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Gameday: Raptors @ Pacers, Feb. 8


Did I pick this pic for a reason? Hmmm.

Not even Chris Traeger gives the Raptors much of a chance. The Pacers are LITERALLY the best defensive team in the NBA.

Is Terrence Ross Overrated?



Alot of hype regarding this kid. That hype will likely increase considerably with the national exposure via the all-star weekend for the dunk competition. Although he’s shown glimpses of greatness, are we as fans pumping him up a little too much?

Assessing Rudy Gay’s Play in Toronto


Rudy Gay

Gay might not be able to carry a franchise all by himself like say a Kevin Durant, but put enough good parts around him and the team might thrive.

Why Are People Booing Bargnani?



Seriously, Wednesday night as a Raptors fan was embarrassing. Hate him all you want, but was booing Andrea really necessary? If you disagree and feel its warranted, come and speak up on the forums.

Rapcast #131: Bargnani-Boozer Rumours, Gay Impressions, and The Return of The Doctor



Things happened on Thursday night, like Ross getting selected for the dunk-off bringing the Raptors representation at All-Star weekend to a singular person, and we also had the Bargnani/Boozer thing break out. All this, and an old face dropped by to say hi and stay for a while.

Morning Coffee: February 8th Edition



#RossShallDunk … Bargnani for Boozer (please don’t do this!) … Pacers in town to exact revenge

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