Quotes: Terrence Ross on the Dunk Contest

On the dunk contest: “It’s crazy. People were giving like unrealistic things to do,” Ross said. “You can’t always do it. It’s hard. It’s tricky. It’s tricky. “Somebody asked me to like tap both sides of the backboard and do a 360 [degree] windmill … like NBA Jam-type things you’d never be able to do.”


TABROTD: Bargnani for Ilyasova?

TABROTD -Today’s Andrea Bargnani Rumour of the Day. Looks like from now till the 21st of February trade deadline we’ll see plenty more of these goodies. So for today’s one, any thoughts on Bargs for Ersan? Yay or Nay?


Does Rudy Suffer from “Bargsitus”?

What’s “Bargsitus” you say? Well according to the Matt52ictionary, bargsitus is a debilitating shooting mechanic disorder whereby the shooter has a beautiful stroke and release on his jump shot but very little to no power comes from the legs in the shooting motion. Click the pic to learn more.

Andrea Bargnani on Trade Rumours and Injury

On his name mentioned in trades: “Every day my name is next to a different team. It’s something I can’t control because trades are just part of the NBA. If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen. All I can do is focus on what I do day-by-day, and right now my focus is… Read more »

Terrence Ross - Toronto Raptors

High Hopes and Terrence Ross

Terrence Ross is getting a lot of ink and hopes are high. It’s better to temper those expectations and let nature run its course.