Quotes: Amir / Anderson / Gay on Guarding ‘Melo

Amir Johnson:

We knew he was going to iso on the block and on each wing. We just had to shrink the floor and everybody was talking and helping and that’s how we had to play.

Alan Anderson:

It’s going to be tough one-on-one to stop ‘Melo. He’s going to take a lot of shots and its got to be a team effort. Landry started off, gave him his best effort and ‘Melo started off slow…we threw different looks with me, Rudy, Landry, and just tried to put different bodies and differnt looks.He’s a good passer, so we didn’t want to double team him too much…we wanted to be there on the catch, fake like we’re going to double team but guard him one-on-one as much as possible.

Rudy Gay:

He’s one of the toughest covers in the league. He’s been like that for a while and to keep him shoting like that says a lot about us as a team. It was so many people we put on him, myself, AA, Landry, we all did our part.

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