The NBA responded to me complaining about the foul on DeRozan at the end of the Hawks/Raptors game.

I had basically written just how the hell that wasn’t a foul. Here’s their response:

Dear Zarar,

Thank you for contacting the National Basketball Association with your concerns regarding officiating. The NBA’s highest priority is to ensure that every game is determined on its merits.

We take seriously the performance of our officials. They are subjected to incredible scrutiny by the league, including tracking every call they make and holding them to the most rigorous standard in all of sports. Not only is their past performance measured, charted, and evaluated, but we employ a system of stringent metrics designed to continually hone their skills and improve their overall ability. We strive to ensure that NBA games are officiated at the highest possible level with the understanding that perfection is an unattainable goal.

Thank you again for your concern. We appreciate your feedback regarding this issue.


NBA Fan Relations

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16 Responses to “NBA’s Email To Me Regarding the Foul on DeRozan”

  1. Statement

    Rudy Gay is playing tonight.

    I don’t know if it’s my damaged psyche, but I want to delay his first start in a Raps uniform.  The longer he doesn’t play, the more that I can cling to the hope that he will be a star player.

  2. llaen

    Meh. Did you expect them to specifically comment on the situation after submitting an online form?


    The NBA is saying their refs are “learning” and “developing” just like our beloved Raptors, so why the outrage?  The fanbase should be used to this kind of talk. 

  4. Kevin

    It is so obvious that the email is just a template they send to all fans who complain about the NBA, which is probably a lot of people. They probably don’t even have people hired to send these emails. They probably just a program or a machine to do it for them. 

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      Pay a millionaire’s fine……….shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttt…..

      I’d rather donate to the boys & girls club….or food bank….

    • tweed8

       Dude, Casey can afford the fine, don’t worry… If Colangelo had real class, he’d say. “No sweat DC. I got it.”

  5. Dbobb28

    The NBA will not apologize because it would look silly to fine a coach for complaining about the officials then telling him he was right but we are taking the money anyways

  6. XanderZ

    I’m SUPER SICK of NBA officiating..  however this was thought if we had a different scenario.. 

    If DC doesn’t raise/complaining about the refs official, Then I’m pretty damn sure NBA will issue the 4th apologize for our beloved Raps.

    But since DC already outraged on the post-game interview (which I love btw) , NBA won’t give any apology that they initially intend to give.. NBA fined DC instead for destroying the much-deserve-to-be-replaced officials on PG Interview.
    Why you asked? simple.. the NBA Dictator (Hitler) System of David F*&kin Stern. 

    If NBA made the 4th apology to us & not fine DC, then ALL other teams will just do the same thing on post-game interview if the officiating made a bad call at the end of the game. If ALL other head coach outraged, and the NBA made a lot of apology.. then sooner or later.. riot will happen and then NBA systems, officiating rules & staffs need to be replaced.. which I’m sure he don’t plan to do.

    Bottom line is.. NBA Officiating S*&ks (yea yea we all know that.. but nothin goin to happen until Stern gone)!!

    for me.. the way NBA make an apology is like saying.. “We look like we care (for the fans.. so we can create a better NBA game, officiating & any other bull *&t statement) .. but we actually don’t care”.

    What the hell is the point of Post Game interview anyway if we can’t say what our true feeling without getting fined??? just record the interview once and replay it after every game then!

    I’d say EVERY.. and I said it again.. EVERY head coach (either you win or lose lol)  need to complaint on post game interview.. then we might see some changes on NBA officiating haha..

  7. HoopsJunkie666

    I had an interesting thought – let’s email the league and tell them what a “great job” the referees are doing. Then we can see if it is an automated response. If we get a different reply, we could vary our approach and see what happens. It is almost more demeaning that they don’t give a s**t what the fans think.


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