• K.J.P

    It’s like watching Fringe….

  • Holycraptors.com

    Weird…in Toronto, his stubble made him look like a hipster. In Detroit, it makes him look homeless.

  • BlakeMurphy

    ARSE! Why do my Tumblr posts always post as Arsenalist…this is a bullshit dictatorship!!!

  • enlightenment

    I was just watching highlights of that game and I was astonished at how WEIRD he looks in a Detroit jersey!!
    Man, I really hope it works out for him…

  • Valit

    I watched the game last night and I doubt very much that Jose will mesh with the Pistons. It seemed that Knight was pissed or confused  that  they asked him to play as a  SG ; I wonder how long will take for people to start a PG controversy in Detroit. They have 3 combo guards but  not a real PG or SG- interesting times for Jose.

    • Nilanka15

      I thank the man upstairs (i.e. Superman) every night that we didn’t draft Knight 2 years ago.