Things happened on Thursday night, like Ross getting selected for the dunk-off bringing the Raptors representation at All-Star weekend to a singular person, and we also had the Bargnani/Boozer thing break out. All this, and an old face dropped by to say hi and stay for a while. So, things on the sked include:

  • Terrence Ross on the dunk contest – time for an alternate dunk competition style?
  • Potential impact of getting Boozer for Bargnani – which Boozer would we get?
  • Alternative moves when dealing with the Bargnani situation
  • Early impressions of Rudy Gay
  • The Celtics game and blowing a 10-point fourth quarter lead
  • Dwane Casey’s coaching ability held to a higher standard with the new trades
  • Casey’s rotation when dealing with guys like Alan Anderson
  • Backup PG situation, whether to make a move or live with John Lucas
  • Looking back at picking Ed Davis ahead of Avery Bradley
  • Looking ahead to Indiana (Roy Hibbert) and New Orleans (Austin Rivers)

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (43:10, 14MB). Or just listen below:

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  • KraagP

    Rapts future looks bright! I’ve been a fan since 99. Followed this team like crazy through the hard times, never forgetting what we used to have. I am so excited for next season no longer have to see my old carter and bosh jerseys and hang my head as I close my closet each morning. ūüôā CP Kelowna BC.

    • Paul

       You are gonna be sorely disappointed..

  • Hater

    What a great trade (would be) for Chicago.

    • Amigo

      It’s funny how Chicago is calling BC for Bargnani when our fans would trade him for a second rounder (if possible) or just amnesty him. I m sure AB won’t be happy because KL is better than DR1.Yeah.

      • Destro

        you dont know who initiated the convo lol…

        its less about the bulls wanting him moreso they want to get out from booz’s contract….

        • Dan

          ¬†I would say he was wrong on Lowry not having that killer instinct. Part of the problem early in the season was he was trying to go for the knockout three when the Raps were just barley hanging on to a lead. He didn’t shy away from it he just took them to soon or didn’t take the best shot.

  • footie

    What a great trade (would be) for Chicago…and Bargnani

  • iHeartLowry

    Does PHDSteve watch Raptors games? Wrong on 75% of the talking points.

    • Phdsteve

       think of the positive, that means I get 1 in 4 things I say right!

      • iHeartLowry

        True dat, but how can you say Bargs played like garbage against the Celts? He was effective in limited minutes, and pretty solid on defense. 

        And Lowry hasn’t stepped up in late-game situations? Not every game, sure, but he single-handedly kept us in/led the charge in a number of games.¬†

        Would genuinely love to hear explanations for these two points…¬†

    • DumbassKicker

      I don’t know about this 75% thing, but at least he finally TRIED to straighten Arsenalist (?) out regarding BC’s “interest” in this silly Boozer “trade talk”. After Arsenalist misrepresented Stein’s piece the 2nd/3rd time, phdsteve pointed out the reality. Funny how arsenalist brushed it aside without even acknowledging it.

      Arsenalist, is it reading comprehension issues, or deliberately feeding misinformation to the herd? Seriously, look past the headline (hits seeker), and it’s pretty clear that Stein says:

      – Chicago initiated (not BC) talks weeks ago (not current) and it was “dismissed” by BC.
      – There’s no indication that there are new talks currently going on, but Stein merely SPECULATES that MAYBE BC would be interested if Chicago sweetens the pot with addressing the Raptors’ backup PG issues.

      Where is there ANY indication here that BC is “interested ” in Boozer, rather than the exact opposite?

      PS. “….riffraff, no offense”: LOL, you’re free to think someone is “riffraff” (worthless, disreputable, or trashy), but in what world is calling someone that not offensive?

      • Dan

         I think he misheard PhD steve when he spoke about Lucas as the back up. Steve said he is not the long term option going forward but will live with him for the rest of this season. Then arsenalist responded he disagrees and then said the exact same thing. Fine to finish the season but not a long term option.

  • Bboca

    Bargnani for Boozer is perfect. Small ball with Boozer, Amir, Gay, DeRozan and Lowry. Bring it on!
    I call it big small ball. Lowry can drain threes, Boozer and Amir rebound and there are 5 guys who can score with the best of them. D could be a challenge but it is now anyway. 

  • grizzly73

    Do the trade! Anchors Away!!!

  • Steve

    Good to have PhD Steve back. ūüôā

  • Phat AlberG

    Carlos Boozer is terrible!  Why would trade fore Carlos Boozer lmao Raptors fans are idiots

  • Blair

    PHD Steve Amir Johnson would be a top 2 non small ball big on many title contenders : MIA, OKC, SAS, probably LAC
    Also on DEN, HOU, LAL (Gasol this year), BKN, BOS, MIL, POR, BOS, PHI (Bynum has been injured all year) for teams in or near the playoffs.

    Leaving really CHI, MEM, GSW (with healthy Bogut), IND, ATL, UTA, maybe LAC, NYK (Anthony has played more 4 than 3), as good teams with 2 better bigs

  • gradgrind101

    I like Boozer but I’m afraid¬†that would be the¬†maximum¬†ceiling for TO. Would TR + Boozer be good enough to compete for a championship? Maybe, but I don’t want to be like Denver… Good but never good enough. If that’s the best we can do then then let’s do it and get on with it.

    The deal would have to look something like this

    This deal would soften the cap hit a little since Robinson’s 1.1 mil comes off the books¬†after this year and Haddadi’s 1.3¬†won’t. Would like to include Kleiza in the package but there is no way that would happen.