That was a gamble, but there’s no way you could go without either one of those guys if the game was close in the fourth quarter and it was so deep, I think it was seven or eight minutes to go in the third quarter. Foul trouble got us in a bad way and that put us behind but that team is not chopped liver. Dwane Casey on taking Johnson and Lowry out after their fourth fouls


He took them out after about three minutes in the third. Fair enough move in looking forward to the fourth quarter, but this substitution and it’s consequences (momentum shift and the Raptors losing the third by 10), also highlights the lack of depth at the PG and PF, two spots we traded away from in the Rudy Gay trade. With the goal now the playoffs, Colangelo must deal with the backup-PG situation, as having two shoot-first PGs in Lowry and Lucas carries a heavy risk. In addition, depending on the Bargnani situation, the PF will need to be dealt with.

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