shooting (26th in FT%)

Positional Breakdown
Point Guards: Kyle Lowry and John Lucas v. Chris Paul and Eric Bledsoe
BIG Advantage: 
Yikes. Lowry is going to be at his absolute best tonight to even come close to matching up with the 2 headed monster that is Paul and Bledsoe. Expect the Raptors to go to a zone when Lucas is in the game to try and counter his glaring size disadvantage when he’s matched up against Bledsoe, one of the league’s strongest, quickest point guards. It’ll be interesting to see how Lowry responds in his first game as the unquestioned number 1 in front of the home crowd.

Wings: DeMar DeRozan, Landry Fields, Alan Anderson and Terrence Ross v. Willie Green, Caron Butler, Jamal Crawford, Matt Barnes, and Grant Hill
Arguably, DeMar is the most talented offensive player on this list (at least, he has the potential to be) – but the depth on the Clippers is unbelievable – Jamal Crawford is one of the leaders in the clubhouse for 6th Man of the Year honors, and all of these players have been starters on very good teams in the past. With luck, this will be the type of wing rotation the Raptors will be able to deploy when all our wheeling and dealing is done, as Rudy Gay will give us similar, enviable depth as well. As it stands, though, the Clippers have a clear advantage tonight.

Bigs: Amir Johnson, Aaron Gray and Quincy Acy v. Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Lamar Kardashian, and Ronny Turiaf
The thought of Gray trying to guard DeAndre Jordan as he flies through the air makes me cringe, though Amir has the physical tools to do a reasonable job slowing down Blake Griffin and Acy matches up well with Odom from a defensive standpoint. Regardless, there’s a clear talent discrepancy here. Haddadi, where art thou??

The Picks
Vegas: OFF (presumably because they don’t know if Gay will suit up – though as you can see by the linked article above, he won’t)
Hollinger: Clippers -9
Garrett: With a shorthanded lineup, and playing arguably the deepest team in the league, I don’t see a lot of hope for tonight. Watch this game for individual performances (I’m especially interested in Lowry and DeRozan) and to see one of the NBA’s best teams, but not if you expect a close game. Clippers by 15. Rudy, get your butt over here.

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21 Responses to “Gameday: Clippers @ Raptors, Feb. 1”

  1. BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

    DD isn’t even half of JCrawford aka JSmoove aka The Dance Instructor on offense and that’s not even arguable. JCrawford has moves, ball handling-shooting skills that DD can only dream of…..

    Only hope Raptors have is if CP3 sits out again (bruised knee cap) and the Clippers come out half stepping like the Hawks did but I don’t see that happening (unless they went out on the town & got down lol) as these guys are hungry as a team plus DEEP off the bench with Odom, GHill, Barnes (remember BC tried to sign him with an exception that the Raptors didn’t have smh), Turiaf, RHollins & JSmoove (who seemingly always has had big games against Toronto).

    I remember watching an old Raptors behind the draft and the brass was discussing 2nd round pick candidates for said year and AJordan’s name came up and BC just laughed like are you serious no way Jose…and his consensus moved on to other names..

    Coaching LACs >>> Raptors

    NBA ref revenge game? Clips 110 Raptors 90…..

  2. guest

    According to Doug Smith Paul isn’t playing tonight ( so I’d say that changes things, marginally, to “Advantage:  Clippers”… magic 8-ball says Raps still get smoked by 10.  (PS it should be “brass tacks”.)

  3. BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

    Matt Barnes is suspended for the game- means GHill may get more minutes tonite to the delight of his Canadian wife’s

  4. FAQ

    I hope / wish / pray / fantacize the Toronto “Gay” Raptors TRASH the LA Clippers, but good… yeeeeaaaaah

  5. KJ-B

    DeRozan and Gay making some moves like dey been running 2gether 4 years like Starsky n Hutch!

    Best part of the trade: Alan Anderson will be on a short leash and less minutes–hopefully he can rediscover his inner “Everywhere Man”….

      • FAQ

        The cracker has a rather good/high BB IQ to make up for his limited talent.  Now if he could reliably throw/chuck/pop the ball from 10-12 feet he would be a big money player… ya think???

  6. j bean

    Big lead at the half. Rudy must be thinking his new team is a lot better than he thought.
    I wonder if they blow the lead to start the 3rd. 

  7. BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

    BC is not trading Bargnani this season he will (most likely) slide him back into his old PF spot once healthy enough to play (Sunday?) and try to ride him out with Val, Gay, DD & Lowry….smdh

    I’m just glad that Jose isn’t here to spoon fed him shots…

    Raps still good for only 30-33 wins this season & no playoffs.

    • FAQ

      Bargs and Val are tall slow euros who don’t really fit into the TRap’s run’n gun game with lots of offensive movement/passing.  However, Gray has shown high BB IQ and is an asset.  Too bad he doesn’t have a reliable 10-15 foot jump shot/throw/shove.

      Conversely, if Bargs can recover his arc shooting and pull-up jump shot, he might be okay to stretch the floor for Gay, DD and TRos.  As for his defense and rebounding….


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