This post was made before the final two dunks were complete by either participant. After the first round dunks were complete, there was no doubt who was going to win this. James White and Gerald Green, the biggest threats to Ross in my opinion, were a huge disappointment, especially the former. Ross started off with a behind the back 360 where he brought the ball around his waist and slammed it home. The judges were kind enough to overlook the five whiffs he had leading up to it, and rightfully so, you have to judge it on the dunk’s merits, not what transpired before or after. 50.

Green initial’s dunk was good, off the sideboard-type stuff, but he messed his second one up by trying to dunk it twice by hanging on the rim (actually had them cut the net which took a while to put back on, the judges must’ve hated that). It didn’t work as he couldn’t even get it off in two minutes, and with White a whitewash (the guy ran the full-length of the court each time and missed), all Ross had to do was perform his throwaway dunk to advanced (49). His original plan might have been to bust-out the classic Vince Carter jersey in his second dunk, but given Green and White’s failings, he kept it for the final round. Nice touch, paying homage to the master.

While the West muddied away the first round, Bledsoe and Faried recovered well in the second round, but it was Jeremy Evans vanilla dunks that were good enough to advance, setting up a Evans/Ross final. One of his dunks had him dunk over a 7’4” guy who was…get this…sitting down! WTF?

In the final, Evans had a between-the-legs jam off a painting of the dunk he was doing, but Ross’s dunk off the sideboard with a VC jersey was the type of stuff that gets you out of your chair. The TNT guys didn’t notice the jersey till late and didn’t hype it up much (at the time you thought this would affect fan-voting), but it didn’t matter. For his second, Ross jumped over a little ballboy, did a between-the-legs and jammed it home to take the fan voting 58% to 42%.

All Videos Here

First Dunk of First Round

First Dunk in Final

Second Dunk In Final

What made Ross win this contest? I’d say it’s his power. The guy had deceptive power in his dunks which makes the technically same dunk as Evans look better.

All in all, really enjoyed watching it and seeing the Raptors do well. I didn’t really get into the whole East/West competition that was going on all night, but in the end our guy won. It’s something.

The judges were: Clyde Drexler, Dikembe Mutombo, Hakeem Olajuwon, Rudy Tomjanovich, and Yao Ming.


I’m not sure why Barkley was moaning about this contest after it was over. Leaving aside James White, this was a better contest than most with less focus on props and more on ability. I’d say this was a step in the right direction for this contest.

Here’s Ross with Drake for some reason. And here’s a cat watching the dunk-off.

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  • Jk1m


  • RPT23

    LMAO!!! Nice prediction Nostrodamus! 🙂
    TdotFlight31 is in the muthaf***en house!!!!!

  • Bryan Colangelo

    I’m really glad Terence took it home, but man, that dunk of a guy jumping over a painting of a guy dunking over a painting put a big smile on my face. 🙂

    • cdashq

      I like the fact that apparently he painted that painting too. Honestly, that was the most creative successful dunk since the cupcake dunk. I mean it felt like some type of sci-fi futuristic type minority report type thing…

      • cdashq

        or like that dude that painted the future in that show Heroes

  • Iwillfilm

    Yeah BABY, Terrance ROSS KILLED IT!  Vince Carter Jersey!  AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!!  This brings relevency back to T.O and might ignite Terrence Ross’s career!  Go Raptors!

  • voy

    gimmick dunks suck and ruin the contest.  gimme t.ross dunks aaaaany day over jumping over paintings and cars.

    this being said, next year if t.ross is in the contest i say he dunks this year’s slam dunk trophy for his first dunk.

    • GenerationXMan

      am I the only one who wondered why Jeremy Evans didn’t unveil the painting mid dunk?  that would have been WAYY cooler.

      • Dbobb28

        I thought the same thing. I was waiting for him to pull the curtain off the painting while going up

        • Dastig

          just in case he missed, it would have been embarrassing

  • lol this guy brought back the VC jersey 

    • RPT23

      No doubt! It would  have been wicked if he did a reverse 360 off the side of the backboard for his first championship dunk! Just to pay homage to VC’s reverse 360 dunk. But all good…. he’s a flyer that can dunk it! He surprised me with his creativity.

    • guest

      Hey weren’t you the guy that was pedestaling James flight white?

    • GenerationXMan

      Value Village was running a special on them probably.  haha.

  • Justinlane03

    Woo.t.Ross you.are the man

  • Colonel_Hapablapp

    NO PROPS NECESSARY! Glad that skill wins over substance.

  • HeGotBrain


  • Bryan Colangelo

    When Ross came out in the VC jersey, my wife was like, “IS VINCE CARTER DEAD?!?!?!”

    “No. It’s a tribute.”

    “Is he retired?”

    “No. It’s a tribute to the Vince Carter for … having the greatest weekend of dunking of all-time.” LOL.

  • voy

    love the tribute to carter. 

    also, was ‘melo giving tribute to john lennon or harry potter with those glasses?

    • ibleedpurple

      i’d say elton john.

  • Awesome. Loved this years contest with no props. Wish they’d just give a “You have three attempts” rule though

  • John

    Spike Lee looked like such a perv.  I was glad White was done early, because I had a hard time watching Spike.

  • boshrawr

    Good for Terrence, hopefully this early taste of successon a national stage trends him in the right direction, careerwise. Casey get my man some minutes.

  • RPT23

    Hmm… if Demar competed in this competition, do any of you think he would have taken home the crown? Personally, I’d like to see Demar vs Terence… I think that would be interesting to see.

    Side note: I don’t get what Barkley was saying after the whole competition, wanting “stars” to give back to the game by competing in the dunk contest. His argument was based on fans not knowing who these dunkers are…  smh… This is where stars are born, the all star game is where the all-stars play… sure, I’d like to see superstars like LBJ or KD or players of those calibers participate, but in the end, they are all NBA players and all these guys have talent.

    end rant.

    • GenerationXMan

      the problem is these competitions were founded by the stars participating.

      I think there should be a threshold by which you are judged, either minutes or points or something.  Jeremy Evans is an NBA nobody.  No one really wants to see him dunk.

      Let’s face it, Lebron and those guys are afraid.

      Barkley was right, the stars of today need to realize they need to participate and give back to the game.

      • What the

        maybe they should have the players who want to participate in the dunk contest must submit a video with 20 of their best in game dunks in order to be selected  and that way Charles and Kenny can do their thing. And after a player has won the contest his submitted video should be played on the big screen .

    • voy

      t.ross is a way better dunker than dd.  the kid makes even the most elementary of dunks look great with his style, height, power and distance he covers.  i only wish they gave him a few more dunks to show the crowd he has many more tricks up his sleeve.  i get the feeling that white and evans’ repetoire are fairly limited.

      • EmarErozan

        Don’t agree. Emar’s dunks in his 2nd contest were better than TRoss’s dunks tonight.

  • Rick

    Nice to see Toronto across the winners jersey!

    • Thornbury

      +1. Completely agree. So happy to se this win. All the James White fan-boys

  • GenerationXMan

    I’m not sure wearing a Raptors jersey is ‘paying homage to the master’ – that would have required an Jordan jersey (fitting since he turns 50 tomorrow).  Good win for TRoss though, he represented well and will likely shine a little spotlight to us North of the border.

  • HitItHardFromTheBack


  • Thornbury


  • j bean

    Way 2 go Terrence!!!

  • THF

    Impregnate dat hoop hole wid da sperm baaaaaaallll!!!!!

  • John

    While I believe Terrence’s dunks were just as good, if not better, then VC, he lacks the swag to get the crowd excited.  Matter of fact they all lacked swag.  I agree to a certain extent that this has to do with the fact that none of these guys are stars.

    • Ihatehaters

      Just as good, if not better, than VC? I don’t know about that, bud.

  • Buschfire

    nice .gif of his VC throwback jersey dunk

  • Canadiandude2012

    Ross has buried the Carter Era. It’s Over! The Ghost is gone!

  • T31puttdotbackonthemap

    What was he saying in his post dunk interview?

  • Dex613

    Nice work Terrence now you have to put the same focus into the game!

  • DryDry

     Sir Charles shitting all over the dunking contest at the end was quite hilarious.

  • Scottbbaird

    Why did Nick Cannon have the vote results before the voting ended?  LOL
    NBA is just awful, even if the “results” were for show.

    Can’t they just make something look legit?

    Good on Ross… deserved the win and that behind the back is just awesome.

    • minks77

      Am I the only one who booed the vc jersey? Can’t be true…

    • Gman

      Throwing Toronto a bone.  It had to happen sometime.  Maybe this is the only recompense we’ll get for the lousy officiating.  It’s like the most dysfunctional apology in the history of the world.  I was hoping we’d get Wiggins.  Oh well…

      • JerryGarcia

        Right….we finally get a call…..My only interest in the whole weekend was to watch the T Ross soar…and he did !!  Thank You Terrance !!!

  • enufisenuf

    The only reason I watch it is because a Raptor is competing.  Otherwise it’s a non-event. 

    Props to Ross and wearing the  VC throwback was a great touch.  So sad that so many just can’t let it go about Vince.  Even he has apologized (in his way) for how things ended. 

    The point is nothing will compare to 2000 and the contest is pretty boring for the most part……  The glory days are over.  If Ross doesn’t play for the Raps I only know Faried because of his motor & Bledsoe…..

  • Danny Tam

    Was that press conference awkward or what?

  • Calvin

    From all this, have people actually forgiven VC, are people ready to bring VC back? basketball reasons aside, if VC were to come back to Toronto via trade, are people going to actually cheer?

    • Kameko

      Are you stupid? VC hasn’t been good in years and years now.

  • pran

    so drake took his chains back?  he really is part jewish…

    • 511

      While I probably should ignore that like everyone else has … I gotta say, I can’t believe you wrote that. 

  • cdashq

    I’ll give it up to Ross and Evans. That a was a pretty sick final round. Both of Ross’ final dunks would’ve scored a 50 and honestly, Evans would’ve/should’ve got a 50 as well. Evan’s last dunk looked like he jumped off a trampoline. I realize why the dunk contest doesn’t feel as hype tho. Its cuz the commentators don’t get hype enough too. Cuz Ross’ dunks were sick, but the commentators seems like they were impressed, but not really that excited. That being said, great job TRoss!!!